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Campbell, George, banker in London,

454; had partner, David Bruce, and
afterwards James Coutts, 454; re-
commends Ralph Carr to begin .a

bank in Newcastle, 455
Campbell, John, partner with George

Middleton, London, 454
Canterbury, Christ church chartulary,

Canute, 227
Capital, small, of 'Old Bank,' New-

castle, 455
Carlisle, Frederick, earl of, 54
Carlisle, Luel old name of, 90n; church

plate of diocese of, 249; St. Cuthbert

at, 89
Carlyle of Inveresk, 457
Carnaby, John, 260, 266; apprentice to

Newcastle goldsmiths' company, 438;

member, 425 et seq.
Carneath, Ann, accused of using a

• Cockle parke bushell,'

Susannah, buried in garden, 191
Carnwath, earl of, 104
Carpenter, general, 104
Carr, George, of South Shields, 202;

James, 171; John, 171 ; of Dunston,
462; of Newcastle, land at Culler-
coats forming pier, etc., demised to,

283; Oswald, Newcastle,goldsmith,400
Carr, Ralph, of Dunston Hill, general

merchant, Newcastle, 452; provides
money for troops, 452; anecdote of
duke of Cumberland and, 453;
correspondence of, with J. and A.
Coutts, 453; Messrs. Middleton, 453;
John Coutts, 454; George Campbell,
455; starts the Newcastle bank with
three friends, 455; retires, 458, 459 ;
reasons for quitting bank, 460; signs
guarantee, 462, 465, 466 ; Thomas,

of Etal, 39; of Hexham, 171
Carr, William, of St. Helen Auckland,

admitted to freedom of Newcastle

goldsmiths' company, 432
Carrawburgb, Roman inscription from,

Carry house camp, Ancient British,

Birtley, North Tyne, 413
Carter Fell, 89
Cartington, Widdringtons of, 96
Cartmel, lands of, given to St. Cuth-

bert. 89
Catholics, Records of English, of 1715,

Cavendish, lord John, 459
'Cavils,' Corbridge strips known as the,

Celt,' maenor' or 'plas' of, 125
Celtic Scotland, 871, 92n, 123n
Celts, some ascribe township organiza-

tion of agriculture to, 123
Cencio, bishop of Porto, etc., 271
Ch., silversmith's mark, 264
Chalmers, William George, entered in

Newcastle goldsmiths' company's

books, 440
Chancery suit relating to lands at

Netherwitton, 131
Chapman, Sarah, of Whitby, legacy to

repair Quaker meeting house and
graveyard at North Shields, 275
Charlemagne, letter of, to Offa, king of

Mercia, 226
Charles II. and preaching licences, 205
Charleton of the Bower, 102
Charters, Select, Stubbss, 122n
Charter, The Great, 163
Chatton communion cup and flagon, 259
Chawbre, James, Newcastle goldsmith,

Chawner, Henry, silversmith, 260
Cheshire and Lancashire, men of, at

Flodden, 14, 366
Chester-le-Street, 85, 379; communion

cup and paten, 267
Chesters, 80
Chevington, East and West, ancient

farms in, 154
Chillingham castle captured by Scots,

355 ; Edward Gray captain of, 355 n;

church, communion plate of, 259, 260
Chirton, number of farms in, 135; East

and West, ancient farms in, 154
Chollerton parish and township, ancient

farms in, 154; church, communion


cup, 260

Chorographia, The, 95n, 378n
Christ on the Cross, representation of, 45
Christian II. of Denmark subdued

Sweden, 223
Chronicles of England, Holinshed,

Castell, Whateley, & Powell, 459
Castle Eden communion Alagon, 265 ;

cup, 266 ; paten, 267
Castles, one or three, Newcastle plate

mark, 399

Church Kelloe communion plate, 264

cup, etc., 266
Church plate, Old, in counties of North-

umberland and Durham, 249; Car-

lisle, 249 ; melted, 250
Churchyard cross, Blanchland, 304
Cilurnum, Roman bridges across the

North Tyne near, 328
Civil War, 37
Clare, Joseph, silversmith, 259
Clark, John, of Alnwick, 281
Clarkson's Survey, 142, 148

