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the figures of wraiths and goblins.' not without hesitation and fear, to the • Pobin Telfer,' said my father, address- old cottage; carried their brandy to the ing the third smuggler, tell mne nought boat ; and as my father and I went of the secrets of your perilous craft, home, we heard the dipping of their but tell me what you have seen, and oars in the Nith, along the banks of why ye uttered that fearful scream, that which they sold their liquor, and told made the wood-doves start from Caer- their tale of fear, magnifying its horror laverock pines.' I'll tell ye what, at every step, and introducing abungoodman,' said the mariner, I have dance of variations. seen the fires o' heaven running as thick “ The story of the Ghost with the along the sky, and on the surface of Golden Casket, few over the country the ocean, as ye ever saw the blaze on a side with all its variations, and with bowl o' punch at a merrymaking, and many comments: some said they saw neither quaked nor screamed ; but ye'll her, and some thought they saw her mind the light that came to that cottage appear again ; and those who had the to-night was one for some fearful pur- hardihood to keep watch on the beach port, which let the wise expound ; sae at midnight, had their tales to tell of it lessened nae one's courage to quail terrible lights and strange visions. With for sic an apparition. Od! if I thought one who delighted in the marvellous, living soul would ever make the start the spectre was decked in attributes that I gied an upcast to me, I'd drill his breast made the circle of auditors tighten round bane wi' my dirk like a turnip lanthorn.' the hearth ; while others, who allowed My father mollified the wrath of this to a ghost only a certain quantity of thin maritime desperado, by assuring him, air to clothe itself in, redueed it in their he beheld the light go from the sea to description to a very unpoetic shadow, the cottage, and that he shook with or a kind of better sort of will-o'-the terror, for it seemed no common light wisp, that could for its own amusement Ou, God ! then,' said hopeful Robin, counterfeit the human shape. There

since it was one o' our ain cannie sea- were many who, like my father, beheld apparitions I care less about it; I took the singular illumination appear at midit for some landward sprite ! and now night on the coast ; saw also something I think on't, where were my een? did sailing along with it in the form of a it no stand amang its ain light, with its lady in bright garments, her hair long long hanks of hair dripping, and drench- and wet, and shining in diamonds and ed: with a casket of gold in ae hand, heard a struggle, and the shriek as of a and the other guarding its throat. I'll creatore drowning. The belief of the be bound it's the ghost o some sonsie peasantry did not long confine the aplass that has had her neck nipped for parition to the sea coast ; it was seen her gold; and had she stayed till I sometimes late at night far inländ, and emptied the bicker o' brandy, I would following Gilbert, the fisherman, like a have ask'd a cannie question or twae.'

human shadow-like a pure light-like Willie Weethause had now fairly over- a white garment and often in the come his consternation, and began to shape, and with the attributes, in which feel all his love for the gallant trade, as it disturbed the carousal of the smughis comrade called it, return. • The glers. I heard douce Thomas Haining, tide serves, lads! the tide serves ; let a God-fearing man, and an elder of the us slip our drap o' brandy into the bit Burgher congregation, and on whose bopnie boat, and tottle away amang the word I could well lippen, when drink sweet starlight as far as the Kingholt was kept from his head, I heard him or town quarry; ye ken we have to say that as he rode home late from the meet Baillie Gardevine, and laird Souk- Roodfair of Dumfries-the night was away o' Ladlemouth.' They returned, dark, there lay a dusting of snow on

the ground, and no one appeared on the righteousness. See how he waves his road but himself, he was lilting and hand, as if he welcomed some one from singing the cannie end of the auld sang, sea—he raises his voice too, as if some“There's a cuttie stool in our kirk," thing in the water required his counsel ; which was made on some foolish quean's and see how he dashes up to the middle, misfortune, when he heard the sound and grapples with the water as if he of horses' feet behind him at full gallop, clutched a human being.” I looked on and ere he could look round, who the old man, and heard him call in a should flee past, urging his horse with hollow and broken voice;

