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converted to any sentiment more bring forth fruits meet for reeasily than to this. Let us then pentance.' inquire how it probably came to We may deduce from this paspass that so great a multitude sage a most important lesson. made profession of repentance. We may learn from it that bap

There is a certain fashion in tism is nothing that confession religion. Men follow the of sin is nothing-that the prostream. Does an extraordinary session of repentance is nothing, preacher appear? How many unless there be added fruits meet Ay to hear him, and (what is for repentance. Though a man more remarkable) how unani- should have eyes which stream mous are they in his praise ! all the day with tears ; though They will hear perhaps the most he should talk much of his baseobnoxious truths from his lips, ness and unworthiness; though and will become professors of he should profess the same faith those doctrines by which they with the sincerest saint ; though themselves

condemned. he should at the same time talk For they feel complacency at most earnestly of forsaking his the thought of agreeing with the sins; nevertheless if he does preacher, and do but imperfecto not in truth and in fact forsake ly consider what he says : they them, he is nothing. It is not do not at least perceive all the the profession of repentance bearing of his doctrines ; they which is required of us ; but do not follow it out into all the fruits meet for repentance. practical consequences to which

Ch. Ob. it leads. This unquestionably is a common case in our days; and

( By Ibrahim Ben Adham.) probably this also was the case at

Religion's gems can ne'er adorn the time of the preaching of the The slimsy robe by pleasure worn, Baptist.

Its feeble texture soon would tear, But did John compliment And give those jewels to the air. with the name of true penitents of peace and pleasure, in their God!

Thrice happy they who seek th’abode the multitude of persons, who whospurn the world, its joys despise, came to be baptized by him, and And grasp at bliss beyond the skies. to confess to him their sins? Was he satisfied with having a

PETER'S REPENTANCE. large audience? Did he judge, I, ONCE a rock, became a wavering

reed, that because they heard him

And though forewarn’d, thrice my gladly, they were therefore par- dear Lord denied. doned and accepted by God, and He turn’d and look'd-my heart o'erwere true disciples of the Sa

whelm’d with shame, viour ? Far from it. He sharply In bitterest anguish for his mercy rebuked many of these professed the bruised reed his mercy would penitents ; for, “when he saw not break, many of the Pharisees and Sad- But hastened to me early from the ducees come to his baptism, he grave; said unto them, O generation of And twice he bade me feed his sliecp, vipers, who hath warned you to That I did love him most who most flee froin the wrath to come ? forgave.





Ed. Miss. Mag.

and prove

Review of New Publications.


A. M.

pp. 48.

more successful in the hands of Genuine Religion the best Friend truth, than in those of error."

of the People ; or the influence Facts abundantly prove that of the gospel, when known, ber this is an easy, chear, and inoflieved, and experienced, upon fensive way of doing good ; that the manners and happiness of it is more extensire in its use, the people. Intended as a piron- and more likely to succeed, thian er present from the rich to the almost any other. Accordingly froor, and from ministers to che it becomes a matter of great confamilies under their charge. By sequence, that tracts be well ARCHIBALD BONAR,

written ; that they contain pure Charlestown. Howe. 1807. evangelical truth, and be plain,

striking, comprehensive, and enThe review of a tract may be tertaining. It is specially imthought a singularity. But when portant, that readers should find we consider the extensive cir. in tracts the way of salvation culation and influence of this through Christ clearly elucidated. species of publication, and how In this respect, those in circula. exceedingly adapted it is to com- tion are, generally speaking, municate instruction, we judge partly commendable, and partly it of sufficient importance to defective. They exhibit many merit the most respectful notice things of an evangelical cast. of reviewers. Many a cumbrous They mention Christ, grace, refolio might be named, which is generation, and salvation, as the far less valuable, and less fitted great things of religion. They to do good, than the pamphlet are suited to awaken, convince, now under review. One of the and guide sinners, to comfort the arguments, by which the present poor in spirit, and to animate beBishop of London recommends lievers in duty. But tbere comthe distribution of tracts, has monly appears, in a higher or much weight. appears, says

lower degree, onę defect. The he, that this is the very mode peculiar nature of regeneration made use of by the adversaries is not pointed out with sufhcient of our religion, in order to un

clearness. The characteristics dermine and destroy it. They of true religion are not sufficieniconsider small tracts of infideii- ly clistinguished from the characty, as the best and most effectual teristics of that false, delusive remethod of disseminating irreli- ligion, which leares ihe soul gion among their readers and ad- destitute of holiness. The dirmirers; and accordingly, have fereuce is not clearly pointed out employed their talents in con

between true Christian experiposing, and all their industry in ence, and that experience, which dispersing them over the world. will easily coalesce with unsancti. Let us, then, endeavour to foil fied nature. our enemies at their own weap

A religious tract, which proons, which will surely prove fesses to teach the way in which

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1807.] Genuine Religion the best Friend of the People, 575

sinners are freed from the curse and joy, by bearing witness, that God of the law, filled with light and hath accepted them through his be.

loved Son; that his anger is turned comfort, and interested in the

away; that he hath adopted them ingreat salvation, should, with ut

to his family, and given them not only most care, describe the temper, the honourable title, but ali the inwith which sinners believe in estimable privileges of children.

