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friendly interview with the New, ficulties, brighten your prospects, enStockbridge Indians, under the imme. large your funds, and furnish suffidiate care of the Rev. Mr. SERGEANT,. cient numbers' to preach in remote Something was said relative to a parts the unsearchable riches of mission among some remote tribes of CHRIST, to the instruction, conver. Indians ; particularly the Miami and sion and salvation of many thousands Delaware. Though at present your of precious and immortal souls. Largfunds are small, and though few are er contributions have been made to qualified, and inclined to undertake the funds in the new settlements the such a mission, and though yet little last year, than before. is doing, the friends of souls are earn. The Trustees at their last annual estly looking for the time when a wider meeting appropriated for the present door may be opened to preach to the year, for missions, a sum not exceednatives the everlasting gospel of the ing 900 dollars, and for books the sum blessed God and our Saviour.

of 400 dollars. You have now five Rev. Messrs. Joseph Field, Samuel missionaries in your employmentSewall and John Dutton fulfilled a Rer. Messrs. Joseph Blodget, David mission, in the whole, of fifty-four H. Williston, John Dutton, Roy. weeks, in the counties of Oxford and al Phelps and Nathaniel Dutton. Kennebec in the District of Maine. Messrs. Blodget, Williston and John Mr. Field preached 83 times ; 35 on Dutton, are employed in Oxford and the Lord's day, and 48 on other days; Kennebec counties, for fifty weeks in administered the Lord's supper four the whole. Messrs. Phelps and Na. times, and seven baptisms, inspected thaniel Dutton, are employed in schools and attended funerals. Mr. Onondago and Chenango counties Sewall rode nearly 1400 miles, preach- and on the Black river, for fifty-two ed 133 sermons, visited private fami. wecks, making in the whole 102 lies, attended conferences, and per- wecks' service for 856 dollars. formed other missionary labours. As yet but a few communications

Mr. Dutton was equally disposed have been received from the missionand enabled to discharge the impor aries; these are of an encouraging tant trust committed to him. They and pleasing nature. As in former rendered useful services to the Socie. years the Trustees have attended to ty; their labours were gratefully re- the distribution of books. They conceived and crowned with success. ceive that this object justly claims All your missionaries agree in the much attention, and must claim it in utility and necessity of continuing future. In this way continual and these missions, of increasing the num

rich instruction is easily, cheaply, ber of labourers, and contracting the and extensively diffused. The books field of labour.

which have been sent this year to be The labourers being few and their distributed will appear by document harvest plenteous, and desirous of do. (A) as will those which are now on ing more good, the field of labour may hand. be improperly extended and the pro- Availing themselves of a large imposed effect diminished. Every thing pression of Vincent's Explanation of cannot be effected, and should not be the Assembly's Catechism, a very value attempted, by a few persons in a short able work, made at the desire of sev. time, embracing a large extent of ter- eral Associations, the Trustees have ritory in their commission. Fearing taken for the Society's benefit 700 colest they should not do what is expect. pies at a very reasonable price ; one ed and allotted them, they are induc- hundred and sixty of which have been ed to pass rapidly from place to place, exchanged for 2,000 sheets of Tracts and lessen their ministerial services, and other works proper for distribu. They cannot do what they woull. tion. Bound with Vincent, is a well Could three objects be gained ; an written address on the subject of increase of missionaries, a contraction prayer and family religion, by Rev. of their limits, and a lengthening of Dr. Trumbull. The neat profits of a their missions, much greater good good work, called the Panoplist, ari. would be effected. At present neces- sing from the sales in this county, rity restrains your operations. Pror- buve been offered by the Editors for idenee may in time ranure these dif- your benefit; and will add between No. 5. Vol. II.



70 and 100 dollars to your funds for well, they will go on and further the the présent year. The Trustees state important design. 'Many considerathat several donations have been tions will powerfully resist fainting made by individuals, well wishers to and weariness in this acceptable ser the cause. Hon. William 14. Illins, vice of Christian love. It will be use Esq. of Boston, has given fifty doll.rs; fut frequently to recollect how many which has been acknowledged in a societies of Christians are engaged it! letter of thanks addressed to him. this work. With what views, in what Liberal sums have been receired this ways and to what glorias parposes year from the Female Association: they pursue it: How their love and see document (B).

