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rooms are so.


Car. Calandrino? 'tis he.

Cal. Now to my postures. Let my hand have Enter Carolo CHAROMONTE, and Lydia.

the honour Car. DAUGHTER, I have observed, since the To convey a kiss from my lips to the cover of prince left us,

Your foot, dear signior. Whose absence I mourn with you, and the visit Car. Fie, you stoop too low, sir. Count Sannazarro gave us, you have nourished Cal. The hem of your vestment, lady. Your Sad and retired thoughts, and parted with

glove is for princes; That freedom and alacrity of spirit,

Nay, I have conned my distances. With which you used to cheer me.

Lyd. 'Tis most courtly. Lyd. For the count, sir,

Caup. Fellow Calandrino! All thought of him does with his person die; Cal. Signior de Cauponi, But, I confess ingenuously, I cannot


Grand botelier of the mansion ! So soon forget the choice and chaste delights

Bern. How is it, man? The courteous conversation of the prince

[Claps him on the shoulder, (And without stain, I hope) afforded me,

Cal. Be not so rustic in your salutations. When he made this house a court.

Signior Bernardo, master of the accounts ! Car. It is in us

Signior Petruchio! May you long continue To keep it so without him. Want we know not, Your function in the chamber. And all we can complain of (Ileaven be praised Caup. When shall we learn such gambols in for it)

our villa? Is too much plenty, and we will make use of Lyd. Sure, he's mad.

Car. 'Tis not unlike, for most of such mushEnter Servants. All lawful pleasures. How now, fellows, when

What news at court? Shall we have this lusty dance?

Cal. Basto! They are mysteries, Caup. In the afternoon, sir.

And not to be revealed. With your favour, sig'Tis a devi I wis, of my own making,

nior, And such a one, as shall make your signiorship I am in private to confer awhile know

With this signiora. But I'll pawn my honour, I have not been your butler for nothing, but That neither iny terse language, nor my habit, I've crotchets in iny head. We'll trip it tightly, Howe'er it may convince, nor my new shrugs, And make my sad young mistress merry again,

Shall render her enamoured. Or I'll forswear the cellar.

Car. Take your pleasure. Bern. If we had

A little of these apish tricks may pass; Our fellow Calandrino here to dance

Too much is tedious.

(Erit Carolo. Ilis part, we were perfect.

Cal. The prince, in this Petru. O! he was a rare fellow;

Presents his service. Nay it is not courtly But I fear the court hath spoiled him.

To see the seal broke open. So I leave you. Caup. When I was young,

Signiors of the villa, I'll descend to be I could have cut a caper on a pinnacle;

Familiar with you. But now I am old and wise. Keep your figure Caup. Have you forgot to dance ? fair,

Cal. No, I am bettered. And follow but the sample I shall set you,

Pet. Will you join with us? The duke himself will send for us, and laugh Cal. As I like the project.

Let me warm my brains, first, with the richest And that were credit.

grape, Lyd. Who have we here?

And then I'm for you.

Caup. We will want no wine. [Ereunt. Enter CALANDRIXO.

Lyd. (Alone.) That this comes only from the Cal. I find

best of princes, Wbat was brawn in the country, in the court With a kind of adoration does command me

To entertain it, and the sweet contents, The bots on these jolting jades, I am bruised to

[Kissing the letter. jelly.

That are inscribed here by his hand, inust be A coach for my money! and that the courtezans Much more than musical to me. All the service know well;

Of my life at no part can deserve this favour. Their riding so makes them last three years what a virgin longing I find on me longer

To unrip the seal, and read it! Yet, to break Than such as are hackneyed.

What he hath fastened, rashly, may appear


at us,

grows tender.


better part

A saucy rudeness in me. I must do it,

Some private words together, (Nor can I, else, learn his commands, or serve Giov. O my lord, them)

How grossly have we overshot ourselves! But with such reverence, as I would open

San. In what, sir? Some holy writ, whose grave instructions beat Giov. In forgetting to acquaint down

My guardian with our purpose. All that Lydia Rebellious sins, and teach


Can do, avails us nothing-if the duke How to mount upward. So 'tis done, and I Find out the truth from him.

