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less, the austere and active Baptist,-Joseph the just man,'Mary, the highly favoured,'-the blessed among women,'-(for without believing her, as do the Romanists, born without all spot of original sin, we may well believe her the purest of her sex,)Simeon, 'just and devout,'-Anna, serving God with fastings and prayers night and day,'-the simple shepherds. To all these Christ revealed himself, not for their unworthiness, but so far as we can so speak of mankind, for their worthiness. So again, in the early preaching of the gospel, S. Paul's conversion was not vouchsafed because of his past wickedness. He tells us himself, that he was, 'touching legal righteousness, blameless,' i. e. according to that standard of religion which existed prior to Christianity. And so Cornelius was called because he prayed and fasted and gave much alms,' Yea, as that book of the vision of the beloved apostle John testifies, concerning which a curse is pronounced on them that add or take away from its contents,- Blessed are they that do His commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life.' But some one will doubt what I say because of the thief on the Cross; S. Mary Magdalene; and our Saviour's praise of publicans and sinners. Here Catholic truth supplies the key to unlock this difficulty. Not sinners, but penitent sinners. Penitents may become greater saints than even second or third rate Christians. It is their penitence the Saviour loves, not their sin.

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The people of God in All men are conceived The human race in the Egypt, the land of dark- and born in sin. world, the kingdom of darkness.





Delivered by Moses by Prays that 'being de- Redeemed by Christ many signs and wonders, livered from Thy wrath, with greater signs and

they may be received in- wonders.

to the ark of Christ's






Having faith in the pro-Ye have heard also that Having faith in the promise of God, that He our Lord Jesus Christ mise of God through would bring them to the hath promised in His Christ, that he will make land which he had sworn Gospel to grant all those all who come to Him to give them, they went things that ye have pray- partakers of the kingdom forth from Egypt, escap- ed for, which promise He of heaven, they repent, ing from the tyranny of for His part will most that is, they leave the its king, and leaving for surely keep and per- kingdom of darkness, ever its flesh-pots. form.' They then go to- and renounce the works wards the font, promis- of the devil, the world, ing to renounce, believe, and the flesh. and obey.

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Passed from Egypt into 'We receive this person Pass from the world into the wilderness of proba- into the congregation of the Church, from a state tion, where they were to Christ's flock, and do of nature into a state of be proved whether they sign him with the sign grace, wherein their fibe faithful or not. They of the Cross, in token delity is to be tried. had to endure hardships, that hereafter he shall They have to suffer to resist temptations, to not be ashamed to con- privations, endure trials, contend with enemies, and fess the faith of Christ withstand temptations, to obey God in all things. crucified, and manfully resist enemies, renounce to fight under His ban- sin, and in all respects ner, against sin, the live to God.


world, and the devil, and

to continue Christ's sol

dier and servant unto
his life's end.

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Entered, as it were, into Seeing now,' dearly be- 'Know ye not that so a new state, faith in the loved brethren, that many of us as were bappromise still animating these persons are re- tized in Jesus Christ them. The pillar of the generated and grafted in- were baptized into His Lord guided them on in to the body of Christ's death; therefore we are the appointed path: the Church, let us give buried with Him by bapglory of the Lord was thanks unto Almighty tism into death, that amongst them, they were God for these benefits, like as Christ was raised guarded by His power, and with one accord from the dead by the instructed in His service, make our prayers unto glory of the Father, even made acquainted with His Him, that they may lead so we also should walk statutes, miraculously fed the rest of their life ac- in newness of life.' with manna, and made to cording to this begin- In this new state the drink of the rock which ning.' 'Increase this Church, the pillar and was Christ, and which knowledge, and confirm ground of the truth,



OLD TESTAMENT TYPE. followed them throughout this faith evermore, give directs them in the narall their journeyings in Thy Holy Spirit to row way of life; Christ

the wilderness.

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these persons, that they the Lord is with them
being now born again, always; the Holy Spirit
and made heirs of ever- gives them life and
lasting salvation through strength; they are under
our Lord Jesus Christ, the protection of God;
they may continue Thy they are instructed in
servants, and attain Thy His will, taught His
promises.' As for you service, and nourished
who have now by bap- with the true bread of
tism put on Christ, it is life, and blessed with the
your part and duty also, cup of salvation.
being made the children
of God, and of the light
by faith in Jesus Christ,
to walk answerably to
your Christian calling,
and as becometh the
children of the light, re-
membering always that
baptism representeth
unto us our profession.'