“ hoy! whip and spur, but Gilbert the fisher- the ship, O hoy ; turn your boat's head man! Little wonder that he galloped,' ashore: and my bonnie lady, keep haud said the elder, for a fearful form ho- o' yere casket. Hech bet! that wave vered around him, making manya clutch would have sunk a three decker, let be at him, and with every clutch uttering a slender boat; see, see, an' she binna a sbriek most piercing to hear.' But sailing aboon the water likea wild swán;" why should I make a long story of a and, wading deeper in the tide as he common tale ? The curse of spilt spoke, he seemed to clutch at someblood fell on him, and on his children, thing with both hands, and struggle and on all he possessed ; his sons and with it in the water. “ Na ! na ! dinna daughters died his flocks perished haud your white hands to me; ye wear his grain grew, but never filled the ear; owre mickle gowd in your hair, and and fire came from heaven, or rose o'er many diamonds on your bosom, to from hell, and consumed his house, 'scape drowning. There's as mickle and all that was therein. He is now a gowd in this casket as would have sunk man of ninety years-a fugitive and a thee seventy fathom deep." And he vagabond on the earth-without a house continued to hold his hands under the to put his white head in-with the un- water, muttering all the while. “She's expiated curse still clinging to him." half

gane now, and I'll be a braw laird, While my companion was making and build a bonny house, and gang this summary of human wretchedness, crousely to kirk and market ; now I I observed the figure of a man, stooping may let the waves work their will; my to the earth with extreme age, gliding work will be ta’en for theirs." He through among the bushes of the ruined turned to wade to the shore, but a large cottage, and approaching the advancing and heavy wave came full dash upon tide. He wore a loose great coat, patch him, and bore him off his feet, and

ed to the ground, and fastened round ere any assistance reached him, all this waist by a belt and buckle, the re- human aid was too late ; for nature was

mains of stockings and shoes were on so exhausted with the fulness of years, his feet; a kind of fisherman's cap and with his exertions, that a spoonful surmounted some remaining white hairs, of water would have drowned him. The while a long peeled stick supported him body of this miserable old man was inas he went. My companion gave an terred, after some opposition from the involuntary shudder when he saw him. peasantry, beneath the wall of the * to, and behold, now, here comes kirk-yard ; and from that time, the Gilbert, the Fisherman ; once every Ghost with the Golden Casket was seen twenty-four hours doth he come, let the no more, and only continued to haunt wind and the rain be as they will, to the the evening tale of the hind and the nightly tide, to work o'er again, in farmer. imagination, his auld tragedy of un





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On the evening of the 29th of June | Bishop Gardiner's secretary, and ad1555, in one of the narrow streets near mitted him without hesitation, hoping the Poultry Compter, in London, a dark that he brought terms of grace to the square-built ruftian, in a thrum cap and pious man, whose meek demeanour in leathern jerkin, suddenly sprung forth the prison had won love from all about from his hiding-place, and struck his him. The secretary found him on his dagger with all his force against the knees, as his custom was, eating his breast of a man passing by.

spare meal in that humble posture, and holidam," said the man, that would meditating with his hat drawn over his have craved no thanks if my coat-hardy face. He rose to receive his visitors had been thinner-but thou shalt have and his tall slender person,


gracea jape (a fool's mark) for thy leman to fully erect, aided a countenance which know thee by," and flourishing a short derived from a faint bloom and a beard gisarme, or double-pointed weapon, in of rich brown, an expression of youthhis left hand, with his right, on which ful beauty such as a painter would not he seemed to wear an iron glove, he have deemed unworthy the great giver stamped a sufficient mark on the as- of the creed for which he suffered. sassin's face, and vanished in a mo- Gardiner's secretary uncovered his ment.

head, and, bending it humbly, kissed “ Why, thou Lozel !” said another his hand with tears. • Be of good ruffian, starting from beneath a pent- comfort, brother,” said Bradford, "I house, “ wast playing at barley-break have done nothing in this realm except with a wooden knife Thou wilt hard- in godly quietness, unless at Paul's ly earn twenty pounds this bout.”