[blocks in formation]

Claverings of Callaly, 96
Clavering, John, of Berrington, 102;

Mary, of Chopwell, 107
Clay, Roger, tenant of High Buston,

Clennel, 459
Clephan, James, paper on 'Widdrington

and Carlyle,' 457; on Newcastle
assay office, 409
Clephan, Robert Coltman, on the

Hanseatic confederation, 211
Clifton field, Morpeth, 57
Cloth, Hansa's export of, from England,

Close, Richard, curate of Slaley, 342
Coatsworth, Michael, 205
Coatyards, ancient farms in, 153
Cockfield, communion cup, 267
'Cockle parke bushell,' 191
Coffin chalice of copper, 262
Coke, lord, 133
Coldingham, St. Cathbert said to have

walked into waves up to neck at,

Collingwood, 459; George of Eslington,

Cole coates,' 276
Cologne, 217, 227; Roman altar found

at, 325
Commons, House of, 459
Common fields,

itchen, Hertfordshire;
Burton Agnes, Yorkshire, 130
Communities, ancient, study of customs

of, commenced in Germany, 123; in
England, 123; in France, 123; in
Russia, 123; Village, in east and
west, 123n
Concilia, Wilkin's, 226
Coniscliffe communion cup, 263
Constable, sir Marmaduke, 7, 357;

Flodden, 27, 30; monumental inscrip-

tion in Flamborough church, 357
Conyers, lord, 369
Cookson, Isaac, 260, 261, 266, 267, 423,
et seq.; apprenticed to Mr. Batty, a

Newcastle goldsmith, 423, 433
Cookson, John, partner in Old Bank,

455, 456 ; died, 457, 466 ; Isaac, son
of John, partner in Old Bank, 457;
retired, 462
Cope, sir John, orders drawn by, 452;

defeat of, 453
Copenhagen taken and sacked by forces

of the Bund, 217
Copyholder,' 142
Coquetdale, Jacobite movement in

Upper, 93; ward (west division),

papists' houses in, 1714, 111
Corbet, Nicholas, marries Margery de

Bolbeck, 296

Corbridge, butts at, 128; MS. map of

common field strips, 130; enclosure
award, 130; strips known as “The
Cavils,' 140 n; church, communion

cup and paten, 260
Cornhill, communion cup, 259
Cornwall, freeholds of many manors in

hands of lord, 144; tin mines of,
mortgaged to Easterlings, 232
Corpus Insc. Latin., quoted, 77n
Cosen's lane, London, 243
Cosin, John, bishop of Durham, 393
Cote, Aston and, fishing rights of

tenants of manor of, 130
Cotes, Thomas, rector of Rothbury, 94;

schoolmaster at Stanton, 94
Cottagers holding in undivided town.

ship, 140
Cottingwood, race course at, 58
Coulanges, The Origin of Property in

Land, 122 n, 123
Council and Officers for 1893, v.; for

1894, xxix
Country bankers, meeting of, 459
Courts leet and baron, Morpeth,

customs of, 52
Coutts & Co., 455, 458
Coutts, Alexander, letter to, 453
Coutts, James, of Edinburgh, goes to

London, 454 ; marries niece of George
Campbell, 454; taken into partner-
ship, 454; suggested as 'junior' for

Old Bank, Newcastle, 455
Coutts, John, banker in Edinburgh,

452; letter to, 453; four sons of,
454 ; lord provost, 454; portrait of,

454, 455
Coutts, Patrick, 454; Thomas, 454
Coutumes de Normandie, 125 n
Cowper (lady), account of, 107;

Diary, 102n et seq.; née Mary

Clavering of Chopwell, 107
Coxon, Robert, affidavit of, relating to

ancient farms in North Middleton, 153
Coyll, Humphrey, Newcastle, gold-

smith, 400
Cracow, a Hanse town, 218
Crail, church at, similar to church at

Haltwhistle, 177
Cramer, John, Newcastle goldsmith,

400; Thomas, Newcastle goldsmith,

Cramond, near Edinburgh, fifth cohort

of Gauls at, 158
Craven contingent at Flodden, list of,

Crawford, earl of, at Flodden, 27, 367;

slain, 30, 368 ; James, Newcastle

goldsmith, 261
| Creçy, 37

[blocks in formation]


