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bears all the wickedness of Napoleon's withdraw from the former country, worst actions, rendered more repulsive but their march was suddenly coun: by the want of that ability which Na. termanded, and the thrones both of poleon displayed throughout every pro- Naples and of the King of Sardinia ceeding. But the French forces have continue to be supported upon arbitrary at length entered Spain in three divi. principles by the force of Austrian bay. sions; the one by the Pampluna road, onets. Russian troops are also marching and two divisions by the Tolosa road, towards the Rhine in order, it is ass one of which divisions has passed serted, to protect the Bourbons from through Tolosa advancing on Madrid, any insurrection of their subjects whilst the other under the Duke d'An: which might be created by their argouleme has turned to the right in bitrary measures.-Russia having but order to attack St. Sebastians. The little commercial intercourse with French have had some severe skirmish Spain, and so removed from any pos. ing before this fortress, in which they sibility of being affected by the Spanish claim the advantage; but it is evident, revolution, yet affects apprehensions, from their own account, that the Spa- and assumes the right of interfering niards have fought with great gallantry. with the internal affairs of the PeninThis is the point most essential for sula, and of dictating to the Spaniards Europe to ascertain ; for such is the what government they shall possess. national bravery and perseverance of Denmark, Sweden, Prussia and Holland the Spanish character, that if the peo- abstain from such violations of justice ple are sufficiently zealous in the cause and decency.-No news of importance to fight at all, there can be no doubt has been received from Turkey, and of the ultimate success of Spain. In the brave Greeks and their sacred the mean time we have had no intel- cause are left to the dispensations of ligence from the French division press- Providence. - The South Americans ing upon Madrid, except a telegraphic have nearly completed their liberation account of its having reached Vittoria; from the yoke of the mother country, nor no accounts from that division but unhappily a large French squadron which advanced to the East upon the possesses the supremacy in the West Pampluna road. The last corps ap- Indian seas; and as the declaration of pears to be intended less for active France against the Spanish constituoperation, than to protect the left tionalists holds out a hope of again wings of the other French divisions, subduing South America for Ferdinand, and to sopport the army of the Faith we have no doubt that this French in Arragon and Catalonia.

fleet will prove the means of renewing anxious to hear of the operations of the scenes of devastation and slaughter Mina, Ballasteros, and the other Spa- throughout those fine regions of Conish officers, whose proceedings per. lumbia, which were just receiving all haps may oblige the enemy to be still the blessings of freedom, and the ad more cautious in their advance. vantages of an established and regular Although that advance is sufficiently government. The christian and phi. slow to evince that the enemy do not lanthropist cannot but deplore the mon. find any great facilities in their una strous wickedness which is now perpeprincipled invasion.

trating by the Bourbons and the other The German troops which were, by arbitrary monarchs of the Continent, the treaties to abandon Piedmont and against the principles of freedom, and Naples this year, recently began to the peace and happiness of mankind.

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The only novelty sincc our last is certainly a far better Figaro than. publication consisted in an Opera of we are accustomed to see on other very short duration, entitled Elisa e theatres, although he may not be with, Claudio. It has been performed only out faults; his song Non piu Andra twice, and therefore our readers will is generally encored. Siguora Carador excuse us from giving them any long sustains the character of the amorous description of it, for we consider our- page, Cherubino. Her manner is raselves paying them a compliment when ther too bashful and retiring for such we state, that it is far more agreeable a part. The page is a most impudent to us to dwell on successful efforts of and adventurous youth, just beginning the drama than on others of a contrary to feel the most troublesome of all the description. It is sufficient for us to passions, and his representative ought say, that Elisa e Claudio; or, Love to display no small portion of fire and protected by Friendship, has only been animation. Signora Caradori is unani. performed twice, and we believe it is mously encored in the beautiful air now finally withdrawy. We must « Voi che Sapeti," which she executes however observe that the music, coin- with great taste and delicacy. The posed by Mercadante, was particularly Countess is personated by Madame creditable to the talents of the com- Ropzi de Begnis; and as the part is far poser.

