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tatorial language may have on the Spa. creditor neglect to do so, the gaoler is nish Government, and whether or not the empowered to set the debtor at liberty. other Courts of Europe will sanction the Among the laws passed in Massachusviews of this Memorial, remain for time to setts, is one, by which no person in health, determine.

and having the use of their limbs, from The number of Jesuits in Russia, when the age of 12 to 65, shall be maintained the decree for their banishment was issued, as poor by the State. amounted to 800 at least. It is said, that Tke kingdom of Hayti is said to be in a some are gone to China.

state of insurrection : there is an implaASIA.

cable hostility between Christophe and Accounts have been received, of a very

Boyer, which Sir Home Popham in vain unpleasant kind, of the issue of the expe.

attempted lately to reconcile. Boyer is

said to have an army of 25,000 men dition under Sir William Carr to the Per. sian Gulph. Report says, that the pis

marching against Christophe.

The President of Hayti has dispatched rates, who in the first place abandoned the fort, which some time ago the public rica for the promotion of colonizing Africa,

a communication to the Societies iu Amewere informed had beeu quietly taken pos- stating, that in place of sending them to session of by the troops under Sir Wil

such distant and inhospitable climate, liam's command, returned and made, a

his territories are open to the emigration formidable attack on the fort, in which the 47th and 64th regiments suffered severely. of the blacks from the United States.

Accounts from Jamaica to the 10th AFRICA.

June, bring information, that an expediThe crew of a Spanish slave ship is said

tion of 1000 mnen, under the command of to have poisoned 396 slaves on board, in

the patriot Colonel Montilla, succeeded in order to prevent their being captured by getting possession of Rio de la Hache, on the English.

the 12th of March. They then took the The John transport has arrived at Ports.

road towards the interior; but a body of mouth from the Cape of Good Hope, The Royalists having advanced from Santa John took out 600 settlers for Algoa Bay, Martha, Montillo returned to La Hache, principally from Lancashire. The pas

where the Irish soldiers mutinied, demand. sengers were severely attacked with the ing their arrears of pay; finding their apmeasles on the voyage out; but from the peal fruitless, disorder and plunder com. great attention paid them, they soon re

menced, and eventually they were put on covered from its effects.

board some merchantmen, and conveyed

to Jamaica, where they arrired in a starv. AMERICA, &c.

ing state. The inhabitants of that part of New York papers to the 29th ult, con- Spain which has so long been the seat of taio no political intelligence of any inte- war fly to the woods and mountains, being rest; but they give us the details of two completely worn down with so protracted dreadful fires that had taken place, one at à contest. Fifty years will not restore New York, on the 22d, and the other at these provinces to the state in which they Troy, on the 20th, the capital of Rensse. were at the commencement of the present laer County, about six miles above Al. century. bany. The latter was the more calami- The fortress of Santa, in the island of tous. The number of buildings destroyed Santa Maura, has been destroyed by an was about one hundred and twenty-seven. earthquake.

A law has been enacted in the State of Lord Cochrane has had 20,000 acres of Louisiana, declaring that no debtor shall land given him by the Government of he detained at the suit of a creditor, unless Chili: bis Lordship appears going on the latter pay him three dollars and a half with success in his operations on the coast per week for his support. In case the

of that country.


INTELLIGENCE FROM VARIOUS cons, at his Palace at Bishopsthorpe. His

PARTS OF THE COUNTRY. Grace, on this occasion, refused ordina. Lewes, July 12. This day the venerable tion to one gentleman, who had passed Lord Bishop of our diocese (Dr. Buckner)

his examination, for some irregular conheld his confirmation here; and at the age

duct afterwards. of 87, by an impressive performance of Chatham, July 26. This was the day apthe solemn rite, confirmed upwards of 700 pointed for the launch of the Trafalgar, 112 young persons of both sexes.

gun ship. At two, the Duke of Clarence July 16. The Archbishop of York or- and a party arrived, amidst the most endained fifteen Priests, and twenty-two Dea. thusiastic greetings; and in a few minutes


afterwards, the usual preparations being trees were torn up, and great injury was ready, the Trafalgar was raised from her done.' A child was struck by the lightmoorings, and shot into the water like an ning, and was seriously hurt by it; and at arrow, whilst both sides of the river re- North Cray and other places the hail. echoed the joyous shouts of the assembled stones were of considerable depth, and as multitude.

large as marbles. July 26. A Special Commission sat at Extract of a Letter from Sudbury, in Dumbarton this day. Robert Munro was Suffolk, Aug. 1:-"You had not so tertried for high treason, and acquitted. The rific a tempest in London as we had here Lord President then said, as the evidence and in the neighbourhood. We were at was the same against the five other pri. Hedingham yesterday: it is really quite soners, he would receive a verdict against distressing to witness the devastation there. them of Not Guilty.