Crefeld, Roman altar from, 325
Creighton (canon), The Northumbrian

Border, 121n
Creswelle, John de, 350
Cripps, Wilfred J., on Northumberland

and Durham church plate, 249; Old

English Plate, 397
Cristofori's Storia dei Cardinali di

Santa Romana Chiesa, quoted

Cross, medieval, at Low hall, Middle-

ton St. George, 45
Croke, le,' 269
Cronotassi dei cardinali, quoted 271 n
Crookham, Scottish artillery drawn up

opposite, 362
Curse of Scotland,' the, 364
Crops, rotation of, 125
Crossman, sir William, on a bull of

Adrian IV, relating to Neasham

priory, 268
Croyland, abbey of, 150
Crucifixion, representation of,

painted glass, 303
Cucking stool, the, 216
• Culfre Cotes' = dove-cotes, 281
Cullercoats, 275 ; Quaker burial-ground

at, 274; surrender of lands at, 276;
Arnold's close at, 276; removal of
remains in Quaker burial-ground at,
to Preston cemetery, 277 ; land form-
ing pier demised to John Carr, 283 ;
'Sparrow hall,' 285; leases to get
coal at, 285; and freestone at, 285 ;
salt pans at, 286; ‘Historic memo-
randa concerning,' 287; ownership
of pier at, 287; baths at, 290; lease
of waggonway at, 292; deed relating

to 'Sparrow hall,' 293
Cultivation, two and three field system

of, 122
Cumberland, duke of, 453
Cuncus, examples of word on Roman

inscriptions, 324
Curiosities of Literature, 215n
Currey, Robert, of North Shields,

drowned in Lawson's sumpe, 280 ;
Isabel, wife of, 289; Robert, son of,

Curry, William, entered in Newcastle

goldsmiths' company's books, 440
Customers of bank, 458, 459
Customs of ancient communities, study

of, commenced in Germany, 123; in
England, 123; in France, 123; in

Russia, 123
Customs of Morpeth courts leet and

baron, 52
Customs and Ancient Laws of Russia,


Dacre, lord, 2, 357; chief leader of

Cumberland men at Flodden, 13, 28;
accused of secret leanings to Scottish
side, 13; ancestor of · Bessie wi' the
braid apron,' 13; vigorous charge of,
30, 367; sent his Agnus Dei to
Surrey, 30; discovered body of
Scottish king stripped, 34 ; founded

Neasham priory, 268
Dale, James, of Ravensthorpe, 201
Dalston, William, curate of Slaley, 342
Dalton, 261; William, apprentice to

Newcastle goldsmiths' company, 438
Dand, Middleton Henry, of Hauxley,

133; affidavit of, as to ancient farms

in Warkworth, 154
Dantzic, one of the Hanse towns, 217
Darcy, lords, 175
Darlington, St. Cuthbert's, communion

cup and flagons, 265; cup and cover,

*Dead Friar's hill,' 301
Death and the Antiquaries, 123
Dees, R. R., 130
Delaval, Hugh, baron of, marries Maud

de Bolbeck, 296
Delaval, John, of Tynemouth, 276 ;

Peter, 276; Ralph, confirmation of

lands at Cullercoats, 276
Demans and High Buston, ancient

farms in, 154
Dendy, F. W., on the ancient farms of

Northumberland, 121
Denmark, letter anent Flodden to court

of, 354
Dernton, abbot John, of Fountains, 383
Derwent, valley of, 295
Derwentwater, St. Herbert, hermit of,

• Derwentwater's lights,' 106
Derwentwater, earl of, roadside cross to

memory of, 94; and meeting at

Greenrig, 99
Deventer, one of the Hanse towns, 217
Dinsdale, communion cups at, 263, 266;

paten, 264; Elizabethan cups, 254
Disraeli, Curiosities of Literature, 215n
District Bank, Northumberland and

Durham, 463, 464
Dixon, George, apprentice to Newcastle

goldsmiths' company, 440; deserted
his master, 440

[blocks in formation]