Cross, where I bestirred myself to save “ A plague on his cloak, Coniers ! - him who is now Bishop of Bath, when he must have had a gambason under his rash sermon provoked the multiit.—Thou mayest earn the coin thy- tude." self;—thou hast gotten a gold ring and “ Ah, Bradford! Bradford !” retwenty shillings in part payment." plied his visitor, “ thou didst save him

“ Get thee gone to thy needle and who will now burn thee. Had it not baudekin again, like a woman's tailor been for thee, I had run him through as thou art!

Thou hast struck a wrong with my sword that day !” Bradford man, and he has taken away thy nose started back, and looked earnestly, that he may swear to the right one.- “ I know thy voice now, and I rememThat last quart of huff-cap made froth ber that voice said those same words in of thy brains.”

my ear when the turmoil was at Paul's My basilard is sharp enough for Cross. For what comest thou now? a thee, I warrant,” muttered his disap- man of blood is no fit company for a pointed companion, as he drew his sinner going to die.” tough hyke or cloak over his bruises, “ Not while I live, my most dear and slunk into a darker alley. Mean- tutor; I am Rufford of Edlesburgh.” while, the subject of their discourse The old man threw his arms about and of their villany strode with increased his neck, and hung on it for an instant. haste towards the Compter-prison, and “ It is twelve years since I saw thee, inquired for the condemned prisoner, and my heart grieved when I heard a John Bradford. The keeper knew voice like thine in the fierce riot at


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Paul's Cross. Art thou here bodily, or, things, there came, as I think, a vision do I only dream? There is a rumour raised by no holy art, into my prison abroad, that thy old enemy, Coniers, last night. And it had such a touch of slew thee at Huntingdon last year.” beaven's beauty in its face, and such

“ He meant well, John Bradford, rare music in its voice, that it well pigh but I had a thick hilted pourpoint and tempted me to believe its promise. | a tough leathern cap; I have met his But I remembered my frailty, and was

minions more than once, and they safe.”

know what print my hand_leaves. The secretary's eyes shone brightly, | Enough of this-I am not in England and half a smile opened his lips. But

now as Giles Rufford; I shall do thee he lowered both his eyes and his voice better service as what I seem.”

as he replied, “What did this fair vision “ Seeming never was good service," promise ?” said the divine: “ what hast thou to “ Safety and release, if I would trust

do with me, who am in God's hands ?” her, and be pledged to obey her."i

“ He makes medicines of asps and There was a long pause before the | vipers," answered his pupil; “I shall

young man spoke again." Do you h

serve him if I save his minister, though not remember, my foster-father, the

it be by subtlety. I have crept into wild laurel that grew near my birthi Gardiner's favour by my skill in strange place: An astrologer at Pisa told me it

tongues and Hebrew secrets, therefore should not wither till the day of my

I am now his secretary: and I have an death. And it seems to me, when I ially in the very chamber of our queen- walked under its shade, that the leaves mistress."

made strange music, as if a spirit had “ That woman is not unwise or un- touched them. It is greener and richer merciful,” replied Bradford, than its neighbours, and the fountain things that touch not her faith ; but I that flows near its root has, as men bewill be helped by no unfair practice on lieve, a rare power of healing-the her. Mercy with God's mercy will be dreams that visit me when I sleep near welcome, but I am readier to die than it are always the visitings of a courteous to be his forswom servant.”

and lovely spirit. What if the legends “ Master, there can be no evil in of Greece and Syria speak truth? May gathering the fruit Providence has ripen- we not both have guardian spirits that ened for us. Gardiner was Wolsey's choose earthly shapes ?" disciple once, and hath more heathen My son,” replied Bradford, “ those learning in him than Catholic thoughts are the diamond-drops that lie zeal. There is a leaven left of his old on the young roses of life; but the Sun studies which will work us good. He of Truth and Reason should disperse believes in the cabalism of the Jews, them. Man has one guardian, and he and reads strange books from Padua needs no more unless he forgets that and Antwerp, which tell him of lucky One. Thou wast called in thy youth and lucky days. He shall be made to the silken pleader, because thy words think to-morrow full of evil omens, were like fine threads spun into a rich and his superstition shall shake his tissue. Be wary lest they entangle cruelty.”