It is believed zeal, their faith and hope grow er! thať many streams will vet flow from ceedingly. Plans are ripened, means that source into your treasury, which provided and instruments farnished will benefit and rejajce those who to undertake very laborious, difficult need and desire' pious instruction and hazardous enterprizes in the * The charitable contributions made at eruse of the dear Iminanuel. In Eudifferent times since the last meeting rope this work is pursued with unre have increased thic fimds. The aongi mitted itssiduity and unabated real, ties have been generally though not with sanguine expeetation and ever wholly paid. Various reasons may nemorable success. In this country have produced a temporary delay too, the same spirit, kindled from Seasonable payments are useful and above, glows, spreads and strengthenriching to the funds : as inonics, Almost throughout the United not soon needed, are loatied. The States siinilat societies are formed, monies which have been receired for mrasures atlopted, monies collected the funds, will appear from docu- send persons employed to spread the mient (B & C) being 1303 dolls. 34 savour of divine truth far and wide: 1-2 cts. The expenditures from doc. The gospel of CHRIST is thus preachument (D) amounting to 1142 dolls ed to multitades, who, without such be53 1-2 cts. The present state of the nevolent aid, would live destitute of Treasury with the report of the Au. the means of grace, plunge deep into diting Committee from document (E.) ignorance and error, and probably

The Trustees hope they can say, transmit a dreadful and odious inherHitherto bath the Lord owned and itimce of ignorance, error and corrup. prospered the institution. Many tion to their posterity. It is not easy have been disposed to adrance this for those, who have been always fagreat and good work. While some voured with a fulness of religious ad. have readily honoured the LORD trith vantages, duly to estimate their own their substance, and repeatedly con- mercies or keenly feel for their brethsecrated a part of their carthly treas. ren famishing for want of the bread ures to charitable uses: others have of life. been found and inclined to carry into It is refreshing and animating to full effect, the benevolent designs of dwell upon the good already producthe Society. The liberal aid afford. ed. The solitary placé hath been ed by numerous female associations made glad, and in the desert they have for the purchase of Bitles and other sung the songs of Zion. Churches have suitable books, should not be forgot been planted, ministers settled, and ten and suppressed. No small praise the word and institutions of Chaist is due to God for this very thing. have prored the power of God and It is what might have been looked for the wiselom of God unto the spiritual from the readiness of pious and char- good of perishing sinners. The eyes stable women to do good; from their of the blind have been opened, and compassion for souls and their earnest the ears of the deaf have been unstopdesire to spread the truth.

ped: the late Have leaped, ani the The present state of the funds will dumb have sung the praises of re. not let is doubt of being able to fur. deerning love. Christians have been nish future supplies for our distant edified, quickened, comforted and settlements. But, since continued ef. sanctified by the truth, ordinances

forts require continued supplies, the and grace of Christ. This is the - friends of Christ and humanity will work of God; wondrous and joyues

not discontinue them. Haring begrn to our minds and hearts.

It is an high honaur to be workers The Trustees suggest to the SociLagedier with God in forwarding the cty the expediency of recommending work of redemption, in building -up Zi- to the several Congregational and

n, in bringing sinners to the knowledge Presbyterian Societies in the county, and obedience of the faith, and pre- a contribution to aid the funds of the paring them for immortal blessedness. society, to be made on the annuel

It is well to retiect that much re- Thanksgiving, or on some Lord's day mains to be done ; that much may be near, as shall be judged most eligible ; done by good people ; that much is and that this Report should be publish. expected of them; that for this pur; ed, circulated and previously read in pose God bestows his bounties; that public. While doing good toothers, you all which they and others call their 'may humbly hope that God, who both own is the Lord's; that he demands a

ministers sced to the sower and bread portion of what he gives for his more to the eater, will not let you lack any immediate use. Such an application good thing and that he will increase is acceptable; an gdour of a sweet the fruits of your rigbteousness; that stoelling savour unio God. He can you may be enriched unto all boun. abundantly bless you for your labours , iifulness; for which liberality of yours of lore in his cause. He can con- many thanksgivings will be rendered stantly satisfy liberal and holy souls unto God through our Lord Jesus from his own all-sufficiency and the Christ. inexhaustible fulness of Jesus Christ. In the name of the Trustees, Animated by such powerful consider

SAMUEL HÓPKINS, P. Pres. ations; impelled by such weighty sotires, will not the friends of Christ

At a meeting of the Society, Northand of mankind persevere in their ampton, August 28, 1806, read, ac. prayers and liberalities, their services cepted and voted to be printed, distri. and efforts, ugtil, by the grace of God, by the Trustees to the Society.

buted and publicly read, as reported the wilderness shall universally be.

dttest, come bike Eden, and the desert like

FAYSON WILLISTON, R'g. Sec. the garden of the Lord ?

