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Friday, April 25.

COTTON.-The demand for cotton CORN — The importations of Grain continues directed to the East India this week are considerable. Wheat descriptions, which may be purchased continues in good demand this morning at prices a shade lower; the sales since at advancing prices.-Barley is also our last consist ofm

higher.—The arrivals of Oats are ex100 Pernams..lld.allid.in bond. tensive; yet such is the demand, that 1000 Surats.... 5}d a hid.

there is a very brisk market to-day, and 350 Bengals... 5d. a id.

the prices are a shade higher.-Beans SUGAR.-The Sugar market remained and Peas continues in good request, at in a very languid state till yesterday, the previous currency. when the request revived very consi. There is great improvement in the derably, and the prices obtained were prices of Corn; the supplies of wheat 6d. a 1s. per cwt. higher : the demand to the neighbouring markets having is particularly directed to the low brown for several weeks materially fallen off, descriptions for refining,owing, no doubt, and there being few arrivals here, and to the brisk demand for low goods. extensive buyers from the country,

In the Refined market there bas been Wheat was in brisk demand at ap ada very extensive request for all de. vance of fully 5s. per quarter.- Flour scriptions of lumps and loaves; and was 58. per sack higher.-Oats were such has been the very great anxiety brisk at the improvement of 2s. per to purchase, that the prices are fully 28. quarter. - Rye was 38. per quarter per cwt, higher; for lumps for packing higher.-Beans advanced 2s. and Grey 898.-Molasses are 278. 60,-brisk. Peas 28. to 38. per quarter-Barley

per cwt.

Foreign Sugars are more enquired met a heavy sale, in consequence of after, but there are very few parcels on considerable arrivals. sale. The Sugars of the late India. FRUIT.-There is no material alteHouse sale are at a premium of Is.a 28. ration this week, the demand generally

is rather limited. Havannah yellow Sugars have been TOBACCO.--About 200 bhds. Kenmuch enquired after, and an advance tucky Leaf have been sold at 27d. of 28. per cwt, has been offered freely a 4d. per lb.; some small parcels of for the few parcels on sale.

very fine Virginia for France at 7d. a COFFEE.-Early in the week Coffee 7 d. and about 40 hhds. for Dublin at sold rather lower, with the exception bid. a 9d. per Ib. of good and fine ordinary clean Jamaica, PIMENTO.-By public sale on Tueswhich descriptions are scarce, and rate day, 89 bags Piniento sold at lower -high; all the other qualities are in rates, middling quality 103d. a 103d. limited demand ; at the public sale INDIGO.-- There is little alteration -yesterday, 325 casks, chiefly Demerara in the prices since the India House and Berbice Coffee, a very small pro- sale; in some instances an advance of portion could be disposed of, nearly 3d. and 4d. per Ib. has been obtained, ihe whole was withdrawn, at the pre- but the improvement cannot generally vious currency: it, was, however, re- be realised. ported that a considerable proportion RUM, BRANDY, and HOLLANDS. was taken after the sale, and at full The Rum market continues in the same prices.

nominal state as lately reported; very The public sale this forenoon con- few sales . effected, and the former sisted of 135 casks' 488 bags British prices could not be obtaived. The Plantation, 115 bags Forcign; the best marks of brandy may be purchas. whole sold, the good and fine ordinary ed on board at 28. ald.-la Geneva Demerara and Berbice at a small reduce there is little alteration. tion: all others at the previous prices : Tallow.–The Tallow market con. the fine ordinary 1138. a 1168. sold par- tinues heavy; yellow candle here 33s. ticularly low; two lots Jamaica sold, a 338. 3d.; for arrival 34s. 6d. a 355.; ordinary middling 1178., fine ordinary

the latter the nearest price. 1088. 6d.; damaged St. Domingo 998. SILK. — The fine Silks have sold a 1018.; fine ordinary Havannah 113s. about 5 per cent., the coarse from 12 Generally the Coffee market is heavy, to 15 per cent. lower than the last and from 1s. a 25. lower than on Friday sale. Jast.