thee, and become a snare instead of a “ Thou art but a green youth still,” banner fit to guide Christians. I am a rejoined Bradford, " if thou knowest blighted tree marked for the fire, and not that cruelty is superstition's child. thou canst not save me by searing the Take heed that his heathenish witch- freshness of thy young laurel for my craft doth not shake both thy wit and sake.” thy safety. For though I sleep but “ I will shame the astrologer to-morlittle, and have few dreams of earthly row,” said the pupil ; " and therefore


among ashes.”


I must make this hour brief. She who “ But what was the fruit of thy calcurules the queen's secrets has had a bribe lation ?" to make Mary merciful. There is hope Nothing," answered his secretary of a birth at court, and death ought humbly—“nothing at least not already not to be busy. Fare-ye-well! but do known to one more able than myself

. not distrust that fair apparition if it | The first of July is a day of evil omen, should open these prison-doors to-mor- and the last day of June has a doubtful row.”—So saying, the young man de influence. My intelligence says, if life parted without heeding Bradford's mo- be taken on that day, a nitre will be nitory gesture.

Stephen Gardiner, Bishop of Win- “ Ha! and the heretics will think it chester, and High Chancellor by Mary's if Bradford dies, for they are wont to favour, sat that night alone and thought- say, he is worthier of a bishopric than ful in his closet. He had been the we of a parish priesthood. Thou hast chief commissioner appointed to pre

not yet told all." side at Bradford's trial : and though he “My lord, I see the rest dimly had eagerly urged his colleagues to There are symbols of a falling star and condemn him, he secretly abhorred the a flame quenched in blood. They tell time-serving cruelty of Bishop Bonner of a gorgeous funeral soon.' and the cowardice of Bourne, who had Gardiner was silent several minutes not dared to save the life of the bene- before he raised his head. “ Thou factor he had begged to save his own. knowest, Ravenstone, that I was like “ You have tarried late,” said Gardiner, the Jesuit Loyola, a student of earthly as his secretary entered the stars things, and a servant in profane wars are waning, and their intelligence will before I took the cross. Therefore ! be imperfect.”

sinned not when I learned as he did. “ I traced it before midnight," re- And thou knowest he thought much of plied the Secretary, “ but I needed heathen and Egyptian conjuration ; but the help of your lordship's science." that is not my secret. Plato and So

“It is strange," said the patron, crates had their attendant demons. I leaning thoughtfully on one of Roger have seen, it may be, such a one in a Bacon's volumes, " that men in every

dream last night.

Methought there age and climate, and of every creed, stood by me in an oratory a woman of have this appetite for an useless know- queen-like beauty and strange beauty. ledge—and it would be stranger, if She shewed me, as it were beyond a both profane and sacred history did not mist, a green tree growing near a founshew us that such knowledge had been tain, and the star that shone on that sometimes granted, though in vain.- fountain was the brightest in the sky: What is that paper in thy hand ?” but presently the tree grew wide and

“ It is a clumsy calculation, my lord, broad, and the light of the star set beof this night's aspect. I learned in hind it

. Then I saw in my cathedral at Araby, as your lordship knows, some Winchester my own effigies on a tomb, small guesses at Chaldean astrology; / but all the inscription was effaced and but I deem the characters and engraven broken except the date, and I read signs of the Hermetic men more power- • the first day of July.'—Is it not ful in arresting the intelligent bodies in strange, Ravenstone, that a dream should the heavens. They were the symbols so well tally with thy planetary reckonused by Pythagoras and Zoroaster, and ing? Yet I was once told by a witchtheir great master Apollonius.”. woman, that the Bishop of Winchester

“ Ignatius Loyola and Athanasius should read our Queen Mary's funeralKircher, did not disdain them,” re- sermon.” plied the Bishop, crossing himself- “ So he may, my lord,” said the

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