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ney safe.

Jenkin groaned, and fastened a look of extremelute eye; presently a singular change came over pity upon his master. Then a door opened, and his features. An expression of genileness, wonJoan Gregory entered. Her cheeks were blood. derful in such a countenance, was plainly to be seen less and her lips compressed. In spite of her noble upon them. The old man almost sobbed. person, and the extraordinary beauty of her mel. “Jenkin, give the boy the chair." There was ancholy face, there was something in the firmer but one in the room, and whilst Lewis Gregory was moods of this high-spirited girl, to excite fear rath- led to this, his father rambled about from windows er than love.

to doors, and from doors to windows, turning his "Father," she said abruptly, “ Lewis has come, eyes always away from him. and the time for action has come. He and his dear • Father," said the blind man. family-his wife and the lille ones, your grand- “Not now-not now," said the miser. children, will be cast upon the world if you do not In a few minutes he came to his son's side and aid him. Father, break this miserable spell that took his hands into his own. destroys you--that destroys us all--and save him." “ Father," said Lewis Gregory, “this is a sad

" The old cry--the old cry," said the miser. “I meeting, after so many years of separation. Your am to pay money because Lewis is a fool.” And hands are thin with age, but they have more labur he tightened his grasp of the frayed skirt of his in them than mine. I ain blind-utterly blind." threadbare coal, which he had fidgetted into his And he turned his sightless eyes up to his father's Isands, as if, in lightening the grasp, he held his mo- face.

The old man, with the singular gentleness be“ Lewis is most unhappy--not a fool. He is a coming more and more distinct opon his counteblind man, beset by poverty and debt, which you nance, made no reply, but continued 10 hold his can remove in a moment-hear me father-remove son's hands. in a moment. Ah! that you should refuse to save “ Joan has spoken 10 you of my condition," said your own son—so worthy a son-when bis salva- Lewis Gregory. And, indeed, it has come to ljon would be so easy. I, father, would die to save this extreme point, that unless you aid me, my wife him. As I hope for God's mercy, I think that I and children will be beggars. I cannot bring og would be resolute enough to do so."

stubborn spirit lo entreat you; God forgive my bu" What can I do?" said the old man querulously. man pride ; aid me, or deny me; the work, for

“What can you do? I will tell you father, not safety, or for hopeless ruin, must be your own." only what you can do to save Lewis, but what you Here there was an interruption. A blue-eyed can do to gain happiness for yourself. Throw open urchin, a noble looking lule fellow, dashed a door your doors-cultivate your lands—live like a gen- open, which the recent entrances had left ajır, and ileman, the descendant of gentlemen-fill this des- entered the room. As he did so, a light step ber. olate old house with the merry noises of ehildren- ried after him, and Anne Gregory became visible your grandehildren. The wealth which you love at the door. We have not before seen her by day. will be trebled after every charge upon your love light, and she is well worth looking at. She has and duty as a parent. Is not this so ?"

a very young fresh face-loo pale just now_large * Money ventured, money lusi," multered the old innocent eyes, and waving hair of so light and

glossy a brown that you can scarcely distinguish • Well, suppose it were lost," said Joan Grego- its colour for its glitter. Her figure is litbe, bat ry, with tears rising to fill her eyes, suppose that womanly and perfect. She is scarcely eighteenthe aid to Lewis were bui the casting of your riches four or five years younger than her taller, equally into a gulf; if you save him by the sacrifice, do beautiful perhaps, but sadder sister. Her pursuit you not achieve the one thing for which wealth is of the child ended at the door, in which she stood alone to be greatly desired? You raise up the undecided, looking from one to another. Joan did fallen, you make the unhappy happy. Father how not seem to regard her as an available ally, botwill you sleep when this day has passed, and you withstanding the old man's love for this youngest have sealed the fate of Lewis and his little chil- and most cherished of his children. In fact, the dren ?"

resolute sisler undervalued the soft and babitually The miser trembled. Dreams are the whips yielding one, and misinterpreted a child-like gayety which scar the hearts of such men. Without farther and simplicity into feebleness—a mistake rery words, Joan Gregory left the room. In a few mo- often made. “ Anne might do much," Joan had ments she returned, leading Lewis, the blind man, mused, in preparing for the interview with her fagently by the hand. He came with the step of ther, "if she used her influence; but she has no doubt which marks the blind; but his colourless face, firmness, and would only weep like a child." And dim for want of the bright fires of the eye, was perhaps Anne would have done so, for she had yet very tranquil; a calm majesty ennobled the never learned under the dominating vigor of her appearance of this unfortunate man. The miser sister, to use the strength of her own nature. A: louked upon his son at first with a sharp and reso. 'she stood in the door-way, she caught a signal from