Extracted from the London Gazette. N.B. All the Meetings are at the Court of Commissioners, Basinghall-street, uuless otherwise expressed. The Attornies' Names are in Parenthesis.

BANKRUPTCIES ENLARGED. W. Barrett, Cardiff, inn-keeper, from April I to T. Welch, Great Tower-street, wine and spirit April 16,

merebant, from April 5 to April 19. W. Brown, Barton-upon-Humber, Lincolnshire J. Slade, Tottenham-court-road, butcher, from nurseryman, from March 22 to March 31.

April 12 to April 22. J. H. Sainpson, Sculcoates, Yorkshire, mer. S. Atkins, Great Portland-street, chemist, from chant, from March 22 to March 31.

April 5 to April 22. A. Thomson, Liverpool, merchant, from April 1, to April 12.

BANRUPTCIES SUPERSEDED. W. Armstrong, Arundel-street, Strand, tailor. W. Jones, Handsworth, Staffordshire, farmer. J. Wych, Ashton-under-Line, Lancashire, tim- W. Stephens, late of Oxford, liquor-merchant. ber-merchant.

J. Banting, of the Cottage, Pine Apple Bar, J. Isherwood, Wortley, Yorkshire, cloth-manu- Edgware-road, carpenter. facturer.

G, L. Whatley, Cheltenham, money-scrivener. J. Brown, army-clothier.

T. R.Gregg, Deal, apothecary. W. Armstrong, Great Queen-street, Lincoln's.

inn-fields, auctioneer. :

BANKRUPTS. Alderson, J. K. Norwich, plumber, (Tilbury, Green, J. and J. Warminster, brewers. (Nether Falcon-street, Aldersgate-street.

soles and Barron, Essex-street, Strand. Barker, J. Crane-court, Fleet-street, shoe-factor Grant, J.G. Oxford, bookseller. (Pownall, Pair(Duncombe, Lyon's-inn.

thorne, and Lofty, Old Jewry. Bird, J. and H. Poultry, jewellers. (Kearsey Gooch, W. Harlow, Essex, wine-merchant.(Wiland Spurr, Lothbury.

liams, Lord Mayor's Court-office, Royal Ex. Barry, M. Minories, chart-seller. Thomas, Fen- change. court, Fenchurch-street.

Garnon, J. H. Newgate-street, silversmith. Butler, E. Alcester, Warwickshire, fellmonger. (Ashton, Salisbury-square, Fleet-street.

(Adlington, Gregory, and Faulkener, Bed- Ganston, W. and D. St. John-street, Clerken. ford-row.

well, cheesemongers. (Holme, Frampton, and Berthoud, H. jun. Regent's-quadrant, Picca- Loftus, New-imm. mm

dilly, bookseller. (Jones and Bland, Great Holt, 'T. Arnold, Nottingham. (Faller and Salt. Marylebone-street.

well, Carlton-chambers, Regent-street. Brown, W. Cannock, Staffordshire, miller, Huntington, T. late of Gilsland, Cumberland, (Hunt, Surrey-street, Strand.

victualler. (Addison, Verulam - buildings, Brant, C. Jermyn-street, watch-maker. (Jones Gray's-inn. and Bland. Great Marylebone-street.

Hodgson, S. Dover-street, Piccadilly, hotelBignell, W. Colchester-street, Savage-gardens, keeper. (Cole, Furnival's-inn.

wine-merchant. (Pasmore, Warnford-court, Hellicar, J. Andover, Hampshire, linen draper. Throgmorton-street.

(Walker, Rankin, and Richards, RasingballBedford, R. St. Martin's-le-Grand, plumber. street.

(Young and Thompson, Charlotte-row, Man- Hill, B. Bath, furniture-broker. (Nethersoles sion-house.

and Barron, Essex-street, Strand. Crawford, T. Liverpool, ship-chandler. (Row- Hamilton, W.J.W.& FIG. New City-chambers, linson, Liverpool. *

and J.H. Ridsdale, Leeds, merchants. (Druce Cout, R. and W. Hay, Leeds, dyer. (Few, Ash. aud Soo, Billiter-square.

more, and Hamilton, Henrietta-street, Covent Hopkins, J. jun. Cholsey, Berkshire, farmer) garden.

