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without the grace of heaven. Obecomes them. It has a foundathat this faithful and salutary tion. Let them cherish it more warning, while it vibrates in the and more. Let the wicked fear ears, might effectually reach the where no fear is; or rather, let heart, of every sinner in this them tremble with just and awassembly! O that all such might ful apprehensions of impending be persuaded, while yet there is wrath and destruction. But let hope, to flee from that wrath, the children of Zion be joyful in and that ruin which they cannot their King. He rules the world. bear!

He controls the elements. He Finalla. Amid all the solemn commands the sun, and it rises appearances in nature, and all not; and he seals up the stars. the gloomy aspects of provi. He turns the shadow of death into dence, how serene, how coura- the morning and makes the day dark geous, how happy, may the with night. And he will render all Christian be. No doubt, some the operations and changes, all the of the children of God have, gloomy and portentous appearanin contemplating the late phe ces of the natural and moral nomenon, been thrown into a de- worlds subservient to his own gree of distress and consterna: glory, and to the felicity of his tion. This may have been owing chosen. Should convulsions to a particular natural tempera- shake the world.; should the ture of mind or body, to want of earth be removed, and the moun. information, to surprise, or to tains be carried into the midst of sinful distrust and fear. Such, the sea, still GOD will be their however, may still be congratu- REFUGE, and their very present lated, that they will soon find help. Should nature faint and chemselves in that blest region, die; should these visible heavens where an unclouded, uneclipsed expire in flames, still may they, sun shall shine, and all darkness, according to divine promise, look Houbt and distress shall fee a. for new heavens, and a net earth, way forever. Other pious per- wherein dwelleth righteousness. sons have, I doubt not, contem- O then, Christians, comfort yourplated the late spectacle with a selves, and comfort one another tranquil and sublime pleasure in with these words. Beloved, realizing in it an unusual and seeing ye look for such things, be striking display of the power and diligent that ye may be found of majesty of the God whom they Him, your adored Redeemer and love ; the Almighty Friend in Judge, in peace, without spot, and whom they trust. This courage blameless. Amen.



author. It contains serious and seasonGETT'S PASTORAL LETTER.

able truths, clothe! in an easy and per

spicuous style, and discovers a pious "The arhole of this letter seems well becoming seal in the cause of evangeladapted to the design of its venerable ical truth. The following excrans

may be read with profit by all denomi- the evils of the world, and whom rations of Christians.

we shall have had the happiness

to lead, through dangers and “ To the ministers, vestries, temptations, to the possession of and congregations of the Protes- the promised reward. tant Episcopal church in the

“ First of all then, my dear state of Maryland.

brethren, let me remind you of

the solemn vows, which you « Dear Brethren,

made at your ordination, in the “The convention of this year presence of God, of angels, and baving requested me to address of men, to preach the gospel of to you a pastoral letter, I should Jesus. If your fervent desire is have endeavoured to comply with to increase the kingdom of their request without delay, had righteousness, of peace and joy ; the state of my health permitted. to win souls to Christ ; thereby But since the last convention, diminishing the evils of our falProvidence has thought fit to len state, and multiplying its render my returns of sickness joys—if, with the eye of faith more frequent and severe than Axed on him, who trod the same usual. Yet while the Almighty path before you, whose gracious is pleased to continue to me the Spirit is with you, whose heaenjoyment of reason, I would venly words have been left on employ it, as far as I can, in the record for your instruction and service of our common Lord; comfort, you long to receive and the nearer I approach the that best and most significant of completion of the hopes, which all applauses,“ Well done, good Christianity gives, the more ar- and faithful servants,”—if, like dent ought to be my desire of the apostles, and many of your promoting the temporal and eter- fellow-labourers in every age of nal welfare of those whom I the church, your full determinaleare behind.