Joan and slowly retired, leaving the child whom dove was showing the talons of the falcon. The she had pursued.

old man became a picture of terror. The boy advanced towards the group in the cen- " Rob me-rob me of my money?" he half muttre of the room, saying, “ Aunt Joan, 1 don't like tered, half gasped ; " what money have 1? The this house."

little would do no good. What would you have ?" Joan look him into her arms. “ This, father, is “ Many thousands of dollars : how many brolittle Miles, your namesake,” she said. Look ther?" replied his daughter, her firm tone becomwell at the beautiful boy, who, so soon, will want ing yet firmer, her eyes fixed, the red spots upon bread." There was a great deal of bitterness in her cheeks blazing. the girl's tone as she said this; and she looked al- “ Joan,” said Lewis Gregory, “this is dreadful. most haughtily at her father.

You carry your love for me too far.

Lead me " The child will never want bread," answered away; and then subdue your feelings. Be gentle, the old man;" we must see to that-we must see as you have always been, to our poor father.” to that. A very little is enough for reasonable As surely as I live, and wish to die”—Joan wants. Eh! Jenkin ? Take the child away." Gregory answered, “I will take this money. If I

" Father," said Joan Gregory, who still retain. am dragged away to prison for the deed, I will deed her liule nephew, his pretty head with its light clare my motive and receive my punisment. I will curls pressed against the oval of her proud, earn. say that I did the deed to save others—even the est face, " father, I hoped just now that you were father whom I robbed; that I shuddered at the deed, relenting. You were moved, I saw, by looking and scorned to benefit by it; that I did my duty as again upon your son, whom you cast off long years I understood it.” ago. But the gentle look has left your face. You “God help us," groaned Lewis Gregory. “Sorhave shrunk back. You will do nothing. Now rows crowd upon us. Joan, your mind wanders.” father listen to me. You must aid your son, my "Wanders ?" replied the excited girl, who had brother. Do you hear ?—you must aid him.” The spoken, and still spoke, in tones all the more imcountenance of the girl was full of boldness, al- pressive for their unnatural calmness ; " it does not most anger; her brows were drawn into sharp wander. It clings to its purpose. I will do this straight lines, and a red spot flushed out on each thing which the world calls utterly vile. I will do cheek.

it with a high intention, and pure hands." "Be gentle, Joan,” said Lewis Gregory. “It “Jenkin," said Miles Gregory, the miser, in a is our father to whom you speak.”

husky whisper, “ what shall we do ?" But Jenkin "I think of that,” replied Joan. " But there are was beyond giving counsel. He had been weepthings which we cannot endure from any hands. ing, sighing, or groaning, continuously, since the God knows, my owa suffering—if it brought me to arrival of his young master; and now, turning his death-ah! how welcome death becomes to the shrivelled face from one to another, looked entreatmiserable ! -would never wring a word of anger or ingly, but said nothing. reproof from me. But it is you, and your little “I have no money-none lo speak of," said the ones, and your poor wife. I am in despair. I will miser at last, eagerly, as if he had caught a spar speak. I will control. The thing must, and shall in the whirl of the sea of misery—" but there is a be done. Father, if you were dying, and a medi- bond of Jeptha Smooth, and John Stanton—a great cine of sure virtues, which would at once restore bond-a bond for nine thousand dollars.” you, were locked away near at hand, would I not Joan had become the principal director of the use force to reach it, to procure it, to save you ? business of the interview. Looking doubtfully into Well, my brother and his dear ones are in deadly the crafty eyes of her father, she said : peril; the means of saving them lie yonder ; you • These were the great speculators who are now Jook alarmed—there is cause for it. I tell you, ruined; is it not so ?" father that your hordes of money must be opened, “ Yes," said her brother, musing, “ but the bond aye emptied, if that is necessary, for this great pur- might be collected, in whole or in part. I know of pose. You are destroying yourself-pining your certain funds left from the wreck of these men. body—and laying away stores of remorse 10 kill If, sir, you place this bond at my disposal, it may your very soul. Perhaps I should have been reso- give me much relief." lure, instead of sad, in my struggle to save you in The miser groaned. The bond might, after all, past times. But now, surely, when the poison be collected; but as he hesitated, a vision of poswhich destroys you is to destroy all, and our house sible results—a failure in the attempt to collect, is to be ruined-even to the lule ones-even to the with lawyers, clerks, sheriffs, turning and fastenchild here in my arms—I say my tears shall scorching like leeches upon his substance, came to the their sources before I shed one of them ; my hands rescue. Then, too, the glowing eyes of his daughshall act. Father, I will rob you-do you hear ?— ter were upon him, and she had shaken him with a rob you."

