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smooth surface of the water, but capable dered, and thrown overboard. The ofdiffusing a refreshing coolness through villains kept these seas in terror for some our frames, wearied and exhausted by time ; but at last, decoyed by a disthe day's labour. All our hands were guised sloop of war, which they mistook ashore at one of the plantations, for the for a merchantman, they were captured, ship was anchored up a narrow creek ; and the mate and five men run up to and the balmy fragrance of plants and the fore-yard arm. Ever since that, the flowers uniting with the solitude of the captain's ghost haunts the vessel, but is scene, shed a soothing influence over never seen except to foretel some disus. Insensibly I fell into a train of aster, either to the ship or crew. The melancholy musing. My mind wan sailor who told me saw him that night dered to the home I had been so long we arrived at Savannah ; and has not absent from. The dear friends I had the prediction been fulfilled in the death left there were they still in existence, of our men?” I could not forbear and did they recal thoughts of their laughing at the conclusion of this story, wandering sailor ? We talked over our to bis great annoyance, for he gave imearly days, of our scattered school-fel- plicit credit to such tales. I declared lows, of our boyish adventures, of our my total unbelief of supernatural apmore recent perils, and now of our pearances, and tried to argue him out parting.

of his faith in them, but to no purpose; “I

wish I could persuade you, Jack,” he remained firm and fast. We had said my companion, “ to give up your

much discussion on the subject, by birth here, and go home with me. One which neither of us was convinced ; so, of your late crew told me that this ship getting fairly tired of the topic, ! prowould never see Old England again, for posed taking supper and turning in. I all the rats had forsaken her ; and you do not know how long I had slept, when know as well as any of us, that it is a I was roused by Cuthbertson shaking sure sign the ending of the vessel is not me violently, and exclaiming, “ Rise, far distant when they leave her.”— Jack, for God's sake, rise, I have seen “ Well, let them go," returned I," and him !" I immediately started up; a fair wind to their tails! I care not “ Seen what,” inquired I, “ what have though I never see a whisker of them you seen ?" but the poor fellow was in again, we shall get the more beef and no condition to comply, he had become biscuit for ourselves in that case. I insensible. I lifted him up, and carknow it's a common superstition among

ried him on deck, where, by the appliseamen, but do

you think I am such a cation of a little water, he soon recoswab as to believe that a parcel of ver vered. mine can foretel a vessel's fate? No, no, “ After turning in,” said he, “ 1 lay I have engaged to


thinking on what we had been conversif that's all, i'll -"Aye, but hearken ing about, till I worked myself up to to me,”interrupted he, " that's not all.” such a state that I could not fall asleep. Many years ago, this ship left Nata, in I tried repeatedly to banish it from my the bay of Panama, with a quantity of mind, but in spite of all my efforts to specie for the merchants in London. get rid of it, it still recurred. After They had not been long at sea when tossing about for some hours, I got so the mate and crew agreed to kill the heated that I could lie no longer, so I captain, share the money, and turn pic thought I would rise, and take a turn rates. He was accordingly attacked fore and aft to cool myself, and see how when he came on deck, but being a the night looked. The moon was dim stout man he resisted, until weakened and hazy, and her light much obscured by loss of blood, he retreated to the by clouds driving with great swiftness bows, where he was overpowered, mur across her surface. The wind was all

voyage, and,

a-peak--for the fly of the vane at the forward, and tried to grapple with it; mast head was motionless and drooping. but without any sensible motion it reNot a leaf rustled on the trees ; and I ceded as I advanced, and, the moon sudalmost fancied I heard the rushing of denly becoming obscure, it vanished the clouds as they hurried over my head. from my sight on the forecastle. A I never felt myself so impressed with faintness came over me, I thought the the awful stillness of nature. I walked ship whirling round—I staggered to the a good while to and fro, and then stop-companion, but how I got down to the ped and leaned over the bulwarks at the cabin I know not.” He ceased, and waist to watch the progress of the car the agitation of his frame shewed how ries, wondering why they flew so rapidly deeply he was impressed with the reaabove, when it was such a dead calmlity of the apparition. I again ridiculed below. While thus engaged I chanced the notion of its having been a spirit, to turn my head, and thought I saw but rather some phantasy of the brain ; something white standing behind me. a form conjured up by the force of an I started, and rubbed my eyes to ascer over-wrought imagination ; and, pertain if I saw distinctly, for I had walked haps, a particular reflection of moonthe length of the deck only a few mi- light might perfect the delusion : and I nutes before, and knew that our men ended by swearing I would not trust the had not yet returned. The story of the evidence of my senses, although my captain haunting the vessel now flashed father should rise from the grave and across my mind, and the idea that I present himself before me.