List of Books on hand, 1896.

Rocks sent for distribution into the new

settlements, 1806.




30 112

1 3

Select Sermons,
Doddridge's Rise and Progresa,

do. on the care of the soul,

do. Address to the master,
Lathrop's 6 Sermons,

dó, on the Christian Sabbath,
Connecticut Evangelical Magazine,
Slemmenway's Discourse to Childres,
Best way to defend the Bible,
Watts. Divine Songs,
Coleman's Incomprebensibleness,
Davidson's real Christian,
Hale's Sermon,
Report for 1802,

for 1 BO3,
for 1804,

for 1805, Instructions and address, Vincent,

16 270 390 027 120 458 300

OY 178 570 to 25 65

120 31

61 88 100 21 10

78 150 210 241 468

Select Sermons,
Dederidge's Rise and Progress,
Adress to the Master,
Latarup's 6 Sexmuss,

on the Christian Sabbath

en tbe Church,
Delgaus Tradesman,
Connectut Frangelical Magazine,
Her. dis, to children,
Address from a stranger,
Best way to defend the Bible,
Watts Dirine Songs,
Advice to a yotgan,
Colessan's Incontact hensiblenom,
Davidson's real Christian,
All's for tbe best,
person's Ordination Sermoth,
Hale's sermo,
Repert for 1202,

fer 1803,
for 1804,

fog r205,
Jastrections any address,
Plain Truths,
Josepb's discovering binself,
Vivian's Dialogues,
Whitaker's Address,
Bowls Last illness,
Jak of Faith,
Dorp of Honey,



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In Amherst, first parish,
Hat held,

6 62 10 25 77 68 1900



60 16 16 77

[blocks in formation]

Dols. cts. Southampton,

34 57 Springfield,

22 00 Westhampton,

15 00 West-Springfield, first parish,

16 76 Willianiaburgh,

14 37 Deerfeld,

2 SO Total Female Association,

289 60 Balance in the Treasury last year,

34 45 Interest on the same,

16 65 Total of the fund of the female 3480clation, 340 80

Expended of this fund for 72 Bibles,

48 75 25 Select Sermons,

21 B7 200 Trustees Report, 1805, for distribution,

8 00 700 Vincent's Catechism, 206 00 Boxes, carriage, &e. of books, 12 43 Balance in the treasury,

183 74

Camden, Mrs. Bloomfield,
Camden, No. 8,
Camden, No. 7,
Several others,
Florence, No. 4,
Sempronius, Esq. Stogell,

Miss Sarah Stoyell,
Camillus, Jacob Sheldon,
Marcellus Cli,
Scipio, Luke Taylor,
De Ruyter, Mas. Catlia,

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By Female Charitable Associations,

Towns in the county,
Out of the county,
New settlements,
Profits of Doddridge's Rise and Progress,

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$40 80

1303 34

DOCUMENT D. Expenditures of the Hampshire Mis

sionary Society, between August 1805,

and August 1806. Balance paid to Missionaries employ:

ed, 1805.

Donations in towns and parishes.

Dots cts. Amherst, ist parish,

31 04 Amberst, 2d parish,

13 OS Ashfield,

22 32 Belchertowa,

7 83 Buckland, Charlemont,

1 50 Chesterfield,

10 37 Colrain, Conway,

31 80 Cummington, Deerfield,

6 00 Lasthampton,

16 47 Granby,

11 25 Granville, middle perish,

19 OO Hadley,

On 77 Hatfield,

46 20 Hawley,

20 80 Heath,

12 25 Longmeadow, Northampton,

71 06 Norwich,

2 00 Palmer,

13 63 Plainfield,

29 80 Shelburne,

$ Southampton,


75 South-Hadley, Springfield,

11 00 Sunderland, Westfield,

20 75 Westhampton,

39 21 W. Springfield, ist parisb,

25 56 Whate ley,


59 Williamsburgh, Worthington,

[blocks in formation]
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20 00

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56 47 24 50

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Donations made out of the county. Hon. William Phillips, Boston,

50 00 Rev. John Dutton, Hartford, Ver.

2 00 Ladies in Brookfield, west parish,

10 Rev. Thomas H. Wood, Halifax, Ver. Jedidiah Stark, Esq. Halifax, Ver.





711 14

Total for Missionary service,

For Books. 72 Bibles,

48 75 25 Select Sermons,

21 87 670 Watts' Divine Songs,

28 04 400 Trustees' Report, 1805, 16 00 750 Vincent's Catechism, 206 00

380 66

For the education of two Indiaa

10 00
For boxes, carriage, &c.of books, 12 43
Postages of letters, &c.

