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his share of coolness and self-possession, and, al-} But, ere he had passed beyond the street door, though it cost him a considerable effort, he ma- there reached him a gush of merry laughter from naged to introduce topics of conversation and to the musical throat of Kate, in which other voices talk pretty freely, although the talking was nearly } mingled. all on his own side, Miss Herbert maintaining a cold On the next day, he received a letter directed in reserve, and answering entirely in monosyllables. a delicate hand. It inclosed the one he had writ

For about a quarter of an hour, Andy endured ten to Kato, and accompanying it was a note in the ordeal, wondering why this particular young these words— lady should happen to be alone in the parlor of “There is, it is presumed, a mistake in the direcMrs. T— , and wondering still more why Miss tion of this. It was probably meant for Caroline Archer did not make her appearance. Just as he Gray, Mary Harper, Nancy Herbert, or Jenny began to feel a little excited and uneasy, the door {Green. In order that it may receive its proper opened, and in walked another young maiden whom destination, it is returned to the writer." he had reason to remember—a Miss Mary Harper. Ş The village flirt was a changed man after that. She was also one of his old flames. She appeared He had played with edged tools until he cut himsurprised at seeing him, and greeted him with cold- self, and the wound, in healing, left an ugly scar. ness. Andy tried to say some sprightly things to Poor Andy Cavender! All this happened years Miss Harper; but he was far from being in as good ago, and he is a bachelor still, notwithstanding condition as at first. The effort to entertain Miss} several subsequent attempts to make a favorable Herbert had somewhat exhausted his reservoir of impression on the hearts of certain pretty maidens. spirits, and his attempts to draw farther thereon The story of his punishment at Mrs. T— 's flow were not very successful. The two young ladies over the village in a few hours, and, after that, no drew together on the sofa, and maintained a mutual fair denizen of Woodland for a moment thought of reserve towards Andy that soon began to be painful. regarding any attention from Andy Cavender as more ly embarrassing.

than a piece of idle pastime; and, on the few occa“What does all this mean?" Andy had just asked sions that he ventured to talk of love, the merry himself, for he was beginning to feel puzzled, when witches laughed him in the face. the sound of light feet along the passage was again heard, and, the door opening, his eyes rested upon the form of Caroline Gray, to whom he had once paid his addresses. Very particular reasons had Andy Cavender for not wishing to meet Caroline

THE GOOD ANGEL. on that particular occasion; for he had committed

BY MRS. I ALE. himself to her more directly than to any other young lady in Woodland, having, on one occasion,

(See Illustration.) actually written and sent to her a love-letter. The

ANGELS, sent as witnesses, precise contents of that epistle he did not remember;

Watch us everywhere; but often, when he thought of it, he had doubts as

Sheltered by their shining wings, to the extent to which he had committed himself

Seeming folds of air,

Gentle maiden, one is near therein, that were not very comfortable.

List'ning for thy prayer! Soon another and another entered, and, strange to say, each was an old flame, until there were present

Offerings of the pure in heart not less than six fair, rebuking spirits. Silent,

Upward, flame-like, tend; Andy sat in the midst of these-silent, because the

With a sunbeam swiftness then

Angel guards descend! pressure on his feelings had become insufferably

Human sigh and heavenly smile great-for nearly a quarter of an hour. It was a

Thus together blend. social party of a most novel character, and one that he has never forgotten.

Lovely as the lonely flower About the time that Andy's feelings were in as

In the desert blown, uncomfortable a state as could well be imagined,

Is the holy human thought

But to angel known: and he was beginning to wish himself at the North

On his book the thought is graved, Pole, Kate Archer and her friend Jenny entered the

Where its light is thrown. room slowly, the former with an open letter in her hand, upon which the eyes of both were resting.

As the fragrance from the flower In an instant, it flashed upon Andy Cavender that

Riseth morn and even, he was to be victimized by the city belle. No

Warın with light or wet with dew, sooner had this thought crossed his mind than, ris

Joy and grief are given

From the human soul to draw ing abruptly, he bowed to his fair tormentors, say

Incense forth for heaven ing

Angels for this off 'ring wait “Excuse me, ladies.” And beat a hasty retreat.