The injury done in the two parishes to the July 26.

A distressing affair has oc- crops, &c. could not be repaired by many curred at Greenock. Between twelve and thousand pounds. The hops are stripped one o'clock this morning, a dispute took off the poles as if they had been cut off place in a low public-house, between with scissars. The hail was larger than seven soldiers of the 13th regiment, and was ever known.

A friend of mine picked some sailors; when they came to blows, up a solid piece of ice eighteen inches and the soldiers were worsted. Maddened long and six broad, yesterday morning ; by drink, and the beating they had re- it had made a deep hole in the ground. ceived, the soldiers ran immediately to The hail-stones were lying several feet their quarters, whither they were followed deep in places where they had drifted yesby the crowd, and, loading their pieces, terday, and the thermometer at 84. - One commenced firing from the windows. The gentleman at Belchamp, holding a large interference of the Police having been in farm, had his crops entirely destroyed." the mean time called for, a party of them The storm on Sunday evening extended came up to the soldiers' quarters, when to the Sussex coast : at Worthing it raged two of the police-men were killed by the uncommon violence, and exceeded any soldiers, and a sailor so severely wounded, remembered by the oldest inhabitant. that he has since died. The soldiers were, The flashes of lightning were very quick handed over to the civil power.

and vivid, and the rolling of the thunder July 31. The house of D. R. Poulter, awfully grand and sublime; while the esq. Cheyney Hall, Bucks, was consumed hail and rain descending in torrents comby fire early in the morning. It origi- pletely deluged the whole town. The hailpated in the lauodry, where a fire was stones were particularly large, and fell made over-night, preparatory to washing. with such force and velocity, as to demolish There were two servants only in the house the windows in many of the houses; up(the owner being in London), and one of wards of 2001. worth of glass having been them was much burnt in escaping. The destroyed. So great was the devastation flames were so rapid, that in less than an among the feathered tribe, that in the hour the whole was a heap of ruius. A morniny 2000 sparrows were picked up range of coach-houses, stabling, &c. dead in the streets. caught fire and were consumed, with two At Warwick Assizes, the Trial of Major small tenements, before any assistance Cartwright, Wooler, Edmunds, Lewis, and could be had. Two horses locked in the Maddocks, on the charge of exciting disstables were burot. The damage done affection against the Government, and of altogether is to a very great amount. seditiously conspiring to elect Sir Charles July 31.

Thomas Hungerford and Ro- Wolseley to be the Legislatorial Attorney bert Travers, esqrs. young gentlemen of and Representative of the inbabitants of the neighbourhood of Cork, quarrelled and Birmingham to the House of Commons, fought a duel; when the ball entered the

The prosecution was conducted forehead of the latter, and he instantly by Mr. Serjeant Vaughan; Mr. Denman expired.

defended Edmunds and Maddocks, and July 31.

About one this morning, the Mr. Hill appeared for Major Cartwright; town of Maidstone was visited by a thun- Wooler and Lewis employed no Counsel. der storm, accompanied with hail stones -The chief evidence to prove'a concert of iminense size; and a more tempestuous and conspiracy between the parties, James storm bad not been remembered by the Boyce, a brass founder, in Birmingham, oldest inhabitant. The hail-stones came residing in Cannon-street, deposed to Madown in such profusion, that the noise jor Cartwright lodging there, the other proceeding from them strengthened the defendants calling upon him, depositiog idea that the place was on fire, as it ap- the flags there, apparentiy concurring in peared like the cracking of burning tim- one object, and subsequently departing ber. The storm did considerable damage from thence, in a landau, to hold the to the vegetation in general, and the house meeting. Several other witnesses ·gave of Mr. Hulkes had all the windows broken; accounts of what passed at the meeting,


came on.

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and the words spoken by defendants.

