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joy that may be had here, in the small gleanings and comforts that fall from Christ! What fools are we who know not, and confider not the weight and the telling that is in the very earneft peany, and the first fruits of our hoped for harvest! How sweet, how fweet is our infeftment! what then must personal possession be! I find that my Lord Jefus hath not miscooked or spilt this sweet crofs; he hath an eye on the fire and the melting gold, to feparate the metal and the dross. O how much time would it take me to read my obligations to Jesus my Lord, who will neither have the faith of his

own to be burnt to alhes, por yet will have a poor believer in the fire to be half raw, like Ephraim's unturned cake! this is the wisdom of him who hath his fire in Zion, and furnace in Jerufalem. I deed not either bud or flatter temptations and crofles, nor strive to buy the devil, or thi, malicious world by, or redeem their kindness with half a hair's breadth of truth: he, who is surety for his fervant for good, doth powerfully overrule all that. I see my prison hath neither lock nor door; I am free in my bonds, and my chains are made of rotten straw, they shall not bide one pull of faith. I am sure they are in hell who would exchange their torments with our crosses, suppose they should never be delivered, and give twenty thousand years tormint to boot, to begin in our bonds for ever; and therefore we wrong Christ, who figh, and fear, and doubt, and defpond in thém. Our fufferings are walhen in Christ's blood, as well as our souls; for Christ's merits brought a blessing to the crosses of the fons of God; and Jesus hath a back-bond of all our temptations, that the free-warders shall come out by law and justice, in respect of the infinite and great sum that the Redeemer paid. Our troubles owe us a free passage through them: devils and men, and crosses are our debtors, death and all forms are our debtors, to blow our poor tossed bark over the water fraught free, and to set the travellers in their own known ground: therefore we shall die and yet live. We are over the water (some way) already; we are married, and our tocher good is paid; we are already more than conquerors. If the devil and the world knew how the court with our Lord Mall go, I am sure they would hire death to take us off their hand; our sufferings are the only wreck and ruin of the black kingdom: and yet a little, and the Antichrist must play himself with bones and Nain bodies of the Lamb's followers;, but withal we stand with the hundred forty and four thousand, who are with the Lamb, upon the top of mount Zion : Antichrist and his followers are down in the valley-ground, we have the advantage of the hill; our temptations are always beneath, our waters are beneath our breath; as dying, and behold we live: I never heard before of a living death, or a quick death, but ours: our death is not like the common death; Christ's skill, his handy


work, and a new cast of Christ's admirable art, may be seen in our quick death. I bless the Lord that all our troubles come through Christ's fingers, and that he cafteth sugar among them, and casteth in fome ounce weights of heaven, and of the spirit of glory (that refteth on suffering believers) in our cup, in which there is no taste of hell. My dear brother, ye know all these better than I : I send water to the sea, to speak of these things to you : but it eafeth me, to desire jou to help me to pay my tribute of praise to Jesus. O what praises I owe him! I would I were in my free heritage, that I might begin to pay, my debts to Jesus. I intreat for your prayers and praises : I forget not you, Aber d. Sept. 17.

Your brother and

fellow fufferer 1637

in änd for Chris, S. R.

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73. To Mr. DAVID DICKSON. Reverend and well-beloved brother in the Lord, 1 ,

of that lawless process against you. The Lord reigaeth, and hath a saving eye upon you, and your ministry; and therefore fear not what man can do. I bless the Lord, that the Irish ministers find employment, and the professors comfort of their miniAtry. Believe me I durst not, as I am now disposed, hold an hoDelt brother out of the pulpit: I trust, the Lord shall guard you, and hide you in the shadow of his hand: I am not pleased with any that are against you in that. I see this, in prosperity men's conscience will not start at small fins; but if some had been where I have been, since I came from you, a little more would have caused their eyes water, and trouble their peace. O how ready are we to incline to the world's hand! Our arguments, being well examined, are often drawn from our skin; the whole skin, and a peaceable tabernacle, is a topic maxim, in greatest request in our logic. I find a little breirding of God's seed in this town, for the which the Doctors have told me their mind, that they cannot bear with it, and have examined and threatened the people that haunt my company: I fear I get not leave to winter here; and whither I

