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until the 18th, two days after.In rela- is the strongest cement of states, by tion to future events, the French Mar- the force of its tenets, by the nature of shal does not give up the cause in de- its worship, and by the ministry of its spair: he is deterınined to call in fresh Pastors. The Cardinal, who was the reinforcements; and, as he expresses it, Celebrant, now proceeded to the high « to complete our defeat;" for through- Mass. At the second elevation, all the out he claims the victory at Albuera. Bishops gave each other mutually the

FRENCH NATIONAL COUNCIL. kiss of peace. After this, they inoved The first sitting of the National Coun two by two to the Communion, and recil was this day (June 18) celebrated ac ceived the Sacrament from the band of cording to the antient forms prescribed the Celebrant. by the usages and canons of the Church. After Mass, different prayers were reThe Catholic Religion possesses no ce cited, invoking the illumination of the remony more affecting, or more august. Holy Ghost, and these were ended by At seven in the morning the doors of the Hyıpn, Veni Creator. The Cardinal the Metropolitan Church of Paris were Celebrant prayed successively for the thrown open to the publick-the body Pope, the Emperor, and the Council. of the Church and the ailes were in a -(N. B. It is thus pointed in the orimoment filled with those who assisted at ginal.) - The Episcopal Secretaries of the ceremony, among whom we noticed the Council then

approaching the Celea number of French and foreign Minis- brant, saluted him, and likewise the ters, and a great many other pe ons of Fathers who received from their hands distinction. At nine, the Fathers of the Decrees, which were to be made the Council passed out from the Arch- public in this sitting. One of them bisbop's Palace, and moved on in pro- (M. the Bishop of Nantes) mounted the cession to Nôtre-Dame. The procession pulpit, and prociaimed in Latin the marched in the following order: First, Decree for opening of the Council. the Swiss Guards, and the Officers of (Here follows the translation :) the Church; the Cross; the Masters of Most illustrious and very reverend the Ceremonies; the Incense-bearers; Siegneur-Most Reverend Father, may it the Choristers ; the Ecclesiasticks of the please you, for the honour and glory of second rank; the Officers of the Coun- the Holy and undivided Trinity, the cz7; the Metropolitan Chapter, which Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, was to receive the Council at the prin- for the increase of the exaltation of the cipal entrance of the church; the Fa faith of the Christian Religion, for the thers of the Council, all in their capes peace and union of the Church, to deand mitres, with the scarf, the cross, and declare that the National the gremial, and the mitre of the Bishop Council bas commenced." Then the who was to celebrate the High Mass, Cardinal the Celebrant and President carried by Canons; four Deacons and said, “ The Decree has pleased the Fafour Sub-Deacons in their surplices ther's : in consequence, we declare that ren chasuble); two assistant Bishops; the National Council is formed.” the Celebrant, in his pontifical garb. The Te Deum was then chanted, after His Eminence, Cardinal Fesch, Arch which a new Decree was marle public, bishop of Lyons, Primate of the Galli on the manner of conducting themselves can Church, is the President of the in the Council--de modo vivendi in ConCouncil.

cilio. The muster-roll of the Fathers' The Fathers were ranged in the choir names was then called over, to which on the seats which had been provided each in his turn answered, Adsumfor them, having hassocks before them, (Here I am), The suffrages having and some small benches for the assistant been collected in the usual form, the Priests. The Metropolitan Clergy and President proclaimed a Decree on the Rectors of Paris occupied one side of the Profession of Faith. All the Members Sanctuary.-- After the Gospel-Lesson, made the Profession individually, and the officiating Sub-Deacon carried the thus ended the first Sitting. book opened to the Celebrant, and to the Fathers, for them to kiss. This

HOLLAND. ceremony finished, A. de Boulogne, To shew the severity of police to Bishop of Troyes, ascended the pulpit. which the Dutch are exposed under their His discourse produced the most lively merciless task-masters, we need only impression. Many passages, above all, mention, that the Exchange at Amsterhis peroration, appeared models of the dam must be shut by three o'clock-the most 'sublime eloquence. The Orator streets leading to it must beimmediately had chosen for his theme, the influence evacuated; and all who shall be found of the Catholic Religion on social order. in them afterwarıls are to be treated as He evinced that the Catholic Religion disturbers of the public peace. Not




inore than three persons are permitted mounted, with the intention of preservto stop and talk in the streets !

ing his life; but the man, persisting in To drain the Dutch population of all his first design, was at length killed by its effective members, a corps is raising, a dragoon. [The above instances of inunder the title of the King of Rome's dividual heroism were related by Mr. Body Guards!

