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MISCELLANEOUS 1. Part Songs, for three and four Female Voices, selected mostly from a

Collection by S. Miller, and translated by FANNY Malone Ray-
MOND, for the use of Normal Schools, Young Ladies' Institutes, &c.

16mo, pp. 160. 2. Oliver's Collection of Hymn and Psalm Tunes, Sentences, Anthems, and

Chants: a National Lyre, for use in the Church, Family, or Singing

School. By HENRY K. OLIVER. Half quarto, pp. 320. 3. The Sacred Star, or Union Collection of Church Music; Psalm-Tunes,

Anthems, Sentences, and Chants, for the use of Choirs, Singing Schools,
Conventions, Musical Associations, dc. Arranged and composed by

LEONARD MARSHALL. Half quarto, pp. 384. 4. The Union Star, a Collection of Operatic Choruses, Glees, Quartettes,

&c., for the use of Conventions, Schools, Clubs, and the Social Circle. Edited by B. F. BAKËR and W.O. PERKINS. Half quarto, pp. 112. Boston: Oliver Ditson & Co.

These four works present an excellent variety. They are suitable for alınost every gradation of progress, from that of the young beginner to that of the accomplished scientific singer and instrumental performer; and each possesses features more or less novel, such, at least, as are not to be found in the same combination in any other work designed for a similar purpose.

“Part Songs" is admirably calculated for the object for which it is intended. We know no other publication so suitable, in all particulars, for the school-room and private family; and we venture to predict that wherever two, three, or four young ladies are practising music together, they will find this an important aid-a veritable boon. Though not what is generally called an elementary work, all the earlier pieces are at once simple and attractive--precisely of a character to encourage the student, whose taste is not yet formed, or who is hesitating as to whether the practice of music possesses, after all, such charms as are attributed to it by its enthusiastic votaries. The songs have been selected with judgment and taste, and include several of the best lyrics which Europe and America can boast.

We are also presented with a fine variety of operatic pieces-some of them perfect gems. Among the many composers whose best morceaux the fair translator brings before us, are Fischer, Muhling, Weber, Schneider, and Glaser; and the four-part translated songs are such as “The Singer's Welcome,” by Nageli, “ Christmas Song,” by Reichardt, “ Al] Things Renewed," by Fischer, &c. The volume is neatly and accurately printed; indeed, it is such, in every respect, as may be confidently recoinmended.

“Oliver's Collection” is designed for a more advanced class of students. As its title implies, it is suited for choirs and the home circle; not for schools, except for the higher classes--those who no longer need an “elementary department.' The anthems and chants which it contains include some of the best sung, and the most popular. The music of the former is by composers like Reisiger, Mendelssohn, Zeuner, &c. Among the chants are the Benedic anima mea, Bonum est confiteri, Jubilate, &c.

“The Sacred Star” is suitable for choirs, schools and conventions; but, having the advantage of an elaborate treatise on the Elements of Vocal Music, it may be used with much success by beginners. It is well calculated for those who, though having a good taste for music, and are anxions to make progress in it, cannot afford the aid of a teacher. It embraces a large variety of anthems, chants, dirges, &c., &c. , In short, so far as we can pretend to judge, it is a work that claims the attention of every teacher, parent and guardian who is capable of forming any opinion as to what constitutes a good music book of the class indicated.

" The Union Star" is a work of another kind. In this there are no anthems or chants, though there is some of the music which may undoubtedly be called sacred.. This is true, for example, of “See the God of Love descending,” by Stevenson, “Sabbath Bell,” by B. F. Baker, &c. But the work consists mainly of famous songs and operatic pieces, such as the Marseilles Hymn, the Last Rose of Summer, the Star Spangled Banner, Hail Columbia, the Storm King comes forth, from “Ernani,” the Phantom Chorus, froni " La Sonnambula,” the Fishermen's. Glee, by Stevenson, My Sighs shall on the Balmy Breeze, from “ Lucia,” &c., &c. For our own part, we readily admit that if, in order to form an opinion of works like these, which would be worth anything, it were necessary either to perform on some instrument with ability, or to sing with skill and taste, we should not attempt it. But, fortunately, this no more follows than that none are qualified to form a judgment of poetry but those who are poets themselves, or none qualified to criticise a piece of sculpture or a painting but those who are sculptors or painters, as the case may be. At all events, no music books, which it has been our privilege to examine for some time, have so forcibly reminded us of Pindar's Ode to Music:

« Prelude sweet to festive pleasures ;
Minstrels hail thy sprightly measures ;
Soon as shook from quivering strings,

Leading the choral bands, thy love's preamble rings."
Hymns for Mothers and Children. Compiled by the author of “ Violet

Daisy,” &c. 8vo, pp. 287. Boston: Walker, Wise & Co. 1861.