[Opens the letter. Reads. San. 'Tis now past help, With eagle's eyes will curiously peruse it. And we must stand the hazard--Hope the best,

sir ! Chaste Lydia ! The favours are so great

[Ereunt GIOVANNI and SANAZARRO. • On me by you conferred, that to entreat

Car. My loyalty doubted, sir? • The least addition to thein, in true sense

Coz. "Tís more.

Thou hast • May argue me of blushless impudence.

Abused our trust, and, in a high degree, • But, such are my extremes, if you deny Committed treason. • A farther grace, I must, unpitied, die.

Car, Treason ! 'Tis a word • Haste cuts off circumstance. As you're ad

My innocence understands not. Were my breast mired

Transparent, and my thoughts to be discerned, For beauty, the report of it hath fired

Not one spot shall be found to taint the candour * The duke, my uncle ; and, I fear, you'll prove

Of my allegiance. And I must be bold Not with a sacred, but unlawful love.

To tell you, sir (for he that knows no guilt • If he see you, as you are, my hoped-for light Can know no fear), 'tis cyranny to o'er-charge "Is changed into an everlasting night.

An honest man; and such, till now, I've lived; How to prevent it if your goodness find,

And such, my lord, I'll die. • You save two lives, and me you ever bind,

Coz. Sir, do not flatter • The honourer of your virtues, Yourself with hope, these great and glorious • GIOVANNI

words, Were I more deaf than adders, these sweet (Which every guilty wretch, as well as you, charms

That's arnied with impudence, can with ease deWould through my ears find passage to my soul, Jiver, And soon enchant it. To save such a prince, And with as full a mouth) can work on us; Who would not perish? Virtue in him must suf- Nor shall gay flourishes of language clear fer,

What is, in fact, apparent. And piety be forgotten. The duke's lust,

Car. Fact! What fact?
Though it raged more than Tarquin's, shall not You, that know only what it is, instruct me,
reach me.

For I am ignorant.
All quaint inventions of chaste virgins aid me! Coz. This, then, sir. We gave up
My prayers are heard—I have it. The duke (On our assurance of your truth and care)
ne'er saw me;

Our nephew Giovanni, nay, our heir
Or, if that fail, I am again provided.

In expectation, to be trained up by you
(This spoke as if she studied an evasion.] | As did become a prince.
But for the servants! They will take what form Car. And I discharged it.
I please to put upon them. Giovanni,

Is this the reason?
Be safe; thy servant Lydia assures it.

Coz. Take us with


sir. Let mountains of afflictions fall on me,

And, in respect we knew his youth was prone Their weight is easy, so I set thee free. [Erit. To women, and that, living in our court,

He might make some unworthy choice, before SCENE II.

His weaker judgment was confirmed, we did

Remove him from it; constantly presuming

You, with your best endeavours, rather would
Carolo, and Servants.

Have quenched those heats in him, than light a San. Are you not tired with travel, sir?

torch, Coz. No, no;

As you have done, to his looseness. I am fresh and lusty.

Car. I! my travail Cur. This day shall be ever

Is ill-requited, sir; for, by my soul, A hunday to me, that brings my prince

I was so curious that way, that I granted Under my humble roof.

[Weeps. | Access to none could tempt him, nor did ever Giov. See, sir, my good tutor

One syllable, or obscene accent, couch Sheds tears for joy.

