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Thursday, August 17th, being the pe- The Attorney General then rose, and riod appointed for the assembling of the contending for the principle of the Bill, House of Peers, to resume their delibera- justified, in a speech of considerable length, tions upon the Bill of Pains and Penal. the mode of proceeding then adopted. He ties (see page 79), the noble Lords met conjured their Lordships to apply themon Tuesday and Wednesday for the pur- selves to the great and important question, pose of making some preliminary ar- on which they were called upon, in their rangements. On Thursday morning the judicial character, to pronounce. civil and military forces were collect

Saturday, August 19, ed in the vicinity of the House of Peers. In consequence of the fatigue her Ma. In order to render the performance of jesty had experienced on Friday, she did the duty assigned to the civil authori.' not this day attend the House of Lords. ties less difficult, strong timber barriers The Attorney General proceeded to rewere erected at the further end of Abing- capitulate the charges. He stated that in don-street, in a line with College-street. 1814, her Majesty (then Princess of Wales) Similar barriers were raised across from withdrew herself from this country, for the the stone buildings to the railings fronting purpose of travelling apon the Continent, St. Margaret's Church.

or visiting other countries. She went in At 9 o'clock the assembled crowd com. the first instance to Brunswick, and from posed one uniform compact and unbroken thence, after a short stay, she went to body, extending along the whole of Par. Italy ; she arrived at Milan on the 9th of tament.street, Whitehall, Charing-cross, Oct. 1814. She remained at Milan for a Cockspur-street, and that part of Pall. space of three months, and during tbat mall, which leads from the eastward of St. period a person was received into her serJames's-square.

vice, of the name of Pergami, as a couAt half-past nine the Lords began to rier, or footman, or valet de place. The assemble. As the carriages of the differe Princess, on quitting Milan, proceeded to ent noblemen passed the barrier at St. Rome, and from thence she went to Na. Margaret's church, the mob expressed ples, where she arrived on the 8th of Nov. their opinion of the Noble owners.

1814. Proin the situation assigned to At twenty-five minutes past ten, her Pergami, a direct communication was Majesty arrived in a close carriage drawn opened between his chamber and that of by six horses ; she was preceded by Mr. the Princess. Upon the evening of the 9th Alderman Wood in his private carriage, of Nov. the Princess sent to the Opera, and followed by about twelve or thirteen and returned very early from thence. She carriages filled with her friends and attend. hastened to her apartment, and gave strict ants. Her entrance into the House of orders that young Austin should not be Lords was announced by a universal shout admitted to her room that evening. She of mixed triumph and defiance. She en- then went from her own room towards that tered by the door appropriated for the en assigned to Pergami. On the following trance of Peers from the robing-room. She morning it was discovered that the PrinCrossed the floor of the House at the foot cess had not slept in her own room that of the Throne, and occupied a chair placed night. Her bed remained almost precisely for her in that part of the House usually in the same state as on the preceding appropriated to ihe Members of the House , evening ; and the otber bed appeared of Commons. She was accompanied by as if two persons bad reposed in it. This Lord A. Hamilton and Lady Anne Hamil. intercourse 'was carried on without in. ton. On her entrance, all the Peers rose. terruption for a very great length of

On the motion that the order of the day time. There was a kind of public masbe read, an animated discussion ensued, querade held at the theatre St. Charles, which will be hereafter given io our Parc in Naples. The Princess ibought proper liamentary prnceedings. At four o'clock to attend it, and chose as her companion her Majesty left the flouse of Lords amidst her courier Pergami, and a female servant, the loud plaudits of an immense multitude. named Mademoiselle Dumont. The whole Friday, August 18.

party wore dresses selected by the PrinThis morning her Majesty again visited cess. These dresses were of a most gross the House of Lords, amidst the acclama. and indecent description, so much so, that tions of the assembled populace. When on entering the theatre they were received she entered the House, Mr. Denman was with such marked insult and disapprobaarguing with considerable energy and tion, that they were obliged immediately warmth against the principle of the Bill. to retire. Acts of familiarity were contiAt the conclusion of the learned Counsel's nued daily and without interruption. They speech the Queen withdrew.

were seen coming from their rooms in the Gent. MAG, August, 1820.

morning 11

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morning at the same time. They retired Pergami, placed, in the beginning of 1815, at the same hour in the evening.