terrible fear. How far, parental love, which surely Lewis Gregory seemed infinitely shocked. The'was in his heart, for from no heart can it be extir

pated, and it had been visible in his old, unhappy face upon the entrance of his son, bad !o do with

CHAPTER III. the questionable sacrifice he was about to make, I A day or two had elapsed. Joan Gregory had fear to conjecture. He promised to give up the gone to the house of her brother, in Casselton—, bond to his son, but took no step to get it. His liule neighbouring town. Lewis Gregory sat in eyes wandered from a part of the room, in which the shade of a tree, which almost roofed, with its nothing was visible, to its occupants.

spreading boughs, the grassy enclosure before bis “ He fears to betray the biding-place of his cottage. An expression of hoperolness blended riches to his children ; poor-poor father!" mute with the quiet resignation, which extreme pallor, tered Joan Gregory, upon whom sofier influences and sightless eyes, usually gave soch winning efwere beginning to work. “Come brother; I will fect lo, in his fine face. A great present danger return for this bond." And Joan left the room, would be met and overcome, by the means which bearing the child, and leading the blind man. Jen- his father had placed in his hands. His wife, inkin hobbled after her. Left alone, Miles Gregory deed, lay upon a bed of sickness, from which she locked the doors of the great room, and presently had not risen for a long time; but her malady was put a key to a part of the wainscotting, which ex- stealthy and gradual, cheating the fears of love by tended, in pannels, as high as the chair-board. He its very slowness, and especially by occasional unlocked a hidden door, which, opening, disclosed bright reactions into apparent health. The good a spacious recess in the wall. Into this he thrust success, with which the appeal to Miles Gregory his hands, and presently drew them out wiha par. had met, had been a restorative to the siek wocel of papers in them. He hurriedly look one from man ; and as her blind husband sat hopefully, under the rest, put the others back, reclosed the door, the summer tree, she called her children about ber, locked it, slipped the key into his pocket, and, and with fushed cheeks, and bright eyes, enjoyed glancing about him, became quite a placid and kind - their merriment, and caresses. Joan Gregory, enly old gentleman to look upon.

joyed this scene, yet stole from it, and joined her Joan Gregory, on returning to her father's room

brother. found the door unlocked. She entered, passed We have a glimpse of happiness, to-day," said swifily to where the old man had sealed himself in the girl," and I think, brother, that happiness is a the wicker chair, received ihe paper from his hands, great medicine. But the work is far from complete. and, bending over him, burst into tears.

We must, gradually, get rid of all debts, and secure “ Father,” she said, " forgive me. I was most some provision for the future. I think that the least wretched. It was only a terrible necessity that costly mode of doing so, will be to restore your made me speak such words to you. Forgive me,

sight. You could then labour, and achieve every Father." The old man put an arm about his daugh

thing." ter's neck, and a tear ran down each cheek, slow

Restore my sight ?" said Lewis Gregory, tornly, and as if the eyes, fully open, and with no ex- ing his dim eyes 10 his sister. “I despair of so pression whatever, were unconscious of their es- great, so unspeakable a blessing. No-no-all that

is beautiful in the outward world is forever lost to cape. “ This is good,” he said. “ Now we will be

me, except in the visions which my memory supquiet. Love me Nanny."

plies to me. Blindness is a terrible curse, my

dear. It is captivily in a deep dungeon; and this, The girl seemed shocked. “ Have I shaken your mind?" she said anxiously. “It is Joan, nou the bondman knows that, around him, beyand his

always terrible, becomes killing to the heart, when Anne."

prison-house, those dearest to him, his wife, his “I am not out of my mind," replied the old man, liue innocent children, are calling upon him 10 a crooked suspicion stealing in amongst his beiter hielp and sustain them. Wild beasis will contend emotions, and driving off the momentary turpor with their bars, and crash their strong ja ars against into which his mind had fallen. “I can look after the iron, to escape to the aid of their young. The my own without your helping me. You'll want iron bars are not more impassable than the walle some one-eh?—shortly, to lake care of the old of darkness which press around, and shut me in, man's money."

whilst my children-like liule Anselm and GaddoJoan turned, with a sigh, and left the room. call from beyond, upon me, for bread.” Again left alone, Miles Gregory looked long at the “ The more terrible the calamity," said Joan, part of the wall in which his treasures were con- the more we should strive to remove it. There cealed. Doubt and distrust were evidently re- are famous oculists in the world. Money will bey turning in undivided force upon him. Then he their skill. Noney we must have for this great seemed to become peevish, and crushed, with the work. Let but ihe blessed sunshine gleam in point of his slick, a large gray spider that came through these shut gates, and you are free, safe, out upon the floor, and approached him with the and happy. You liken yourself to a man in priconfidence of a long established friendship.

