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den the wine press alone ; and of KINGS AND Lord OF LORDS. And the people there was nene with me; I saw an angel standing in the for I will tread them in mine an sun; and he cried with a loud ger, and trample them in my fury; voice, saying to all the fowls that and their blood shall be sprinkled fly in the midst of heaven, come, , upon my garments, and I will and gather yourselves together unstain all my raiment. For the day to the supper of the great God; of rengeance is in mine heart, and that ye may eat the flesh of kings ike year of my redeemed is come. and the flesh of captains, and the And I will tread down the people flesh of mighty men, and the flesh in mine anger, and make them of horses, and of them that sit on drunk in my tury, and I will bring them, and the flesh of all men, both down their strength to the earth.” free and bond, both small and The year of his redeemed, the great. And I saw the beast, and time of their deliverance and peace, the kings of the earth, and their is to be introduced by the day of armies gathered together to make rengeance on his enemies. They war against IIim that sat on the are to be destroyed, not converted. horse, and against his army. And

The same event is thus spoken the beast was taken, and with him of in the 19th chapter of Revela- . the false prophet that wrought mition: “Let us be glad and rejoice, racles before him, with which he and give honour to him; for the deceived them that had received marriage of the Lamb is come, the mark of the beast, and them and his wife hath made herself that worshipped his image. These ready. And he saith unto me, both were cast alive into a lake of write, blessed are they which are fire, burning with brimstone. And called unto the marriage supper of the remnant were slain with the the Lamb. And I saw heaven sword of him that sat upon the opened, and behold a white horse ; horse, which sword proceeded out of and he that sat upon him was call- his mouth : and all the fowls were ed Faithful and True; and in filled with their flesh.” Then folrigteousness he doth judge and lows, in the next chapter, the make war. His eyes were as a binding of Satan, and the thousand flame of fire, and on his head were years' reign of the saints. The many crowns; and he had a name Millennium, then, is to be introducwritten that no man knew but be ed by this great and terrible dehimself: and he was clothed with struction of the wicked, and not by a vesture dipped in blood; and his their conversion. name is called the Word of God. The same events are connected And the armies which were in together, in the 66th chapter of hearen followed him upon white Isaiah. Rejoice ye with Jeruborses, clothed in fine linen, salem, and be glad with her, all ye white and clean. And out of his that love her: rejoice for joy with, mouth goeth a sharp sword, that her ail ye that mourn for her. For with it he should smite the na- thus saith the Lord, behold, I will tions; and he shall rule them with extend peace to her like a river, a rod of iron; and he treadeth the and the glory of the Gentiles like wine press of the fierceness and a flowing stream. As one whom wrath of Almighty God. And he his mother comforteth, so will I hath on his vesture and on his comfort you; and ye shall be thigh a name written, King of comforted in Jerusalem. And

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when ye see this, your heart shall They shall lift up their voice, they rejoice, and your bones shall flour- shall sing for the majesty of the ish like an herb; and the hand of Lord, they shall cry aloud from the Lord shall be known toward the sea. Wherefore glorify ye the his servants, and his indignation 'Lord in the fires, even the name of toward his enemies. For behold the Lord God of_Isract in the the Lord will come with fire, and isles of the sea. From the utterhis chariots like a whirlwind, to most part of the earth have we render his anger with fury, and his heard songs, even glory to the rebuke with flames of fire. For by righteous. But I said, my leanfire and by his sword will the Lord ness, my leanness, woe unto me! plead with all flesh; and the slain The treacherous dealers have dealt of the Lord shall be many." treacherously ; yea, the treache

The same events also are con erous dealers have dealt very nected together in the 24th chap- treacherously. Fear, and the pit, ter of Isaiah. “Behold, the Lord and the snare, are upon thee, O maketh the earth empty, and mak- inhabitant of the earth. And it eth it waste, and turneth it upside shall come to pass, that he who down, and scattereth abroad the fieerh from the noise of the fear inhabitants thereof. And it shall shall fall into the pit; and he that be, as with the people, so with the cometh up out of the midst of the priest; as with the servant, so with pit shall be taken in the snare; for his master; as with the maid,so with the windows from on high are her mistress ; as with the buyer, open, and the foundations of the so with the seller ; as with the len- earth do shake. The earth is utder, so with the borrower; as with terly broken down, the earth is the taker of usury, so with the giv- clean dissolved, the earth is moved er of usury to him. The land shall exceedingly. The earth shall reel be utterly emptied, and utterly to and fro like a drunkard, and spoiled; for the Lord hath spoken

