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true charity, which thinketh no

For the Hopkinsian Magazine. evil and seeketh not her own, but ESSAYS UPON HOPKINSIANISM. inclines all who possess it, to pro [Concluded from page 23.] vide things honest in the sight of

NO. XII. all :nen, and to make payment of

In order to complete the plan every debt, whether of esteem and respect, of fear and honour, of obe sketched out in the first of these

essays, it remains to investigate the dience and submission, or of custom and tribute, to which they sianism in certain places, and sug

causes of the decline of Hopkinhave become obligated, either by

gest the reasons there may be to the ties of nature, or the relations

expect, that this system will spread of society, or by their own volun- and prevail, until it become unitary contracts. The poet said well

, versal. To attempt this, is the oband probably more than he under- ject of the following concluding esstood, when he wrote,

say, which naturally divides itself An honest inan's the noblest work of God. into two parts,

Section, I. The causes of the His character is, indeed, as no decline of Hopkinsianisin, in cer. ble as it is rare; and it is the fruit tain places. of the operation of the Holy Spirit,

The Hopkinsian system of Di. who has created him in Christ Je- vinity, like the various systems of sus, unto good works.' For the mental philosophy, has had its rise, honour of religion and the glory of their Saviour, let Christians more {ween this system of Divine truth,

progress, and decline.

But, beconstantly sustain and exhibit this and the various systems of philos. character: and let them never for- ophy of human invention, there is get their perpetual obligation to this difference; these have most of love one another with a pure heart them declined to revive no more, fervently, and to feel a kind and while the decline of that has ever truly benevolent affection towards been followed by its revival, in the all mankind.

same, or another place : these phiAnd let sinners consider what losophical systems have generally the one thing is, which they lack- fallen, never to rise again, while the an honest heart—a disposition to fall of Hopkinsianism has ever been render to all their dues. Let them followed by its speedy resuscitation only be willing that God and their like that of the fabled Phenix from fellow creatures, as well as them- his ashes selves, should have their due, and It is freely admitted, that the they will no longer find any diffi- Hopkinsian system has ever been culty in either the doctrines, or the more liable to decline, in whatever terins of the gospel, but will possess places it may have flourished, than that very temper of mind, to which any system of error, or false relig. is annexed the promise of pardon ion, ever embraced by mankind. through the atonement of Christ, Error and superstition often 'mainand an undefiled and unfading tain their empire long. Some of inheritance in heaven. No one the Pagan systems of idolatry, have will ever go to hell with an hon- subsisted with little variation, in est and good heart.

the same regions for thousands of

years. The traditions of the Jews minds by the Holy Spirit, receive are as old as Christianity. The the love of the truth, and cordially imposture of Mahomet and the su- embrace the true system of religious perstition of Popery, have maintain- sentiments. These are never the ed their ground, in the same coun- majority in any place, at any time. tries, with little change, for many Others may be convinced by clear centuries. But that system of re- and cogent arguments, in spite of ligious sentiments, which has ob- their hearts, of the truth of the ontained the name, Hopkinsianism, ly rational and scriptural system of has never been stationary; and sel- doctrines; but this is ever effected dom of long continuance in any with difficulty: and suoh persons, place. This, however, so far holding the truth in unrighteousness, from proving it to be erroneous, are always exposed to the arts of furnishes evidence of its correct. deceivers and seducers, and are ness and truth. It has certainly so prone to turn away their ears from bappened, in all ages, to the true the truth, and to suffer themselves system of theology, whatever it may to be carried about with every wind be. The instructions of the ancient of doctrine. Thus not nnfrequentprophets, though 'given line upon ly the time comes, when they will line, and precept upon precept,' no longer endure sound doctrine, were not sufficient to prevent the but apostatise, and adopt some decline of the true system of theol- scheme of error that is grateful to ogy, from time to time. In those the feelings of the carnal mind. places, in which the apostles gath In the mean time, the cordial ered churches, the leaven of error friends of truth are not suffered to began to work, before they ceased continue by reason of death, and to preach. The system of divine their places are filled by a new gentruth, had greatly declined, in the eration, possessed of the same blindseven churches of Asia, when John ness of heart, which kept them in wrote the Apocalypse; and soon ignorance, before they were brought after became extinct, and remains to the knowledge of the truth by the

illuminating influence of the Holy The very truth of the Hopkin- Spirit. sian system, acting upon human 2. The truth of the Hopkinsian depravity, is the primary cause of system, is the occasion of its receivits decline, in one place and anoth- ing but a feeble and wavering deer, where it has been received.- fence from its sincere friends and This general cause, or reason, in. advocates.