« Well, stood in the presence of an unearthly Jack,” he returned, “ I'll argue the being created a feeling I cannot describe matter no more, I don't pretend to --my heart leaped to my mouth at the

guess at the purport of its visit; no conviction, and a cold shivering thrilled trifle would occasion its becoming visithrough my body. I tried to shut out ble to human eyes; but this I know, the vision, but my eyes were fascinated that all the powers on earth cannot by some spell against which I had no shake my conviction of its reality, or power of resistance. As I continued to

prove it a mere delusion of sight. We gaze, it gradually became brighter and are now about to part, perhaps for ever; more defined, until I distinguished a and if so, and I am permitted, I prohuman face, wan and ghastly—its eyes, mise to be thrice visible to you before lustreless and fixed, as those in the soc your death, if you are left in this world kets of a dead man; and gore stream behind me.” 'I laughed, and swore I ing from a wound over its temple. I should be glad to see him ; that I should shuddered with horror at the sight, my deem myself secure till the last visit ; knees bent beneath me, and I was on and moreover, that I did not value all the point of sinking down, when, rally, the rats and ghosts on earth a rotten ing all my fortitude, with an effort of rope-yarn. Here we ended. The boats desperation I threw myself forward came off with our men, we all went to and attempted to seize it, but nothing help the schooner into the bay, hade met my grasp. Panting and breath- him farewell as he got under-way, and less, a cold perspiration bursting through returned to our ship. every pore, and with a feeling as if the A few weeks afterwards we loaded, scalp of my head was shrinking to no and left Savannah; and falling in with a thing, I stopped and again looked on Halifax brig, we were informed that it. It stood without motion with its war had been declared against the dull and lifeless eyes still riveted upon United States, whose privateers were me. I could endure their gaze no lon- swarming in all directions. One mornger-I felt my brain maddening with ing at day-break we discovered a small terror ; driven to frenzy, I again darted cutter to windward ; she was on the


contrary tack, but in place of holding of descending, when I was surrounded, on her straight course, she kept yawing, and ordered to stand. I cried out, that and sheering, and gradually bearing surely they wouldn't kill an unarmed down on us under English colours, and “Then, why don't you haul her foresail unset. Our men pronounced down your colours ” replied one of her to be American built, and seem the fellows, and fired his pistol right in ingly a Charleston pilot-boat ; but the my face. I gave my head a sudden captain, on the contrary, thought her jerk to one side, by which means the one of the mail-carriers which ply be ball only grazed my teeth, and went tween the islands, and shortened sail to through my cheek, while both eyes send a boat on board to get the news. were scorched and driven full of powder The jolly-boat was therefore prepared ; | from the closeness of the discharge. I but by way of precaution we cast loose was knocked over, and fairly thought I our guns and prepared for engaging. was shot through the head; but in a As she neared us we could see but a few little time I recovered, and finding the men on board, which, with their man- blood flowing from my mouth and cheek, ner of manæuvring, gave her such a sus I groped my way down the ladder, picious appearance, that I proposed to where, getting hold of a sail, I scraped fire a gun and bring her to : for at arm's off some tow, thrust it into the wound, length I knew our heavy metal was ca and bound it round with a handkerpable of blowing her out of the water ; chief. I next extended my search for but if she got under our guns she might my chest, out of which I took all my easily carry us by boarding. The cap money, hid it about me, and lay down tain still hesitated, and desired me to in my bed. have patience, but he had scarcely pro I remained undisturbed for an hour, nounced the words when a gust of wind brooding over the disasters such a short blew aside the corner of the foresail, time had brought about, when I heard and disclosed the muzzle of a long swivel some one enter the cabin, and recogpointing out. There was no room for nized the voice of the captain. hesitation now, so I seized a trumpet,

have run ourselves into a fine mess, and desired them to haul their wind, or Gilkison,” said he; “ instead of our else we would fire into them. “ Fire, captors being Americans, í mistake and be d-d," was the reply.

