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ber toward Jerusalem, he kneel- his usual practice. David did ed upon his knees three times a the same, as appears from his day, and prayed, and gave thanks own words; " Evening and before his God, as he did afore- morning, and at noon, will I time. The piety and sincerity pray and cry aloud ; and he shall of Daniel, in this case, were

hear my voice.” strikingly manifested. He did The pious among the Jews not fiy to his chamber, like had three seasons of praying to mad man, and throw open his God, in a day. The first was at windows, that by praying in the nine in the morning, which was view of his enemies, he might their third hour; the second was glory in his courage, and bid de- at twelve, which was called their fiance to their decree. True re- sixth hour; and the third was ligion never courts persecution. at three in the afternoon, which The windows of his chamber, was called their ninth hour. The where he was accustomed 10 last was the time of the evening bow the knee before God, were sacrifice, the hour that Christ otalready open ; and, under exist. fered up himself a sacrifice for ing circumstances, it would sinners. Daniel, in his high stahave been, in a sense, yielding tion, ordered his affairs, though the point, for him to shut them. numerous, in such a manner, It is expressly mentioned that that they should not hinder his these windows were towards Je- solemn devotions. He had his rosalen, the city of his God. particular seasons for prayer, Looking to the prayer, made by and so have all, who mean to walk Solomon, when the temple was

with God. If he had restrain: dedicated, we see why particulared prayer, under these circummention is made, that the win- stances, he would have declared dows of Daniel's chamber were by his neglect, that he regarded open towards Jerusalem. Doubt- man more than God; he would less all the devout Jews in their have sinned against his own captivity, prayed towards the conscience, offended the genedand of their fathers, and the ration of the righteous, and harcity and house of their God. dened his enemies and the eneThere God had promised to ap

mies of his God, by giving them pear, and to accept his people. occasion to triumph and blasThere he had placed his holy pheme. Being resolved, he name. Daniel believed that feared not to be found praying; God, in his own time, would de- his boldness prevented his eneliver his people out of their cap- mies from breaking open doors tivity, and bring them back to obtain proof against him. again. In the midst of all his Here, we behold the faithful. honours, riches and employ- man. Here, we see true relig. ments, he did not forget these ion exemplified. Such was the things. Daily, and three times practice of one, who had the tesa day, he carried the cause of timony of a heavenly messenhis people before God. This ger, that he was greatly beloved was not ostentation ; because it of God; of one, who, during was no more than what had been the whole seventy years' captiviVol. II, No. 3. R

ty, was the chariot of Israel and in prayer, you cannot but set the horseman thereof, as Elijah that God is greatly robbed of his was in his day.

honour. That holy Being, Reader! pause, and ask your whom Daniel delighted to serve, self, whether you possess any and who took such particular portion of the excellent spirit of notice of his constancy in prayer, Daniel. Perhaps you profess, no doubt takes particular notice as he did, to be the friend of of all your neglects of the duty. God; and yet stand chargeable He weigheth the actions of men, with great inconstancy in your and pondereth all their goings. secret and family devotions, ex- Supposing your conscience cusing yourself on account of allows you to say, that you nevthe multitude of your avocations, er omit the morning and evening and the crowd and hurry of your sacrifice in your house, only at business. But is it rational to those times when strangers, who conclude, that in the compara

are not religiously disposed, are tively small sphere in which you present. Would this shield you move, your hands are more full from blame? Would this fully than were Daniel's ? Upon him satisfy you, that you possessed the management of an extensive a spirit of prayer? Compare kingdom, of an hundred and such a practice with the conduct twenty provinces principally de- of Daniel. He failed it to pray, volved, and yet he found time when he knew he was among the and a

heart to be frequent enemies of God, and when he and constant in his devotions. was conscious that they were He wisely regulated all his af- seeking occasion to deprive him, fairs, and failed not of drawing not only of all his honours, but near to his God, three times, er- his life. Seriously consider this ery day. In what light, then, example, and let the reprocf will you view your real charac- which it may administer be as ter, if you find it in your heart seed sown on good ground. wholly to dispense with family

H. worship, on account of worldly concerns ? Will you not have reason to fear, that you are des

EXTRACT OF A LETTER FROM X titute of that excellent spirit;

PIOL'S FRIEND TO CHRISTIAN which appeared in Daniel, and


SUDDEN account of which he was greatly beloved of God? Trying as such a conclusion may be, it is naturally drawn.

