The purple island, or The isle of man. [In verse] To which is added, Christ's victory and triumph, a poem by G. Fletcher

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الصفحة 135 - He is a path, if any be misled ; He is a robe, if any naked be ; If any chance to hunger, he is bread ; If any be a bondman, he is free ; If any be but weak, how strong is he ! To dead men life he is, to sick men health, To blind men sight, and to the needy wealth, A pleasure without loss, a treasure without stealth.
الصفحة 136 - Heaven could shake; See how small room my infant Lord doth take, Whom all the world is not enough to hold! Who of His years, or of His age hath told? Never such age so young, never a child so old...
الصفحة 149 - And them in willing bondage fettered ; Once men they liv'd, but now the men were dead, And turn'd to beasts, — so fabled Homer old, That Circe, with her potion, charm'd in gold, Us'd manly souls in beastly bodies to immould.
الصفحة 45 - Fond man, that looks on Earth for happiness, And here long seeks what here is never found ! For all our good we hold from...
الصفحة 184 - His love, high God all heav'n as captive leads, And all the banners of his grace dispreads, And in those...
الصفحة 45 - Hardly the place of such antiquity, Or note of these great monarchies we find : Only a fading verbal memory, And empty name in writ is left behind : But when this second life and glory fades, And sinks at length in time's obscurer shades, A second fall succeeds, and double death invades.
الصفحة 159 - A garden was the place we perished all, A garden is the place He pays our price : And the old serpent, with a new device, Hath found a way himself for to beguile ; So he, that all men tangled in his wile, Is now by one Man caught, beguiled with his own guile.
الصفحة 172 - The life, the which I once did love, I leave, The love, in whi[c]h I once did live, I loath, I hate...
الصفحة 164 - See, where the Author of all life is dying : O fearful day ! He dead, what hope of living ? See where the hopes of all our lives are buying : O cheerful day ! they bought, what fear of grieving?
الصفحة 158 - Nor let the man ascribe it to his skill, That thorough grace hath gained victory : If any strength we have, it is to ill ; But all the good is God's, both power and eke will.

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