Dixon, D. D., Jacobite movement in

Upper Coquetdale, 93
Dockwray, 459
Documents, old, at Merton college,

Oxford, 113
Doddington bridge, Surrey crossed Till

at, 359; church, communion plate,

Dodds, Henry, of Peels, affidavit of as

to ancient farms in Elsdon, 154
Dodson, Albany, Newcastle goldsmith,

Dodsworth, of Thornton Watlass, 175;

rector of Gateshead, 175
Domesday Studies, 125n, 150
Domesday Survivals, Taylor, 130
Doncaster, 115
Donkin, John, brewer, 375
Doran's London in Jacobite Times,

1089, 109n
Dordrecht, one of the Harse towns, 217
Dorpat, one of the Hanse towns, 217
Dortmund, 216; one of the Hanse

towns, 217
Doubleday, John, 194; Thomas, 377
Douglas, earl of, 369
Douthwayte, John, Newcastle gold-

smith, 266, 400
Dove, family of, of Tynemouth, Culler-

coats, and Whitley, 281; Robert,
281; a considerable landowner, 283;
one of 'twenty-four' of Tynemouth

church, 283 ; will of, 292
Dove, Barbara, married Thomas Fearon,

Dove, John, 289; collieries at Whitley

demised to, 283; grants lease to
John Carr of land forming pier at

Cullercoats, 283 ; will of, 293
Dove, John, son of Thomas, of Wapping,

Down hill, Northumberland, cuttings

across vallum at, xxvi
Dryburgh abbey founded, 300
Dugdale's account of Neasham, 272n
Duisberg, one of the Hanse towns, 217
Dumbarton, landing of M. d'Aussi at,

Dumée, N., and F. Batty, silversmiths,

Dunbar, 458
Dunbar, William, poems of, en
Dunn, John Charles, vicar of Blanch-

land, 306
Dunston Hill, 452
Durham before the Conquest, Long-

staffe's, 380n
Durham, co., church plate of, 249; no

pre-Reformation chalice in, 250;
Surtees’s History of, referred to,
272n; a 'farm' or 'farmhold' in,

Durham, Northumberland and, church

plate of, 397
Durham, men of bishopric of, at Flodden,

27 ; bishop Ruthall of, letters con-

cerning Flodden, 36
Durham, 115, 116; bishops of, 163,

183; Wessington, prior of, 86
Durham abbey, lord Surrey hears mass

in, 7
Durham cathedral, communion plate,

264; large set of plate, 265; Nine

Altars in, 382
Durham Chapter library, pre-Reforma-

tion paten in, 252; Roman inscrip-

tions in, 309
Durham, St. Giles, communion cup and

cover, 263 ; paten, 266 ; tlagon, 267 ;
St. Margaret, communion cup, 264;
paten, 267 ; St. Mary in the South
Bailey church, alms dish, 263; cup,
etc., and Hagon, 266; St. Mary-le-
Bow, communion cup, 263; flagons
and patens, 264 ; St. Nicholas, com-
munion cup, etc., 264 ; St. Oswald's,
alms dish, 264; collecting basin,

266 ; cup, 267
Durham, Northumberland and,

archaeological map of, xxi; Trans-
actions of Archaeological Society of,

referred to, 297n
Dyer, chief justice, 133

286; married Mary Hudson, 287;
sells mansion at Cullercoats, 286;
daughters Sarah,

marries rev. Curwin Hudleston, 287
Dove, Thomas, 285; married Elizabeth

Shipton, 285; death of, 285
Dove, Thomas, of Whitley and Culler-

coats, sale of Arnold's close to, 276 ;
lease to get coal by to Richard
Simpson, 285 ; Christopher, 281; will
of, 290; John, son of, 276, 280;
Oswald, of Monkseaton, 281; Thomas,
280, 281; Ellenor, wife of, 281 ;
Frances, daughter of, 280; William,
280, 290; Eliner, wife of, 280, 290;
Alice, daughter of, 289; Mary,

daughter of, 289
Dove, Mary, wife of John, of Whitley,

284, 289
Dove, lieutenant, 289




E, T, linked silversmith's mark, 259
Earsdon, ancient farms in, 152; number

of farms in, 135; customary payment
to vicar of, 152; communion cup and
paten of church, 259, 262