“I will be a God to thee, and to But are you ready to say, thy seed.”

"Suffer the little children to come that you do not wholly dispense with the worship of God in your such is the kingdom of heaven.”

unto me, and forbid them not, for of house ; that you commonly seels the divine favour, at least once

Oct. 21, 1801. every week? Admitting that you can say this, consistently with my very dear friends, truth, still, comparing such a Have I not reason to offer Tactice with Daniel's constancy you my congratulations, that





four amiable and beloved babe greatest good, had from eternity has become an angel? His con- inscribed on the book of life dition is indeed happy. God has both the day of his birth and of conferred upon him the crown of his death. The plans of God, victory before he has been engag- all-wise and all-merciful, have ed in the perilous warfare ; has been accomplished ; and if yours bestowed upon him the joys of have been frustrated, they have heaven before he had experienc- been frustrated in love. ed the miseries of life; has I know that such bereaveshielded him from the influence ments are painsul; that the of temptations before he could heart is tortured in relinquishing feel their power.

I well rec- all its fond hopes, in committing ollect the expressive smiles of to the dust, a dear child, who, we the dear boy, as he lay on the trusted, would survive to close breast of his mother, and listened eyes, and receive to her tender addresses : he is last breath. But I know also now in a securer place. He re- that grace can regulate these poses on the bosom of that Sa- feelings of nature. I say, reguviour who “gathereth the lambs late then, for their extirpation in his arms and carrieth them in is not required by Christianity. his bosom.” He is admitted to his Our Master, who wept at the heavenly converse, and “ follow- tomb of his friend, permits us eth him whithersoever he go- to weep over the graves of our eth.” 0! though we are still connexions ; and to indulge evetossed about on this tempestuous ry sorrow that is consistent with ucean, yet it is joyous to reflect, an entire submission to his holy ibat one whom we thus loved will. Let your graces then, my has safely arrived at the haven dear friends, be exercised.

Let of eternal rest. And what an faith draw aside that veil, which unspeakable honour has God conceals from our view the glothus conferred upon you, in: mak- ries of heaven : you will then ing you the instruments of behold your child praising God bringing into existence a being, without interruption and without .who was born for immortal glo- sin ; receiving in his soul the ry? A being, who is now partak- perpetual communications of diing, and ever will partake of vine love, and looking with pity those pleasures, which are wor- upon the unsatisfactory enjoythy to be the gift of a God, wor- ments of earth. Oh! what cruthy to be the purchase of the blood elty would it be to wish for a of his Son! I recollect how careful- moment, that he should again ly you have inscribed on your reg- be struggling with the miseries, ister the birth-day of your child. the temptations, and the sins I read those plans, which you of earth. Let hope anticipate formed for the regulation of his the day when you also shall be future conduct. He has had a released from this prison of more careful and wise director. clay, and admitted to the kingHis heavenly Father, who loved dom of your God. Oh! what him still more tenderly than you delight will you then feel in did, and who could not err in the again pressing your child to whoice of means to promote his your boson, with a certain

knowledge that he shall never Arise, ye dead, and come 10 judg, more be separated from you. ment. O my brethren! With Then you may triumphantly these ears we shall hear these mosing, This my son was dead mentous sounds. With these and is alive again : he was lost eyes we shall see nature in conand is found.”—I doubt not vulsion, the universe in flames, that all these consolations have the Judge descending, with ten been fully experienced by you, thousand times ten thousand anand have enabled you, like the gels, the throne erected, and all father of the faithful, to offer up the countless millions of the huto God a beloved son with

man race, from Adam to his last submission and Christian pa- born son, assembled before it. tience.”