much if they don't turn out a set of The sail was cast off, and the contents sea-sharks. They have been overhaulof the swivel, with a shower of small ing my papers above, and swear that arms, poured on us. We returned the there is money on board, and they broadside ; but it was now too late to threaten to make us walk the plank if do any service, for she was so close, it's not instantly delivered up. God and so much under us, that our shot only knows what I am to do! I brought went clean over them. We had not out some gold privately on account of time to exchange another, ere she was my owners, which I left at Savannah, laid athwart our bows, and boarding us but, like a cursed idiot, I neglected to by the bowsprit

. I now left the gun I burn my private instructions. They had been working, and called out for have lost two men by our fire, and that our men to stand fast ; but instead of makes them like so many devils, which, obeying, they run below for safety, with upon my soul, I believe they are, for i the captain at their head, leaving me never saw such a set of cut-throat lookalone on deck, and the colours flying. ing villains of all colours between the I saw there was nothing more to be gunnels of a vessel.” done, so throwing away my cutlass, I thank yourself for the loss of your was following their example, and had ship,” returned 1; " but I can guess, my back to the companion in the act

if she hadn't been fully covered she

“ We

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wouldn't have been given up so easily. | the captain was again desired to go forHowever, you know your own course waid, but instead of so doing, the poor best ; as for me, I am done for already; man supplicated the more earnestly for and it's all one whether I'm thrown his life. But he appealed to wretches overboard a few hours sooner or later." devoid of feeling. Some of the pirates We were here cut short by a rough then laid hold of him to drag him to the voice ordering us on deck. Knowing plank. A trampling of feet ensued—a there was no use in refusing, I rose, struggling and shuffing along the deck groped my way up, and stood holding as if he was violentiy forced on, while by the companion-door.

he strove, with all the strength of despe“ Well, my lads," said the same ration to retard the fulálinent of his person whom I supposed to be the

cap doom; all the time praying for his life tain of the pirates, “ have you agreed in a voice of agony I shall never forget. to find the Spanish for us, or must we “ Stop the cowardly fellow's muzzle knock about for it ourselves ?" “I with the end of that marlin-spike, and told you before,” replied the captain, belay his jaw!" roared out the com“ that there was no gold on board, we mander,“ sink me but you are a parleft it'' “ None of your infernal cel of useless, good-for-nothing negers, lies !" interrupted the other ; “ do not without the pith of a louse, to let him your own papers tell us to the contrary, hold on by those main-shrouds so long! and do

you take us for such cursed fools, By I believe he'll master every as to be gulled, like a parcel of land soul of ye; take him over the fingers swabs, with a long-spun yarn? No, with a cutlass, and make him let go that no, the devil a skulking I'll allow of inclutch of his-that's it—there now, run this ship!-It doesn't signify arguing him out on the plank-that's hethe Aash of a flint,-overhaul your se

away with him !" cret stowing holes and bowse out the A heavy splash in the water told me dust, or, by-, I'll make you walk that the unhappy man was indeed overthe plank in the turning of an hour board. One long and piercing sbriek, glass.”' “ I know I am completely in uttered as the stern of the vessel passed you power," returned the captain, * to him when he rose to the surface, thrilled do with me as you will ; but again I de- through every nerve of my heart. The clare my utter inability to comply with ship was going fast through the wateryour demands, since, to ny knowledge, his cries waxed fainter and fainter on there is no gold on board ; but I am the breeze, and at length ceased altowilling to give you a bill to any reason gether. able amount on the house in Savannah, Knowing it to be my turn next, I for the ransom of the ship and cargo.' braced up my heart as well as I could, “ And how the hell is it to be paid ?" and prepared for my fate. rejoined the pirate ; “ do you think “Well, my young spark," said the we'll let you go ashore to send a cruiser pirate, addressing me," what say you to on us ? or land and be kidnapped our it ? are you going to be reasonable, and selves? Never think of that !—The give up the gold; or are you ready to devil a ransom you would offer to pay take a trip to Davy Jones's locker in the if there was nothing in her ; so, once wake of your captain ? You see there is for all, either bear a haud and turn out no shamming here.” “ You forget," the clink, or take yourself over the said another voice, “ that he didn't see side. What ! you won't start then ? the fun at all. I doused his glims with we'll soon try that-hallo! Martinique, the flash of my cracker, when I thought run out that plank there over the lee I had sent the slugs through his lubberly gunne!, and balance it fair." The brain. I can do that yet!—But in the command was speedily executed, and mean time, since I've darkened his day