Perceval in the House of Commons.] The Jews domiciliated in Holland When the Polish lancers make have found it necessary to appeal, from charge, a red flag is suspended at the the Lieutenant Governor, the Duke of end of every lance, and that flag is so Placentia, to Buonaparte, on the sub- carried by the rider as to prevent the ject of the Conscription, which had been horse from seeing any other object, enforeed with much rigour against them. These red flags, in the late action, terThe Deputation of that nation, after a rified our horses, and rendered every three weeks' residence in Paris, obtain- effort impracticable to make them meet ed of Buonaparte that their brethren the charge. should be placed on the same footing as The Polish lancers, who committed the Hollanders, and permitted to find such great cruelties on our wounded substitutes.

(among whom Major Brooke, together SPAIN AND PORTUGAL.

with several others, were put to death Marshal Beresford, in a late address by them), are said to have been overto the Portuguese troops, after praising taken during the retreat by the 3d and their discipline and patriotism, and 14th Dragoons, who killed and wounded thanking them for their good conduct, a considerable number of them. concludes by saying, that he considers

GERMANY it an honour to be in any way connected The art of rising and moving in the with a nation he so greatly admires; air by means of wings, continues to and which will find in discipline the engage the attention of a number of only auxiliary necessary to their natural persons in Germany. At Vienna, the and hereditary valour, to deliver them watchmaker Degen, aided by a liberal from the tyranny with which the Enemy subscription, is occupied in perfecting threatens them.

his discovery. He has recently taken General Casianos' account, to the Re- several public flights in the Prater. gency of Cadiz, of the battle of Albuera, At Berlin, Claudius, a wealthy manu, has been received: it agrees in all ma facturer of oil-cloth, is engaged in like terial particulars with General Beres- pursuits : he rises in the air without ford's. Castanos computes the Enemy's difficulty, and can move in a direct line loss at 7,000 men. It is gratifying to at the rate of four miles an hour; but learn, that the utmost harmony prevails his wings are unwieldy, and he cannot between the Allied Chiefs.-Lord Wel turn round in them. At Ulm, a tailor lington, previous to the battle, proposed named Berblinger, announced on the that on the junction of corps, the com 24th of April, that he had, after great mand should always devolve upon the sacrifice of money, labour, and time, offieer of the highest military rank : invented a machine in which he would, this would have given the command of on the 12th of May, rise in the air and the Allies to General Castanos; who, fly twelve miles. however, in this delicate point, acted Buonaparte has ordered 68 captains most judiciously; for he declared that of ships at Embden to be arrested, who the General who has the greatest force were suspected of having had intercourse under his orders, ought to have the with England; and has sent them on chief command, the others being con board French ships of war at Antwerp. sidered as auxiliaries.

Count Scharosch, related by marriage During the hottest of the action at to the Imperial family, was lately murAlbuera, an officer, Ensign Thompson, dered, on his estates in Hungary, by was called upon to surrender the colours two of his principal domésticks, who, he held; but he declared he would give after firing the mansion, fled with a large them up only with his life, and he fell booty to Bohemia. An ostentatious a victim to his bravery.--Another officer, display of wealth, unsuitable to persons Ensign Walshi, had the colours he held in their station of life, occasioned their broken by a cannon-ball, and was also apprehension; but as no evidence could severely wounded-having fallen on the be adduced against them, they were li. field, he tore the colours from the staff, berated. Subsequently, however, in and thrust them into liis bosoin, where clearing away the ruins of the mansion, they were found after his death.---Sir the body of the Count, which had been W. Beresford was also attacked by one accidentally preserved from the fire, was of the Polish cavalry, whom he disc found, with such marks of violence, as GENT. MAG. Supp?. LXXXI. PART I.

left H

left no doubt of his having been mur appointed Capt.-Lieutenant in the fleet dered. The two domesticks were again in the Black Sea. His Lady has been apprehended, confessed their crime, and ordered to quit the Swedish territories. expiated it by an ignominious death.