(Vandercom & Comyn, Bush-lane, Cannon-st. Carpenter, J. Wellington, Somersetshire, ban- Henzell, E. W., White Lion. wharf, Upper ker. (Pearsoa, Pump-court, Temple.

Thames-street, corn-dealer.(Tomlinson, BenColvin, J. Abchurch-lane, merchant. (Lane and nel, and Cooper, Copthall-court. Bennett, Lawrence-Pountney-place.

Holmes, B. Thrum-hall, Yorkshire, merchant Crowther, W. Charles-street, Middlesex Hos- (Walker, Exchequer-office, Lincoln's-inn.

pital,coach-maker. (Mayhew, Chancery-lane. Hayward, J. W. Bread-street, Cheapside, coalCock, W. and G. Canterbury, wine-merchants. merchant. (Grimaldi and Stables, Copthall.

(Brundrett, Spinks, and Reddish, Temple. court, 'Throgmorton-street. Clements, F. Norwich, coach-maker. (Pugh, Hewitt, H. Princes-street, Drury-lane, printer. Barnard-street, Russell-square.

(Farris, Surrey-street, Strand. Cunningham, J. Birmingham, liven-draper. Isaacs, J.Chatham, slopseller. (E. Isaacs, Bury(Walker, Lincoln's-inn fields.

street, Saint Mary-Axe. Clement, J.T. Winchester House, Broad-street, Jackson, J. Holborn-hill, wine-merchant. (Pike,

insurance-broker. (Wadeson, Aastin-friars. New Boswell-court, Lincoln's-inn-fields. Dickinson, S. Great Dritħeld, Yorkshire, money, Johnson, B. Cherry Trees, Worcestershire, serivener. (Chilton, Chancery-lane.

farmer. (Fuller and Saltwell, Carlton-chamDarbon, S. Marylebone-street, Golden-square, bers, Regent-street.

wine-cooper. (Walls, Lower Thornaugh-st. Jones, D. Brighthelmstone,stone-mason. (Sow. Bedford-square.

ton, Gray's-inn. Dicken, J. Burstem, Stafford, hatter. (Walford, Lloyd, T. Ross, Hereford, grocer. (Bridges and Gray's-inn.

Quilter, Red Lion-square. Evans, H. P. Birmingham, broker. (Walker, Lyney, R. Fore-street, Limehouse, coal-mer

Lincoln's-inn-fields, and Exchequer Office, chant. (Baker, Nicholas-lane, Lomboard-st. Lincoln's-inn.

Levitt, Q. Kingston • upon - Hull, merchant. Fredricks, F. Criékhowell, Breconshire, banker. (Scholefield, Hull.

(Jenkins, James, and Abbott, New-inn. Mundell, J. Liverpool, draper. (Lowe, SouthFlack, R. Shepherd-street, Oxford-street, cabi. ampton buildings, Chancery-lane.

net-maker. (Timbrell and Roberts, Maccles. Morris, J. late of Whistones, Claines, Worcesfield-street, Sobo.

tershire, carpenter. (J. Platt, New-BoswellFreelove, W. Brigbthelmstone, grocer. (Faith. court, Lincoln's.inn. full, Birchin-lane, Cornhill,

Moss, C. Cheltenham, fishinonger. (King and Frost, J. Newport, Monmouthshire, grocer Son, Castle-street, Holborn.

('Thomas, Fen-court, Fenchurch-street. Mitchell, W. Wapstead, Essex, butcher. (Amory Strickland, J. sen, and J. Strickland jun. New. Gilsthorp, J. Molineux-street, Mary-le-bone, gate-market, cheese-mongers, May3. - carpenter, April 22.


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(Walker, Rankin, and Richards, Basinghall- Scott, S. and W., and J. Smith, Ashford, Kent, street.

grocers. (Osbaldeston and Murray, LondonNewman, G. Kingsdown, Wiltshire, victualler. street, Fenchurch-street.

(Frowd and Rose, Serle-street, Lincoln's-inn, Smith, J. Bath, grocer. (Woodhouse, King's Norton, D. S. Uxbridge, brewer. (Gale, Ba.. Bench-walk,

Temple. sfoghall-street.

