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may, but certainly will punish the geance of eternal fire, if they refonally impenitent forever in a fu- majo finally impenitent; then it is ture state. Accordingly the apos- just as certain, that God will etertle Peter says, "Making them, "ihat nally punish those that do not is, the inhabitants of the old world, eventually obey the gospel, as that and the men of Sodom and Gomor. be has punished the fallen angels rah 'ensamples unto those that af- or the iohabitants of the old world, ter should live ungodly.". And the or the men of Sodom and Gomor. apostle Jude declares, “Sodom aod rab, or any other men since that Gomorrah are set for an example, day. In a word, we have an oc. suffering the vengeance of elernal cular evidence of the future and fire." It appears from these ex- eternal punishment of the wicked. press declaratioos, that one end God had in view in destroying the old world, and the men of Sodom 1. If God's punishing sioners in and Gomorrah, was to prove the this world, infallibly proves, that certainty of his actually joflicting he will punish the finally impeniupon the finally impenitent, the tent forever in the next; then it vengeance of eternal fire. God is easy for every one to see, tbat bas frequently threatened to cast the doctrine of Universal Salvation the wicked into hell with the fal. is absolutely false and absurd. leo angels. But actions speak There are many miaor, and some louder than words; and for this great religious erro:9, that are reason, among others, God actually quite plausible, and not easy for punishes sinners in this world, to people in general to discover.put it beyond the possibility of But the doctrine of Universal Saldoubt, that he certainly will punish vation, is so plainly and visibly the finally impenjtent eternally.-- false, that every person is capable God is not obliged in point of jus.' of seeing its falsehood and absordi. tice, to punish any sinner in this ty. It is contrary not only to the world, but he does punish both whole current of scripture, but to good aod bad men in this world, to the whole course of Providence, give assurance that he will punish It stands condemned by all the the finally impenitent forever. So threatenings of the law, and of the the apostle Peter plainly intimates gospel ; apd by the most solemn in the fourth chapter of his first and awful dispensations of Provi-pistle. “The time is come, says dence, from the beginning of the lie, that judgment must begio at world to this day. It is difficult to the house of God; and if it first conceive, how God could say any begin with us, what sball the end thing plainer, than be has said, or be of them that obey not the gog. do any thing better calculated iban pel of God? And if the righteous he has done, to convince every scarcely be saved, where sball the person in the world, tbut he will ungodly anil the sinner appear !" eternally punish every impepitent Sincethe #postle repeatedly asserts, and incorrigible sinner. Though that it is one design, God båd jo bis there have been some in the Christview, in punishing men in this iad world for more than fourteen world, to give them the highest burdied years, who have taught possible evidence, that he will cer the pleasing doctrine of Universal twiply cause them to suffer the ven Salvaticn; Jet they live gcreral

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ly been very unsuccessful in make not do good, neither will he do ing proselytes. Though thousands evil. Let us eat and drink, for toand millions have embraced the er morrow we shall die,” and be hap. ror of Arianism, the error of So. py. This is the fatal effect of a cinianism, and the error of Ar- full belief of Universal Salvation. minjanism ; yet only a few indi. But when the doctrine is not fully viduals until very recently have believed, and only begets a hope, ever embraced the error of Uni- that it may be true, that all men versalism, This the advocates of will be saved, it has a secret and Universalism have frankly ac• powerful tendency to lull sinners knowledged. But it cannot be ac- into carnal ease and stupidity recounted for, upon any other sup- specting their spiritual and eternal position, than that of its plain and interests. And here, at this day, palpable absurdity. God has er- the danger of the doctrine principressly told us, that he will treat ply lies. Though there is not one the foally impenitent in another solid argument in favor of Univerworld, as be has actually treated sal Salvation ; yet there are many them in this. If this be true, then plausible and sophistical arguments, every person cap clearly see and that may be thrown ont which may know, that all men will not escape create a hope, that it is possibly the wrath to come ; but some will true. And this hope leads to preforever suffer with the fallen an- sumption, and then to despair. gels, whom God has actually cast 3. If God's punishing sinners in down to hell. If the apostle's ar. this world, proves that he will pun. gument, which has been illustrated, ish the impenitent forever in a fube just, it puts an argument into ture state ; then those who teach every person's mouth, to refute a the gross and dangerous error of Universalist.