on her Majesty's establishment. The apOn the 6th of January 1816, the Prin- pearance of Majocchi bad such an effect on cess left Messina, and embarked in the her Majesty, that she, after uttering an frigate Clorinde, the vessel wbich had pre- exclamation of surprise at the sight of him, viously carried her Royal Highness from instantly quitted the House. Majocchi's Civita Vecchia to Genoa. At that time Per- evidence tended to prove that indecent fagami was her menial, but he was now her miliarities had been exercised by her MaChamberlain. The honourable oficer who jesty towards Pergami; but adduced no, commanded the ship, felt it would be degrad- thing decisive, as to a criminal intercourse ing him, if he sat at the same table with having been pursued. one who had formerly served him, and he

Tuesday and Wednesday. remonstrated on the subject with her Royal * Tuesday and Wednesday the examioa. Highness. She took a day or two to cousider ticu of Majocchi was continued, and on what she should do, and in the end declined, Wednesday the cross-examination was con. the table and society of Captain Pechell' ciuder. Another witness, named Gaetano for that of her paramour.–At Catania, the Paturzo, part owner and sailing-masier of Fiiles de Chambres, sitiing up one night the polacea in which her Majesty went to lale at their revels, saw Pergami's door Palestine, was afterwards examined, whose open, and the Princess coining out in evidence bore more s rongly against her such a condition as could leave no doubt Maje:iy than that of the first witness. of her having passed the night in bis room. She was undressed, and had a pillow under Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were her arm, on which she always slept. occupied with examinations of witnesses. It being 4 o'clock the House adjourced. Vincenza Garquilo stated, liat he was Monday, August 21.

master of the polacca that conveyed the The Attorney General resumed his state. Princess of Wales and her suite to Tunis, ment. He said that at the differeot places and afterwards to Greece. He had always which her Royal Highness visited, the seen her Royal Highness accompanied by sleeping apartments were so arranged, that Pergami, not only when she went to take the bed-room of Pergami was always near the bath, but upon all other occasions. to or adjoining that of her Royal Highness. Francisco di Rollo said, that he had been On her voyage to Tunis a bed was brought engaged as cook to the Princess, on board into the dining room for the accommoda. the polacca. He had seen Majomet extion of Peigami, and was placed in such hibit once in the kitchen, aud another a situation in the room, that when the door time in the court, when the Princess was of the Princess's room was open, she and at the window. Pergami could see and converse with each Capt. Pechell and Capt. Thomas Briggs, other while they lay in their beds; and R. N. were exainined; but their evidence, the only access that remained to the room proved nothing material that would mili. of the Princess was through the sleeping tate against her Majesty. apartment of Pergami. At Jerusalen she Pietro Puchi, principal waiter at the instituted an order, called Si. Caroline, of Grand Hotel at Trieste, spoke to Pergawhich Pergami was appointed Grand Mas- mi's bed not having been slept in, and ter, iu addition to the orders she had ala the Princess's bed being tumbled, and ready conferred upon him. During the other suspicious circumstances. voyage to Italy she had, oa one occasion, Barbara Krautz was chamber.maid a baib prepared for her, into which she at a post inn at Carlsrube. Her eri. went, accompanied by Pergami. Toe most' dence was the most material of any of the unbecoming familiarities were moreover preceding witne-ses. She stated, ibat the daily exbibited. While at Villa d'Este, Princess and Pergami s:aid at the inn the Princess and Pergami frequently rode about eight days. Between seven and out alone in a vehicle, the Princess sitting eight o'clock at night, she had to carry on his knee, with his arms round her waist water to No. 12. When she entered, Per.. whilst he guided the horse. On the river gami was in bed, with his arm round the Breseia they were often observed kissing neck of the Princess, wno was seated on one another. On the return of the Prina the bed. On her entering, the Princess, CESS from the East, she brought in her let the arm fall, and jumped up, as if trair a man named Majomet: he used to alarmed. Witness was surprised, and exbibit bimself at the Villa Branchi in the instantly withdrew. 'The following part most indecorous and shameful manner, the of her eridence was so indelicate, that the Princess and Pergami being present.

witness barst ioto tears. Alter the stateinent for the prosecution A warm aliercation then ensued, as to had closed, the Solicitor summoned a wit. the proprie y of cross-examining witnesses ness by the wame of Theodore Majocchi. on subsequent occasions ; after which their This person was, through tlie influence of Lurdships adjuurued to Monday.



Rev. F. Wrangham, M. A. F.R.S. the Archdeaconry

of Cleveland. July 22. The hunour of Knighthood

Rev. A. Laxmore, Barnstaple V. conferred on A. Christie, esq. Colonel of

Hon. and Rev. Dr. Rice, Oddington R. the 1st Royal Veteran Battalion.