5 00 Entertaining Committees, 11 06 Stationary,

2 25 Advertising,

4 08 A counterfeit bill,

S 00

40 73
Summary of Expenditures.
Indian Youths,

711 14 330 08

10 00 40 73

1142 53

50 From Doddridge's Rise, &c. of Religion, 28 71 Donations made in the new settlements.

In Maine. Hebron, Gideon Cushman, Norridgewalk,

4 10 Sumner and Hartford,

725 Poland,

16 00 Waterville,

12 00

DOCUMENT E THE Committee appointed by the lampshire Mis. slonary Society, at their meeting in August, 1805, to examine and report the state of the Treasury, ask lease to report :

That they have examined the Treasurer's acenants, and And Ebem regularly charged, well vouched sad sigat

# 10 dolls. omitted by mistake last year are add. ed to this

ab the sum of

dolls. 26 05


sest; that there is now in the bands of the Treasurer Vice-President, Secretary, Clerk,

Treasurer, and a board of nine Trus. La promissors notes, with good sureties, on iaterest, the sum of

2050 SS tees, chosen annually by ballot.

The Trustees are empowered to Amounting to the sum of

2083 20 Which is dumbly submitted.

judge of the qualifications and claims ASA WHITE,

Auditing of candidates, and to give aid to the JONATHAN WOODBRIDGE,

Committer. extent of their funds. None are to NATHANIEL ELY, Northampton, August 20, 1806.

receive assistance but such as are

hopefully pious, of orthodox religious Officers of the Hampshire Missionary, faith, and members of some reguSociety, appointed at their annual lar Congregational or Presbyterian Meeting the last Thursday in Aug. church, and desirous to obtain an edo 1806,

ucation with a view to be useful as His Excellency CALEB STRONG, teachers of religion. The Trustees Esq. President.

are to direct and superintend the Rer, SAMUEL HOPKINS, D.D. studies and moral conduct of the Vice President.

young men, and when they shall have

acquired competent knowledge of TRUSTEES.

theology, and other requisite branches Hon. JOHN HASTINGS, Esq. of science, shall recommend them to Rev. JOSEPH LATHROP, .D.

some suitable board for examination Hon. EBENEZER HUNT, Esq.

and approbation for the work of the Rev. JOSEPH LYMAN, D.D. ministry. Such young men as re. JUSTIN ELY, Esq.

ceive aid from the society are laid un. Rer. SOLOMON WILLIAMS, WILLIAM BILLINGS, Esq.

der obligations to refund the loans

made them without interest, should Rev. DAVID PARSONS, D. D. their circumstances ever after admit, CHARLES PHELPS, Esq.

Persons of good moral character, Rev. RICHARD S. STORRS, and sound in the faith, are admitted RUGGLES WOODBRIDGE, Esq. members hy a vote of the society. Rev. ENOCH HALE, Correspond- into the treasury, on his admission,

Each member pays one dollar at least ing Secretary,

and the same sum afterward, annuRev. PAYSON WILLISTON, Re- ally. The society consists at present cording Secretary.

of between seventy and eighty mem.

bers. Standing Committee of the Trustees.


President. Rev. Enoch Hale,


ville, Vice-President, CHARLES PHELPs, Esq.

Rev. Jonn GRISWOLD, Pawlet, Sec


EZEKIEL HARMON, Esq. do. TreaEVANGELICAL SOCIETY. The Directors, though their means In the Western District of Ver- are yet small, have already given aid mont, there has lately been formed an to three or four young men, one of Association, by the name of “The whom has commenced the study of EVANGELICAL SOCIETY,"whose ob- Divinity. This seasonable and be. ject is to aid pious and ingenious young nevolent institution has our best wishmen, in indigent circumstances, to ac- es for its support and success. We quire education for the work of the hope it may be instrumental, under Gospel Ministry. The great scarcity of the divine direction and blessing, of regular ministers in this thrifty portion drawing from obscurity many young of our country, and the recent revi. wals of religion in that quarter, led to prove faithful labourers in the vine. the establishment of this benevolent yard of our Lord. Of this part of our institution, which was first organized country, as well as of others, it may at Paulet, March 6, 1804. The offi- truly be said, “The harrest is great, eers of the Society are a President, but the labourers are few.”



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