tion is to testify the gospel of " To you then, my brethren the grace of God; to finish your of the clergy, I must first ex- course with joy, having many press the earnest wish of my seals of your ministry in the heart, that, as I have been in- day of the Lord ; the difficulties strumental in clothing many of and discouragements, which oc- . you with the sacred character cur in your Christian vocation ; of labourers in the vineyard of the reproach, which, by the Christ, I may, white I live, have thoughtless and profane, is somethe unspeakable joy of witness. times cast upon the ministers of ing the fruit of the united la- religion ; the privation of many bours of us all, in the increase of pleasures, as they are unwisely rational and vital religion ; and called, which to the votaries of that in that kingdom where all the world seem the only desirapainful obedience shall be at an ble blessings-all these will be end, we may be able to join accounted by you as nothing, our mutual congratulations and while you eagerly press onward, praises to the Giver of all good, for the prize of inestimable valwith those souls whom the Re

I cannct, therefore, 100 deemer shall have snatched from earnestly beseech you to buy?!*


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foundation decp and strong in way, continue yourselves, and your own hearis. But I will exhort others to continue. suppose this foundation already “ We cannot too often recur laid ; that your hearts, renewed to first principles, if we would by divine grace, glow with love preserve purity in faith and practo God and charity to man ; that tice. In this age, especially, you are rooted and grounded in when many, alas ! even of proa lively faith ; and that your fessing Christians, have erred whole souls and hearts are given from the faith ; when many to your profession. Then your books are thrown upon the labours in the service of Christ world, and eagerly read by the are, and will be, blessed. Easily thoughtless, in which the origiwill you obtain the victory overnal depravity of man is carefully a world lying in wickedness; concealed, and an apology made and nothing can deprive you of for the greatest crimes, under the present rewards of piety and the names of sensibility and revirtue-peace of mind; the joy finement—when, in the form of of doing, and being good; the novels, of natural philosophy, or strong persuasion that you are travels, many attempts are made working together with God; to lead the incautious into the that you are protected by an om- snares of vice and irreligion, it pipotent arm; assisted and din becomes you, my reverend rected by unerring wisdom; brethren, to warn the rising genand that the fidelity of God is eration especially, of these inpledged to make all things work sidious foes. To your office a for your present and everlasting high responsibility is annexed. good. The fate of the unfaitha That you may counteract the ful and insincere in the work of devices of the evil one, be firm, the minisiry, it is necessary freo be intrepid, put on the whole arquently to recal to your thoughts; mour of God. Often place bethat, by the terrors, as well as fore your hearers the leading the goodness of the all-seeing truths of Christianity, the corJudge, you may persuade your- ruption of our nature by our fall selves and others to strive from innocence, the necessity against languor and remissness, and influence of the mediation and to be in all respects worthy of Jesus Christ, of preventing of your exalted privileges and and assisting grace, of man's hopes.

free will in rejecting or in com"In the good old paths, in which plying with the gracious covethe first reformers walked ; in nant, into which we were admit. which your forefathers found ted by baptism : In short, the peace ; in which I am fully con- essential truths of the everlasivinced the blessed apostles then- ing gospel, which, as they are selves and their successors walk- nesessary to all, may by all be uned, until a great corruption derstood, so far as to become overspread the Christian world, the articles of their faith. The and its rulers were inflamed by union of morality and devotion, love of riches, and the ambitious of faith and good works, is an projects of domination even in object so momentous, and so evtemporal concerns-in this good ident, that it necds only be men

tioned ; indeed, as the oracles of wicked, they may be excludtruth are, in this age of free in. ed from communion with the quiry, open to all, sincerity and church. And while you considwarmth in recommending prac- er yourselves as guardians of tical truths are rather required the church, watching over its in teachers of Christianity, than temporal concerns, and the regabstruse and elaborate disquisi- ularity of its lay members, allow tions.

