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The accounts from Berlin, which reach All the vines and cotton within 14 to the 26th, give a melancholy picture of miles of Mount Vesuvius were destroyed, the state of the Prussian dominions. on the 12th of September, by a volcanic Trade was quite dull; and it was aperuption. Every thing else within eight prehended that the slightest rupture be. or ten miles was also destroyed. The tween France and Russia would be tlie lava, in some places, was 100 feet deep. signal for their political extinction. The GERMANY.

projected family alliance between his HAMBURGH, LUBECK, AND BREMEN, Prussian Majesty and the Emperor AlexARE ANNEXED TO FRANCE, after the most ander (the former is to receive the hand solemn assurances and pledges to the of one of the sisters of the latter) is not contrary. Buonaparte has done with considered as by any means likely to per. them as he did with Holland. He petuate the existence of Prussia as an insqueezed all their wealth from them first, dependent State. under the pretence of respecting their SWEDEN AND DENMARK. independence; and then, when they Extract of a Letter from Stockho!m, bave nothing more to give, he seizes

dated Nov. 28, 1810. their territories, and unites them to “In transmitting to you the Swedish France. The French Papers talk of the Declaration of War against England, I joy expressed at this union; assertions wish to communicate to you some dem which we know to be false. So indig tails with regar to the motives which maat were the inhabitants of Bremen, bave induced Buonaparte to order it, Lubeck, and Hanıburgh, that they shut Extremely irritated by the loss of up the theatres and all places of aniuse- the Isle of Bourbon (seeing it thus every ment. Let Denmark look now to her- day become more difficult to make good self. Buonaparte has pushed his fang's his promise to France, of preserving her close to her frontier. Schleswic and colonies), as well as by the resistance Holstein will be liis next prey.

which he has met with in the Peninsula, A prodigy of precocious acquirement Buonaparte sent for the Baron de Lahas appeared in Germany, in the person gerbjelke, the Swedish Minister at Paris, of John Spitzler, a youth only 13 years and, in presence of Champagny alone, of age, but who is said to be well ac- spoke to him as follows: “ The election, quainted with ten different languages, of the Prince of Ponte Corvo to the most of the mathematical sciences, and throne of Sweden has alone restrained to be a proficient in musick. He is a my just resentment against your Court native of Lower Austria, and the son of for the last three months. It has not a reduced Clergyman : for the last six ceased to give provocation to France months he has been blind. The Empe- since 1808 ; at one time preventing ror Francis has settled a pension on him. England from making peace for three

The base of the Carpathian moun- years together; and at another, seeking tains, near Makonitza, fell on the 6th of the alliance and protection of France in November, with a report so loud that it order to desert it afterwards. I knew was heard at the distance of twelve (added Buonaparte) how to provide miles. Six villages bave been destroyed against the hatred of Gustavus Adolby this precipitation, and 31 lives lost. phus he was my declared enemy;

M. Parea, inspector of woods at Ra- while the present Government of Swevenna, has discovered the secret of ex- den has only sought my friendship for tracting from the plant-seed of the the purpose of recovering Finland, au thorn (ramus paliurus of Linnæus) a event that will never take place. It has clear sweet oil, without smell, and fit for besides continued to trade with Great domestic purposes:

Britain, in contravention of the treaty PRUSSIA.

of peace with France, by permitting coA letter from Berlin, dated Dec. 4, lonial produce to be introduced into says, “The embarrassments under which Sweden, for the purpose of being afterour Government labours, arising from the wards re-exported to the Continent: stagnation of trade, and the difficulty of “In consequence of all this,” contifinding money to pay the contribution, nued Buonaparte, my

Minister at occasioned his Majesty lately to dispose Stockholm has orders to demand, that of valuable jewels to the amount of war be declared against England--that 600,000 florins, in order that his faithful English manufactures he burnt, and that subjects might not be burthened with colonial produce be subjected to a duty fresh taxes. This mark of consideration of 50 per cent.; and, in case of refusal, has greatly endeared him to the citizens; he must quit Stockholm immediately. and a voluntary contribution is on foot It is I who ordered it--such is my plear to prevent the recurrence of fi: sure."- Whenever the Baron De La. crifices."