Every morn and even.



“Heaven protect me from single solitude, but not from single blessedness."


ALONE she sits in the old homestead,

And dim her faded eye;
Her once brown hair is white with years—

Two score and a balf have gone by.
In those hollow rooms no sound but the tick

Of the old house clock, that rings A solemn knell to departed hours,

Borne off on the night's dark wings.

Is like glad ecboes in the heart,

The grateful heart it thrills: Her early life was beautiful,

But not so fair as now; Contentment smiles upon her way,

And lights her sunny brow.

From the lightest step an echo falls

Like the earth-clod in a grave . On all things lies a sullen gloom,

Deep as a funeral wave. Still there she sits, and muses long,

And thronging memories come From the long waste of desert years,

To people that old bome.

Once fancy painted visions bright

Of sweet domestic bliss;
But doubtful oft as meteor-light

She trusted not to this.
A happy group are round her now,

And sweet young voices ring-
Caresses sparkle brightly out,

Like gushings of a spring.
In her kind home, how blest are all

Who feel its genial sway-
To a dear sister's widowed heart,

What sweet repose and stay-
And many a sad friend there is cheered,

As light-winged time goes by,
Scarce streaking yet the raven braids,

Or dimming yet the eye!

The father in his old arm-chair

The mother's voice again,
In the lone heart, is breathing low

As music's lingering strain:
The happiness of childish hours,

The light and joy it brings, Come crowding back upon the heart,

Like the rush of waving wings.

And kindred spirits hover near,

As in the fairest youth,
But vanish soon; each lovely form

Is changed to cold, cold truth.
The buds and blossoms of the heart,

Affection's dewy flowers, Will fade and sadly perish too,

For want of care of ours!

Oh! who may not be always blest,

Encircled with life's flowers, That plants affection's fruitful seeds

And kind acts on the hours. Thus c'er in single blessedness

The heart may find its home: Where loved ones fondly gather,

There happiness will come!


When gone forever, no fond eye

E'er glances to our own:
While desolate, we live unblest,

Unloved, and e'er alone!
Oh! to be thus when all has filed,

And love and joy are gone
How poor were earth, if on it doomed

To live and die alone!

An! say not thou 'rt exiled long

From "sunny Italie!”
Bright wanderer from the Land of Song

Warm hearts have welcomed thee;
Not “exiled,” for thy home shall be
The true hearts of the brave and free!
Thrice welcome to our own bright land,

Thou of the song and lute,
Whose chords are swept with thrilling hand-

Oh! let them not be mute,
But wake the soul's deep mystery
With burning song of Italie!

SINGLE BLESSEDNESS. Ah! there she sits-but in her eye

Of dark expressive hue, Is a soft light of kindliness

Forever melting through:
Sweet thoughts have ripened in her heart

The golden clusters there;
The heavenly virtues, like rich fruit,

Exclude corroding care!

Oh! wake thy lute's soft notes again,

Whose silent chords are sleeping, We listen for the thrilling strain

Its golden strings are keeping. Oh! wake its gushing minstrelsy To song of thine own Italie!

Her voice-with cheerful, happy tone,

Mellowed by softening ille




PUBLIC opinion would seem to have decided that į leader of society, have no part nor lot in the mat but two classes of employment are legitimate to our ter. And, if this is undeniably so in the light of sex-teaching and the needle.

high intellectual cultivation, what wonder that the "In the first place," says that excellent authority, daughters of the poor man look upon marriage, from U women are not intended to be occupied out of the earliest girlhood, as the goal of all hopes and aims, domestic circle. The cares of the household are the emancipation from the restraints of the pinched her proper sphere, while man bears abroad the and meagre household arrangements, a cessation burden and heat of the day. Our mothers, our from the wearying routine of the needle, their sole sisters, our wives, how much we owe to them! We dependence? Thus marriages of convenience are love them all the more for their beautiful depend not confined alone to those homes where human ence. We pity those who have been deprived of hearts are sacrificed that their elegance need not be their natural protectors, and are obliged to labor for diminished. The apple of discord is sometimes themselves. How fortunate that to them two such other than golden fruit; and the home that should avenues are open! Teaching is at once so respectable { have been so bright, a haven of rest and contentand proper; the needle, to those who are not qualified { ment, is darkened with contention and angry refor the school-room, is a certain and never-failing proach : whence come the sins of neglect, intemsupport.” And so public opinion turns to the dis perance, and perhaps abandonment. cussion of some new theme, with folded hands and How different would all home influence be, if a satisfied conscience.