me to call your attention to those “ While, therefore, I exhort canons which respect the conyou to remain faithful to your duct of your ministers. It has ordination vows, and not only often happened, either through to cultivate a regard to the arti- ignorance of the mode of trying cles of our church, but in your clergymen who are guilty of any sermons to recommend a dili- immorality, or breach of our gent perusal and acceptance of rules, or from delicacy and comthem, by the people coinmitted passion for one justly liable to to your charge, let it be your censure, or through a wilful and main concern to nourish them

perverse contempt of ecclesiaswith the bread of life, to make tical government, that offending them wise unto salvation. Re- clergymen have been retained in membering that you speak, and their parishes by their vestries. they hear, for eternity, you will The hurtful effects of this illendeavour to suit your discourses judged conduct are evident. It to particular ages and condi- affords to men careless of relitions, without giving offence, by gious duty, a just cause of withany marked designation of in- holding pecuniary aid from clerdividuals.

gymen thus situated. It brings “ Gentlemen of the vestries ; our discipline into disrepute, and in order to give due effect to the may drive some from a church, labours of clergymen, and in a in which such irregularities seem great measure to make the to be countenanced. person who is your rector a re- “It must occur to you, that in spectable character, very much an age when innovations are so depends upon your exertions. common, there is danger lest a Your aid is necessary in many daring and restless spirit, imparespects. You are more in the tient of control, may seek to world than your minister is break through the decent forms or ought to be. When per appointed for the orderly, and desons notoriously immoral are vout celebration of public worfound among our members, ship ; and schisms be introduced, you will see, by our canons, by which the unity and peace of that it is your duty to inform the the church may be violated, and incumbent ; that such persons the consciences of the honest and may be warned of their sinful, sincere be ensnared. destructive courses, and that, if “ That in many parts of my possible, they may be brought to diocess a great revival of serious such a serious way of thinking, and devout impressions has taken as may be attended with lasting place, is to me cause of joy and good; or that, if incorrigibly thankfulness to him, who holds in Vol. II. No. 3


his power the hearts of all men, the foundations of the Prophets and who has promised to be with and Apostles, Jesus Christ himhis church to the end of the self being the chief corner-stone. world. May he enable and di- Bless God that the light of the rect us to have a zeal, tempered Gospel yet shines among us. with prudence and knowledge, Prize it as the greatest mercy ; and conducted by his love and dread its removal as the worst fear.

of evils ; and think, if we all “ Ministers and people should improve our talents as Chrisbe mutually helpful in labours of tians should do, how joyful and love. The relation which sub- happy our meeting will be, when sists between them is a very sa- the Lord of heaven and earth cred one. It only begins now; shall have gathered, from this it is indissoluble, and forms a link world's pollutions, all the souls in that chain which binds the found worthy of eternal life! church on earth to the church Amen. in heaven ; which shall be glori- “ Your affectionate Diocesan, ously unfolded at last, when the THOS. J. CLAGGETT, faithful servant of Christ shall Bishop of the Protestant Episcopresent that portion of his fellow- pal Church, Maryland. travellers, now entrusted to his Craom, 29th July, 1805." care, to the great Bishop and Shepherd of souls. Every consideration, natural, moral, and religious, suggests the duty of

FRAGMENTS. decently supporting those who fubour among you in holy things, REMARKABLE SAYINGS OF that they may give themselves to this work. As they cannot The devil cozens

us of als now, without good reasons, such our time, by cozening us of our as the Convention may approves present time. leave their flocks, so, if you give That is always best for us, them a competent support, dur which is best for our souls. ing good behaviour, it is firmly If the end of one mercy were believed that you will experience not the beginning of another, we the happiest result.

should be undone. . New mer "Lastly, let all of us, whether eies call for new returns of of the clergy, vestry, or of the praise ; and these will fetch in people at large, remember that new mercies, we form a part of that great fam-' When the mind and the conily, of which- Jesus Christ is the dition meet, there is contenthead ; that we have been admit- ment. Haman was discontented ided into this family by baptismi; at the court, Ahab on the throne, and that the vows of God are up- Adam in paradise, and the angels on all of us. Be persuaded, my that fell were discontented in dear friends of the laity, to do heaven itself. all in your power to aid the en- Four things he was most anxo deavours of your ministers and ious should not be against him, -vestries in this. good work; ad- the word of God, his own conhere to your church, built upon science, the prayers of the poor,




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