OCCURRENCES IN LONDON Mr. Denman and Mr." Hill then spoke

AND ITS VICINITY. with great ability in behalf of their clients,

Wednesday, July 19. which closed the proceedings of Thursday. In the Consistory Court of London, the Mr. Wooler addressed the Court, in a

Office of the Judge promoted by Gilbert, speech which occupied three hours and a

versus Buzzard and Boyer, was heard bequarter ; after which a written defence of

fure Sir William Scott, the right of inMajor Cartwright's was put in and read, terring in Church-yards in Iron Coffinswhich consumed four hours. -Mr. Ser.

a question, which, from its novelty, has jeant Vaughan having replied, the Chief

excited considerable interest.

A rispone Baron Richards summed up the evidence.

sive allegation had been given in on beThe learned Judge, in the course of his half of the Churchwardens (ihe defendants) observations, remarked, that although it which now stood for admission, and upon would be much more gratifying to bim to which it was mutually agreed the general find that any man was innocent than

question should be decided. The circumguilty, yet he felt it to be his duty on this

stances of the case as detailed in the prooccasion to state, that he had, from the

ceedings are shortly these. In the month statements of the deferidants themselves, of, March, 1919, application was made at received an impression that they were the burial-ground of St. Andrew, Bolborn, fully goilty of the charges which the iv.

in Gray's Inn Lane, by Bridgman, the dictment set forth against them. The patentee, to bury the corpse of Mary, Jury then retired, and after consulting wife of John Gilbert, in an iron coffin; together for eighteen minutes, returued a

and on the sexton refusing to receive it, verdict of Guilty against all the Defendants. a forcible entry was effected by the urla -Six other persons were tried for political dertakers and others. After much alter. offences at these Assizes on Saturday, and cation, interment being still refused, they all found Guilty.

carried off the corpse, and deposited it in Aug. 4. The Special Commission at the church.yard of St. Andrew Holborn, anı! Stirling closed; when ?2 prisoners were by their conduct collected a great mob, and ordered to be executed on Friday, the excised disturbance (see vol. LXXXIX. 8th of September. Twenty were recom. j. 575); the Churchwardens of course could mended to mercy: it is probable that he not permit it to remain, and ordered it to Royal mercy will be exterded to them, be taken to the bone-house; and the inand that two only, Hardie and Baird, terment being still withheld, the present will suffer.

proceedings were commenced against the Aug. 5. A ferry-boat from Anglesea to Churchwardens. Di. Arnold, for the proBangor, containing 22 persons, chiefly fe. moter, observed, that the present was a inales, with their commodities for Carnar.' question whether parties had a right to von market, upset a little above the lat- inforce the interring corpses in iron cofter town, and all perished, save one man, fins, or parishes to refuse their admission, who escaped by clinging to the side of and contended, that the choice of the ma. the boat.

terial of which coffins were to be made, At the Lincoln Assizes, Mr. Baron Gar. rested with the executors, and was a matrow took occasion to deprecate the prac. ter quite discretionary. It was known by tice of bringing Constables as witnesses, the remains that were occasionally dismerely for the purpose of producing stolen covered, that our ancestors were buried property which had been delivered into in stone. It was now frequent, to be butheir custody ; it was quite an absurdity ried in lead, and at all events, that wood to suppose that the property might not was chosen which was the least perishable. be retained by the person from whom it In the present instance, iron had been sewas stolen, and who might produce it in lecteil, in order that the body might be evidence at the trial. Human ingenuity, secure from removal, and he contended his Lordship observed, could suggest no that parties were fully justified in findreasons for such a practice, except those ing some means of preventing that vioof incréasing the charge of the prosecu. lation of sepulture, which must at all tion, and thereby adding to the expences times be so revolting to our natural feelof the county ; of unnecessarily occupy- ings; the objection rested upon the speing the time of ine Grand Jury and of the culation of the interment of another body, Court; and of running a risk of losing the in the place of the former. Now the identity of the property.

church-yard belonged to the parishioners, Sarah Polgrean, aged 37, was condemn- and every parishioner had a general right ed at Cornwall Assizes, and since exe- of interment therein, but when the intercuted, for poisoning her husband with ment took place, that general right bearsenic: she had been heard to threaten came a particular right, and surely was "" to poison the villain, and marry again." not temporary; the inviolability of sepul


ture was one of the most acknowledged now before it, which Sir Wm. Scott ac. of rights; it was called our last home. cordingly did ; , thereby confirming' the