This may appear cludes several particulars. strange, but it is not more strange

1. The truth of the Hopkinsian than true. As the holy affections system, renders it offensive to all of the friends of truth, are inconmen, in their natural state. While stant, and mingled with sinful afit commends itself to their reason fections ; so they sometimes feet and conscience, it is repugoant to as really opposed to the truth, as the feelings and desires of their the heretics, whom they labour to

Mankind are naturally refute and convince. Hence, they evil doers; and "he that doeth evil, are much less valiant for the truth, hateth the light, and will not come than they ought to be, or than they to the light, lest his deeds should be would be, if they were always in reproved."' Those only, who are the exercise of that charity, which renewed in the temper of their rejoiceth not in iniquity, but in the

80 to this day.


truth. They are too frequently in- is concerned. Though their diffefluenced by the praise of men, in- rent schemes of error may be ever stead of the praise of God. They so much at variance ; yet, like the sometimes adopt a temporising pol. radii of a circle, they all terminate icy. Instead of opening their in one point, that of hostility to mouths boldly to declare and vin- Hopkinsianism. And how sharply dicate the whole truth, as they soever they may contend among ought, they keep back some things themselves, they are reconciled and that are profitable, as all revealed united, the moment an attack is to doctrines are, and shun to declare be made upon the Hopkinsian sys. the whole counsel of God, under an tem; as the Jews, in the last siege apprehension, that people are not of Jerusalem, while fighting among able to bear what the inspired wri- themselves, and shedding each ters have laid upon them, for their others blood in torrents, would reproof, correction and instruction unite, and side by side, attack the in righteousness, which they pre- Romans, the moment they appeartend they cannot understand, but ed before the city. No two classes which, indeed, is so plain, that they of errorists are half so inimical to cannot help understanding it, and each other, as they all are to 'this of so holy a tendency, thai they sect, which is every where spoken hate and reject it. By their sup- against.' pressing some of the distinguishing Thus, supposing the Hopkinsian truths of the gospel, they lead peo- system to be the truth of God, the ple to suppose they consider them causes of its decline, in one place as of little importance, render their and another, are apparent. It must defence of the remainder inconsis- ever revive, with the revival of true tent and lame, and embolden men religion, and decline with the decay of corrupt minds to advance and of vital godliness. To maintain maintain the opposite errors. either, is the work of the Holy SpirThus, instead of contending earn- it, whose peculiar office it is, to puestly for the faith, they scarcely rify the hearts of men through the contend at all ; but tamely yield truth. Which leads to the second the ground to every bold invader. part of this essay, viz. This remissness and timidity on Section, II. To suggest the reathe part of its real friends, is one sons there may be to expect, that great cause of the decline of Hop- the Hopkinsian system will spread kinsianism, in various places. and prevail, till it become univer

3. The truth of this scheme of sal. religious sentiments, procures for it That a system, so powerfully opthe undivided and unremitted op- posed, so feebly defended, and so liposition of its enemies. Their able to decline, should ever be genhearts are always opposed to this erally received among men, may scriptural and pure system of faith be considered as a forlorn hope. But and duty; and, of course, their there are as many reasons to expect hands are ever ready to execute that this system will finally prerail any plan that may be devised, to and becomë universal, as there are subvert, suppress and explode it.- to believe, that it is true. The Aud as each one pursues the work truth is great, and will prevail.of opposition, with all his heart; so That this system is true, appears there is perfect union and concert from its being agreeable to the dicbetween them, so far as this object tates of right reason and the unbi

ased testimony of conscience, from same thing, and be perfectly joined its correspondence with universal together, in the same mind, and observation and experience, from the saine judgınent. its being throughout consistent with There are just as many reasons itself, and above all, from its har- to expect, that the Hopkinsian sysmonizing with the language and tem, in the main, will finally pretenor of the sacred scriptures. As vail and pervade the earth, as there this system is true, it will appear is to expect, that the Millennial day more and more rational, consistent of Zion, will dawn upon this beand scriptural, the more closely it nighted world. It was not preposis examined, and the better it is terous in Dr. HOPKINS, to dedicate understood. No unanswerable ob- the treatise on the Millennium, apjection can ever be brought against pended to his System of Divinity, it. The progress of philosophy, to the Christians, who shall be so will serve to show the conformity of happy as to dwell upon the earth, the leading principles of Hopkin- in that latter-day-glory of the sianism to the nature, faculties, Church : for though the brighter laws, and operations of the human light of that luminous day, will mind. . The spread of true religion, doubtless reveal some new truths, and the increase of genuine piety, and expose some minor mistakes and virtue, will ever be accompan- in the Doctor's system ; yet it is ied with a corresponding belief and believed, that it will show the leadlove of the true system of religious ing and essential principles of that sentiments.