go I know not, I am ready at the Lord's call. I would I could make acquaintance with Christ's cross, for I find comforts lie to and follow upon the cross. I suffer in my name by them; I take it as a part of the crucifying of the old man : let them cut the throat of my credit, and do as they like beft with it; when the wind of their calumnies hath blown away my good name from me, in the way to heaven, I know Christ will take my name out of the mire and wash it, and restore it to me again. I would have a mind (if the Lord would be pleased to give me it) to be a fool for Christ's fake. Sometimes, while I have Christ in


my arms, I fall asleep in the sweetness of his prefence, and he in my sleep stealeth away out of my arms; and when I awake. I miss him. Iam much comforted with my Lady Pitsligo, a good woman, and acquainted with God's ways. Grace be with you. Aberdeen, Sept. II.

Yours in his fweet Lord 1637

Jefus, S.R.

74. To the Right Honourable, my Lord LOWDON. Right Honourable, Race peace

exceedingly, that I hear your Lordship hath a good mind to Chrift, and his nowaboredown truth. My very dear Lord, go on, in the strength of the Lord, to carry your honour and wordJy glory to the New Jerusalem. For this cause your Lordship received these of the Lord; this is a sure way for the establishment of your house, if ye be of these, who are willing in your plaee to build Zion's old waste places in Scotland. Your Lordship wanteth not God's and man's law both, now to come to the streets for Christ: and suppose the bastard laws of man were against you, it is an honest and zealous error, if here ye flip against a point or punctilio of standing policy: when your foot Nippeth in such known gronnd, as is the royal prerogative of our high and most truly dread Sovereign (who hath many crowns on his head) and the liberties of his house, he will hold you up. Blessed hall they be, who take Babel's little ones, and dash their heads against the stones: I wish your Lordship have a share of that blessing, with other worthy nobles in our land. It is true, it is now accounted wisdom for men to be partners in pulling up the stakes, and loosing the cords of the tent of Christ : but I am persuaded that that wisdom is cried down in heaven, and shall Dever pass for true wisdom with the Lord, whose word crieth shame upon wit against Christ and truth: and accordingly, it shall prove

shame and confusion of face in the end. Our Lord hath given your Lordship light of a better stamp, and learning also, wherein ye are not behind the disputer and the scribe. O what a blessed thing is it, to fee nobility, learning and fanctification all concur in one! For these ye owe yourself to Christ and his kingdom: God hath bewildered and bemisted the wit and the learning of the scribes and disputers of this time; they look asquint to the Bible: this blinding and bemisting world blindfoldeth mens light, that they are afraid to fee streight out before them; nay, their very light playath the knave, or worse to truth, Your Lordship knoweth, within a little while, policy against truth will blush, and the works of men shall burn' up, even their {piders-web, who spin out many hundred ells and webs of indif


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ferences in the Lord's worship, more than ever Moses who would have an hoof material, and Daniel, who would have a look out at a window, a matter of life and death, than ever, (I fay) these men of God dreamed of. Alas, that men dare shape, carve, cut, and clip our King's princely testament, in length and breadth, and in all dimesions, answerable to the conceptions of such policy as a head of wit thinketh a safe and trim way of serving God! how have men forgotten the Lord, that they daré go against even that truth, which once they preached themselves, howbeit their fermons now be as thin fown as strawberries in a wood or wilder. ness? Certainly the sweetest and safest course is, for this short time of the afternoon of this old and declining world, to stand for Jesus : he hath said it, and it is our part to believe it, that ere it be long, time shall be no more, and the heaven shall wax old as a garment: do we not see it already an old, holey and threadibare garment? Doth not cripple and lame nature tell us, that the Lord will fold up the old garment and lay it aside: and that the heavens shall be folded together as a scroll