young girls were taught to reverence, rather than Visit our public schools, and you will see hun make a jest of this holiest emotion of the heart, and dreds of bright childish faces, who will soon take to wait, in quiet and serene contentment, until such the place of older sisters, now toiling in part, per- a time as they should meet and recognize such haps, for their support. Go through our crowded } qualities of mind and soul as would insure sympathy, courts and swarming alleys, and you find as many strength, and forbearance in the nearest and dearmore, who have never been gathered into the fold est association of life? of this instruction. All these human souls are to The restless mind, so busy with idle and fanciful have some aim in life, some provision for the natural dreams, would be trained by active employment; wants of their existence. They must be clothed and the self-respect of independence would forbid any fed; they crave their small share of comforts, and sacrifice of truth or honest feeling. luxury even. It is rare that you find among them But others remain to be provided for. The daugha strong, well-trained spirit, that is self-reliant and ters of those who have been affluent, but are sudself-denying thus early in life. They must have denly reduced to the necessity of labor; the young occupation as the means to an end, as well as to widow, reared in comfort, who finds herself alone in prevent the rust of natural abilities. Life-long labor ļ the world, with her children to be reared and edufor a scanty fee is not in itself attractive, and there- } cated. This is no small class of community to be fore marriage is set before them as the end and provided for, and one whose wants are most difficult object of their existence. Even when the higher to meet. “Work they cannot, to beg they are nature has been developed by partial mental train ashamed," and may live on, eating the bitter bread ing, this one false motive is suffered to take root. of dependence; for they had wasted the instructions

The woman of the world, surrounded by all of of the school-room, save in those accomplishments wealth and elegance, educates her beautiful daugh-} that fitted them to shine in society, but are useless ters to the one end of marrying for an establishment. now, and their physical strength, as well as manual It is for this that every natural grace is heightened, skill, will avail very little in the contest with daily every warm heart-impulse subdued, every accom want. All these must be cared for, or their sufferplishment is sought. The simple strength of love, ings, it may be said, rest upon the very public the union of reciprocal tastes and excellent quali opinion which washes its righteous hands so innoties, the “divine self-abnegation" to the will and cently of the matter. And why? Because it comfort of those around them, the training for the guarded so many avenues of employment; because new position, and the thousand responsibilities of it has shut out all choice and variety: “so far shalt wife and mother, the mistress of a household, the { thou come, and no farther," in the broad world of VOL. XLV.-11


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human effort and ingenuity, is the voice that has They are opening small packages of the raw condemned every effort to a wider range of thought } material in the room opposite the sub-treasurer's and action.

office, as we leave it. These brown-paper parcels, Not that we would enter into the contest of the so carefully tied, and sealed, and directed, arrived present, and soil our lips with the war-cry for “fe- } in yesterday's steamer from the Garden Gate. We malo emancipation;" we claim for our sisters only saw it announced in huge capitals, included in that liberty to use the proportion of strength, both of indefinite quantity, “$300,000 IN THE HANDS OF THE body and mind, with which Heaven has seen fit to PASSENGERS !" They are so suggestive, these small endow them. Every woman who comes before the leathern bags, scarcely larger than the longest world as a public teacher or leader seems to us to { finger of a gentleman's glove, filled with the fino lose a part of her birthright of purity and delicacy. shining dust and flakes, that are now lying upon the The pen can send forth its gentle influence from the scale that will soon mark their actual value. It tells retirement of the home circle ; but we ask no place

of “perils by flood and field,” separation from homo in the lecture-room or the arena of political strife

and friends, days of weary toil, and nights of restnothing that could disturb

less anxiety. It may be a “ widow's mite,” all that

} has returned to her for the love and protection that “That stillness which best becomes a woman

were given up for the fatal search ; it may be an Calm and holy.”