Gloucestershire, on his own presentation S. Canning, esq. appointed Envoy Ex

as prerentor of York Cathedral. traordinary and Minister Plenipoientiary

Rev. James Davies, M. A. Barrington to the United States of America.

Parva V. Gļoncestershire. 21st Light Dragoons. Capt. T, Jones to be Major.

Rev. Elias Thackeray, formerly Fellow

of King's College, Cambridge, to the liv. Unattached. - Major J, G. Peters, Su: perintendant of the Cavalry Riding Esta

ing of Ardie, in the county of Louth.

Rev. Daniel Rowlands, Llanycefen Perblisbment, to be Lieut. col. of Cavalry. I

petual Curacy, Pembrokeshire. Aug. 5. H. R. Reynolds, esq. to be

Rev. John Overton, B.A. Elloughton V. Chief Commissioner, and T. B. Bowed and

Yorkshire. J. G. Harris, esqrs. The two other Com.

Rev. C. S. Bonnett, M. A. Arington V. missioners of the Court for the Relief of

near Winchester. Insolvent Debtors.

Rev. John Edgar, Kirketon R. Suffolk. Aug. 8. Viscount Strangford to be En.

Rev. C. G. Jackson, Histon St. Andrew, voy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipo

with Histon St. Etheldred V. Cambridge. tentiary to the Ottoman Porte; T. Ha.

sbire. milton, esq. Secretary to the said Em

Rev. Dr. Carr, Vicar of Brighton, and bassy; and the Right Hon. William V. Fitzgerald, Envoy Extraordinary and Mi. Deputy Clerk of the Closet to his Mavister Plenipotentiary to the Court of jesty, Dean of Hereford, vice Dr. Gretton.

Rev.0. Taylor, M. A. (Head Master of Stockholın.

the Cathedral School, Hereford,) to the PreAug. 12. 4th Foot. Brevet Lieut.

bend of Moreton Magna, in the Cathedral col. Piper, to be Lieut.-colonel.

of Here ford. Aug, 15. Count Alten, created a Knight

Rev. W. K. Coker, B. A. North Curry Grand Cross of the Order of tbe Bath.

V. Somerset. Aug. 19. This Gazette notifies, that

Rev. Dr. Keate, Stowey V. Somerset. his Majesty has ordered a Conge d'Elire

Rev. Jeremy Day, M. A. Hetherse: R. to pass the Great Seal, authorising the

Norfolk. Dean and Chapier of Lincoln to supply

Rev. W. J. Rees, M.A. to a Prebend in the vacancy in that see, and that he has recommended to their choice the Bishop

the Collegiate Church of Breckrock.

Rev. Shirley Western, Rirenhall R. of Exeter (Hon. Dr. G. Pelham).


Hon. and Rev. A. Hobart, Walton on MEMBERS RETURNED TO PARLIAMENT.

the Woulds R. Leicestershire. July 22. Old Sarum.-J. Du Pre Alex

Rev. W. Cross, M.A. (Vicar of Am. ander, esq. v. A. J. Crawford, esq. who well), Halesworth cum Chediston R. Sufhas accepted the Chiltern Hundreds. folk, vice Avarne, deceased.

July 25. Grantham.-Sir M.Cholineley, Rev. James Towers, Wherwell y. Hants. bart. v. J. Hughes, esq. whose election has been determined to be void.


Rev. D. Williams, M. A. Rector of EcclesiasTICAL PREPERMENTS. Bleadon, has been instituted, hy a DispenRev. Ralph Spofforth, M. A. Eastring- sation from the Archbishop of Canterbury, ton V. near Howden, Yorkshire.

to Kingston Seymour R. Somerset.

BIR T HS. July 12. At Paris, Right Hou, Lady

Aug. 3.

In North Audley-street, VisSinclair, of a son. - 27. At the British countess Ebrington, a son.--17. At the Lying-in Hospital, in Browulow-street, the Fort, Gravesend, the Lady of Major Sir wife of a gentleman's servant, of three fine George Hoste, of the Royal Engineers, a boys. - 29. At Gorhambury, the Coun- daughter. tess of Verulam, a daughter.

MARRIAGES. June 23. At Corfu, Major-gen. Sir the Hooghly East Indiaman, to the dau. Fred. Adam, to the Signora Diamantina of the late Capt. Morris, of the East India Pallatiano.

Company's service. July 18. Capt. James Thomas Lamb, of William-Congreve, son of Thomas Rus.


