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with them, as Captain Innocent, and Captain Experience, went out against the Doubters; and Captain Credence, and Captain Patience, with Captain Self-denial, and the rest that were to join with them, went out against the Blood-men.

Now those that went out against the Doubters, drew up in a body before the plain, and marched on to bid them battle : but the Doubters, remembering their last success, made a retreat, not daring to stand the shock, but fled from the prince's men; wherefore they pursued them, and in their pursuit slew many, but they could not catch them all. Now those that escaped went some of them home; and the rest, by fives, nines, and seventeens, like wanderers, went straggling up and down the country, where they shewed and exercised many of their Diabolonian actions upon the barbarous people; nor did these people rise up in arms against them, but suffered themselves to be enslaved by them. They would also after this shew themselves in companies before the town of Mansoul, but never to abide it; for if Captain Credence, Captain Good-hope, or Captain Experience did but shew themselves, they fled.

Those that were against the Blood-men, did as they were commanded, they forbore to slay any, but sought to compass them about. But the Bloodmen, when they saw that no Immanuel was in the field, concluded also that no Immanuel was in Mansoul; wherefore they looking upon what the captains did, to be, as they called it, a fruit of the extravagancy of their wild and foolish fancies, ra

ther despised than feared them; but Immanuel's

the captains minding their business, captains surround the Blood- at last com passed them round; they

also that had routed the Doubters, them prisoners.

came in amain to their aid; so in fine, after some little struggling (for the Blood

men, and take

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men also would have run for it, only now it was too late ; for though they are mischievous and cruel where they can overcome, yet all Blood-men are chicken-hearted men, when they once come to see themselves matched and equalled,) so, I say, the captains took them, and brought them to the prince.

Now when they were taken, had before the prince, and examined, he found them to be of three several counties, though they all came out of one land.

1. One sort of them came out of Blindmanshire, and they were such as did ignorantly what they did. The prisoners 2. Another sort of them came out of examined and Blindzealshire, and they did superstidescribed.

tiously what they did. 3. The third sort of them came out of the town of Malice, in the county of Envy, and they did what they did out of spite and implacableness &

For the first of these, to wit, they that came out of Blindmanshire, when they saw where they were, and against whom they had fought, trembled, and cried as they stood before him ; and as many of those as asked him mercy, he touched their lips with his golden sceptre.

They that came out of Blindzealshire did not as their fellows, for they pleaded that they had a right to do what they did, because Mansoul was a town whose laws and customs were diverse from all that dwelt thereabouts ; very few of these

8 The spirit of persecution I be found to originate, either in a blind understanding, or

superstitious zeal, or cruel malice and envy. To the two former Immanuel showed mercy, as to Saul, who was once a bloody man; but he obtained mercy because he did it ignorantly.

to an

could be brought to see their evil, but those that did, and asked mercy, they also obtained favour.

Now they that came out of the town of Malice, that is in the county of Envy, they neither wept nor disputed, but stood gnawing of their tongues before him for anguish and madness, because they could not have their will


Mansou). Now those last, with all those of the other two sorts that unfeignedly asked pardon for their faults ; those he made to enter into sufficient bond to an. swer for what they had done against Mansoul, and against her king, at the great and general assizes to be holden for our lord the king, where he himself should appoint for the country and kingdom of Universe. So they became bound, each man for himself, to come in when called

upon, swer before our lord the king for what they had done before

And thus much concerning this second army that was sent by Diabolus to overthrow Mansoul. But there were three of those that came from

the land of Doubting, who, after they Three or four of the Doubters

had wandered and ranged the coungo into Mansoul, try awhile, and perceived that they are entertained, had escaped, were so hardy as to and by whom.

thrust themselves, knowing that yet there were in the town some who took part with Diabolus, I say, they were so hardy as to thrust themselves into Mansoul among them. (Three, did I say? I think there were four.) Now to whose house should these Diabolonian Doubters


but to the house of an old Diabolo• Malicious persecutors are bound over to appear at the great assize, when these ungodly men shall be judged for all their ungodly deeds, and all their hard speeches against Christ in his members. Jude, 15.

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