If you were so in fact, I would tear my way



through stone-walls, with bleeding hands, if there “Who is it that comes riding so ?" asked Lewis were no other means of restoring you to freedom. Gregory. With the same devotion, I will extricate you from “Listen," answered the girl with a white face. this dungeon of blindness, if God permits me to do As she spoke, some boys, who ran upon the side80. Human obstacles shall not turn me aside. A walks, imitating the spasmodic motions of the galportion of our father's misused wealth must be de. loping horse, shouted : voted to this good purpose. In saving you, and

“ Old Miles-Old Miles-hurrah for the miser!" yours, it will make even himself happier. Bro.

(To be continued.) ther, this present aid, which gives you so much relief, has already had its humanizing effect upon him. Tears were in his eyes, as I spoke with him. Tears are rain to the desert of such a poor old man's heart. And then, too, something must be done for dear Grace, who is quite happy now that

THE RETURN OF SONG. her husband is relieved. The soft airs of some distant countries are healing, and saving, to such invalids. Our father's misused wealth must place this cure within her reach. I will not bend or yield

I thought my love of song had fed, until these great works are accomplished.”

Like other loves before ; " You speak," said Lewis Gregory, "100 hope

I thonght my harp had lost its string, fully. If we can vanquish the infirmity of our

And could resound no more. poor father, so far as to gain a payment of my re

But when the Spring with odorous breath, maining debts, and a safe provision for my family,

Came smiling o'er the lawn, it will be more than I dare now even to hope for ;

And evening with her fairy lights an unspeakable blessing—one to fill my heart with

Rivalled the fairy dawn, gratitude to God, who has won me nearer to him

The fresh and bright enamelled turfby this affliction.”

The dews that on it lay-
As the blind man spoke, a horseman approached. The shadow of the young green leaves,
The horseman was Henry Grant, of Station. He

The first sweet bud of May,dismounted, and joined Joan Gregory and her bro.

All-all these beauteous things combined, iber, on the grass in the shade of the tree. He

And through the senses made came to make a direct offer of pecuniary aid to

A glowing spring-time for the mind, Lewis Gregory; a moderate present aid, to be in

With flowers and sun and shade. creased in the future. Joan and her brother, aware of this generous man's struggles against the very

And then my barp with trembling string,

Gare forth a gentle tone, evil of debt, which he was seeking to alleviate in

A soft and pleasant melody another, heard his offer with much feeling, and told

That only seemed its own, him of the successful application to Miles Gregory, which rendered his aid no longer necessary.

For Powers of whom I cannot tell,

Or whal, or whence they be, " The bond of Jeptha Smooth, and John Stan

Like winds through an Æolian harp, lon, can be collected," said Lewis Gregory. " It

Whispered their thoughts to me. will be taken in present discharge of executions

Madison, Indiana. I have made an arrangement to this effect, and am to transfer it this evening. I have no pressing debts which this will not discharge."

" This is certainly a great success,” said llenry Grant.

" All will end well. Give us but time." “ Yes,” said Joan Gregory—"lime, and the

THE CRIMINAL CODE OF VIRGINIA. blessing of God. We possess, already, resolute hearts. Do you know that this present success The new Criminal Code, framed by the last Lehas made me very hopeful, and quite happy ?” gislature, is now published-occupying just 72 pa

• Who is it that rides so fast ?" said Lewis Gre- ges. We discover still some obscurities, and some gory, bending his head, and listening. " Some one adherences to old verbosity ; but taking it all in all, comes, at a gallop, on the Hackwood road. He is Virginia never before saw such a sample of terse, now on the sounding flat, just over the hill." clear, sensible and well arranged legislation. It

In a minute, an old, strangely dressed man, moun- makes punishable, we believe, a considerably greatted

upon a grotesque old horse, passed the comb of er number of offences than former laws did; yet a near hill, at a gallop which seemed a paroxysm fills not a fifth, perhaps not a lenth, of the space of the rickets.

which those laws filled. And it contains hardly a A cry escaped from the lips of Joan Gregory. 'hundredth part of the mailer for doubt, for uiter

against me.