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sell, esq. to Elizabeth-Isabella, daughter the failure of issue male by the Marquis of the late J. T. H. Hopper, esq. of Hilton of Huntley. The Noble Duke made an Castle, Durham.

ample settlement in favour of Mrs. Chris-
Rev. Heaton Champion de Crespigny, tie's children before his marriage with
son of Sir Wm. Ch. de Crespigny, bart. to their mother.
Caroline Bathurst, daughter of the Bishop Samuel Herbert, esq. of St. John's Hill,
of Norwich.

Wandsworth, to Mrs. Alden, of New Buc-
At Dublin, Edw. Shawe, esq. of Coolcur kenbarn, Norfolk.
(Kildare), to Anne, dau. of the Rev. Dr. The Rev. John B. Monk, M. A. Fellow
Ledwich, of York-street, Dublin.

Trinity College, Cambridge, to Jane, July 21. Lieut. Phipps Vansittart One dau. of Robert Ward, esq. of Liverpool. slow, of the Royal Horse Artillery, to Har- Aug. 1. The Rev. Wm. Watkins, Rec. riat, dau. of the late Sir Edw. Winnington, tor of Racton, Sussex, to Frances, dao. bart. of Stanford Court, Worcestershire. of Thos. Rhoades, esq. of Chichester,

Hon. and Rev. R. Carleton, Rector of Wm. Wiggias, esq. of Pullen's-row, Is-
Baughton, Northamptonshire, to Frances lington, to Miss Emily Rivington, of Cole-
Louisa, daughter of Eusebius Hórton, esq. brooke Terrace.
of Cation Hall, Derbyshire.

At Dublin, A. G. Lewis, esq. of the 68th 22. Capi, Chalmer, Royal Artillery, reg. to Hester, daughter of the fate Rieb. to Caroline-Anne, dau. of Keene Stables, Westenra, esq. of Rutland-square, West. esq. of albingdon-street, Westminster.

Rev. Henry Hugh Champain, of WinchCharles Hudson, esg. to Lucy Anne, field, son of John Champain, esq. of Gloudau. of late Gen. Bourchier, Royal Artill. cester-place, to Mary, dau. of Jas. Wick

24, George Hooper, esq. of Keynstone, ham, esq. of Bullington, Hants. near Blandford, Dorsetshire, to Louisa, 2. At Brussels, Le Comie Seigneur Cledaughter of the late John Langton, esq. ment de Berlaymont, to Miss Frances Parof Farnham Royal, Bucks.

rer, of Brussels, Isaac Woodroffe, esq. late of Godstone, Anthony Williams, esq. of Old Park to Miss Willes, of Chelsham Court, both Cottage, Bush Hill, Edmonton, Middlesex, in Surrey.

to Fanny, daughter of the late John Jewel, Myles, eldest son of Myles Sandys, esq. esg. of St. Columb, Corowall. of Graythwaite Hall, Lancashire, to ibe John Windsor, esq. of Highwood, Staf. daughter of the late Thomas France, esq. fordshire, to Ellen, dau. of W. Webster, of Bostock Hall.

esq. of Ashborne, Derbyshire. 25. Mons. Albert Du Thon, in the Can- 3. Rev. Wm. Prazer, Rector of the ton of Vaud, Switzerland, to Elizabeth, Union of Killure, in the Diocese of Wadau. of Dr. Liud, of Porismouth.

terford, to Helen, daughter of the Rev. 27. Mr. Spencer Chichester, to Lady Wm. Archdal, of Seaview. Augusta Paget, daughter of the Marquis 3. Rev. Jas. Main, Vicar of Linslade, of Anglesey.

to Eliza Jean, dau. of the late David Fell, Henry Porter, esq. of Chedzoy, Somer- esq. of Caversham Grove, Oxfordshire. setsbire, to Rose Aylmer, daughter of Sir 8. Rev. Francis Lloyd, Assistant Mase Heory Russell, bart.

ter of the Charter House, to Frances, dau. Rev. W. B. Young, M. A. of Reading, of the late Res. John Russell, Rector of to Hangah, daughter of John Butler, esq. Helmdon, Northamptonshire. of Snelsmore.