His ear, that might corrupt him.
Coz. Dry thein up, Charomonte,

Coz. No! Why, then,
And all forbear the room, while we exchange With your allowance did you give free way

You may,

if you

To all familiar privacy, between

I gloried in (though now it prove a curse), My nephew and your daughter? Or why did you Was an only daughter. Nor did you command (Ilad you no other ends in it but our service)

Read to them, and, together, as they had been As a security to your future fears,
Scholars of one form, grammar, rhetoric, To cast her off: Which had you done, howe'er
Philosophy, history, and interpret to them She was the light of my eyes, and comfort of
The close temptations of lascivious poets? My feeble age; so far I prized my duty
Or wherefore (for we still had spies upon you) Above affection, she now had been
Was she still present, when, by your advice, A stranger to my care. But she is fair!
He was taught the use of his weapon, horseman- Is that her fault or minc? Did ever father

Hold beauty in his issue for a blemish?
Wrestling, nay, swimming, but to fan in her Her education and her manners tempt, too.
A hot desire of him? And, then, forsooth, If these offend, they're easily removed :
His exercises ended, covered with

think fit, before my face, A fair pretence of recreation for him,

In recompense of all my watchings for you, When Lydia was instructed in those graces With burning corrosives transform her to That add to beauty, he brought to adınire her, An ugly leper; and this done, to taint Must hear her sing, while to her voice, her hand Her sweetness, prostitute her to a loathsome broMade ravishing music; and, this applauded, thel. dance

This I will rather suffer, sir, and more, A light levalto with her?

Than live suspected by you. Car. Have you ended

Coz. Let not passion All you can charge me with?

Carry you beyond your reason. Coz. Nor stopped you there,

Car. I am calm, sir; But they must, unattended, walk into

Yet you must give me leave to grieve, I find The silent groves, and hear the amorous birds My actions misinterpreted. Alas! sir, Warbling their wanton notes; here, a sure shade Was Lydia's desire to serve the prince Of barren sycamores, which the all-seeing sun Called an offence? Or did she practice to Could not pierce through ; near that, an arbour Seduce his youth, because, with her best zeal hung

And fervour, she endeavoured to attend him? With spreading eglantine; there, a bubbling 'Tis a hard construction-Though she be my spring

Watering a bank of hyacinths and lillies, I may thus far speak her. From her infancy
With all allurements that could move to love. She was ever civil, her behaviour nearer
And could this, Charomonte, (should I grant Simplicity than craft; and malice dares not
They had been equals both in birth and fortune,) Affirm, in one loose gesture, or light language,
Become your gravity? Nay, 'tis clear as air, She gave a sign she was in thought unchaste.
That your ambitious hopes to match your daugh- I'll fetch her to you, sir; and but look on her

With equal eyes, you must, in justice, grant
Into our family, gave convenience to it. That your suspicion wrongs her.
And this, though not in act, in the intent,

Coz. It may be;
I call high treason.

But I must have stronger assurance of it Car. Hear my just defence, sir,

Than passionate words. And, not to trifle time, And, though you are my prince, it will not take As we came unexpected to your house, from

We will prevent all means that may prepare her Your greatness to acknowledge with a blush, How to answer that, with which we come to In this my accusation you have been

charge her. More swayed by spleen, and jealous suppositions, and howsoever it may be received Than certain grounds of reason. You had a fa- As a foul breach of hospitable rites, ther

On thy allegiance and boasted faith, (Blest be his memory) that made frequent proofs Nay, forfeit of thy head, we do confine thee Of my loyalty and faith, and, would I boast Close prisoner to thy charber, till all doubts The dangers I have broke through in his service, Are cleared that do concern us. I could say more. Nay, you yourself, dread sir, Car. I obey, sir, Whenever I was put into the test,

And wish your grace had followed my

hearse Found me true gold, and not adulterate metal ; To my sepulchre, my loyalty unsuspected, And am I doubted now?

Rather than now. But I am silent, sir, Coz. This is from the purpose.

And let that speak my duty. Car. I will come to it, sir; your grace well

[Erit Carolo, knew,

Coz. If this man
Before the prince's happy presence made Be false, disguised treachery ne'er pat on
My poor house rich, the chiefest blessing which A shape so near to truth. Within there!
Vol. II.