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The chosen people were 'Forasmuch as this The commissioned minto be instructed in the child hath promised by isters of Christ are enfirst place, by the com- you his sureties to re- joined to teach those missioned servants of the nounce the devil and all whom they baptize all Lord; and in the second his works, to believe in things whatsoever that place, they were to com- God and to serve Him, our Lord has commandmunicate the things they ye must remember that ed, and they who are were thus taught to their it is your parts and thus taught are enjoined children. Deut. vi. ver. 1 duties to see that this to bring their children and 2, and again, ver. 6 to infant be taught so soon up in the nurture and 24 inclusive. as he shall be able to admonition of the Lord. learn, what a solemn


vow, promise, and pro-
fession he hath here

made by you; and that
know these

he may
things the better,' &c.



God came down from Christ's ambassador The Son of God came heaven to deliver His confes down from the into the world to redeem people from Egypt, and chancel, which is the the whole human family to receive them into His type of Heaven, to the from the kingdom of covenant, in which He entrance of the Church, darkness, and to admit promised to give them there to receive the child them into His covenant, the land of Canaan.

of nature from the outer in which He promises state into the covenant to give them the kinggrace, with which all dom of heaven, and everthe blessings of Christ's lasting life.


death are connected.

W. L. M.



Edinburgh, July 1848.

SIR, When there are now various beneficial schemes in operation connected with our Church, may I be permitted to propose one, which I am inclined to think, may not be considered altogether objectionable. I mean the establishment of an Asylum or Retirement for the benefit of aged Lay members of our Church—under the superintendence of the Bishop of the diocese, and such of the other clergy under him as may be thought proper. The reason I give for such a scheme is, that when man arrives at that period of life in which nature begins to fail, and to direct his views more urgently to another world; he then stands in much need of agreeable religious society, where he can be in a great measure consoled by exchanging his ideas, and unbosoming his thoughts with freedom. And this is still more necessary, if (which is not an unusual case) he has outlived all the relatives and friends in the world whom he held dear, or upon whom he put any value. Then, assuredly, he must feel lonely, and uncomfortable indeed! Wherever he may lodge, or in whatever company he may chance to be, there he is almost sure to be surrounded by schismatics, heretics, infidels, or at best, careless, worldly persons, whose conversation is disagreeable, as well as unprofitable. To such, of course, he cannot open his mind. How delightful, to an individual so situated, would be a small community of aged persons like himself, and whose feelings and religious views accorded with his own!

In proposing such a Hospital or Retirement for consideration, I do not indulge the idea, that the inmates are to be supported in everything. That could not be expected in the present circumstances of the Church. I would say, let a moderate charge be fixed upon as Board to be paid by each inmate, or by those who may place him there,perhaps in or over about £20 per annum; each inmate also to provide his own clothing, room, furniture, &c. Then, all required in contribution, would be funds sufficient to erect a plain substantial building, as also to support a Governor and servants,—the house to contain (besides proper accommodation for the Governor, &c.) one separate apartment for each inmate, also a kitchen, hall, &c. If near a Church where daily prayer is said, no chapel would be required. There are various matters connected with this I might touch on, but

I am afraid I have already exceeded reasonable bounds; therefore, requesting your consideration of the subject,-I am, SIR, your most obedient Servant,




FATHER and Maker! now that I,
Thy child and creature, come to die,
Thy pard'ning love, O God! supply:
Have mercy, Lord! on me.

Saviour of sinners, strong to save,

Who didst not scorn the cross and grave!

Now with Thy blood my spirit lave:

Have mercy,

Lord! on me.

Spirit of comfort, strength, and peace!
Now give my weary soul release;
Now bid my sins and sorrows cease:
Have mercy, Lord on me.

O holy, Blessed, glorious Three!
Thou one eternal Deity,

Who wast, and art, and still shalt be!
Have mercy, Lord! on me.

Remember not, sweet Jesu! now,

How oft I broke my holy vow

Made at Thy font and shrine; but Thou
Spare me, good Lord!

From woes that on the spirit prey,

When, sad, she treads her downward way,
And thinks upon Thy judgment-day,
Good Lord! deliver me.

From fiends that eager wait her fall,
From deeps that unto deeps do call,
And from that dark infernal hall,
Good Lord! deliver me.

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