9. Capt. Wm. Bowles, R.N. to the Hon. 29. Wm. Gale, esq. of Aldingham, Lan- Frances Temple, daughter of the late Vis. cashire, son of the late Lieuto-gen. Rich- count Palmerston. inond Gale, lo Cecilia-Isabella, daughter Col. Alex. Woodford, Aide-de-Camp to of Jas. Losh, esq. Barrister-at-Law, of his Majesty, to Charlotte-Mary-Anne, Newcastle upon-Tyne.

dau. of Chas. llen. Fraser, esq. Minister 30. W. N. Cole, esg. of Highbury Ter- Plenipotentiary to the Circle of Lower race, and Winchester House, Old Broad. Saxony. street, to Louisa, relict of the late John 10. Rev. T. B. Browne, of Huntingford, Whitbread, esg of Edmonton.

to Mary, daughter of the late Mr. Joha 31. At Guerosey, Major E. Simons, of Salter, of Hamıpersmith. the Hon. East India Company's service, 12. Capt. Edward Hollingworth Delato Maria, daughter of Major Browne, of fosse, R. N. to Sophia, dau. of Rev. Geo. Canon's Leigh Abbey, Devonshire. Young, M. A. of Lambeth Terrace.

Lately. At Fochabers, Scotland, bis 15. Hugh-Thomas James, esq. of Liver. Grace the Duke of Gordon, 10 Mrs. pool, to the daughter of the Rev. F. W. Cbrištie, a lady about 40 years of age, Pranklin, of Hertford. and with whom the Noble Duke has been 18. Sir John Miles Winniogton, to Heajntimately acquainted for many years.- rietta-Antonia, dau. of the late BedingMrs. Christie bas one son and three field Pogson, esq. and great nicce of the daughters. If she now should have a present Earl of Glencairae. son, he would succeed to the Dukedom on



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DUCHESS OF YORK, August 6, At Oatlands, of a spas- children who were supported and edumodic affection of the chest, her Royal cated solely at the expence of the late Highness the Duchess of York. She Duchess, to be in attendance at Oatbreathed her last in the presence of her lands, in order to join the procession. Royal Consort the Duke of York, and Previously, however, to the removal of some of her most faithful domestics. the coffin from the apart ment in which The declining state of her Royal High- it bad lain in state, these children were ness's health had long been a subject of admitted to take a last view of the republic anxiety, and had rendered the mains of their kind benefactress. The presence of her inedical attendants al.

scene was highly interesting and affectmost constantly necessary,

ing. They were 40 in number, 26 girls On Monday the 14tb, his Royal High- and 14 boys, from 8 to 12 years of age; ness the Duke of York arrived at Oat- and, while they stood round the bier, lands from London, to superintend the every one of the youthful group was dis. arrangements for the last solenın rites. solved in tears. At three o'clock the Their Royal Higbnesses the Dukes of preparations for the funeral procession Clarence, Sussex, and Cambridge; Prince were completed, and at four it reached Leopold, the Earl of Lauderdale, and the Church of Weybridge, wbere the several other persons of distinction, who body, with great solemnity, was conwere to form part of the funeral pro- signed to its kindred dust. On the lid cession, also arrived at an early hour, of the coffin was a large gilt plate, bear. The Duke of York bad directed the poor ing the following inscription :


Illustrissimæ Principissæ

Consortis. Illustrissimi Principis

Ducis Eboraci et Albaniæ,
Fratris Augustissimi et Potentissimi Monarchæ

Dei Gratia Britanniarum Regis, Fidei Defensoris.

VI. die Augusti, Anno Domini

Ætatis suæ

LIV. The late Duchess of York was de- ment for the Princess Royal of Prussia, scended from the blood royal of Prus. who then shone, in the full splendour of sia, and sister to the reigning Prince of her beauty, and whose numerous acthose realms. She was the eldest daugh- complishments, and many mild and amiter of the late King of Prussia, by his able virtues, were the common theme Majesty's first consort, Elizabeth Chris. of admiration. There was not, howtina Ulrica, Princess of Brunswick Wol- ever, at this time an opportunity of cefenbuttle, and was the only offspring of menting the union; but, in the sumtbat uuion.

mer of the year 1791, his Royal HighHer Royal Highness was born May ness again visited the Court of Prussia ; 7th, 1767; and educated, under the eye and, by consent of his royal parents, deof her mother, in those strict principles manded the Princess in marriage. The of the Protestant faith which govern the preliminaries were soon settled, and ecclesiastical, constitution of Prussia, upon the 29tb of September in the same She had been seen by the Duke of York year, the ceremony of marriage was per. in an excursion which he made abroad formed in the presence of the Royal some few years previous to their union. Family of Prussia, and the principal His Royal Highness, in bis German tour, ministers of state. had paid a visit to the Court of Berlin, It was stipulated in the preliminaand had there imbibed those elements ries, on the part of the King of Prusof military knowledge which prevail ia sia, that his Royal Highness the Duke the scbool of the Great Frederick. He of York should not, upon the failure bad, at that period, formed an attach- of issue in the royal line of the pre


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