RUSSIA. The following account of a Literary

The following remarkable instances Prodigy is extracted from the Moniteur of the 28th of May last, under the head tality for the whole extent of the Rus

of longevity occur in the Bills of Morof Kingdom of Westphalia, Gottingen, sian Empire, during the year 1809 :May 20:

Died, 307 persons between the age of “For these eight months we have had

95 and 100; 188 between 100 and 105; among the students of our University, 86 between 105 and 110; 36 between a boy 10} years old, who is a real phæ

110 and 115; 23 between 115 and 120 ; nomenon. The name of this young

8 between 120 and 125; 5 between 125 sçavant is Charles Witte. He under

and 130; I between 130 and 135; I bestands the languages, history, geo

tween 135 and '140; 1 between 145 and graphy, and literature, as well antient

150; and i between 155 and 160. as modern : at the age of eight years he

A tiger of the largest size was discopossessed, besides his mother-tongue,

vered in February last in the environs Greek, Latin, French, English, and Ita

of Buckturma, in Siberia, and killed by lian, to such a degree of perfection,

a cossack. The memory of the oldest that he could not only translate, cur

inhabitant cannot furnish another inrently, the Eneid of Virgil. and the

stance of this animal being seen wild in Iliad of Homer, but could, besides,

those frozen regions. speak, with an astonishing facility, all

The only son of Suwarrow was drownthe living languages which have been just mentioned. Of this, he last year April; meeting his death by a remark

ed in the river Rimmer, on the 24th of gave such satisfactory proofs in a public able fatality, from a stream which was examination, which he underwent at

one of the scenes of his father's glory, the University Leipsic, that that Body honoured him with the following Riminsky.

and gave him one of his titles, that of diploma :

TURKEY. “ Almæ Universitatis Lipsiensis Rec

Seiman Aga, one of the chiefs, and tore Carolo Gottlob Kuhnio, &c. &c. Carolus Witte Lochaviensis puer IX

greatest protector of the Janissaries,

was lately strangled at Constantinople, annorum, propter præinaturam exi

on suspicion of meditating the restoramiamque in iis quibus non puerilis, sed adolescentum ætas imbui solet, soler- of his followers shared his fate.

tion to authority of that corps.' Forty tiam; potissimùm verò linguarum anti

In Turkey, horse-chesnuts are ground quarum Græcæ ac Latinæ, item recen

and mixed with the provender for horses, tiorum Franco-gallicæ, Anglicæ, Etruscæ, notitiam baud vulgarem, quam à ne

particularly for such as are brokenmine nisi à patre Carolo Henrico Godo winded, or troubled with

coughs. After

being boiled a little to take off the bit. frego unico et solo præceptore accepit. Exemplo plane singulari non modo albo terness, bruised and mixed with a small Philyriæ (Leipsic) insertus, verùm etiam food for rearing and fattening poultry.

quantity of barley-meal, they are good datà fide, civibus Academiæ nostræ ádscriptus est."

EAST INDIES, “Till his arrival at Gottingen, this Just as the last packet sailed from child had no other instructor than his India, Admiral Drury, with a considerfather, the Clergyman Witte. His Ma able naval force, and 15,000 troops, had jesty the King of Wesphalia, desirous gone against the Island of Java. that he should continue to direct the

The art of curing beef has been studies of his son to their termination, brought to great perfection in the East has granted him a pension, which has Indies. Messrs. Gammidge and Fruta, enabled him to quit his pastoral furc- of Calcutta, opened last year some bare tions, and to accompany his pupil to rels; and though the beef had been in our University. The young. Witte is salt six years, it was in excellent pickle, now studying philosophy: he is engaged good preservation, and without taint. in a course of mathematicks, physicks, and metaphysicks, and shows the most AMERICA, AND TUE WEST INDIES. happy disposition for all the sciences.” On the 19th ult. 100 houses were deSWEDEN.

stroyed at New York by fire.

Gen. Moreau, it is said, has declared The Swedish Baron D'Armfeldt has his intention of becoming a Citizen of entered the Russian service, and been the United States.