orphan's only portion; or perhaps the welcome reWe are, in a measure, dealing with past tradi mittance, come in the hour of need, to avert threattions; very recently, the aspect of society in this ened want or beggary. respect is somewhat changed, perhaps in no city However this may stand, it will soon be fused in more successfully than our own; and we have thought the glowing mass that prepares the labor of the a glance at some of these sources of industry and coiner. content might not be uninteresting to the readers We are too late for the melting ; but that we have of a publication devoted to the interests of our sex, little to do with. We know that the assayed and while resulting perhaps in still further progress. refined gold is at length cast into bars, of perhaps And, first of all, we select, for its novelty, unparal. half a yard in length-We will take the largest gold leled success, and general interest, the weighing or { coin, the double eagle, at which they work to-dayadjusting of the United States Mint.

and from this the bright circle, with its clear imYou are fond of crocheting, fair ladies; you like pressions, is to be formed. the grace of the silken purse, the shining glitter of Now we are in a room filled with swarthy men its well-filled compartments. The golden dollars and clanking machinery. It is lighted by the red slip softly through your pretty hands; you admire glow of the annealing furnace, and the hiss of steam the purity of the silver coin ; nay, are not ashamed mingles with the confused chorus of sounds. The to confess to the early childish gratification of a iron chain, closed against all intruders, is thrown bright new "copper," with the smiling head of} down at our appearance, and, as we enter the cenLiberty, and the distinct "ONE CENT” on the re- tral door, we find near us one of those iron frames verse, one of the first spelling lessons to which you that minister to the discord. Beside it is a wooden gave earnest heed. But have you any more idea table or tray, holding a bundle of long thin strips of the manufacture of this ringing coin than you of gold; the bar has already been subjected to varihave of the weaving of the delicate lace or the ous processes, and has gained several inches in rich silks for which it is given in exchange? Not length for the lost thickness. See, in the press beunless you have visited our city and gone through fore us, as it passes through the process, which with its lions, for prominent among them stands the must still be repeated, the pressure bearing greater pure marble edifice known as the Mint. But, if you until the requisite thickness is attained. When have never accomplished the established routine of thus drawn, the strip is passed beneath yonder die, sight-seeing, allow us to be your chaperone for the striking with the utmost precision and regularity, morning, and we shall find what part our sex plays as the grave-faced workman draws it outward with in the production of our country's coinage.

a slightly oscillating motion, the round counters of We need not be daunted by the card that con. { gold falling into a receptacle beneath; and the thin fronts us at the portal, “ No admittance after twelve bar of metal, remaining penetrated at equal diso'clock;" we have a friend at court, whose name is tances, is laid aside to be remelted and recast, for a talisman to the porter, and we are ushered through nothing is wasted here. the paved hall into his neat office, little differing “As the trimmings of puff paste are kneaded from an ordinary counting-room; here we await again,” says our guide, by way of illustration to our the arrival of our guide, no other than the director feminine ears, which suggests to us a comparison of the department in which is situated the “Mint for the strips themselves : a thin layer of cake or cage of Canaries," as some one has pleasantly enti- biscuit dough, when the circular cutter has passed tled the apartment which is the principal object of over it, etching out the cakes at regular intervals. our visit.