system, to be founded on the rock God is on the side of truth , and of eternal truth; which is for ever Ile is able to remove every obsta- and immutably one and the same. cle in the way of its general recep Let not the believers and advotion,

He can remove ignorance, cates of this system, then, be disprejudice and unbelief from the couraged, or faint in their minds. minds of men, by removing the Though darkness, at present, cora blindness of their hearts. He has ers the earth ; and still more gross promised, that, in his own time, darkness may, for a season, envelHe will take the veil from the hearts ope the people ; yet the light of the of the nations, and cause the knowl- Moon shall be as the light of the edge of himself to cover the earth. Sun, and the light of the Sun seren When He shall fulfil these great and fold. Let those, who know the precious promises, every scheme of truth, hold fast the form of sound error,superstition and idolatry,which words, and taking to themselves the the imaginations of men have in- whole armour of God, wrestle, fearvented, to gratify the corrupt affec- lessly, against principalities and tions of their hearts, will come to powers and spiritual wickedness in nought, and the true system of re- high places, trusting in the great ligious doctrines and duties, be Captain of their salvation, who came everywhere made known, believed to bear witness to the truth, in due and obeyed. The watchmen on time, to give them the victory. the walls of the spiritual Jerusalem, And let all those, who are in opshall see eye to eye.

Christians position to the only true and scripwill again be of one accord, and, in iural system of doctrine and duty, obedience to the injunction of the know, that it is, and ever will be apostle, from which they neverought 'hard for them to kick against the to hare varied, will all speak the pricks.' A HOPKINSIAN.




For the Ilopkinsian Magazine. that there is no resurrection of the

AND dead ? But, if there be no resurrecT!E RESURRECTION.

tion of the dead, then is Christ not Death looks so much like anni- raised; and if Christ be not risen, hilation, that many have supposed then is our preaching vain, and it does put a final period to the ex- your faith is also vain. Yea, and istence of both the soul and body, we are found false witnesses of God, It has certainly thrown whole na- because we have testified of God tions and kingdoms into total dark- that he raised up Christ; whom he ness and oblivion, and left no ves- raised not up, if so be the dead rise tige of their existence. There is not. For if the dead rise not, then not the least appearance of those, is not Christ raised. And if Christ who lived five, or four, or three, be not raised, your faith is vain ; or two, or one thousand years ago. ye are yet in your sins. Then they And in a far less time, than this, also, who have fallen asleep in most of the dead are entirely for- Christ, are perished." If Christ gotten. Death instantly puts an was not raised, his own predicapparent end to the soul; as it ex- tion failed, and he must have been tinguishes all thought, perception, an impostor: and, consequently, and sensibility. And in a short those, who had died believing and time, it turns the body to corrup- trusting in him,must have been lost. tion, and reduces it to its primitive "But now is Christ risen froin the dust. To appearance, therefore, dead, and become the first fruit of death does, age after age, and year them that slept.” He next proafter year, destroy the existence, ceeds to argue the general resurand actually diminish the number rection from the character and powof mankind.

er of Christ as Mediator, who bears The word of God, however, as. a relation to all mankind, as much sures us, that death only dissolves, as Adam did, who brought death för a season, the connexion between upon them. “For since by man soul and body, and that both shall came death, by man came also the exist forever. All, who have lived resurrection of the dead. For as and died, and all, who shall live and in Adam all die, even so in Christ die, will be raised from the dead, shall all be made alive. But every when Christ shall have completed man in his own order ; Christ the the work of redemption.

This first fruits ; afterwards they that truth the apostle labours to estab- are Christ's at his coming." lish, in the fifteenth chapter of his

CoEdens. first epistle to the Corinthians. – Though he had previously taught the doctrine of the resurrection of

For the Ilopkinsian Magazine.' the Corinthians; yet it seems some Remarks upon an Anecdote of of thein denied it. This gave him Thomas Hopoo, in the Connecoccasion to produce, in this epistle, ticut Observer, some of the arguments in favour of

ANECDOTE. this peculiar and important doctrine “The following anecdote is reof the gospel. He first proves the lated of Thomas Hopoo, the friend doctrine of the resurrection, from the and companion of Obookiah, who resurrection of Christ." Now if Christ is now faithfully and successfully be preached that he rose from the labouring, in connexion with Amerdead, how say some among you, ican Missionaries, for the salvation

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