Some of the late West India Journals dation of that Society. An appropriate contain extravagant praises of the Alcor- speech was delivered in the Chapel by noque tree, the inner bark of which; Mr. Hughes, a junior fellow. infused in a glass of liquor, and taken A cause arising out of the inclosure morning and nigbt, is said to have ac- of Charnwood Forest, excited an unusual quired the reputation of a specific in all degree of interest at the late Leicester complaints of the liver and lungs. Assizes, from the known respectability

Christophe has been proclaimed King, and high character of the parties (Earl at St. Domingo, by the title of Henry I. of Stamford v. Wyatt and others). Mr.

A letter, dated Cayenne, March 18, Babington, one of the members for the states, that that colouy had been thrown Borough Leicester, was the real Deinto the greatest confusion, by the dis- fendant; but, in order to comply with covery of a plot excited by French emis the legal forms, it was necessary to saries. The following is an extract; bring the action against the Commis

Cayenne, March 18. sioners of the inclosure- it was the ob“The Portuguese troops of the gar- ject and wish of both parties that comrison have for some time exhibited plete justice should be done, and it had symptoms of extreme însubordination. been agreed that the cause should be They at length concerted a plan to set decided upon its real merits, and that fire to the town, and massacre the in- neither party would avail themselves of habitants, including the officers of the any legal informality or inaccuracy that fort, which luckily was discovered in might occur in the pleadings, by which, time to prevent its being carried into most unfortunately, the ends of justice execution. Twelve of the ringleaders are frequently not attained. -The ques. have been tried and shot-others have tion to be tried was, whether Rothley escaped, and fled to the woods. All Plain (commonly so called) was in the trade has been suspended.”

Parish of Rothley, or in Newtown LinA safe and commodious harbour has ford. On the part of the Plaintiff it was lately heen discovered about seventy proved that the Warrener's house on miles North-West of Kangaroo Island, Rothley Plain, which was the only one, on the West Coast of New Holland. had uniformly been assessed to the landIt is represented as capable of containing tax, and to all parochial taxes, as in the and completely sheltering any number parish of Newtown Linford, and that of ships of the largest size,

some of the occupiers of that house had

received relief fro the parish of NewCountry News.

town Linford ; a number of old docuApril 23. This day a Court-martial ments describing this house and the assembled on board the Gladiator, at owners of it as belonging to Newtown Portsmouth, to try Lieut, Joseph Tul- Linford, and also the parish books of lidge, the surviving Officers, and ship's Newtown Linford, in which the occucompany, of his Majesty's ship Africaine, piers of the Warren-house had been which was captured off the Isle of France. assessed to, and had paid taxes to that The Court having examined into the parish, were read, and a vast number of circumstances attending her capture, old witnesses (one of them of the age of agreed, “ that his Majesty's ship Afri- 90 years) were examined, to prove that caine was captured by a very superior Rothley Plain had always been reputed force of the Enemy, after an action to be within the parish of Newtown which was commenced by the oriler of Linford. On the part of the Defendant, her deceased Commander, the late Cap- Mr. Babington, an extract from Domes tain Robert Corbet, in a very brave and day book was read, and also some prospirited manner; and after he was dis- ceedings in a cause in the year 1660, or abled by the loss of his right leg, by the 1661, between the ancestors of the presecond broadside of the Enemy, was sent Plaintiff and Defendant, to prove continued by the said Lieutenant Joseph 'that the Plain was within the parish of Tullidge in the most gallant and deter Rothley; and very many old witnesses mined manner, although he liad received “whose heads were silvered o'er with four severe wounds during the action, age,” and whose furrowed cheek spake as long as there was the least chance of many a toilsome day, averred that they preserving her from the Enemy; and had again and again perambulated the did adjudge the said Lieut. Tullidge, bounds of the parish, and that the plain bis surviving Officers and Ship's com- End always been included in the parish pany, to be most honorably acquitted.” of Rothley. The “ round unvarnished

Cambridge, May 6. A grand entertain- tale" of these “ rude forefathers of the ment was given this day at St. John's hamlet” excited no small degree, if not College, to commemorate the comple- of Spartan-like reverence, at least of adla tion of the third century since the foun- miration from a crowded court; while


the apparently strong possession of their meeting, a ballot commenced. At 3 faculties, and the firmness of their me the Chairman declared Mr. Ashley duly mories, too tenacious even to be overset elected by a considerable majority. by the brow-beatings of cross-examina