perplexity to the reader or judge, that they con- quote a small part of it, italicizing the redundant tained.

words; and only remarking, that the phraseology There is a great improvement, in the more ra- not ihus pointed out is often far more eircuitoes tional graduation of punishments to offences. We than is necessary : are glad to see that offenders may now again be

Be it enacted by the General Assembly, That confined in the penitentiary for one year only, when where any person or persons within this Commerthe transgression is light enough to justify so short wealth shall be desirous of draining his, her or ther? a term : annulling a rule established by the mista- lands, and it shall be necessary for such porpose to ken wisdom of a former law, which made three conduct the water through the lands of another years the shortest time.

person or persons adjoining, by means of a comel


ditch or drain, to be cut or made for that purpuse, It is a pity that solitary confinement for part of and cannot obtain permission from such adjoining the term is not also restored. Despite the senti- proprietor or proprietors by consent or agreement, mental whining of Mr. Dickens in his “ American it shall be lawful for such person or persons so deNotes," over the sorrows of a solitary convict in siring,&c., &c., &c. the Philadelphia Penitentiary, we believe that fea

This intolerable rigmarole certainly was penned ture in the system to be worth all the rest togeth. by some sub clerk of a committee-not by the clerk er, for reforming offenders, and inspiring a salutary proper, to whom it is said that the drafting of bills horror of crime. Against Mr. Dickens, and against is often left, far less by any member, unless he were the sickly sensibility of our own legislature, back- a pettisogger. The members who so ably second ed even by the opinions of our Penitentiary phy- Messrs. Pallon and Robinson in their work of shortsician,—we place, triumphantly, the statistics of ening the penal code, should not have let such stof the penitentiaries in Pennsylvania, and divers other proceed from the body to which they belonged. states, shewing a vast superiority to our own in To keep such quackery out of our laws, surely the health, reformation, and all the other ends of pun. Revisors will prefix to the whole Code a set ei ishment. Whatever failure there was in our for- definitions, by which the language of all our legismer experiment, must have resulted from some de- lation may be squared. One of these definitions fect in carrying out the plan. Were the solitary should say that the singular shall be held to iscells properly aired, lighted and cleansed ? Were clude the plural; and the masculine, the feminice

. they furnished with plenty of clean water, for wash. Another, that a general term shall include all things ing? Was the convict made to wash himself all fairly embraced within it. And so on." over, every day? Was plenty of clean clothing

To specify a few of the new provisions in the regularly brought to him, and did frequent inspec- Criminal Codetions prove that he put it on ? Was work allowed

Called Courts, for the examination or trial of him, io exercise his limbs and relieve the dreari- criminals, are abolished ; and the regular terms of ness of solitude? Was there a small court open the county court substituted for them. to the sky, near his cell, where he might walk

The jury-law in criminal cases, which was pesstwice or thrice a day, attended by a keeper ? If alled two sessions ago, and was remarkable for its these precautions for health were taken, and others clumsy complication, is modified into more rative al which might be mentioned, then it might be doubl- shape ; retaining all its best features-e. 3; ed whether solitary confinement is compatible with summoning of jurors remote from the scene of the health. If the solar light, the light of day, was al crime,-calling them from an adjoining courty all excluded, this alone was cause enough for dis- when competent ones cannot be gotten from iba The Code has definitions prefixed, declaring the ducing the number of challenges, though not so

proper county,- paying those so summoned, —18senses in which certain words shall be taken ; and

ficiently,-&c. calculated to prevent the many tiresome and un

The venue may be changed, on motion of the graceful repetitions that puff out ordinary statutes. commonwealth's attorney, as well as of the prin There are not enough of such definitions,

however: and their application is unhappily restricted to this

Robbery, by one armed with a dangerous rea? code of 72 pages. They ought to have been made on, is punished by five or ten years in the Scale applicable 10 all enactments of the Virginia Legis- prison; if not so armed, by three or ten years, lature, criminal and civil; to all indictmenis, dec- The former law punished only robbery in er test larations and pleadings ; nay, and rules of con- a highway. All reference to a highway is des struction like thein should be declared lawful in all omiited. deeds, wills, and other instruments of writing what

The allempl to commit any crime is punistel soever. To show the need of such a condenser with a severity apportioned to the crime sites and simplifier as those definitions would be, let any ed. Till now, (strange to say,) no mere aten: one read an act of the late session to provide for draining lands, when adjoining proprietors will not

* See the article on “Wordiness in Legislation, " let their lands be entered for that purpose. We March No. of the Messenger.



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