Drs. Jenner and Phillimore followed on right of Church wardens to refuse the adthe same side, and observed, that the mittance of Iron Coffins, but at the same question appeared to them to be, whether time declared, he should give his sentithere was any law to prescribe the ma- ments fully on the subject at a future

terial of which coffins were to be made, period. and contended, that iron coffins of this

Tuesday, July 25. _description would not last longer than

An alarming file broke out at the house those now iu use; and that if there were

of a cheesemonger, Siepney. Green, Mile no law on the subject, the determina.

End. Such was the rapidity of the flames, tion of the question must be left to the

that the stair-case was totally consumed Legislature, and therefore prayed the

before the unhappy family, who had reCourt to reject the allowance.

tired to rest, were awoke to a sense of their On the 25th July, Drs. Swabey, Loshe extremely-perilous situatiou. Fortunate. ington, and Doven, were heard at great ly, on its discovery by the watchman, and length on behalf of the Parish, and con. tended that this mode of burial would be bouring inhabitants soon collected toge

consequent alarm, a number of the neighattended with the greatest inconvenience,

ther ; blankets were procured ; and the particularly in populous parishes, from family, by leaping from the balcony of the imperishable nature of the material,

the first floor, were happily rescued from and if admitted, what means would there

their hazardous situation, without perbe of preventing these coffias being made

sonal injury. The walls only remain ; of any thickness or dimensions. It wa's

and of furniture, stock, or even of wearargued by their learned opponents, that ing apparel, not an article has been saved. the law bad given no directions as to the material, but they would auswer, that this

Thursday, July 27. Court, whose jurisdiction was undoubted, This morning, pursuant to their senhad the greatest discretion. It was well. tence, J. Gardiner, H. Brown, and P. known that no alteration, addition, or im. Miller, for forgery ; T. Cumber, for sheepprovement could be made in any Church stealing; and W. Wilkinson, for extortor Church.yard, without a Faculty from ing money on the King's highway, sufthis Court, and so attentive had it been fered the awful sentence of the law, opto the interest of parishes, that even a posite the debtors' door, at Newgate, facully for a vault could not be granted the behaviour of the three unforlunate without the written consent of the Minis

young men who had been convicted of ter and Church wardens ; it had also been forgery decorous and becoming. urged that burial was of common righi; They were all well dressed, and were this they admitted, but it was a right sub- respectable looking men. A general opiject to limilation, so that it should not be nion had gone abroad, that the sentence used as an injury to others; and was of the law, as far as regarded these prithere any law that a parish should be soners, would not have been carried into under the necessity of purchasing addi- effect. Cumber displayed symptoms of tional ground, and parties compelled to derangement: and we widerstand that bury their friends at a great distance and on the Sunday preceding, during the seran enormous expense, to indulge the su- mon of the Rev. Mr. Collon, he exhibited perstitious feelings of others? This Court

similar appearances.

He came dancing was entitled to exercise the largest dis- on the scaffold; and so boisterous was cretion, so that sepullure might be per- his behaviour, that it required extraorformed without inconvenience to those dinary assistance before he could be proleft behind. The only right that could perly secured. Wilkinson (a man of cobe claimed was, that of being buried in lour) shortly addressed the spectators, the usual and accustomed manner; the declaring his innocence. He repeatedly Learned Counsel strongly enforced the wrung his hands, and appeared in great large discretion of the Court, contending, distress, that as representing the Bishop, it was

Sunday, July 30. lo see that the ground was properly kept, A storm of thunder and lightning fell and appropriated for the benefit of the in and near the Metropolis, which for parish in particular, and the country at grandeur has not in this country been large. No monuments, no vaults, not a

exceeded for many years.