shall be removed like a cottage, this word. The earth mourneth, and the transgression thereof shall and fadeth away; the world lan- be heavy upon it; and it shall fall guisheth and fadeth away; the and not rise again. And it shall haughty people of the earth do lan come to pass in that day, that the guish. The earth also is defiled Lord shall punish the host of the under the inhabitants thereof : be- high ones that are on high, and cause they have transgressed the the kings of the earth upon the laws, changed the ordinance, brok- earth. And they shall be gatheren the everlasting covenant. ed together, as prisoners are gathTherefore hath the curse deroured ered in the pit, and shall be shut the earth, and they that dwell up in the prison, and after many therein are desolate: therefore the days shall they be visited.” They inhabitants of the earth are burned, shall be shut up in the prison, and few men left.” A fero are to where the souls of the wicked are, be left, who shall be the friends of till the time appointed for the resGod. The prophet proceeds- urrection of the body, and the final “When thus it shall be in the judgment, when they shall be vismidst of the land among the peo- ited according to their works, with ple, there shall be as the shaking of their full and final punishment.an olive tree, and as the gleaning And the prophet adds, “ Then the grapes when the vintage is done. moon shall be confounded, and the

son ashamed, when the Lord of spread the gospel, both at home and Hosts shall reign in Mount Zion, abroad? And does not success ataud in Jerusalem, and before his tend those efforts, to such a degree, ancients gloriously.” Then, that at least, as to afford a rational prosis, after this general destruction of pect of the ultimate spread of the the wicked from off the earth, the gospel through the world ? If any Lord shall reign over his people should conclude from this, that the gloriously, and the church enjoy opinion advanced in this essay canher millennial state.

not be true, I would ask them, what from these passages of scripture, security there is for the continit appears abundantly evident, that uance of these efforts, for any conthe Millennium is not to be intro- siderable period? And I would ask, duced, as many expect, by the grad- also, whether we do not often read ual increase of real religion till it statements,in the addresses ofthe va. fills the world, and brings all man- rious benevolent institutions, which kind under its influence. On the go to show, that, unless these efforts contrary, the great mass of man are continued, and greatly increaskind, at the time of its introduction, ed, they will not be sufficient to will be enemies to God, and will make any great and permanent imhare reached a high pitch of wick- pression upon the kingdom of darkedness, and will perhaps have near- ness, nor even sufficient to maintain ty swallowed up the true church of the ground which Christianity now Christ, and have begun their song occupies? If I mistake not, Educaof triumph at its anticipated speedy tion Societies and Theological Semextinction, when the Lord will sud- inaries are frequently informing us, denly appear for the deliverance of that the increase of ministers is not his people and the dismay and over- yet in such a ratio as, after deductthrow of his enemies. “As it was ing the dimunitions by death, to in the days of Noah, so shall it be keep up with the increase of popualso in the days of the Son of Man. lation; so that, in reality, the supThey did eat, they drank, they mar- ply is actually diminishing. This I ried wives, they were given in mar- believe to be the fact. Bible socieriage ; until the day that Noah en- ties are indeed increasing the suptered into the ark; and the flood ply of the word of God; but the came, and destroyed them all.- multiplication of copies is not necLikewise, also, as it was in the days essarily and certainly connected of Lot; they did eat, they drank, with the proper use of them. · Misthey bought, they sold, they plant- sionaries are indeed going forth, with ed, they builded; but the same day encouraging prospects, to preach that Lot went out of Sodom, it rain, the gospel among the various heaed fire and brimstone from heaven, then nations; but their numbers and destroyed them all ; even thus bear a very small proportion to the shall it be when the Son of Man is numbers to be evangelized. I berevealed.”

lieve, indeed, that the gospel must But I think it probable that be preached unto all nations, besome objections to this view of fore the end come. But I think it the subject may arise in the minds is not so clear that it will ever be of some readers. Some will be done by such kind of means as are ready to ask, is not the present an now in use. it may be necessary, age of benevolent efforts; and are in order to its accomplishment, that sot great exertions making to true Christians and faithful minis.

ters should be compelled by perse- efforts which are now making for cution to flee for their lives, from the spread of the gospel, and cause those countries where the gospel is Christians to despond, and sit down now enjoyed, and seek refuge among in idleness and inactivity. This obthose who are now heathen. Per- jection is rather directed against secution had this effect in the apos- the promulgation of this opinion, tolic age, when Stephen was put to than against its truth. What if it death, and the members of the should have this effect? Would that church at Jerusalem were all scat- prove it untrue? I think it likely that tered abroad, except the apostles; many professed Christians would and “they that were scattered a- be thus affected by it. It would be broad went every where preaching likely to have this effect upon

such the word.” It may be so again.-- as are influenced to action merely It is predicted that the word shall by the prospect of great success, be preached in every land. Mat. and the worldly glory and honour xxiv. 14,