Universal Salvation, are criminal 2. If God's panishing men in and inexcusable. They not only, this world, proves that he will pup- as the apostle says, bring destrucish the finally impenitent forever tion upon themselves, but upon in a future state ; then the doctrine others whom they deceive. Such of Universal Salvation is not only false teachers are extremely crimifalse and absurd, but extremely nal, if tbey do not beliere the docdangeroun. It has a direct and trine they teach, and there is reapowerful tendency to harden the son to think this is often the case. hearts and stupify the consciences Aod when it is the case, it

proves of sinners, who are walking in the them to be guilty of the most perbroad road to ruin. If they once verse falsehood and deception.give a listening ear to this fatal de. But if they do believe it, they lusion, they become deaf to the are utterly guilty and inexcusable; voice of reason, to the voice for they have no right to believe of the gospel, and to the terror of it, and it is owing to nothing but the law. They are prepared to their love of error, instead of the avoid, to oppose, and reject all truth. God has revealed his wrath means of light and conviction, and from heaven, against those who rush on the thick bosses of God's corrupt his word ; and the apostle buckler, and trifle with all the mo- says, "let them be accursed, who tives and objects of the eternal preach any other gospel, than he world.

Like the scoffers of old, preached ? To hate and reject they feel and say “ The Lord will the plain truths of the gospel, s


infinitely criminal. Soch persons, ed sinners flee immediately from instead of warning the wicked from the wrath to come. There will their way, airl and encourage them soon be a final and awful separato continue in their way to ever- tion between the saved and the lost. Jasting ruin. And though they may Are you prepared for the awful perish, yet their blood will God re- event ? Have you done all that quire at their teacher's and deceive you ought to have done, and all er's hands.

that you will soon wish you had 4. If God, by punishing sinners done, to promote your own salvain this world, has made it certain, tion, and the salvation of others? that the doctrine of Uoirersal Sal.

SENEI. vation is absolutely false and ex

From the Evangelist, tremely dangerous to the souls of men ; then it is kind in ministers

(Continued from page 390.] to preach against, and refute it, The history of ibis event, and and guard their hearers against it. the attendant circumstances, as The preachers of the doctrine pre- they have now been related, will tend ihat they do it in kindness.-- furnish us with several important But if it were true, there is no lessons of instruction, great kindness in preaching it; for 1. The children of God hare all men are equally safe, whether no reason for despondency, how. they believe it or not. But if it ever appalling the dangers may be false and fatal; then there is seem, which Ihreaten the Church. kindness in preaching against it, The truc Israel of God can always and guarding men against going obtain help from him, “ who wore near those who spread such mortal keth and done can hinder.” God poison. The prophets did this. is erer in the midst of his people, Christ did this. The apostles did ready and willing to help them. this. And faithful ministerz harc le may sometimes suffer ihem to done it, and been successful. Er- be surrounded by dangers of the ror is destined to fall before truth. most formidable nature and the Let false teachers pass on your most portentous aspect, in order to right hand and left, and say nothing excite them to duty, or to evince to them voless they attack you.

his power and faithfulness in their And then iell them, God has com- deliverance. But God will promanded


to avoid them, and ab. tect the church ; for he has chosen solutely refuse to hear strong de. her for his “sponee ;" he has susions, lest you should believe a “graven her upon the palms of his lie, and be damned.

hands ;" and he will ever cherish 5. If God has by punishing men her “ as the apple of his eye."in this life, given the highest pos. Yet he will he inquired of by the sible evidence, that be will forever house of Israel to do these thiogs panish the impenitent and unbe for them;" and when they forget lieving; then it is a great mercy, their dependence on him, he will that they now have a space for re- often, in mercy, multiply their pentance, and that God is waiting dangers, and diminish their earthly to be gracious. This God might supports, till they are driven to have denied long ago, and may de him for help, as their last and only ny soon. Now

the only accept- resort. But they never will, with ed time. Next year, or the next confidence, apply to him, without day may be too late. Let awaken. finding bim a God at hand-rearly

and able to deliver them. Such, derided and threatened by the en. in all these particulars, was the emies of religion. When Nebe. case, in the instance wbich we bave miah and Ezra rebuilt the temple been considering: and such is of- of Jerusalem, they would have ten the case at the present day.- wanted one evidence, that the of the power and dominion of God Lord was their helper, had not Sathere is no end. He is the same tun opposed their work. And ibat yesterday, to-day and forever.- opposition conducted by Sanballat How unreasonable, then, and even and Tobiah, so far from hindering impious is it, for the professed or retarding their work, served rapeople of God to indulge despon- ther to hasten its progress. For dency in seasons of danger! Instead such was the increased diligence of of desponding they ought to look the workmen, and such ihe aid to him for help, and go forward in they received from heaven, that their duty, relying with the fullest they accomplished more jo the confidence on his faithfulness and same term of time, than even Solability to succour them. But for omon did, with none to oppose our further encouragement in going him. No possible opposition can forward in duty, this history which hinder the work of God's servants, we have been considering, will when be aids their labours. Who, furnish us with another lesson of indeed, can resist the power of instruction, viz.