below her transcendent talents, it is Mozart's exquisite performance of not surprising that she does not appear Le Nozze di Figaro has been again to her usual advantage. Great talents performed at this theatre ; it is a work can only be excited by great occasions, ricb in every species of musical excel- and we do not think this one of them, lence; and although the cast of cha- We have never seen Madame de Beguis racters was considerably less powerful to less advantage than in this character, than we recollect it to have formerly which we consider far beneath her been, and though it does not boast the powers. She excels in those characrare assemblage of genius which some iers where the highest degree of exfew years ago gave effect to every por- cellence, both of singing and acting tion of the opera, still it comprises ta- united, are required. In those parts she lent sufficient to attract attention, and is super-eminent, and it is impossible to reward it. Porto infuses a good for any one to have an adequate idea deal of buoyancy and spirit into his of the ascendancy acquired over the representation of the intriguing Count. feelings, by the united excellence of He sings with much ease and expres- singing and acting, without having seen sion; and, in the concerted pieces par- Madame de Begois perform. Her emticularly, acquitted himself in a mas- pire is alike over the head and the terly style. His duet with Susanna, heart; and her action, her graceful « Crudel! perchè finora," is always manner, her ladylike carriage, her loudly encored. Madame Camporese, bye-play, and all the graces of an eleas Susanna, is most arch and amusing: gant actress and singer, added to a we have not often seen the cunning fascinating form, can give in idea only waiting-woman personated with so a faint image of her superior accommucb upaffected animation. De Begnis plishments.


This theatre, as well as that of Co- lane, but the house is making an effort vent Garden, has produced a very at- to redeem its character in that departtractive afterpiece, which is now acted ment of exhibition. Since the first apevery night to large audiences. It is pearance of the Chinese Sorcerer three an unusually splendid, although a per, songs have been omitted, and a general fectly incomprehensible spectacle, enti- compression of the dialogue effected; iled Chinese Sorcerer, or the Emperor and, in its present improved state, there and his three Sons. Spectacles have, can be vo doubt that it will prove most of late years, been dull affairs at Drury- bencficially attractive. The picce is,

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we believe, from the well known pen Whang, who foreseeing that the wile of Mr. T. Dibdin, to whom the public of the Emperor is in danger of seduchave long been indebled for their live- tion by the wiles of a pretended friend, Jiest sources of amusement. The na- and that Kan-Fu, Zam-Ti, and Peture of a holiday entertainment neces- Kin, the Emperor's three Sons, are desarily renders it more dependent upon stined (if not prevented by superior the scenic decorations than upon the power) to plot against their father, and abilities of the author for success; but, destroy each other; he (the Sorceror) in the present instance, it is only jus- snatches the Empress and boys from tice to add, that if a peculiar felicity the impending danger, secludes the of allusion, if many sparkling sallies Empress, and brings up the Sons as of wit and humour attest the genius of peasants till the hour of perit is past. the writer, the correctness of his judg. The piece opens with the festivities ment has been fully shewn by the sid- usual on the Emperor's birth-day, at gular fidelity with which he has ad. which period Fong-Whang arrives, inhered to the costume, and the taste he forms Kein-Long of the safety of his has evinced in its display. The illu- wife and sons (all supposed dead by mipated marine pavilion (moonlight), the Emperor), and proposes to put the by Roberts, is a very delightful per- youths to certain trials of their dispoformance; and the grand harbour and sitions before they are acknowledged arsenal (Stanfield) is of a still higher as offsprings of the great Kein-Long. order. The saloon in the palace of Nothing else of particular interest Shi-Fo is one of the finest hall scenes has occurred at this theatre since our we ever saw; and the two fire-scenes, fast, unless we except the re-appearthe enchanted valley, and the cavern ance of Mr. Kean, who has been for a or spectres, are upon a par with the short time absent in the country; he besi things of the kind which have and Mr. Young continue occasionally been done at Covent-garden. This to unite their splendid talents for the production will certainly completely gratification of the public, and the do away the idea that spleudid and evident advantage of the manager; effective scenery cannot be got up at whose extraordinary expense in imDrury-lane.

proving and decorating the theatre The following is a sketch of the preparatory to the present season, and plot :—The family of Kein-Long, Em- whose liberality in procuring the best peror of China, is supposed to be patro- performers cannot be sufficiently apnized by a benevolent Magician Fong plauded nor remunerated.


