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stitutionally convoked, shall think expe. day,' said he to an American, 'was 50 dient, in order to adapt it to the particu. years since I first arrived in London. I relar circumstances of the States of his inember travelling on the top of the CanMajesty.

terbury coach, and stopping about two * 2. We reserve to ourselves the mak miles from London at a mean tavern, and ing and publication of all the arrange taking a dinner before I entered ibe metroments which may be useful in facilitating polis to seek my fortune; and I could not and hastening the execution of the present avoid yesterday going to the same tavern, Decree."

calling for a dinner alone in the same GERMANY.

room, looking back on the 50 years I had A private letter from Hamburgh dated spent, the progress I had made in my prothe 2d ult. communicates uupleasant ac fession, the friends I possessed, and the counts of the health of that city. It was adventures I had met with. This was a estimated, that 8,000 persons of all ages singular epoch in the life of an individual." were then more or less indisposed. Of the The following is an extract of a letter garrison alone there were 200 sick men in from the agent of Lloyd's at Santiago de the hospital.

Chili, dated Feb. 18, addressed to the Se. Col. Massenbach, it is said, has con cretary, and received by the Hydra ceived, during his imprisonment at Cus. wbaler, arrived at Plymouth :trin, a very ingenious system of finance, “ We consider the capture of the strong by which the Prussian National Debt may fortress of Valdivia of that consequence to be paid off in six years and a half. those engaged in the trade of Chili, that

lo Saxe Gotha the quantity of vermio of we hasten to communicate the same through the mouse tribe has increased of late to a you. It was attacked by Lord Cochrane degree almost incredible. The local ma. on the night of the 17th February, with 240 gistrates give rewards for their destruction. soldiers of a Chili Regiment, and the sailors In the year 1818 more than 200,000 field and marines of the frigate O'Higgins, mice were brought to them for the pre- brig Intrepid, and schooner Montezuma. miums. In the Raths-kammer of the city By day.light, eight barriers were carried ; of Gotha, between the 9th of May and the and in the course of the ensuing morning, 9th of September, 1817, the number for the town, castles, fortresses, with 116 pieces which the rewards were paid, reached to of brass cannon, all the Spanish Royal 89,565. The regularity with which the depot, and four hundred soldiers of the accounts are kept in these local treasuries Regiment of Cantabria, were taken pos. leave no room to doubt the authenticity of session of; the transport Dolves (cut out this fact, which is both novel and extraor of Talcahuana) and a small vessel retaken, dinary.

This was the only point the Spaniards had AFRICA.

left in the State of Chili. Two large ships The Algerines have renewed their old taken at Guayaquil, are the Vigonia, of system of piracy in the most audacious 700 tons, and the Aguilo, of 1000 tons :

They have sent a squadron of they have anchored at Valparaiso.” five vessels to sea, for the purpose of mak A colony of twelve Chinese, established ing war upon the commerce of all those in Brazil since the residence there of the nations which are not represented at Al. King of Portugal, have devoted themselves giers, and whose resentment they are not with so much success to the cultivation of afraid to provoke.

Tea, that there are now 3000 trees in full The Dey of Tripoli has declared war bearing, and the plantation promises to against the Grand Duke of Florence, in become more flourishing. consequence of the refusal of the latter to

It appears by accounts from Caraccas, continue the annual tribute hitherto paid. that upwards of 100 persons were arrested

on a charge of being concerned in the AMERICA, WEST INDIES, &c. plot to destroy Morillo, and that among The National Advocate, an American Pa. them there were 20 females. The prinper, contains the following paragraph re cipal Alcaide had been shot, and Zabespecting the late B. West, esq. “ His leta, the mistress of Morillo, who was to genius and industry as a painter have ne. have administered the poison, it was supver been surpassed, and his productions posed, would suffer a similar fate. will long be admired for their great and Accounts from Hayti to the 28th of unrivalled merit. He was much attached May, confirm the previous reports of the to his native country, and took great plea- final and complete reduction of the insure in conversing with his fellow-citizens, surrection under Gomar, which has lastand giving every facility to American Art. ed, with various changes of fortune, ever ists-he viewed our progress in arts, in since 1807. The heads of 16 of the ringarms, and in science, with deep interest, leaders were exhibited on pikes, in a puband his long absence did not alienate bis lic part of the town of Jeremie. affections from his native land. · Yester




bart. ;