Southbrook, E. c. Covent-garden Chambers, Newhouse, R. Huddersfield, plumber. (Stocker merchant. (Smith and Weir, Austin-friars.

and Dawson, Carey-street, Lincoln's-inn. Shields, A. W. St. John-street, cheesemonger. Oliver, J. Broad-street, Golden-square, woollen- (Warrand, Mark-lane.

draper. (Barrow and Vincent, Basinghall, Sinclair, J. Bow-lane, Cheapside, warehousestreet.

man. (Abbot,

Chancery-lane. Petit, R. College-hill, London, packer. (Knight Shirref, M. A. Duke-street, St. James's, dressand Fyson, Basinghall-street.

maker. (Rice, Jermyn-street, Piccadilly. Pratt, K Archer-street, Westminster, iron, Sowden, J. jun., Wakefield, York, corn-factor.

founder. (Shuter, Milbank-street, Westmin- (Lake, Cateaton street. ster.

Tee, J. Hamsworth, Yorkshire, shopkeeper. Powel, J. and T. Bristol, malsters, (Poole and (Bartlett, Bartholemew-close. Greenfield, Gray's- inn-square.

Taylor, J. Leominster, skinner. (Sterenson and Piper, W. Hammersmith, barge-builder. (Up- Bicknell, New-sq. Lincoln's-inn.

stono and Carlon, Charles-street, Middlesex Tabberner, S. City-road, linen-draper. (Green, Hospital

*Pope's-head-alley, Cornbill. Purley, J. Old Kent-road, Surrey, egg-sales- Tucker, W. H. High-holborn, window-glass.

tan. (Wise, Red Lion-street, Wapping. cutter. (Howell, Hatton-garden. Rigby, A. T. Liverpool, porter-dealer. (Steel, White, G. Cherry Garden-street, Bermondsey, Queen-street, Cheapside.

shipwright. (Jackson, Garden-court, Temple. Smith, J. Newbory, Berkshire, baker. (Ash- Whiddon, J. Èxeter, grocer. (Collet and Co., field and Wriget, Tokenhouse-yard.

Chancery-lane. Squire, J. Kendal, watchmaker. (Addison, Walker, J. Great Smith-street, Westminster, Verulam-buildings, Gray's-inn.

Carpenter. (Hannam, Piazza-chambers, Co. Smallwood, T. late of Drayton in Hales, Shrop, vent-garden.

shire, banker. (Rosser and Co. Bartlett's Watson, A. Warwick-place, Bedford-street, buildings.

Bedford-row, carpet-dealer. (Richardson, Sage, G. w. Walcot, Somersetshire, timber. Church-row, Stepney.

merchant. (Poole, and Greenfield, Gray's-inn. Wood, B. Liverpool, mathematical instrumentsquare.

maker. (Rowlinson, Watling-street.

DIVIDENDS. Austin, G. Long-acre, coach-plater, May 10. Living, H. J. 8. Downes, and J. Living, Great Allen, S. and T. C.Noble, Bristol, linen-drapers, Prescot-street, Goodman's fields, merchants, May..

April 22. Atkins, R. N. Portsea, grocer, April 30. Mason, C. Birmingham, druggist, May 2. Baker, Waand N. Portsea, grocer, April 21. Morgan, C. Blabopsgate-street Within, wine Barratt, 4. Newport Pagnal, Buckinghamshire, merchant, April 26. farmer, April 12.

Martindale, B., and E. Fitch, late of St. James's. Brammall, G. Sheffield, merchant, April 19. street, wine-merchant, May 3. Butcher, W. Sutton-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, Masson, W. New Court, št. Swithin's-lane, meroer, April 30.

merchant, April 29. Butcher, J. Alphamstone, Essex, malster, May 7. Mille, O. Warwick, and of Leamington, wine. Bourne, 8. Leek, Staffordshire, ironmonger, merchant, April 26. April 21.

