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DEATH OF MRS. TROUTT. [The following notice of the death of Mrs. Troutt, having been mislaid, its insertion bas thereby been delayed until now.Ed.)

MRS. TROUTT left this world on Sab- her interment was deferred until the bath, 16th of Dec. 1821. The following Tuesday following, when her body was are the particulars of her death. committed to the earth, by the side of

On that day she attended a prayer. her husband, who had died a short time meeting, at Sister Ranson's, in the vil. before. lage of Haverstraw. While there she ap- That Sister Troutt died in the Lord, peared to be well and cheerful. Near the we have the fullest evidence. From the close of the meeting, Judge De Noyelle time that she embraced religion, until requested her to join in prayer. While the day of her death, she manifested an fervently engaged in this solemn exer- invincible attachment to the cause of cise, it was noticed, that in bringing to Christ, evincing in her tempers, words mind her past life, she wept much, but and actions, the purity and excellency soon her weeping was succeeded by of that religion, which was the joy of joy, and she praised the Lord for having her heart, and the support of her life. sent his messengers, to proclaim a full Affliction she bore with true Christian and free salvation; that ever the glad fortitude and hämble resignation, always tidings of the Redeeiner's birth bad bowing with submission to the will of reached her ears, and the power of truth God. Her faith and patience, had rehad reached and changed her heart ; 'cently been put to the test, by the death and after dwelling with rapture upon of her husband, who, it is hoped, exthe glories of the holy city, she said, changed this world for a better. In* How happy shall we be to set down stead of murmuring at this event, slie in our Father's kingdom, where we hope made it a motive to excite her to dilito praise him for ever.” She said no gerce in preparing to follow him. After which a hymn was sung

She was a woman of much prayer. and another prayer was made, and the In addition to her secret devotions, how congregation was dismissed. In the often have wè witnessed the fervour of Class-Meeting, which was beld imme- her spirit in our solemn assemblies. In diately after the congregation was dis- our prayer-meetings especially, she genmissed, it was discovered that the spirit erally took an active part; and on these of our sister had taken its departure occasions she often expressed her joyfrom the body. Some, however, thought ful anticipation of a final deliverance that she had only fainted, and there- from all her sorrows. She was, indeed, fore, with a view, if possible, to reani- an example of piety, of faith, of patience, mate ber, various stimulants were ap- and of resignation, worthy the imitation plied, but all to no purpose.

She was of all. May this example be long lethen removed to the nearest house, membered and imitated by her surviving when it soon appeared evident to all, friends. that she was really dead. Nevertheless




Frun the Wesleyan-Methodist Magazine.

THE NATIVITY. SULLEN age on age was gone,

Harps and voices'angel-ton'd, Since from Heaven the Mighty One

Hover'd v'er it in that cloud. Stoop'd to earth to live and uie,

With their faces earthward bow'd, Veiling all his Majestv;

The Shepherds heard the glorious bymi, Nöt upon the thunders burne,

Till the seraph pomp was dim,Not upon the wings of morn:

“ Peace to man, and praise to God,"--O'er the shepherd-camp at night

Ecboing up the starry road, *Came a lone and lovely light,

Through the million wor.ds around, Silvering with its moon-like beam

Like a new Creation's sound, The village root's of Bethlehem :

Till it reach'd the gates of Heaven :Shapes, with seraph beauty zon'd,

Man was in that hour forgiven!

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CHRISTMAS, BY CHARLES WESLEY. Rejoice in Jesu's birth!

His name, bis nature, soars To us a Son is given,

Beyond the creature's ken: To us a child is born on earth,

Yet wbom the angelic host adores, Who made both earth and heaven!

He pleads the cause of men! His shoulder props the sky,

Our counsellor we praise, This universe sustains !

Our Advocate above, The God Supreme, the Lord most high,

Who daily in his Church displays The king Messiah reigns !

His miracles of love.

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