Omnipotence? He has only to 2. When God aids the labours speak, and it is done-to coinmand, of his people in his service, they and it stands fast. In the strength will find no opposition sufficient to of the Lord the weakest saint bebioder this work. By this I do comes iovincible. Wben God is not mean that they will meet with with his children, one can chase it DO opposition. They ought indeed thousand, and two can put ten to expect that Satan will oppose thousand to flight. In the case of them with all his forces. The Jonathan and his armour-bearer, powers of darkness will assuredly thirty thousand chariots, six thouget themselves in array against sand horsemen, and people without them. The adversary will excite number, fled dismayed, and melted the enemies of religion to assume away before two individuals, who a threatening posture--to bid them had the Lord for their helper.-defiance—and to challenge them to Christian reader, are you not alcome on to the combat. “Come most persaded to put your trust in up unto us,” said the Philistines to the Lord, and go forward? Why Jonatban, " and we will show you should you hesitate? Are you a thing.” Such a challenge, how. waiting for others to join you in ever, ought not to be considered, the work? If so, the history of by those who commence such an Jonathan's enterprise will afford enterprise, as a matter of discour- you another important lesson of inagement; but rather, as Jonathan struction, which, it is hoped, will and his armour-bearer considered remove that hinderance. And that it, a token of success. It is the is, peculiar season for God to work, 3. A very small number who wheu men make void his law.-- have confidence in God, may safely And the seryapts of God bave al- commence their labour in his serways reason to conclude, that the vice, without waiting for additional Lord is with them, when they are human aid. Divide assistance may

always be obtained in a religious terests of religion and the salvation enterprise, which God shall ap. of souls ; yet, if they discover in prove, if no more than two are as their brethrea, a tardiness in comgreed in asking it; and where such ing with them into the work, they assistance is obtained, there is no soon conclude, that nothing can be necessity of waiting for hunan aid; effected ; and, giving up all exerbut we may commence the enter. tions, tbey sink dowa again them. prise immediately. . li was upon selves into sloth and stupidity.this principle, that Jonathan and How often is this distressing fact bis armour-bearer acted in the in- verified by experience. But Jonstance before us. And in this in- athan and his armour-bearer acted stance the circumstances were as not upon a principle like this. Had forbidding, as any that could well they concluded that nothing could be conceived. What indeed could be done, till all Israel should come be more so ? The army of the Phi, to their aiid, or even till the coorlistides was immense. The army age of Saul's little army should be of Saul consisted of only six bun. revived; the Philisting would dred men, and those both unarmed doubtless have overrun the whole and disheartened. No assistance country, and that little army, who therefore could be expected from protected their King, woold have them in the commencement of the been utterly destroyed. But these work. If the enterprise were to servants of God were aware, that go on, those two must go forward they had a duty to perform : and in it alone. What in such a case thai duty they must discharge should be done? Would not a pru. themselves, whether others came dent man consider it rashness to go to their aid or not. They thereforward ? But the cause in which fore went on with their approprithey were engaged, was the cause ate work, without stopping to conof God : and Jonathan and his agso- fer with fresh and blood, and their ciate, anappalled by the appear- success was complete and glorious. ance of danger, put themselves And if we will examibe the history under the divi:. protection--went of religious revivals, we shall find forward to their work, .without that they very often commence waiting for the aid of their fellow. through the apparent influence of soldiers : aod the event showed, the faithful labours of one or two that the resolution they adopted, individuals. On viewing the desowas the dictate, both of sound wis- tations around them, their eyes af. dom and prudence. It is too gene- fect their hearts--they begin to ral an opinion, among those who feel for the afflictions of Zion-they profess to be the children of God, see their duty and perform it, with that there can be no religious ref- out waiting for others to do theirs ormation, unless the whole church the divine blessing follows, and to which they belong, are ready to their exertions are crowned with enter unitedly opon their appro- glorious success. But another iapriate work. In consequence of structive lesson which we derive such an opinion, they often wait for from this story of Jonathan and his each other to get ready. If any associate, is, individuals begin to feel the impor 4. The successful enterprising tance of doing something for the in. exertions of one, is the most sure

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