? And this is all it is necessary for us to see just



now; so we leave the jar and confusion, following stiff brown paper that cover the tables; but think our cicerone up an outer staircase, of the hollow not their escape is permitted. It is for this reason square or parallelogram, which the buildings form; { that no current of air is admitted, the room being and, entering a small passage, are ushered at once Ventilated by lowering the upper sash. into the room appropriated to those who adjust the But how are they gathered ? coin to its exact standard weight before it can be We shall see, as soon as this present weight of finished. What a change! The only sound is the coin is finished; they are already near its complechattering of merry voices, or bursts of girlish laugh- tion. One by one they cease from the quick router, subdued a little, but by no means hushed, at tine, and watch their less industrious neighbors, or the approach of visitors. The apartment is large chat among themselves; as school-girls anticipate and airy, long ranges of windows on each side, and an approaching recess. “But why are they not a skylight in the centre, securing ample ventilation. } supplied with work at once ?" we ask, to be told that Through its width extend three long tables, and } each parcel is weighed in the office of the chief on each side are placed the young girls, busy with coiner before it is brought to the room, and must be this monotonous, but agreeable employment. Not weighed again by itself. Now the tin cans are beall young girls; for here and there we meet a more ginning to gather on one of the smaller tables, careworn face, acting as a balance, perhaps, to the where a workman from below is preparing their light spirits of those around. It reminded us at { contents for removal. first of the large drawing-hall of the - Seminary: This is an animated scene; every workwoman there were the same gayety and cheerfulness, and has risen, and is busily plying her brush. Her own the scales before each workwoman filled the place dress, apron, and sleeves are dusted, then the table of our easels. Walking about from group to group, before her, the scales, and all the particles brushed

ith & sweet and serious mien, was a lady in deep down together. We essay to lift the can of filings mourning, not unlike our favorite teacher, as she thus gathered from the morning's employment; it would come, with some word of encouragement or is about half full of the dull yellow and brown paradvice, to watch the progress of the drawing; but } ticles; but, as if they concealed a magic weight, our her presence was no arbitrary restraint, and the } wrists are so strained that we are fain to replace it work went on as rapidly, for all the jest and laugh upon the table of the lady directress. We are told, ter. Some were standing, the height of the tables to our amazement, that the value of the very sweepmaking it convenient for them to do so; others had ings alone will average from twelve to fourteen made themselves comfortable with foot-stools, or hundred dollars ! were leaning over their work. Hands and arms { But still more, the water in which their hands are were in constant motion; indeed, the whole upper now washed has also its precious deposit. More part of the figure is exercised much more than in than two hundred dollars was saved in this way in sewing, or even drawing, by the reaching and filing. ten months.

The neat scales are placed directly before them, "Is it possible ?" we say. “Then the very dust at just a convenient distance apart; a file and a of the floor must be valuable ?” And we are told, round brush, like that of a house painter, are their { with a quiet smile, that no sweeping from the whole only implements. A pile of the unfinished coin is building is thrown away. It is first “purified by placed before each, which is to be balanced by the fire," and its yearly yield is almost equal to a Caliexact standard weight. The coin is placed in the fornia claim ! opposite scale, and is required to be precisely the “ That is the dressing-room," says our guide, same; if it varies ever so little, the index in the pointing to a large screen, cutting off about onecentre is true to the fault. It moves like the hand sixth of the room. “The screen opposite shields of a clock, but with a pendulum motion, upon a tiny the kitchen and dining-room." white dial-plate, and the practised eye can discover “A kitchen in the Mint!” This was certainly an the instant, and to us almost imperceptible move } unexpected novelty; and we are told that the emment. If too heavy, the file separates a few tiny ployees do not leave the building through the ten particles from the rough edge; or, if too light, the hours, which is their daily limit. Very different piece is rejected altogether. A round and square from the twelve and fourteen of the seamstress; for can of tin stands before each, for the different every one knows that the last two or four hours drag pieces. Those that are of just weight are now ready heavily enough, when the mind and body are exto be milled, the others are reweighed, and, if found hausted. The girls themselves prefer the rogulato vary more than the eighth of a grain, are consi- { tion, work commencing at six during the summer dered altogether too light, and are melted and cast season, and seven in the winter, which gives them a again. All this is done with astonishing rapidity long evening; time enough, after four, for sewing, and precision. The eye is fixed upon the register, { walking, or study. They are certainly the gainers and the busy hands move almost mechanically from by the noon hour thus being saved; whence the pile to file, and to the open-mouthed receptacle. necessity for the kitchen and dining-room. With The particles are suffered to fall upon the sheets of kind permission, we venture to intrude behind the

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