Oliver, J. R. Black he ath, mariner, April 29. Curwen, J. Great Eastcheap, tea-broker, April 5. Pile, M. jun. Sidiouth, Devonshire, cabinetColbeck, T. of West-house, Fewston; W. Ellis, maker, April 25.

of Castlefield, Bingley; J. Wilks, sen. of Powell, H. J. Uxbridge, builder, April 26. Búrley, Otley; W. Holdsworth, of Bradford, Roxby, Robert, Bentón, Arbour-square, Com• and J. Holdsworth, of Morley, Batley, York- mercial-road, merchant, May 3. shire, flax-spinners, June 29.

Reeves, D. Wardour-street, grocer, April 15. Cleagh, J. and R. Cleagh, Leadenhall-street, Ramsden, W. Leeds, victualler, April 26. wholesale linen-draper, May 16.

Richards, S. late of Liverpool, merchant, April, Cumberlege, J. George-yard, Lombard-street, 23. merchant, April 29.

Russell, H. and R. Bruce, St. Martin's-lane, Craig, J. High Holborn, linen-draper, April 19, Charing-cross, cabinet-makers, April 19. Dunnett, D. Norwich, veterinary surgeon, April Ryley, Birmingham, spoon-maker, May 2. 10.

Rawlings, John, and John Evans, LeicesterDickenson, Liverpool, merchant, May 1.

square, tailors, May 3. England, M. Ilkinstone, Derbyshire, butcher, Rodd, C. W. Broad-way, Worcestershire, May 14.

malster, April 22. Eastwood, J. Liverpool, haberdasber, April 25. Smith, R. Humberton, Yorkshire, dealer, Aprli Evans, J. Wapping, linen-draper, April 19.

22. Kdmonds, n. Parliament-street, hatter, April 5. Smith, J. 8. Brighthelmston, druggist, April 19. Enock, J. Birmingham, brush-maker, April 29. Sill, J. High-street, Shadwell, cheesemonger, Essex, w. Paddington, whartinger, April 19. May 3. Foot, B. Gracechureh-street, tavern-keeper, Sifton, P. and J. Sifton, Blackburn, Lancashire, April 19.

cotton-manufacturers, May 17. Fox, J. Runcorn, Cheshire, grocer, April 21. Simpson, J.Kingston upon Hull, oil-merchant, Foster, T. and E. S. Foster, Yalding, Kent, April 19. malster, April 12.

Sherwin, W. T. Paternoster-row, bookseller, Griffiths, T. High-row, Knightsbirdge, plumber, April 26. April 118.

Stoker, J. Doncaster, tin-man, April 25. Hesekine, B. Kingston upon Hull, merchant, Thomas D. London-street, Greenwich, china . * April 29.

and glassman, May 17. Henley, John, Sols-row, Hampstead, road-recti- Troubridge, J. Shaftesbury, Dorsetshire, stock• fer, May 3.

ing-manufacturer, May 5. Henrichs Úlrick, Antony, Jeffries-square, mer- Taylor, J. Sheffield, merchant, April 18. - chant, May 3.

Troughton, B. son and J. Troughton, WoodHargreaves, Samuel, Liverpool, woollen-dra- street, silkmen, April 26. pers, May 7.

Urquhart, W. Sion College Gardens, merchant, Holmes, J. Portomouth,corn-merchant, April 30.

May 3. Jeffreis, G. New Bond-street, jeweller, April 19. Vbite, S. U. Edingley, Cotton Mill, Notting. Iohtoon, B. J. Houndeditch, cabinet-maker, hamshire, cotton-spinner, April 21.


From MARCH 25, to APRIL 26, 1823.
By T. BLUNT, MathematicalJnstrument Maker to his Majesty, No. 22, CORNHILL.