The principal novelty brought out maldi, who does not find as much rootu by the manager since our last report for the exertion of his peculiar abili. consists in a new melo-dramatic piece ties as in the more genial region of called The Vision of the Sun; or, the pantomime. The efforts of the epchap. Orphan of Peru. The name conveyed ter and the perils of the lovers are, as in itself a promise of romantic adven- usual, only conducive to the greater tures and brilliant scenery, and those felicity of their final triumph, as all who went to enjoy the pleasures of veteran admirers of melo-dramas would, both were not disappointed. The story, no doubt, anticipate. It was not therelike most fables of enchantment, has fore on the novelty of the incidents, or love for its beginning, middle and end, the originality of the plot that the author In the trials of fidelity on tbe stage rested for success. He judiciously there are, of course, dangers and ex. called in the most elaborate aid of the ertions which must be seen to be be scene-painter and the decorater, and lieved ; and it is the lot of the heroic we never beheld a more various and Koran (Mrs. Vining) to pass the ordeal splendid display of their attractive of the most perilous circumstances to powers. The dazzling illusions of deserve and obtain the fair hand of the enchantment are represented with a Princess Runac (Miss Foote). The richness, and indeed exuberant brillover, who has an enchanter for his liancy of effect, that perfectly fascinate rival, las certainly no idle time upon the attention of those who are gratified his hands, and such was the rival with by such exhibitions. The scenes of whom Koran bas to contend, in the the Vision of the Sun, the Magic Hall person of Oultanpac (Mr. Farley), of Oultanpac, the Golden Lake, the wbose slave, Tycobroc, an imitation of Nuptial Temple, and the Royal Palace Calaban, is personated by Mr. Gri. of Peru, were particularly admired.

The music, by Mr. Ware, is superior Miss Chester, whose beautiful person to the generality of that gentleman's is certainly unrivaled on the Metropo. compositions. The overture bas much litan stage, acted the part of Beatrice, merit. It is a bold, vigorous, and and she acquitted herself in a manner original work; and many of the strains calculated to add to her professional which accompany the action of the reputation. The character of Beatrice melo-drama are strikingly appropriate, is not one that can be supported by and uncommouly pleasing. The fasci- mere animal vivacity; and though we nation of the scenery of this piece has cannot say that the Lady of whose proved very attractive, and has con- effort we now speak displayed the insequently tended very much to the tellectual features as prominently as advantage of the theatrical treasury, we have seen them marked by some it also materially tended 10 procrasti- distinguished actresses, the effort ma." nate the existence of the last new nifested a power of mind far beyond tragedy, Julian, which has been re- the ordinary grasp of the number whose peated several times during the month, attempts we have witnessed from time mure to the advantage of Drury than to to time. Mr. C. Kemble's Benedick Covent Garden. The Vision of the was in his best style; his performance Sun is performed every night, and of this character has seldom been proves a valuable acquisition.

equalled, and certainly never excelled Shakspeare's Comedy of Much ado for spirit, vivacity, eccentricity and bout Nothing, has been acted at this hujnour. theatre with considerable success.


Recent Appointments under Govern. Appointments under the Great Seal.

His Royal Highness William Henry

The diguities of Viscount and Earl Duke of Clarence, Admiral of the Fleet,

of the United Kingdom of Great Brito be General of His Majesty's Royal

tain and Ireland, to Charles William Marine Forces, in the room of the Earl Marquiss of Londonderry, K.G.C. &c. of St. Vincent, deceased.

and to the beirs male of his body law. The Right Honourable Earl of Liver. fully begotten, or to be begotten on pool, K.G.; the Right Honourable

the body of his present wife Frances Frederick John Robinson ; Berkeley Ann, by the names, styles, and titles Paget, Esq.; Viscount Lowther; and

of Viscount Seaham, of Seaham, in the Lord Granville Charles Henry Somer- county palatine of Durham, and Earl set; and also Edmund · Alexander Vane. M'Naghten, Esq., to be Commissioners The dignity of a Viscount of the for executing the offices of Treasurer

United Kingdom of great Britain and of the Exebequer of Great Britain, and

Ireland to William Carr Baron BeresLord High Treasurer of Ireland.

ford, K.G.C. &c. and to the heirs male Robert Ward, Esq. to be Auditor of of his body lawfully begotten, by the the Civil List, in the room of Jobp

name, style, and title of Viscount Charles Herries, Esq. resigned.

Beresford, of Beresford, in the county, The Right Honcurable W. Huskis

of Stafford. son, to be President of the Committee of Council of Foreign Trade. The

List of Members recently returned to Right Honourable C. Grant, to act as serve in the present Parliament. President in the absence of Mr. Hus- Borough of Bossiney. -Sir Compton kisson.

Domville, of Santry house, in the coupty Colonel Sir H: Hardidge, to be Clerk' of Dublin, Bart. of the Ordoance.