Thus through views of God, as a reChrist. That faith ought to be

conciled Father, through the prospect explained, which is the gift of of immortal jovs, and through noble God, the fruit of sanctifying elevations above this miserable world, giace. It should be represented, they go on their way rejoicing.” as essential to the believer's To readers in general the joy character, that he cordially ap- of the true convert is not in this proves both the precept and place clearly distinguished from penalty of that divine law, which the joy of the deluded enthusiast, the Saviour loved and honoured; or the self-righteous pharisee. and that he unfeignedly justify We would not expunge from the the holy administration of God; list of a Christian's consolations saying, “ thou art just when thou a humble hope, that God's anger speakest, and clear when thou is turned away, that he is acceptjudgest." Without unreserved ed of God through Christ, adoptapprobation of the righteousness ed into his family, and entitled of God in the moral law, we can- to eternal glory. But it is depot receive pardon and salvation, monstrable, that this cannot be as of grace.

his principal consolation, and The peculiar nature of Chris- that his purest, divinest joy altian consolation and joy, as well ways depends on direct apas of faith, ought to be described. prehensions of God's moral exe The joy, which persons may de- cellence. rive from the belief, that their In other parts the author of sins are forgiven and their hap- this pamphlet describes the work piness secure, is not the first of the Spirit in a more disand highest joy of the newborn criminating manner, and desoul. Genuine Christian joy clares, “ the wide difference be- . arises from a new and spiritual tween those self-abasing convicdiscovery of the excellent charac- tions of the Spirit, which are ter and government of God, connected with salvation, and the particularly from a clear view and remonstrances of natural consincere admiration of that most science in unrenewed men." glorious and amiable display of For variety and importance of his moral perfections, which is matter and excellence of style, made in redemption by Christ. we remember not to have seen Such joy may be properly de- any tract comparable with this. nominated, joy in the Lord. On Part I. exhibits the nature of rethis point the excellent tract be- ligion, doctrinal, experimental, fore us is not wholly unexcep- and practical. This part is ditionable. When speaking of the vided into three chapters; the comfort and holiness which are first, on the principles of religthe effects of regeneration, the ion ; the second, on the experiauthor says;

ence of religion ; the third, on “ The Spirit fills them with peace the practical influence of religion.

Part II. shows the importance deemed; contemplate their joys and of religion to the usefulness and their employments, and long to be

united with the just made perfect, happiness of the people. Part and with the innumerable company of III. describes the means best angels. Above all, let the medita. calculated for promoting the tions on God the Redeemer be sweet knowledge and spirit of religion. unto your thoughts. Contemplate your

The following extracts afford heavenly Father's mercy and faithfuluseful specimens of this tract. scending care.

ness, his infinite glory, and his conde.

Look unto Jesus, the While recommending the duly author of eternal redemption : admire of religious meditation in retire- his transcendent excellence, his sufment, the author writes thus; he hath purchased, the mediation, he

ferings and triumphs, the blessings “ The want of religious knowledged row accomplishes, and the happiness and habitual neglect of serious consideration, proves the ruin of thousands, prepared for all his followers." What real or persevering religion can

The following observations, be expected from an uninformed, un- found in the concluding address disciplined, unthinking mind ? And

to parents, are very impressive. how unavailing must be all the means

Too many parents, in the inferior of grace, if men will not allow them; stations of life, foolishly suppose, selves leisure to examine their real that if they can procure food and raistate before God, to ponder the things ment for their children, they have which belong to their salvation, and to meditate on the all-important doc. and that their early days are far more

sufficiently discharged their duty, trinės, promises, and precepts of usefully employed in earning a little Scriptures Some attention is neces

pittance, than in learning to read the sary to give the objects of sense their

Scriptures." full force; these are ever present, and their influence is powerful; but for the souls of your offspring? Is it