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with you.

at you.



Enter GIOVANNI and SANAZARRO, ushering in

We are amazed. PETRONELLA. CALANDRINO and others, set

Giov. This is gross : Nor can the imposture

But be discovered. ting forth a banquet.

San. The duke's too sharp-sighted San. Sir.

To be deluded thus. Coz. Bring Lydia forth.

Caland. Nay, pray you eat fair; Giov. She comes, sir, of herself,

Or divide, and I will choose. Cannot you use To present her service to you.

Your fork as I do? Gape, and I will feed you. Coz. Ha ! This personage

[Feeds her. Cannot invite affection.

Gape wider yet; this is court-like. San. See you keep state.

Pet. To choke daws with : Pet. I warrant you.

I like it not. Coz. The manners of her mind

Caland. But you like this.

[They drink. Must be transcendent, if they can defend

Pet. Let it come, boy. Her rougher out-side. May we, with your liking, Coz. What a sight is this ! We could be angry Salute you, lady? Pet. Let me wipe my mouth, sir,

How much you did belye her, when you told us With my cambric-handkerchief, and then have She was only simple ! I'his is barbarous rudeness,

Beyond belief. Coz. Can this be possible?

Giov. I would not speak her, sir, San. Yes, sir, you will find her

Worse than she was. Such as I gave her to you.

San. And I, my lord, chose rather Pet. Will your dukeship

To deliver her better parted than she is, Sit down and eat some sugar-plumbs ? Ilere's a Than to take from her. castle

Enter CAUPONI. Of march pane, too, and this quince-marmalade Was of my own making; all summed up together Caup. Ere I'll lose my dance, Did cost the setting on; and here is wine, too, I'll speak to the purpose. I am, sir, no prologue;

[Drinks all off. But, in plain terms, must tell you, we are proAs good as ever was tapped : I'll be your tapster;

vided For I know the fashion-Now you must do me Of a lusty hornpipe. right, sir;

Coz. 'Prithee let us have it, You shall, nor will, nor choose.

For we grow dull. Gior. She's very simple.

Caup. But, to make up the medley, Coz. Simple ! 'tis worse. Do you drink thus For it is of several colours, we must borrow often, lady?

Your grace's ghost here. Pet. Still when I am thirsty, and eat when I Caland. Pray you, sir, depose me; am hungry.

It will not do else. I am, sir, the engine Such junckets come not every day. Once more

(Rises, and resigns his chair.

By which it moves. With a heart and a half, i'faith.

Pet. I will dance with my duke, too;
Coz. Pray you, pause a little;

I will not out.
If I hold your cards I shall pull down the side; Coz. Begin, then. There's more in this
I am not good at the game.

[Dance. Pet. Then I'll drink for you.

Than yet I have discovered. Some Edipus Coz. Nay, pray you stay. I'll find you out a Resolve this riddle! pledge

Pet. Did I not foot it roundly? [Falls doun. That shall supply my place; what think you of Coz. As I live, stark-drunk. Away with her. This complete signior? You are a Juno, and in

We'll reward you, such state


you have cooled yourselves in the cellar. Must feast this Jupiter. What think you of him? Caup. Ileaven preserve you. [Ereunt Dancers. Pet. I desire no better.

Coz. We pity Charomonte's wretched fortune Coz. And you will undertake this service for In a daughter, nay, a monster. Good old man ! me?

The place grows tedious: Our removal shall be You are good at the sport.

With speed. We'll only, in a word or two, Caland. Who, I? A pidler, sir.

Take leave and comfort him. Coz. Nay, you shall sit enthroned, and eat and San. 'Twill rather, sir, drink,

Increase his sorrow, that you know his shame; As you were a duke.

Your grace may do it by letter. Caland. If your grace will have me,

Coz. Who signed you I'll eat and drink like an emperor.