“And this gospel of the which accompanies it. But it could kingdom shall be preached in all not have this effect upon those who the world, for a witness unto all na act from principle and duty. Those tions; and then shall the end come.” who love God and the souls of men, It is to be for a witness against them, have motives to action of a different if they reject it, as it is probable kind, and unspeakably more powmost of them will; and as appears erful, than those which stimulate to be more distinctly intimated in the enterprises of worldly men. It the parallel passage in the 13th cannot be necessary that Christians chapter of Mark. “And ye shall should believe a lie, in order to be brought before rulers and kings stimulate them to duty. If this for my sake, for a testimony against view of the introduction of the Milthem. And the gospel must first lennium is correct, as I verily bebe published among all nations." lieve it is, it ought to be made It

may be objected also by some, known, and let the consequences that the present is an age of revivals be committed to God. But every of religion, which are so frequent, truth is adapted to do good to those so great, and so extensive, as forbids that cordially embrace it; and some the idea that the church is ever like- of the good effects, which the prerly to be reduced so low, as the opin- alence of this truth would have, are ion advanced in this essay seems to very apparent.

If there is real imply. Giving all possible weight danger that error and wickedness to this abjection, it is a sufficient will yet have a wide and extensive answer to remind those that make spread, that danger is greatly init,that the out-pourings of the Spirit creased by its being believed by of God are in his own power, and Christians that there is no danmay become less frequent, and less ger; whereas, by being aware of it, extensive. And if they should cease they are put upon their guard, and entirely in any town, or state, or stimulated to make every possible country, how long would it be, be effort to preserve themselves and fore the largest and most flourish- others against it. What has been ing churches would become extinct? the actual experience of Christians

It may be objected further, that on this subject? Have they been this view of the introduction of the most active, most humble, most Millennium, should it prevail, would prayersul, most abstracted from the have a tendency to discourage the world, and most devoted to God,


when they have thought every thing and shining light, in the midst of was going on well; or when they surrounding darkness? Who can have been sensible of danger ; have tell, but that if suitable exertions felt themselves brought into straits, are made, there may be preserved, and bare realized that they were here and there, a little verdant spot, ready to perish if God did not ap- that shall grow and flourish under peu for their help?

the dews of heaven, while all around If the view which has been taken is barrenness and death ? Hard inof the subject is a correct one, the deed must be our hearts, if we can church is now in danger; and it look at a whole world going to debehoores every Christian to be a- struction, and remain unaffected wake, and at his post. The ene- and inactive.

G. G. my is coming in like a food; error and wickedness are prevailing; the cause of religion is sinking; and

BIBLICAL CRITICISM. unless God shall appear for the help From the American Baptist Magazine.' of his people, they will soon find ON THE SUPPLIED WORDS IN THE ENGthemselves in an evil case. And if this view of the subject is correct, Languages differ in their forms, what are the prospects of the rising of expression. Some admit, and generation ? If error and wicked- frequently use, an ellipsis, where ness are to triumph still further, others do not. Hence, in transand the institutions of the gospel lating, it is necessary to supply are to be still further despised and some words; otherwise a translaneglected ; if our candlesticks are tion would, in many instances, be to be removed out of their places, unintelligible. This is true with if our churches are to be shut up, respect to translations of the Bible. and our communion tables broken The translators of our English down ; if the ground is to be occu- version have carefully distinguishpied by the enemies of the gospel, ed the words which they have What is to become of our children? thought it necessary to supply, by Lato whose hands will they fall, causing them to be printed in italwhen we are laid in the dust ?- ics. It is far from my intention What can we do for them now, to advance any thing calculated to before God takes us away? I speak derogate from these venerable not of provisions for their bodies, men, or from the valuable translawhich perhaps we are industriously tion of the Scriptures with which accumulating, to be a snare to their they have furnished us. I would souls. But what can we do to not, however, ascribe infallibility guard them against the seductions to any man or body of men.to which they will be exposed ?— While they have performed that What can we do to bring them to part of their task which respects the saving knowledge of the truth, elliptical expressions with much and engage for them the protection fidelity, judgment and skill, they of the Almighty? And what can we have undoubtedly left some room do for a world that lieth in wicked- for improvement. By having debess, and which is fast ripening for signated the words which they have the day of God's wrath? What can supplied, they appear to have inwe do to preserve the knowledge tended to allow even such as do of the truth in the earth; and to not understand the original lankeep up, here and there, a burning guages of the Bible the liberty of

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