gerbjelke att:: wpted to reply, Buona


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6 Let me

parte ordered him to be silent, crying session of the insurgents, comprehending * Hold your tongue."

the whole military and naval force of « The Council of State at Stockholm, the country. and, which will surprise you still more,

TURKEY. Bernadotte himself, were of opinion, Extract of a Letter from Constantinople, that war should not be declared against

Nov. 18. England. The declaration of the Danish “The Pacha of Bagdad had for several Minister, that he would depart from years past refused to pay the greater part Sweden if Buonaparte's demand, through of the contributions which he was bound his own Minister, were not complied to send to the Imperial Treasury. The with, and the fear that the King would Government was in consequence obliged experience the fate of the unfortunate to resort to measures, secretly adopted, Gustavus Adolphus, should he have a in order to reduce to obedience this rich war with France, Russia, and Denmark, and powerful Governor, whose distance produced submission to the pleasure of from the centre of the Empire rendered Buonaparte. The soundest and most him the more dangerous. Halet Effendi, numerous part of the nation highly formerly Ambassador to the French disapprove of such a system.

Court, was accordingly on this occasion 1. “ They cannot proceed to burn the charged with an important mission. He English manufactures, and to impose a was sent to Mussul, where, in secret duty of 30 per cent. on colonial produce, with the Pacha of that city, he concerted without first convoking the States of measures for surprizing the Pacha uf the realm. The Baron de Lagerbjelke Bagdad. Halet, very early one morning, having mentioned that ohjection to Buo- appeared at the head of 6000 men, before naparte, received for answer,

the gates of Bagdad, which he found unhear no more of these silly (the

expres- defended, and immediately made his sion is much more coarse in the French) troops enter. laws of Sweden."

“ The Pacha, who was generally de"It is believed here, that Buonaparte, tested by the inhabitants, observing during the spring, will put the Swedish that the alarm had spread through the fleet in requisition, for the purpose of whole city, took Aight with a small making it act with that which he is number of his friends ; but, a price haequipping in the Texel; but it is the ge- ving been put upon his head by the neral opinion, at the same time, that Pacha of Mussul, he was betrayed by this Country will not act hostilely against his own servants, and massacred in a England, if the latter does not attack village where he bad hidden himself, her."

The Pacha at Mussul sent the head of · Letters from Anhalt assert, that not this rebel to Constantinople, where it only is it designed to restore Finland to was exposed for three days on the gates Sweden, but aiso to annex to the latter of the Seraglio. It is asserted, that in country the greater part of Norway. bis coffers upwards of thirty millions Denmark, it is said, however averse to were found, which are expected to ara compliance, will be unable to resist the rive soon at the Imperial Treasury. The mandates of France: her prompt obe- Pacha of Damascus, suspected of indience may procure her an indemnity, triguing with the Vechabites, vould but resistance would seal her ruin. Other have shared a similar fate; but, having political arrangements were in contem- received timely notice, made his escape plation; but they would not be made in disguise." public for some time.

REBELLION AND MASSACRE OF TUE JANISA new Decree has been issued by the

SARIES AT CONSTANTINOPLE. Danish Government, by which all trade

BULLETINS, with England is prohibited, under more

" Constantinople, Dec. 2. severe penalties than any yet inflicted by “The turbulence and sedition of those the cruel Napoleon. It is declared a fe- who should be our defenders, has once lony, punishable by death, in the cap- more stained the pride of cities with tain of a ship maintaining intercourse blood and slaughter. The events of the with England.

war with the Infidels are known to every Norway is said to be in a state of re- true believer, Notwithstanding the great volution, in consequence of the attempt efforts made by his Sublime Highness made there to enforce a conscription of (whom may God ever bless!) to inspire, seamen for the French service. The re- his army, with an invincible spirit-to port rests on the authority of the Cap- impart his foresight and skill to its va-, tain of the galliot North Star, of Pap- liant leaders; that success which may penburgh, arrived at Aberdeen, froin be merited, but which it is not in the Christiansand; who adds, that the ports power of feeble mortals to command, on the Norway coast were all in the pos

has not attended our arms. The Rus'