“Cruel parents! is it thus you care of what is unseen and everlasting, it more fixed recollection is indispensa- honourable part in life ! And is it

thus you prepare them for acting an bly necessary : this, in some mea

thus you fortify them against the dan. sure, removes the distance between heaven and earth; brings spiritual world? How false have you proved to

gerous temptations of an ensnaring objects near to the believing, reflect

your trust! and how regardless of the ing mind ; increases that faith which divine requirements ! Your children is the substance of things hoped for ; are uneducated ; and are likely to reand derives from these unseen reali. main unprincipled through life : they tics, far nobler joy than can be obtain

will soon be beyond the reach of your ed from the most inviting pleasures instruction, under the dominion of of sin. “ Retire, therefore, by yourselves,

others, and engaged in the service of into the fields or the closet, to mcdi.

their masters ; may it not be feared,

that there they will act a wretched tate on heavenly themes ; contemplate part, until their intemperance, dishon, what hath been, what is, and what shall be hereafter.

Mark the ways

ests, and fraud, are detected, and

they themselves loaded with infamy of Providence ; and trace, with ad.

and disgrace? To you, their parents, miring acknowledgment, the doing of will be greatly owing their vices, and the Lord to yourselves, your family, their miseries. You taught them not, and your kindred.

Look forward to future, but certain and approaching destroyer : you implanted not in their

in early days, to dread the path of the scenes: an expiring world, a general curly 'minds the seeds of religious judgment, an unalterable state. How knowledge ; nay, you cruelly, untitted must these solemn prospects moderate your eagerness for the passing withholding from them the blessing ing directions would greatly as- to keep it holy, as a day of peculiar şist them in the religious educa intercourse with heaven and to seek tion of their children.

them for acquiring that knowledge, by fashions of the world, and quicken of education.” your progress towards Zion. “Medi

The careful and devout at. tate on heaven, as the land of rest, and the sure inheritance of all the re- tention of parents to the follow

their delight in those spiritual duties

which become the followers of a risen “ For fulfilling this duty, by a meth- Saviour. Every man, therefore, who od easy to yourselves, and advanta- bears the Christian name, ought to geous to your family, let me recom- venerate the Sabbath. But heads of mend to your attention the venerable families, in busy or inferior stations, Assembly's Catechism. It contains

may particularly prize this day of saa valuable and comprehensive sum- cred rest; and ought carefully to mary of the Protestant religion: in guard against the misimprovement of it the sublime doctrines of Christiani. its valuable hours. The duties of the ty, its glorious privileges, and its closet must neither be omitted nor pure precepts, are stated with accu

superficially performed: the duties racy, arranged in order, and express- of the sanctuary, if attended with reya ed in language as plain as the subject erence, will yield sublimest satisfacwill admit. Cause your children and tion: yet let not these exclude the servants to learn this catechism ; ex- delightful exercises of family instrucplain its meaning; and allot proper tion and devotion ; if these are omit. seasons for examining their progress in ted ; if you only are well employed ; the knowledge of Christian principles. if the members of your family are not

“ No season can be more suitable attended to, they will increase, by for this profitable employment, and their bad example, that general pronone can be more convenient, than the fanation of the Sabbath which you so evening of the Lord's day: you are justly lament. Sufier, therefore, the not then fatigued with labour, nor en- word of exhortation. On every recumbered by the interruptions of turning evening of that hallowed day, worldly business. That sacred day

convene your children, domestics, and is appropriated for the purposes of servants; recommend religion to their obtaining and imparting heavenly attention and esteem; inquire into knowledge ; its precious hours must their conduct, and devotions, during not be squandered in the circle of the former part of the day ; remind friends, nor in business, nor in recrea- them of what they heard in the tions : these are allowed in six suc. house of God; examine if they have ceeding days of each revolving week: committed to memory what you for one day of seven is the day of God; merly appointed ; commend the dilihe claiins it for his own ; he separates gent; encourage to farther improve. it for himself; and wills not that its ment; and close this profitable duty hallowed joys should be molested or with suitable counsels, and with the de abridged. He commands his people lightful solemnities of family worship.

Religious Intelligence.



self would prevent it by all means in
my power, As the degeneracy of all
outward churches is so great and

general, and still threatens to become (Continued from p. 483.)

greater and more general, I comfort

myself with this, that the Lord is re. Extract of a Letter from a Roman tiring into the inner temple, and Catholic Clergyman in Swabia.

more gloriously building up the invis“I feel the highest regard for ible church. At least he does not sit the wise and prudent zeal of the En. idle at the right hand of his father, glish Bible Committee, because it is

nor can he lose bis suit : whatever my own desire to see the pure and

may now be the appearance, he must genuine word of God spread, and am finally be the gainer. Our duty how. so entirely against all corruption of ever is this, to pray more earnestly this invaluable treasure, that I my. than ever: let thy kingdom come! Vol. II. No. 12. в въъ

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