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P.F. Collier, 1898 - 538 من الصفحات

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الصفحة 389 - When the oldest cask is opened, And the largest lamp is lit ; When the chestnuts glow in the embers, And the kid turns on the spit ; When young and old in circle Around the firebrands close ; When the girls are weaving baskets, And the lads are shaping bows...
الصفحة 60 - ... towards the middle of thy belly, the region of the navel, and search the place of the heart, the seat of the soul. At first all will be dark and comfortless, but if you persevere day and night you will feel an ineffable joy , and no sooner has the soul discovered the place of the heart than it is involved in a mystic and ethereal light.
الصفحة 350 - On a rock, immediately above the convent, is a round tower, pierced with embrasures, but without cannon; on which I counted the heads of twenty Turks, fixed upon stakes, round the parapet, the trophies of Montenegrin victory; and below, scattered upon the rock, were the fragments of other skulls, which had fallen to pieces by time; a strange spectacle in a Christian country, in Europe, and in the immediate vicinity of a convent and a bishop's palace.
الصفحة 61 - At first, all will be dark and comfortless ; but if you persevere day and night, you will feel an ineffable joy; and no sooner has the soul discovered the place of the heart, than it is involved in a mystic and ethereal light.
الصفحة 138 - ... power and virtue. We have seen how little the regular clergy did to resist Othoman supremacy and the moral power of Mohammedanism. Still there can be no doubt that the secular clergy supplied some of the moral strength which enabled the Greeks so successfully to resist the Othoman power. It is true the parish priests were a class of men destitute of learning, and possessing no great personal authority, but as the agricultural classes in the villages formed the heart of the nation, the parish...
الصفحة 129 - In the midst of the Mohammedan East the Greek populations remain like islands in the barren sea; and the Bedouin tribes have wandered for twelve centuries round the Greek convent of Mount Sinai, probably without one instance of conversion to the creed of men whom they yet acknowledge with almost religious veneration as beings from a higher world.
الصفحة 359 - They have another virtue besides this simplicity of life, — this is their perfect honesty. I happened to mention that I had dropped a gold bracelet in Albania. ' Had you dropped it here, even in the remotest corner of the Black Mountain, it would have been brought to me in three days,
الصفحة 374 - Servia, he returned thither, and from that time followed his business — that of a dealer in swine. The outrages of the Dahis hurried him into the movements in which he was destined to perform so important a part. ' Kara George was a very extraordinary man. He would sit for days together without uttering a word, biting his nails. At times, when addressed, he would turn his head aside and not answer. When he had taken wine, he became talkative ; and if in a cheerful mood, he would perhaps lead off...
الصفحة 344 - ... Venetian Doge Mocenigo, doubtless contains much that is of historical value, though the facts have been embellished by the fancy of the bard. " ' Listen to me, Doge,' writes Black Ivan to the lord of mighty Venice, ' men say that thou hast in thy house the fairest of roses, and I have in mine the fairest of pinks. Doge, let us unite the rose with the pink.
الصفحة 304 - Often, after a wearisome day spent in heat and sweat, hunger and thirst, she animates, on her way home, the silence of the evening twilight with her melodious songs. What spirit these popular songs breathe, the reader may learn from the collections already published. Without encountering contradiction, we may say, that among no other nation of Europe does natural poetry exist to such an extent, and in such purity, heartiness, and warmth of feeling, as among the Slavi.

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