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sians, at the commencement of the war, dispatched trusty messengers to the difpossessed themselves by surprise of Mol- ferent Pachaliks with intelligence of the davia and Wallachia, the advanced posts revolt. All attempts to bring those deof the Empire: aware of the incalcula- luded men to reason proved ineffectual. ble advantages of obtaining possession of They violated the Seraglio, plundered the the fortresses on its banks, their armies treasures, and forced open the houses of were reinforced-their men goaded to the citizens for valuables. In the wanhazardous and destructive enterprizes, tonness of their anger, they fired one of and a populous but treacherous pro- the quarters of the city, by wbich many vince (Servia) urged to rebellion. His houses were destroyed. At length, on Sublime Highness made incredible ef- the 27th, the troops who were to quell forts to stem the torrent, which threat- this rebellious spirit began to arrive. ened the Einpire and the religion of the The Jauissaries inarched out to meet Prophet with ruin. He succeeded; for, the advanced body ; but, though they though Selistria, Rudschuk, and Nico- were double in number, the imposing polis fell, it was not until after great attitude of those brave men made them waste of blood, and the Enemy had been fall back. Ou the following day, dreadso weakened as to be incapable of pur- ing to be attacked in their quarters, they suing his advantage. The keys of the drew up in order of battle--they ad. Danube may be its fortresses; but the vanced to the charge with fury, and stay of the Empire is a numerous and fought like men animated by despair, gallant army, led by experienced Chiefs, After a few hours contest, their ranks and sustained by a population preferring were broken, and they fled: being purdeath to subjection. After all his suc- sued from street to street, scarcely any cesses, the Enemy has not dared to ad- escaped. It is computed that 18,000 of vance; our Vizier, with the main army, these traitors have been slain. continues at Schuinla; the coasts of the (Signed) IBRAHIM, Reis Effendi.” Black Sea are secured from invasion or

Constantinople, Dec. 3. insult, and our rebellious subjects, the “ His Sublime Highness, to quiet the Servians, driven back with shame and minds of his faithful subjects, has .comloss. Nevertheless, as the events of war manded it to be made known, that the are uncertain, and as the blessed Prophet negotiations with the Emperor of all the has himself recommended that policy Russias are in the most favourable train; should be used where force may fail, we and that every disposition has been shewat thought it right to listen to the overtures to concede the points in dispute. The for negotiating a peace. We dispatched pay of the ai my will be transmitted re. Officers to make known our conditions :

gularly in future. The Grand Vizier has we did not think that this, our laudable been reinforced. The Pacha of Serai conanxiety to procure so great a blessing, tinues to defend Varna. would be misinterpreted.

(Signed) IBRAHIM, Reis Effendi.” " But wicked and ungrateful men, for- (From the Supplement to the Abeille getting the submission they owed to us

du Nord, of Jan. 3.) as the lineal descendant of the Prophet,

PROCLAMATION, artfully prepared a tale for the ear of the Constantinople, Dec. 4. By the blesscredulous, that we had renounced the ing of the Prophet, the formidable reglories of our illustrious line, and des- bellion which threatened even the exis. tined the subjection of the crescent. Im- tence of our Empire, and the maintemediately these Janissaries, those sworn nance of its holy religion, has been foes to discipline and order, were seen terminated. The streets of our capital hastening from every quarter with arms were crowded with the carcases of the in their hands. They instructed their dead, who expiated their crimes by the partizans to declare, that reform, and