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lights, it is but fair I set them to rights, paced fore and aft, conning to the steersagain. Hand here that cutlass of yours, man. At length a bow-chaser was fired : Martinique, and I'll give him a touch after a brief interval it was again repeatof it over the lids ; I'll be bound I'll | ed, and quickly answered with three soon let in the light, and doctor him to cheers and a broadside. How my heart his heart's content.” With a shudder, beat with joy at the sound! All was I stood expecting to feel the sharp now bustle and confusion, Broadside edge of the weapon drawn across my

after broadside was exchanged with eyes, when their captain interfered. fatal effect among the pirates ; the "Avast a bit, Derrick ! let the poor closeness and precision of whose fire by devil's blinkers alone while he tells us no means equalled that of their adverwhere the shiners are to be got.” J now

saries. But to me the groans of their related the circumstance of my having wounded was delightful music: and the been picked up at sea ; that I had been crush of the balls, as they tore through made mate in Savannah, and could the side of the vessel, filled me with know nothing about the gold. I tried ecstasy. The conflict continued with to convince them that only a madman unabated fury; for the pirates, aware would risk his life to secret property of their fate if taken, fought with all the from which he could reap no benefit. desperate resolution of men reckless of But I might lave saved my pains; I was death, till, receiving a tremendous no more believed than the captain had broadside that made the ship almost heel been. • It's all a fair-weather story," gunnel-in, a terrible crash took place said the pirate, “ all blarney, but it above, and the cheering of her opponent won't go down ; I see we are to get made me suppose that one of our masts nothing by listening to your palavers. was carried away Our firing now beWalking the plank's a d-d deal too came slack, and soon ceased altogether. good; we'll have to go on another tack Still, however, the uproar continued on with you, my spanker, to bring you by deck ; the hurried tramp of feet running the wind. Here, Cuba, and you, Juan, here and there ; the clamour of tongues ; cast a single hitch round his head with the bawling forth of commands which that line, make one end fast to the seemed unheeded, intermingled with mast, and heave the other tight with horrible oaths aud imprecations. At the capstan ; 'we'll soon give him a close length, all this disturbance ceased at fitting cap to make a clear breast in !" once, and I heard the stroke of oars The negroes accordingly approached along-side. and laid hands on me to lead me for I now supposed that the pirates had ward, when just at that critical juncture, surrendered, and that the other party the man at the mast-head sang out, “ A were taking possession. I waited for sail to leeward !" I was released and some time, surprised that no person ordered below again, the crew were came below, till I thought I felt the dispersed to rig out the scudding-sails cabin filling with smoke. All at once aud clear for action, and in a short time a horrible suspicion rushed across me, I felt from the motion of the ship that that the ship was on fire, and deserted she was flying under a press of canvas. by the crew; and that I was left, alone

In a state of no small anxiety, hoping and helpless, to be devoured by the that the chase might prove a cruizer, I flames. Overcome by the utter hopewaited for hours, listening to every thing lessness of my situation, I staggered that could indicate what was going on. against the side ; my brain quite bewitThe bustle above had subsided, from dered, and my heart swelling almost to which I inferred that the men were at suffocation. In a few minutes I again their quarters ; and I heard nothing but became capable of reflection ; a hope the steps of their commander as he thatl might yet be perceived, and rese

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