Easington, North Yorkshire, church of,

dedicated by St. Cuthbert, 91
Easterlings, the, 226; tin mines of

Cornwall mortgaged to, 232
East and west, village communities in,

Easter, Roman practice of fixing, 86 ;

act of civil power at Whitby, 86n;
in Russia and Austria kept by
Catholics of Latin rite according to

eastern calendar, 86n
Eata retired to banks of Tweed, 87;

conformed to Roman way of keeping
Easter, 86; appointed abbot over
English monks at Lindisfarne, 86;

bishop of Lindisfarne, 88
Economic History, Ashley's 122n
Eden, sir John, 460, 461
Edinburgh, 452, 454, 466 ; St. Giles's

church, 392
Edlingham communion plate, 262
Edmundbyers communion cup, 265
Edward I., 162, 296; abbot of Blanch-

land summoned as a peer to parlia-
ment, twenty-third year of, 228;

charter of Inspeximus, 339
Edward III., 183; and the Hansa

league, 232
Edward IV., 113; and the Hansa, 235
Edward VI., church plate melted dur-

ing reign of, 250
Effigy, Sedgefield church, 390
Effingham, lord Howard of, hero of

the Armada, 11
Egfrid, King, 88; gave lands of Cart-

mel to St. Cuthbert, 89; defeat and

death of, 89
Eggescliva, Alan de, gift to Neasham by,

Eggs and poultry, rental paid in, 128
Eglingham communion plate, 259, 261
Egred, bishop, gave “Gedweardes' to

church of St. Cuthbert, 89
Egton in Furness, 89
Egyptiait shadoof, lever arrangement

of, 335
Egyston, Robert, grave cover,
Blanchland, 303; Thomas, on grave

Ellison, 459; Elizabeth, wife of William

Fenwick, of Stanton, 95n; Robert,
of Otterburn, 287; Elizabeth, daugh-
ter of, married Henry Hudson, 287;
Robert, junior, 458
Elrington, town green of, 146; hall

and demesnes, 146
Elsdon parish, ancient farms in, 154 ;

communion plate, 261, 262
Elswick, 129; customary farms in, 142;

butts' in common fields of, north

and south, 128
Elton, Origins of English History,

Elton communion cup, 265
Elwick hall communion cup and alms

dish, 265
Ely, bishop of, court at Littleport, 142;

James Stanley, bishop of, 356 ; arms
of, 356; queen Ethelreda, foundress

of, 356
Embleton, journey from Oxford to, and

back in 1464, 113; living of, belongs
to Merton college, Oxford, 113;

communion plate, 262
Embleton, near Sedgefield, ancient

chapel at, 380
Embleton, Dr., on black and brown

rats, 97
Emma, daughter of Waldeof, 268
Emmerich, one of the Hanse towns,

'Emperor's people,' 227
Engelais, grant to Neasham by, 268
England, study of customs of ancient

communities in, 123; villeinage in,
123n; Teutonic trade with, 213;
cloth exported from, 238; Hansa
privileges in, withdrawn, 242 ; opera-
tions of Hanseatic league forbidden,

English, defeat of right of, at Flodden,

30; attempt to close Baltic to, 235;
the 'ball' of the, 125; cloth, sale of,
forbidden, 236; merchants to quit

Germany, 243
English at Flodden, alarm of the, 365
Eric, king, 219
Errington, Thomas, of Beaufront, 102
Errol, earl of, 367 et seq.
Esh communion paten, 264; cup, 266
Esher, lord, 144
• Espoir conforte le Gueval,' motto on

cover, 303
Eimbech, one of the Hanse towns, 217
Elbing, 215; one of the Hanse towns,

Elfed, abbess of Whitby, 91
Elizabeth, queen, and the Hansa, 241 ;

church plate melted during reign of,
250; barony of Bolbeck in crown,

Elizabethan communion cups, 252, 259,

262, 263
Ellenborough, 80

James IV's sword, 371
Essex, Arthur, earl of, demise of collieries

at Whitley to John Dove, 283
Etal, 37; Thomas Carr of, 39; castle

taken by Scots, 7, 355
Etheldreda, St., queen of Northumber-

land, banner of, 356


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