Tuesday, June 4. tion, evinced the truth of the Poet's fine The Eleventh Anniversaryof the Society description of a green old age:

for Missions to Africa and the East was “ Tho' I look old, yet I am strong and this day held. The Sermon was preached lusty,

by the Rev. Melville Horne, late ChapFor in my youth I never did apply lain at Sierra Leone : the Collection Hot and rebellious liquors to my blood; amounted to 2751. The Preacher pleaded Nor did I with unbashful forehead woo the cause with great energy and eloThe means of weakness and debility; quence. His especial aim was to rouse Therefore my age is as a lusty winter, the Clergy of the Established Church to Frosty but kindly.”

také a personal share in propagating the After a long summing up from the Gospel through the Heathen World. To learned Judge, who stated the weight that respectable body this Sermon is, of evidence on both sides to be so strong therefore, earnestly recommended : and that he was unable to say on which side it is hoped it will prove the means of it preponderated, the jury retired, and calling forth some of them to parafter more than an hour's deliberation, ticipate in this noble design. The An. returned a verdict for the Plaintiff. nual Meeting of the Society was after

June 9. A fishing-boat of Hastings wards held, William Wilberforce, Esq. was lost this day in a gale of wind, by M. P. in the Chair. From the Report which J. White, aged 27, R. Finning, it appears, that upwards of fifty persons, aged 23, G. Goble, aged 22, and W. Page, adults and children, are dependant on aged 17 years, were drowned. Shortly the Society, at its settlement on the after, a second boat, with her crew, Ric Pongas in Africa; that the Schools of consisting of R. White (brother of the native Children in that quarter are in a above), three men and a boy, was con very flourishing state ; and that the signed to the same fate. These events Missionaries are invited to extend their took place seven miles off Dungeness. labours, both Southward to the Dembia,

and Northward to the Rio Nunci : in DOMESTIC OCCURRENCES.

which stations large schools are offered Monday, April 22.

to them by friendly Chiefs. These proIn consideration of the distinguished posals will be embraced as soon as several services of his Majesty's 87th (or Prince Missionaries shall arrive at their destiof Wales's Irish) Regiment, upon various nation. The Society has also granted occasions, and more recently in the bril- 2501. a year to its Corresponding Comliant action at Barrosa, bis Royal High- mittee at Calcutta to establish readers of ness the Prince Regent, in the name the Scriptures in the Market-places of and on the behalf of his Majesty, was the principal towns in India. The Regraciously pleased to approve of that port likewise contains communications Regiment being in future styled, The from the Rev. Samuel Marsden respect87th, or Prince of Wales's Own Irishing New Zealand, and the best means Regiment; and of its bearing upon the of diffusing the light of the Gospel through regimental Colours and Appointments, the Islands of the Southeru Ocean. as a badge of honour, an Eagle, with a

Thursday, June 27. wreath of Laurel above the Harp, in The Governors of the Charter-house addition to the arms of his R. Highness. met last week to elect a new Governor

Serjeant Masterson, of the 87th in the room of Lord Melville. There Regiment, who took the French Eagle were two candidates - the Archbishop at the battle of 'Barrosa, has been pro of York and the Earl of Harrowby. moted to an ensigncy in the York light The Votes were equal, seven and seven ; infantry Volunteers.

in which case, by the statutes, the noThursday, May 2.

mination devolved on the Prince Regent, A General Meeting of the Members in behalf of his Majesty. His Royal of the Royal Society of Musicians, was Highness, not choosing to give a preferheld this day at their Rooms in Lisle ence to either of the two distinguished Street, Leicester Square, for the election persons, has nominated his own personal of a Secretary in the place of the late friend, the Earl of Moira. Mr. William Foster. The Candidates The principal damage occasioned by were Mr. Charles-James Ashley (pro- the pressure at Carlton-house (see page posed by Sir William Parsons and Dr. 587) was the loss of shoes, shawls, and Smith), Mr. Macintosh, Mr. Lefier, and fragments of female attire ; no personal Mr. Samuel Taylor.

After the can injury of any very material consequence, didates had severally addressed the we are happy to state, having occurred.


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