It commenced brick could be laid, or any fees demand- about eleven, and did not cease till one ed, without its sancion ;

the present

o'clock. lu a preceding page we have instance, therefore, the Court was called detailed its effects in various parts of upon to exercise that authority, and as the country (see p. 173.) During the they trusted the Court would see the storm the electric fluid fell on two strong objections to the use of these iron houses, Nos. 12 and 13, in Tuttel-street, coffins, that it would admit the allowance Liquorpond.street, shivered the chim



ney-pots to pieces, and broke in the part of the premises was destroyed. Da. second floor of No. 12, shivered the mage estimated at 20001. cupboard door, and set several parts of

Thursday, Aug. 147. the wood on fire; the family were in bed, but they got up and fortunately

Lord Byron arrived in town from Italy. extinguished the fire. At the adjoining His Lordship proceeded to Lady Francis's house, No. 13, the electric fluid broke

house, in St. James's-square, having through the roof and ceiling, caught the

brought over letters for her Majesty. The bell-wire, and descended by it to the

Noble Lord has finished a Tragedy. street - door, destroying the wire and

This morning, about ten o'clock, a me. cranks, leaving a black mark of smoke lancholy accident happened at the build. along the wall as if from gunpowder; an

ings now making for the new improveozier cradle on the first floor was scorch

ments in Swallow-street. As several men ed all over, and some clothes caught

were at work clearing away rubbish placed fire; fortunately the child was in bed

under an old wall about 20 feet in height, with its moiher at the time. An old man

and upwards of 40 in length, the whole fell who lay in the room, and who had been

down on a sudden with a most tremendous upable to walk for six weeks before from

crash. Three of the poor fellows employ. rheumatic pains, received such an elec

ed were under the wall, and instantly entric shock, that he jumped out of bed, ran

veloped in the midst of its ruins ; a fourth

The three undown stairs, and recovered the use of his providentially escaped. Jimbs; he was as well the next day as

happy sufferers were extricated in a few ever he was in his life ! the hair on his minutes, when they presented a spectacle wife's head was very much singed, but she totally indescribable; their heads were received no other injury. The fluid, after literally dashed 10 pieces, and their bodies descending as far as the street door, shi

so dreadfully mangled, that every person vered open the parlour door, and took a

shuddered who had an opportunity of seedirection along the passage wall, which ing them. The bodies were conveyed to it tore to the back door, caught the lock

a public house, to await the decision of and hinges, all of which it wrenched off,

the Coroner's Jury.
and threw the door in pieces into the yard,
leaving a strong smell all over the house THEATRICAL REGISTER.
as if caused by gunpowder.

New Pieces.
Wednesday, August 2.

John Henry, esq. Barrister-at-Law, and
formerly Chief Justice in ihe Ionian Isles,

Aug. 9. The Vampire ; or, The Bride left town with a commission from the

of the Isles, a Dramatic Romance. It is a Queen, to arrange and prepare the evi.

free translation from the French, the ori. dence in Italy, for her defence on the ginal of which has had extraordinary sucBill of Pains and Penalties. Mr. Henry

cess in Paris. What we do not admire in has received from Government the most

this Piece is, that the superstition on satisfactory assurances, that every facility which it is founded is a Turkish one; and shall be granted to him for procuring

The Translator has fixed his scene in the

Western islands of Scotland, The Music passports to every individual whom he may think it necessary to send to England is for the most part compiled : the fable, on the occasion.

however, is very interesting, and the Monday, Aug. 7.

scenery beautiful. The first stone of a free National School, tempore temporary Sketch, founded on

Aug. 21.

The Patent Seasons," an exat Pancras, under the patronage of the

recent Encroachments.” This piece has Duke of Sussex, and presidency of the Duke of Bedford, was laid ; it is to con

for its object a sort of ludicrous contest

with one of the Winter Theatres, with tain 400 boys.

which theatrical criticism has nothing to Tuesday, Aug. 8.

do. There was, however, a good deal of The Prince of Leinengen, only son of mirth excited, and the Piece was much the Duchess of Kent, a youth of about 17, applauded. arrived at Kensington Palace, from Do.

Whang Fong; or, How Remarkable ! a ver; he has since been introduced in the Farce in two Acts. It met with slender Royal Family.

approbation. Wednesday, Aug. 9. At half.past seven o'clock at night, an

HAYMARKET Theatre. alarming fire (through the boiling over of a copper) broke out in the boiling-house

Aug. 12. Exchange no Robbery ; or, of Messrs. Langton and Bicknell, sperma

The Diamond Ring, a Comedy in three

Acts. This piece is ascribed to the pen ceti manufacturers, opposite Newington

of Mr. Theodore Hook, and was com. Church, Surrey, which raged with violence till two o'clock in the morning, when that

pletely successful.

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