seymeter; and the scaffold is yet reeking the removal of obnoxious men, were with the blood of the victims sacrificed their objects; and when by these arti- to the juctice of our cause. Ten thoufices they had swelled their forces to sand Janissaries suffered by the swords of 40,000 men, they avowed their real in- our brave and loyal subjects, three thoutentions, called out for “ War," and to sand bled beneath the hands of the public be restored to all their former privileges. executioner, and an equal number by Llis Sublime Highness witnessed these the just laws of our sacred religion have proceedings with affliction, but not with been condemned to imprisonment, undismay. He could have relied on the af- til they are released from the torment of fections of his people, but was desirous this world to succeed to the tortures of of sparing the effusion of blood. He re- the next. The blessed Prophet, who tired on the night of the 24th on-board constantly watches over our welfare, the Ottoman feet, having previously knows with what anguish we beheld this scene of terror and desolation. He nued five weeks, and 50 villages in the knows that every Mussulman that fell vicinity of the forest had been destroyed. gave a pang to our paternal heart; but Many of the unfortunate and idolatrous, Justice, who never calls in vain when natives, believing the calanity to be a she does demand satisfaction, must be direct visitation of some vengeful deity, obeyed; and to her dictates we bowed, and not choosing to survive the loss of while the fatal sentence was pronounced. their property, precipitated themselves, It was thus that the Divine Power exter- into the flames. minated those who ventured to disturb AMERICA AND Tue WEST INDIES. our tranquility, and from whom we have Intelligence has been received, via now nothing to fear. On the love of America, of an attempt having been our faithful people we shall always se- niade by French emissaries to shake eurely rely, to detect and expose those the allegiance of the people of the Phitraitors, who, unawed by this dreadful lippine Isles to Ferdinand the Seventh ; example, may still endeavour, by their wbich was, however, frustrated by the insidious art, to weaken that authority Governor. The emissaries came ori. which the blessed Prophet has confided ginally from the Isle of France, and, in our hands.


being furnished with the necessary inPeace being then restored in our capi- structions, obtained, in the disguise of tal, his Sublime Highness cannot avoid Japanese merchants, perniission to settle repeating his ardent wishes for the resto- some time at Manilla, About 3i10 of the ration of tranquillity to his beloved-sub- native inbabitants suffered themselves to jects in the distant provinces of his Em- be seduced: some of the soldiery were pire. Ternis were offered in our name also bought over; but the number and to the Commander of the Russian armies, competence of the conspirators were which it was expected would meet with still unequal to the execution of their immediate acceptance. But the hope plan. They had been flattered with an was vain. Late successes made our Ene

assurance, that a French haval force my haughty and untractable; and al- would, in the mouth of July, visit the though the whole of the province of Mol. Chinese Seas, and give them both asdavia was offered to be ceded to Russia, sistance and protection. Disappointed and to be annexed to her Empire, yet in this expectation, they made a premathe proud and vain-glorious General re- ture effort to seize the arsenal, and disjected the offer, and insisted not only arm the garrison, but were easily counthat Moldavia, but that the entire fer- teracted by Don Ferdinand de Folgueras, tile province of Wallachia should be the Governor. They then surrendered comprehended in the grant. Yet this at discretion, and 70 of them had since was not all the neutrality of Servia was expiated their treason wit' their lives. not to be allowed; and she was to be The Presidency of Chili, according to compelled as a separate power to treat advices from the river Plate of the 13th with Russia, and full indemnity was to Oct. had declared itself independent, be granted under her former seditious and renounced its allegiance to Fer jo treason and impiety. Thus circum- nand VII. At the Caraccas, all the stanced, our faithful people will not be Europeans had been put into confinement. surprized, that in our name the Coinman- Letters froin various places on the island der in Chief, tlie GRAND VIZIER, hesita- of Cuba give a melancholy detail of the ted. He dispatched Couriers to our ca- combined effects of a hurricane and pital; and in return we commanded him earthquake, experienced there at the to break off the negotiation, and to act close of October. The hurricane comon the offensive. Then at length it was menced at the Havannal on the 24th, that our Enemies repented of their pre- by a gale from the Southward, which sumption, and under this feeling they continued till the night of the 25th, have again offered to treat. If, on any when it fell for a few hours. On the terms that are consistent with the glory following day two slight shocks of an of our Empire, the blessings of peace earthquake were felt: the wind changed can be obtained, our dear people, whose to the Northward, and during the eninterest alone is our guide, may remain suing 48 hours the contention of the ele. in the perfect assurance that those bless- ments was truly dreadful. The waves ings shall be secured to them.

rose to a tremendous height, washing (Signed) “ IBRAHIM, Reis Effendi.”

over the flag-staff of the castle, though ASIA.