Town of Berwick-upon-Twoecd.Sir The Right Honourable the Earl of Jobo Peer Beresford, of Duddington. Morton, K.T. bis Majesty's High Com- house, in the shire of Mid-Lothian, missioner to the General Assembly of Baronet, in the room of the Right Hothe Church of Scotland.

nourable Charles Augustus Bennet, The Honourable Sir Charles Paget, commonly called Lord Ossulston (now Knight; Robert Williams, Esg.; and Earl of Tankerville), one of the Peers Richard Worsley, Esq. to be Rear- of the United Kingdom of Great Britain Admiraly of the Blue.

and Ireland:

Town and Port of Winchelsea. New Creation of Cardinals. William Leader, of Putney-hill, in the There has been a new creation of county of Surrey, Esq. in the room of cardinals. The Diario di Roma of Lucius Concanuon, Esq. deceased, the 12th ult. gives us the following | Borough of Arundel.—Thomas Read addition of twelve to the sacred colKemp, of Dale-park, in the parish of lege. His Holiness has raised eleven Madborst, and of Brighthelmstone, in more churchmen to the purple, but he the county of Sussex, Esq. in the room reserves their names in petto : of Robert Blake, Esq. deceased.

Francis Bertazzoli, Bishop of Edessa. Borough of Coleraine.--Sir John John Francis Falzacappa, Bishop of Brydges, in the room of Sir John Poe Ancona. Beresford, Bart. who has accepted the Antonio Pallotta, Auditor-General of office of Steward of the Manor of East the Sacred Chamber. Hendred.

Francis Lerlupi, Auditor of the SaTown and Port of Rye.-Robert cred Rota. Knight, of Barrels, in the county of Charles Maria Pedicini, Secretary of Warwick, and of Grosvenor-square, in the Propaganda. the county of Middlesex, Esq. in the Louis Pandolf, Secretary of the Conrooin of John Dodson, D.C.L. who has sulta, accepted the Chiltern Hundreds.

Fabricius Turriozzi, Assessor of the Borough of Lymington., Walter Holy and Universal loquisition. Boyd, Esq of Plaistow-Lodge, in the Hercules Dandini, Bishop of Osimo county of Kent, in the room of Sir and Cingoli.. Harry Burrard Neale, Bart. who has Charles Odelaschi, Auditor of his accepted the Chiltern Hundreds. Holiness and Archbisbop of Ferrara.

Borough of Ryegate. - James Cocks, Antony Frosiui, Prefect of the Sacred of Charing-cross, in the county of Mid. Palaces, and Major Domo of his Hodlesex, Esq. in the room of the Hou

liness, nourable James Somers Cocks, who has Thomas Riario Sforza, Master of the accepted the Chiltern Hundreds. Chamber to his Holiness.

County of Dorset.--Edward Berke- Viviano Orfini, Deacon of the Sacred ley Portman, Esq.of Bryanston-house, Chamber. in the county of Dorset, in the room of The above list is entirely composed Edward Berkeley Portman, Esq. his of Italians, and most of them make part father, deceased.

of ihe Household of the Pope, or reCounty of Sligo-The Honourable side in Rome in different offices of the Henry King, in the room of Charles Government. O'Hara, Esq. deceased....

NEW FASHIONS — Spring PromeCity of Durham. Sir Henry Har Ride Costume-A round dress of fine dinge, K.C.B. of Grosvenor-place, in cambric or ludia muslin, trimmed round the city of Westminster...

the border with three Vandyke flounces, County of Fermanagh. – Armour set or plain, of musliu richly embroiLowry Corry, commonly called Lord dered, and each point edged with parViscount Corry, of Castle Coole, in the row lace of Urling's manufacture. A county of Fermanagh, in the room of mantle of pale Ceylon ruby, or of bright Sir Galbraith Lowry Cole, who has ac- rose colour, is worn over this dress, cepted the office of Governor of the with Capuchin hood and staoding-op Mauritius

çollar above; the mantle is lived Borough of Corfe Castle. - John throughout with figured sarcenet or Bovd, jun. Esq. in the room of George gossamer satin of a lighter shade, or Bankes, Esq. who has accepted the else with white; but that also, is Chiltern Hundreds.

figured, and generally the figures on Borough of Newport, Cornwall.- the white ground correspond in colour Jonathan Raine, of Bedford-row, Mid- with that of the mantle, which is edged dlesex, Esq.

all round with a fold of satin, of a moShire of Inverness.—The Right Ho- derate breadth, cat in bias, povrable Charles Grant, jun. of Water- Erening Full Dress. — A dress of nish, Vice-President of the Board of pink or celestial blue satin, trimmed Trade.

round with a coquillage border of the Borough of Haslemere.- George same material, edged with fine blond; Lowther Thompson, Esq. of Sheriff- and each shell headed with a rich ornaHutton-Park, in the county of York, ment of white silk, wrought ip a trefoil in the room of Robert Ward, Esq. whó form; the border enclosed in rouleaur has accepted of the office of Auditor of pink satin. Corsage of satin, with of His Majesty's Civil List.

stripes formed of white rouleaux, The

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