A patent to direct us? Wait our coming Coz. Take your place, then;

In the garden.

to you,




Giod. All will out.

She was presented to you. San. I more than fear it.

Coz. It shall yield [Ereunt Giov. and San. No sport to the contrivers. 'Tis too plain now, Coz. These are strange chimeras to us! What Her presence does confirm what Contarino to judge of it

Delivered of her; nor can sickness dim Is past our apprehension ! One command The splendour of her beauties : being herself, Charomonte to attend us. Can it be,


[Exit Servant. She must exceed his praise, That Contarino could be so besotted

Lyd. Will your grace hear me?
As to adınire this prodigy? Or her father I am faint, and can say little.
To dote upon it? Or does she personate,

Coz. Here are accents,
For some ends unknown to us, this rude behavi- Whose every syllable is musical !

Pray you let me raise you, and a-while rest here. Which, in the scene presented, would appear False Sanazarro, treacherous Giovanni ! Ridiculous and impossible? 0, you are welcome. But stand we talking ?

Car. Here's a storm soon raised.

Coz. As thou art our subject, Charomonte,
We now acknowledge the much wrong we did you
In our unjust suspicion. We have seen

To act what we command. The wonder, sir, your daughter.

Car. That is an oath
Car. And have found her

I long since took.
Such as I did report her. What she wanted Coz. Then, by that oath we charge thee,
In courtship, was, I hope, supplied in civil Without excuse, denial, or delay,
And modest entertainment.

To apprehend, and suddenly, Sanazarro,
Coz. Pray you, tell us,

And our ungrateful nephew. We have said it. And truly we command you, did you never Do it without reply, or we pronounce thee, Observe she was given to drink?

Like them, a traitor to us. See them guarded Car. To drink, sir?

In several lodgings, and forbid access Coz. Yes. Nay, more, to be drunk.

To all, but when we warrant. Is our will Car. I had rather see her buried.

Heard sooner than obeyed ? Coz. Dare you trust your own eyes, if you find Car. These are strange turns ! her now

But I must not dispute them. [Erit CAROLO More than distempered?

Coz. Be severe in it. Car. I will pull them out, sir,

O my abused lenity! From what height
If your grace can make this good. And if you Is my power fallen!

Lyd. O me most miserable !
To grant me liberty, as she is, I'll fetch her, That, being innocent, make others guilty :
And in a moment.

Most gracious prince !
Coz. Look you do, and fail not,

Coz. Pray you rise, and then speak to me. On the peril of your head.

Lyd. My knees shall first be rooted in this Car. Drunk? —She disdains it. [Exit Carolo. earth,

Coz. Such contrarieties were never read of. And, myrrha like, I'll grow up to a tree, Charomonte is no fool, nor can I think

Dropping perpetual tears of sorrow, which, His confidence built on sand. We are abused. Hardened by the rough wind, and turned to

amber, Enter Carolo and Lydia.

Unfortunate virgins like myself shall wear, Lyd. I ain indisposed, sir,

Before I'll make petition to your greatness And that life, you tendered once, much endan- But with such reverence, my hands held up thus, gered

As I would do to Heaven, You princes are In forcing me from my chamber,

As gods on earth to us, and to be sued to Car. Here she is, sir,

With such humility, as his deputies Suddenly sick, I grant; but, sure, not drunk. May challenge from their vassals. Speak to my lord the duke.

Coz. Here's that form Lyd. All is discovered,

[Kneels. Of language I expected; pray you, speak: Coz. Is this your only daughter?

What is your suit? Car. And my heis, sir,

Lyd. That you would look upon me Nor keep I any woman in the house

As an humble thing, that millions of degrees (Unless for sordid offices) but one,

Is placed beneath you. For what am I, dread I do maintain trimmed up in her cast habits,

sir? To make her sport. And she, indeed, loves wine, Or what can fall in the whole course of my life, And will take too much of it; and, perhaps, for That may be worth your care, much less your mirth,



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