, and this peft house shall be burat with fire, and that both plenishing andwalls thall melt with fervent heat? for, at the Lord's coming, he will do with this earth, as men do with a leperfhouse; he will burn the walls with fire, and the plenishing of the house also, 2 Peter iï. 10, 12. My very dear Lord, how ihail ye rejoice in that day, to have Christ, angels, heaven, and your own conscience to imile upon you? I am persuaded, one fick night, through the terrors of the Almighty, would make men (whose conscience hath such a wide throat, as an image like a cathedral church would go down it) have other thoughts of Christ and bis worship, than now they, please themselves with. The scarcity of faith in the earth faith, We are hard upon the last nick of time: blessed are thole who keep their garments clean against the Bridegroom's coming. There Ahall be spotted clothes, and many defiled garments, at his last coming; and therefore, few found worthy to walk with him in white. I am persuaded, my Lord, this poor travail. ing woman, our pained church, is with child of victory and shall bring forth a man-child all lovely and glorious, that shall be caught up to God and his throne, howbeit the dragon (in his followers) be attending the child birth pain, as the Egyptian midwife, to receive the birth and strangle it, Ifa. xxix. 8. But they thall be disappointed who thirst for the destruction of Zion; they shall be as when a hungry man dreameth that he eateth; but behold he awaketh, and his soul is empty: or when a thirsty man! dreameth that he drinketh; but behold le awaketh, and is faint, and his soul is not satisfied: fo Thall it be, I say, with the multitude of all the nations that fight against Mount Zion. Therefore the weak and feeble, these that are as signs and wonders in


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on ;

Ifrael, have chosen the best fide, even the fide that victory is up

and I think this is no evil policy. Verily, for myself, I am fo well pleafed with Christ, and his noble and honelt-bora cross, this cross that is come of Christ's house, and is of kin to himself, that I should weepy. if it should come to niffering and bartering of lots and condition with those that are at ease in Zion; I hold still my choice, and bless myself in it. I fee, and I believe, there is salvation ia this way, that is every where spoken against. I hope to go to eternity, and to venture on the last evil to the saints, even upon deach, fully persuaded that this only, even this, is the saving way for racked consciences, and for weary and loaden finDers, to find ease and peace for ever more into. And indeed it is not for any wordly respect that I speak fo of it; the weather is not so hot, that I have great cause to startle in my prison, or to boast of that entertainment that my good friends, the prelates, intend for me, whch is banishment, if they shall obtain their des fire, and effectuate what they design; but let it come, I rue not that I made Christ my wail and my choice: I think him aý the longer the better. ' My Lord, it shall be good service to God, to hold your noble friend and chief upon a good course for the truth of Christ. Now the very God of peace establish your Lordship in Christ Jesus unto the end.

or Aberdeen, Sept. 10.

Your Lordbip's in his sweet 1637.

Lord Jesus, S. R.

75. To the Laird of GAITGIRTH. Much honoured Sir, G Race, mercy and peace be to you : I can do no more but

thank you in paper, and remember you to him whom I ferve, for kindness and care of a prisoner. i bless the Lord, the cause I suffer for peedeth not to blush before kings: Christ's white, honeft, and fair truth, needeth neither to wax

pale for fear, nor blush for shame. I bless the Lord, who hath graced you to own Christ now, when so many are afraid to profess him, and hide him, for fear they suffer loss by avouching hia. Alas! that fo many

in these days are carried with the times! as if'their conscience rolled upon oiled wheels, so do they go any way the wind blows : and because Christ is not market-fweet, men put way from them. Worthy and much honoured Sir, go on to own Christ and his oppressed truth : the end of sufferings for the gospel, is rest and gladness. Light and joy is fown for the mourners in Zion, and the harvest (which is of God's making for time and manner) is near; crosses have right and claim to Christ in his members, till legs and arms, and whole mystical Christ be in heaven. There will be rain, and hail, and form, in the saint's clouds, ever till God cleanse with fire the works of creation, and

him ao

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