Bar. Ther. Wind. Obser. Bar. Ther. W ind. Obser. Bar. Ter. Wind. UUSET. 25 32-20 36

E.: Cldy. 5/29-03 48 S.W. Rain 16 30-17 48 S.W. Ditto 26 30-12 40 N.E. Ditto 6 99-3341 N. Cldy. 117 29-81 54 W.: Ditto:

N.E. Fogky 7 29-01| 45 N. Rain 1829-541 45 N.W. Ditto 28 29-94 39 E,

8 29-77 42 N.E. Fair 1929.42 41 N. Ditto 29 29-98 41


9 29.73 49 N.E. Ditto 20 29-74 38 S.W. Ditto 30 W Fair 10.30-1346


2129-86 45 S.W. Ditto 31 30-04 43 W. Ditto 1131.13 45 E. Ditto 22 29 73 46

E. Ditto 1 29-09 44 S.W. Ditto 12 30-11

N.E. Ditto 23129-33 45 E. Rain 29-67 48 S.W. Ditto 1330-02 40 N.E. Ditto

N.E. Fair 3|29-72 W. Cldy. 14 30-03 41 N.E.Ditto 25/29-81 49

S.W. Ditto 129-34 48 W. Ditto 15 30 27 44

E. Ditto

26129-63 S.E. Rain.



MARCH 15, 1823.

Div. per


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Globe .....
Guardian .....


Div. Share. Ann.

Share, per Ann.

£. s. d.

£. .

£. s. d. Ashton and Oldham 125

4 10 Southwark Barnesley 200 12 Ditta, New

11 pr.ct. Birmingham (divided) 600 24 Ditto, Loan Bolton and Bury



Vauxhall Brecknack aud' Abergav, 80

Waterloo Carlisle,...

Water-works. Cbesterfield,


8 Chelsea Coventry. 1040 44 & 3 East London.

4 Cromford.

Grand Junction.

2 10 Croydon.

3 3

1 10 Derby

6. London Bridge

2 10 Dudley.


3 South London Ellesmere and Chester 62

West Middlesex....

58 10 25 Erewash..


York Buildings Forth and Clyde 480

Grand Junction .


210 Grand Surrey.


Grand Oniop..

18 10

40 Grand Western.

Birmingham Pire

25 Grantham


3 3 Hereford and Gloucester..


2 10 Lancaster. 26 10 1 Eagle.

3 3 5 Leeds and Liverpool


295 13

7 Leicester & Northampton 72

12 10 Loughborough

170 Hope

Melton Mowbray...
220 10 Imperial Fire..

4 10 Monmouthshire


Ditto, Life.

70 2 10
Kent Fire...

57 10 Neath.

390 22 Londop Fire Nottingham

London Ship

1 Oxford

720 32

Provident. Portsmouth and Arundel 30

Rock. Regent's.

Royal Exchange

10 Rochdale

Sun Fire.

8 10 Shrewsbury. 9 10 Sun Life........

23 10 10 Shropshire


1 8 Somerset Coal. 120

Gas Lights. Ditto, Lock Fund


5 15 Gas Lightaud Coke (Chart Stafford & Worcestersbire 1 700


4 Stourbridge 200 10.10 City Gas Light Company. 127

8 10 Stratford-on-Avon..... 17

Ditto, New

70 10 4 10 Stroud water

South London

7 10 Swansea ............

190 10 Imperial.. Tavistock


Literary Institutions. Thames and Medway


London Thames and Severn, New 26

Russel Trent & Mersey 2000 75 Surrey :

Miscellaneous. Warwickand Birmingtı.{ }}220 10

Auction Mart. Warrick and Napton. 210 8 British Copper Company.

52 Worcester & Birmingham 30

1 Golden Lane Brewery.. Docks.

Ditto,.. London

110 4 10 London Com.Sale Rooms 16 West Indie


10 Carnatic Stock 1st class . 87 East India.

Ditto, .

75 Commercial

82 3 10 East Country

28 Messrs. WOLFE and EDMONDS, No. 9, 'Change-Alley, Cornhill.

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........2d ditto

[F. Warr, Red Lion Passage, Holborn.}



To be
Ships' Names. Consignments.

Commanders. First Officers. Second Oficers Third Officers. FourthOficers. Surgeons. Pursers.

in the

1822 1822 2 Royal George -Beng. & China 1333 John Fam Timins Chris. Biden J.H. Buttivant R.H. Treherne A.C: Watling William Carr Thomas Hog John Ward 14 Oct. 4 Dec. 10 Dee. 5 General Kyd ..