40 feet from the level of the sea, and A forest in India, 65 miles in length, sweeping the pier, a church, and 60 and 28 in breadth, was set on fire in buildings away. Thirty-two vessels were June Jast, through the negligence of driven on shore, and wrecked; out of some wood-cutters. At the date of the which number, four were carried three account, the conflagration had conti- miles up the country, and two nearly


into the heart of the town. Five Ame- strating the sugar-cane and plantain, ricans were driven over to the Florida and tearing the coffee-trees up by the shore, where they went to pieces ; but

It is supposed that not more the greater part of their cargoes was than half a crop will be averaged preserved,

throughout the island. At St. Jago de Cuba the hurricane and The damage to the shipping at the earthquake were simultaneous in their Havannah is compated at 600,000 doldestructive operation. There was a lapse lars; the injury at St. Jago cannot be of three days between the two principal correctly estimated; but the loss of shocks, which occurred both in the lives at both places is believed to be not middle of the night. The inhabitants, fewer than 350. on the first alarms, Aed, half rakeil, into A lamentable occurrence took place in the open pain to the East of the town ; Port Royal Mountains, Jamaica. The but, though the danger appeared to dwelling-house, &c. and from 25 to 30 cease for some time, the hurricane, by acres of full-bearing coffee, on the planseattering the ruins of the buildings in tation of Mr. Robert G. Dalhouse, sunk various directions, rendered it too ha- down and disappeared on the 15th of Nozardous for the people to make any ef- vember, and nothing but the ridge of the fectual effort to save their property. On house was discernible. Some days prethe morning of the 18th the greater part vious to this accident, the earth was obof the town, which had escaped the fury served to crack, and sink in a trilling deof preceding shocks, was swallowed up; gree, and the house to be affected by it, and a chasın, 80 feet broad, remained when Mr. Dalhouse was advised to rethe only vestire of this frightful ruin. move with his furniture; which he forThe river Aquadore, near which St. Jago tunately did. The cause is not well aswas situated, was for some time agitated certained; but it is supposed to have like the waves of the sea; but, though been occasioned by a hollow or subterraised in the centre many feet above its ranean passage in the earth, which swalordinary level, did not overflow its banks. lowed up the buildings, &c, as there was

At Quito, Spiritu Santo, and Choa, the not the smallest symptom of an earthhurricane has done great damage, pro- quake at the time.'

MEMORIAL respecting the Establishment of a Seminary for the Promotion of

British Interests. Commercial and Political, in the Island of MALTA; submitted to the Consileration of his Majesi y's Honourable Pricy Council, Notaries and Proctors and Civilian", Slip-Ouners and Merchants, individually and collectively; and par. ticularly the Honourable East Iridia, Russia, and Levant Companies; to the Consideration also of the Birical and other Societies, engaged in the Improvement of Geography, the Exploration of unknown Regions of the Earth, and all Manner of useful and liberal Investigation.

The reciprocal advantages of a com- many years ago, to his present Majesty, merce between Great Britain and the our good King, on this subject *. This Coast of Barbary having become evident letter remained in the Secretary of State's tu Muley Solyman, the present Emperor office here for some months, as no one of Morocco, who has the reputation of could readily be found capable of transbeing more learned in the Mahomedan lating it. This delay in returning an ancommentaries on the Koran, as well as swer, naturally considered as a mark of of being of a more mild and generous disrespect, gave great offence to the disposition than any of his predecessors, Emperor. wrote a derter with his own hand, not An Institution of the kind now pro

* In this letter, Moley Solyman gives his Majesty the sacred title of Sultan, and shews him greater respect than had ever before been paid by any Mussulman to a Christiail. This circumstance coming to the knowledge of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Right Ilonourable Spencer Perceval, that gentleman expressed a wish to a friend of Mr. Grey Jackson's to have a translation; and the letter was transmitted to Mr. Jackson for that purpose. “ Dr. Buffe,” says Mr. Jackson, who delivered it, “assured me, it had been sent to one, if not both Universities, and to the Post-office; but that, either from a difference in the punctuation of the characters; or in the language itself, no one could be found capable of rendering it into English. This statement, however unaccountable it may appear to many, was afterwards further confirmed by passports, and other papers in African Arabic, being sent to me for translations, the want of which had detained vessels in our ports, and caused merchants in London to suffer from a loss of markets."'--An Account of the Empire of Morocco, &c. By J. G. Jackson, Esq. p. 219.


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