There is many a true lyrical gem in this volume. Nor is it composed exclusively of hymns, or what are known as such ; it embraces every variety of moral and religious poetry. Although most of the pieces are

the effusions of the American muse, they are mingled with such foreiga morceaux as Mary Howitt's “Summer Woods," 'Wordsworth’s “Kitten and Falling Leaves,” Fredrika Bremer's "Swedish Mother's Hymn,” Mrs. Hemans “ Coeur de Lion at the Bier of his Father," "Barry Cornwall's “Sick Child,” Leigh Hunt's “Angel in the House,” &c., besides a large variety of songs from the German. We are sure that many a father, as well as mother, will thank the fair compiler, during the approaching holidays, for the excellent taste and judgment she has evinced in her selections. The publishers have done', their part creditably-rendering the casket worthy of the gems which it holds, for the volume is beautifully printed on fine tinted paper, and tastefully bound. As a gift book for children, it is, certainly, the best we have seen this season.

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The Puritans; or, the Church, Court, and Parliament of England, during

the Reigns of Edward VI. and Queen Elizabeth. By Samuel Hop

kins. In three volumes. Boston: Gould & Lincoln. 1861. The Okavango River; a Narrative of Travel, Exploration, and Adventure,

By Charles John Andersson, author of “Lake Ngami.” With numerous illustrations, and a Map of Southern Africa. 8vo, pp. 414.

New York: Harper & Brothers. Manual of Agriculture for the School, the Farm, and the Fireside. By

George B. Emerson, author of a Report on the “Trees and Shrubs of Massachusetts," and Charles L. Flint, author of a Treatise on “Milch Cows and Dairy Farming," and'“ Grasses and Forage Plants,"

&c. 12mo, pp. 306. "Boston: Swan, Brewer & Tileston. Spáre Hours." By John Brown, M. D., author of “Rab and his Friends.”

1 volumé. · Boston: Ticknor & Fields. The National Arithmetic, on the Inductive System, combining the

Analytic and Synthetic Methods; formning a complete course of higher Arithmetic. By Benjamin Greenleaf, A. M., author of the

Common School Arithmetic, 'Algebra," &c." New electrotype edition, with additions and improvements. "Boston: Robert S.

Davis & Co. Unité de l'Espèce Humaine. Par A. de Quatrefages, Membre de l'Institute.

12mo, pp. 420. Paris. Precaution: a Novel. By J. Fenimore Cooper. With a Discourse on the

Life, Genius, and Writings of the Author, by William Cullen Bryant.
Fllustrated from Drawings by F. 0. C. Darley. 8vo, pp. 484. New

York: W. A. Townsend & Co.
Die Wanderungen der Kelten. Historisch-kritisch dargelegt. · Von Leo-

pold Contzen, London.

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The Reliqnary: a Depository of Precious Relics-Legendary, Biograph

ical, and Historical. Edited by Llewellynn Jewitt, F. S. A. Vol. I.

1860–1. 8vo, pp. 262. London. In Memoriam. By Alfred Tennyson. Holiday edition. With Biographic

al Sketch of Arthur Hallam, and Portraits of Hallam and Tennyson.

1 volume. Boston: Ticknor & Fields. The Literary Women of England; including a Biographical Epitome of all

the most Eminent in the year 1700, and Sketches of the Poetesses to the year 1850; with Extracts from their Works, and Critical

Remarks. 8vo, pp. 570. London. The Rejected Stone; or, Insurrection vs. Resurrection in America. By a

Virginian. 12mo. Boston: Walker, Wise & Co. Briefwechsel zwishen Rahel und David Veit. London. Introduction to the National Arithmetic, on the Inductive System, com

bining the Analytic and Synthetic Methods; in which the principles of the science are fully explained and illustrated. Designed for Common Schools and Academies. By Benjamin Greenleaf, A. M., anthor of the “National Arithmetic,” “ Algebra,” “Geometry,” &c. New electrotype edition, with additions and improvements. Boston:

Robert S. Davis & Co. Lady Falkland; her Life, from a MS. in the Imperial Archives at Lille ;

also, a Memoir of Father Francis Slingsby, from MSS. in the Royal

Library, Brussels. 12mo, pp. 266. London. Les Girondins: Leur Vie Privée, leur Vie Publique, leur Proscription et

leur Mort. Par J. Gaudet. London. Revised Regulations for the Army of the United States. 1861. With a

full Index. By authority of the War Department. 8vo, pp. 559.

Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott & Co. Egyptian Hieroglyphics: being an Attempt to Explain their Nature, Origin

and Meaning, with a Vocabulary. 8vo. London. Hebrew Men and Times, from the Patriarchs to the Messiah. By Joseph

Henry Allen. Boston: Walker, Wise & Company. Elements of Geometry and Trigonometry; with Practical Applications.

By Benjamin Greenleaf, A. M., Author of A Mathematical Series.

Improved electrotype edition. Boston: Robert S. Davis & Co. Göthe in Italien. Von Hermann Grimm. Berlin. Sermons Preached in the Chapel of Harvard College. By James Wal

ker, D. D. i2mo, pp. 397. Boston: Ticknor & Fields. Method of Classical Study: Illustrated by Questions on a few Selections

from Latin and Greek Authors. By Samuel H. Taylor, LL. D., Principal of Phillips' Academy, Andover, Mass. 12mo, pp. 154.

Boston: Brown & Taggard. Tales of a Grandfather. By Sir Walter Scott. 6 vols. 16.no, Boston:

Ticknor & Fields. Woman's Rights under the Law: In Three Lectures, detivered in Boston,

January, 1861. By Caroline H. Dall, author of “Woman's Right tu Labor,” “Historical Pictures Retouched,” &c., &c. 16mo, pp.

165. Boston: Walker, Wise & Co. Das Goldene Alter der Deutschen Poesie. Von Moriz Rapp. Tübingen. The Golden Treasury of the Best Songs and Lyrical Poems in the English

Language, selected and arranged with Notes. By Francis Turner CONTENTS OF NO. VIII.

Palgrave. 12mno, pp. 330. London. The Oxonian in Iceland; or, Notes of Travel in that Island in the Summer

of 1860; with glances of Icelandic Folk Lore and Sagas. By Rev.

Frederick Metcalfe. Post 8vo, pp. 440. London, Variétés Littéraires Morales et Historiques, Par M. Š. de Sacy. 2 vols.





203 1. Histoire des Gaulois depuis les temps les plus reculés, jusqu'à l'entière Soumission de la Gaule à la Domination Romaine. Par M. AMEDEE THIERRY. 3 volş. 12mo.

2. The Eastern Origin of Celtic Nations proved by a comparison of their dialects with the Sanscrit, Greek, Latin, and. Teutonic languages. By JAMES COWLES PRICHARD, M. D., F. R. S. Edited by R. G. LATHAM, M. A., M. D., F. R. S.

3. Kelten und Germanen, eine historische untersuchung. Von ADOLF HOLZMANN.

4. The History of the Celtie Language; wherein it is shown to be based upon natural principles, and elementarily considered. By L. G. MACLEAN, F. O. s., author of “Historical Account of Iona,” &c.

5. Die Wanderungen der Kelten. Historisch-Kritisch dargelegt. Von LEOPOLD CONTZEN.

6. Celtic Researches, on the Origin, Traditions and Language of the Ancient Britons, with some Introductory Sketches on Primitive Society. By EDWARD DAVIES, Curate of Olveston, Gloucestershire.

7. Prospectus of a Dictionary of the Language of the Aire Coti, or Ancient Irish, compared with the Language of the Cuti, or Ancient Persians, with the Hindostanee, the Arabic, and Chaldean Languages. By Lieutenant-General CHARLES VALANCEY, author of “The Vindication of the Ancient History of Ireland.” With a preface containing an epitome of the Ancient History of Ireland, corroborated by late discoveries in the Puranas of the Brahmins, and by our learned countrymen in the East.

8. Das ethonographische Verhältniss der Kelten und Germanen, nach den Ansichten der Alten und den sprachlichen ueberresten dargelegt. Von Dr. H. B. O. BRANDES.

9. A Vindication of the Celts, from Ancient Authorities ; with Observations on Mr. Pinkerton's Hypothesis, concerning the Origin of the European Nations, in his Modern Geo

graphy and Dissertation on the Scythians and Goths. II. DR. ARNOLD OF RUGBY

The Life and Correspondence of Thomas Arnold, D.D.,
late Head Master of Rugby School, etc. By ARTHUR PEN-

RHYN STANLEY, M. X. 2 vols., 12mo.

1. The Abbot Collegiate Institute for Young Ladies; Fifth
ave., Murray Hill, New York. GORHAM D. ABBOT, Principal.

2. Ingham University; Leroy, Genesee county, New York. Synopsis Second of the series—Twenty-four of the whole. Councillors, Officers, Students, Notices, Terms, Statements, Explanations, Mementoes, Departments, Preparatory-Regular. Veritati, Unitati, Utilitati.

3. Greenleaf Female Institute; on Brooklyn Heights, opposite the city of New York. ALFRED GREENLEAF, A. M., EDWARD E. BRADBURY, A. M., Principals and Proprietors.

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