(1200 James Walker Alex. Nairn Beng. & China 1332 S. Marjoribanks Henry Cobb Ra. Alpin John Pearson J. M. Ralph H. Thompson F.P. Alleyn : Jás. Cannan

-8 Jan. 2 Kent. Jamies Sexton Fran. Daniell W. Mac Nair B. W. Mure James Don John Allan

1823 3 Herefordshire 1200 John Locke William Hope Robert Card Richard Card Wm. Robson T. G. Adams' Richard Boys E. Crowfoot

13Nov 3 Jan. 6 Inglis . Bomb.& China 1200 R. Borradaile S.Serle [shank Jos. Dudman Fred. Orlebar C. Pennington H. Harris John Lawson Wash. Smith

-7 Jan 2 Farquharson.... 1326 J. Chris. Lochner Willm. Cruick- H. Cowan W. H. White H. Colombine George Lloyd John Scott George Adam

[head Repulse

St. Hele. Ben 1334 John Fam Timins J. Paterson Edw. Foord
coolen & China
Edward Jacob W. H.Walker Chas. Clarkson Samuel Symes G. R. Griffiths

-8 Jan.
2 Hythe

1333 S. Marjoribanks J.P. Wilson A. W. Law

Beng. & China 3 Windsor.....

Robt. Lindsay A. C. Proctor Robt. Jobling R. Alexander John Rånney
1332 George Clay
T. Haviside A. F. Proctor Mark Clayton R.C. Fowler Wm. Edmonds Edw. Edwards Jas. Thomsom

St. Hel. Bomb. 1200 James Sims
and China,
W. Mitchell H. Bristow T. Buttenshaw Fred. E.Waine-James Walker James Arnott Joseph Cragg

4 Waterloo

1335 () R. Alsager Chas John Brown G.T. Calvely Fred. Hedges Jas. Halliday George Homer S[Scaleby Castle } Bomb.& China 1212 Company's ship D. N. Newall W.R. Blakeley John Hillman, Robt

. Robson Chas. Allen A. Johnstone William Bruce

15 Mar
3 Kellie Castle.... } Madr. & China 1200 Jasper Vaux
(1332 Stewart Erskine E. L. Adams: W. H. Ladd John Hay R. Pattullo T.Shearman Robt. Elliot William Cragg

6 Atlas

c.o. Mayne Jos. Stanton G. M Braith- P. C. Shadwell B.J. Thomson John Dill J. W. Cragg : [waite

1823 7 Charles Grant

Maur. Penang 1246 William Moffat William Hay Geo; Denny Jos. Coates and China.

C. A. Eastmure Thos. Thoms Robt. Strange Fred. Palmer 27 Jan. 19 Mar.

[rymple! [son 5 Vansittart .....

1200 Joseph Hare W. H. C. Dal-J. R. Mander-Wm. Allen J. Sercombe F. Bayley J.W. Wilson A. Beveridge
7 Bombay

1242 Henry Templer John Hine H. Clement W.H.Edmonds George Wise T. Ingram Robt. Murray Robt. Miles
Warren Hastings
1276 William Sims Rd, Rawes Jas, Eyles H. Edmonds

W. B. Coles John Ricketts James Bruce David Liddell
Lowther Castle
14:27 JohnCrosthwaite 'Thos. Baker J. Wilkinson R. K. Lloyd C.W. Francken C.S. Bawtree J. H. Blepner-Nic. G. Glass

Chasset 1.C. of Waleson: Mad: & Beng. 961 Henry Bonham J. Blanchard Stephan Pointz G. R. Parkers J. Haworth

C.B. Gribble Josiah Thomas John Burt c. Ingram

Matt. Lovell
Nath. Knox

W. E. Brown
G Mar. .

John Sparks Wm. Winton W.J. Shepherd

12Mar 1 May. 8fThos. Grenville

886 Company's ship) w. Manning J. B. Burnett P. Pilcher Bengal

John Relvatts Wm. Taylor Adam Elliot J. Benifold 5 Minerva

976 George Palmer Geo. Probyn Edw. Ireland - Hector Rose J. Drayner E. N. Briggs H. Mitchell Wm. Allen

Wh. Alfeld } 24Apr.15 June

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