Behold, he cometh with clouds, K.



and every eye shall see him, and they also that pierced him ; and all kindreds of the earth shall wail

because of him. Yes; we must THOUGHTS EXCITED

all appear before the judgment

seat of Christ ; and for purposes (Concluded, from page 86.)

of the highest conceivable mo.

ment. In that vast assembly, 4. THE darkness in which we there will be no infidels, no scep: have recently seen the sun in; tics, no triflers, not a wandering volved, should remind us of the eye, nor an unpenetrated heart. great day of final judgment. For All will come before their Judge, at the ushering in of that awful either to be welcomed to the ever, scene, the sun will be turned into lasting joys of heaven, as his darkness, and the moon into blood. friends, or to be banished, as his It is confessedly a solemn and enemies, to regions of endless wo tremendous, though sublime and despair. Now, my hearers, spectacle, to see the glorious orb can there be a wise man among of day suddenly, though but for us, who, knowing that he has an a moment, wrapped in obscuri- immortal soul to save, will not ty; and this, almost amid the endeavour to realize the scene, splendour of its meridian career. to bring it home, to enter into his What then will it be, to see its own heart, and anticipate, as it last ray extinguished ? What were, the solemn business of the will it be, to see this splendid lu- judgment day? The inquiry up, minary blotted out from the face on which our final state will turn, of heaven forever? What will is simple ; and, if we are faithit be, to see the heavens them- ful, not difficult of resolution, selves passing array svith a great How stand our hearts affected to noise, the elements meliing with the Judge? Have we gratefully fervent heat, and the earth, with embraced him as the Saviour? all it contains, partaking in the Have we, as condemned, selfgeneral confiagration and ruin? despairing sinners, fled to his Yet even these scenes will scarce- blood and merits, as our only ly be tremendous, compared with hope? Have we been sitting at the alarm of the last trumpet, his feet for instruction ? Have

the all awakening call; we welcomed his sceptre and his

laws? He we, with cordial af- have been one universal blank fection, embraced his interest as one barren waste; and life would our interest, his friends as our have lost its power to charm. friends, and his service as the Similar to this, but indescribably grand business of our lives? In more wretched, is the condition à word, are we habitually pre- of that man, who dies in his paring to meet him? Do we sins, and destitute of the fuvour love his appearing, and, in some of God. The moment his soul bright and happy moments, long quits the body, the last beam of for it? Do we count neither the comfort, the last ray of hope, vandelights of time, nor life itself ishes forever. Alas! he has lost dear to us, so that we may finish his God! irrecoverably, eterour course with joy,and meet our nally lost him ; and with whatbeloved Redeemer in peace? ever indifference he may have These, these are the questions treated this idea before, he will on which hangs our whole eter- then find, to his everlasting sor. nity. Upon the result of these row, that it is a loss indeed; a it will depend, whether in the loss for which thousands of great day of decision, we shall worlds could make him no comlift up our heads with joy, or be pensation. Farewel God, the overwhelmed with speechless eternal sunshine of the soul. confusion and agony. How He will then find that his im. then can we be sufficiently faith- mortality is a curse ; that pro, ful and in carnest, in pressing tracted existence is but protractthem home now, to our conscien- ed misery. Ah! who can bless ces, and our hearts ?

him whom God refuses to bless ? 5. Let the late memorable What ray of joy can find its way eclipse of the natural sun, lead to that soul, which Jehovah has us to reflect on the wretched- abandoned ? It has been conness of those, who will be finally jectured by some, that there are rejected by the Judge, and thus comets, which have wandered so suffer an eternal eclipse of that far from the sun, as to get quite Sun of Righteousness, whose beyond the sphere of its enlightbeams alone convey true life ening and attractive iniluence. and happiness to the immortal To these irregular and devious soul. During the late darkness, bodies, the apostle Jude may though short, what an unwel. perhaps have allusion, whien he come change did we realize ! describes certain sinners under What a face of gloom and hor- the appellation of wandering ror was upon every object a- stars. And what is their doom? round us! What a solemn. To such, says he, is reserved the pause in the customary employ- bluckness of darkness forever. ments and joys of life ! How These expressions are supedid nature herself seem to lan- rior to all comment. THE guish and mourn ! Had the sun BLACKNESS OF DARKNESS never more emerged from its EVER ! Nothing would obscurity, how certainly should strihingly portray the

unutwe have bidden adieu to the terable anguish, the unallayed principal comforts and delights despair, the never ceasing wo, of this world! Nature would of that man who lives and dies



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