Mr. Leigh, silversmith, Middle Row, MaidPARTS OF THE COUNTRY.

stone. Mr. Leigb's family had scarce time to avoid the devouring flames, Mrs. Leigh

threw two infant children out of the first June 3. The Roman Catholic Chapel, floor window, whi were caught by the at Cork, was discovered to be on fire. By the people beneath; and she afterwards jumpgreat exertions of Dr. Murphy, the Ca ed from the same window upon the pavetholic Bishop, and numerous other persons, ment, fortunately without receiving any the progress of the fire was happily ar injury; the rest of the family escaped by rested, but not till the organ, the taber the back part of the house. The progress nacle, and the pictures which surmount of the flames was arrested, but not before ed it, were burnt.

the interior of Mr. Leigh's house was deOXFORD, June 14. In the Convocation stroyed, with most of his stock in trade; holden in the Theatre, the Honorary De and the adjoining house much injured. gree of D.C.L. was conferred on Lord The damage is calculated at near 8001. Apsley, M.A. of Christ Church, M.P.; The Wakefield Journal, in appropriate Lord Hill, G. C. B. K. T. S. M. T. and terms of condemnation, states, that in S.G.; Sir William Grant; Sir Jacob consequence of a quarrel between two Astley, bart.; Sir Anthony Farrington, brothers-in-law, in that neighbourhood,

Sir George Murray, G.C.B. and and some litigation in the Wakefield Court K. T. S.; Sir H. Hardinge, K. C. B. and Baron, ten of the sheep belonging to one M.P.; Sir T. Lawrence, President of the of them were seized by the occupant of a Royal Academy; G. W. Taylor, esq. field into which they had strayed, and tied M.P.; J. J. Lockhart, esq. M.P. for Ox fast, till they all perished with hunger, ford ; C. 0. Bowles, of North Aston, co. which they did after 10 days suffering ! Oxford, esq. ; Charles Peers, of Chisle A few days since, a dreadful accident bampton Lodge, co. Oxford, esq. ; R. happened to Messrs. Campart and Co.'s Southey, esq. Poet Laureat; and Joshua mills, at Iver. The foreman, while in the Watson, esq. Treasurer to the Society for act of putting grease to a spindle, had his Promoting Christian Knowledge, &c. clothes caught, and he was drawn in be

And the Honorary Degree of M.A. on tween the two wheels ; when the force of Rowland Hill, esq. Gentleman Commoner his body broke the iron spindle, four of Oriel College.

inches in substance, into three pieces, and An Ode, in honour of the King's Ac he fell on the floor dreadfully mangled. cession, written by the Rev. John Josias He lingered for about eight hours io exConybeare, M. A. of Christ Church, and cruciating agouy. He was only 29 years Professor of Poetry, and set to Music by of age, and has left a wife aud three Dr. Crotch, Professor of Music, was then children to lament his unfortunate end. performed with great effect by a full or. An enormous snake was killed a few chestra, both vocal and instrumental. days ago, by a farmer, in a hay field, in

The Creweian Oration was delivered by the parish of Chudleigh, said to be the The Rev. Mr. Crowe, B.C.L. of New Col. largest ever met with in that part of the lege, the Public Orator ; after which the country : its body is described to be the Prize Compositions (see p. 442) were re thickness of a man's arm, and it measured cited.

in length upwards of four feet. The Vice-Chancellor theu dissolved the The staves of radical pikes are now selConvocation ; after which • God save the ling every market-day at Huddersfield, as King' was sung, accompanied in excellent handles of hay-rakes. style by all the performers. Upwards of The Fortunate Youth, whose deceptive 250 persons were entertained in an ele career excited general curiosity and amusegant manner by the Vice-Chancellor, in ment some time ago, is returned into Camthe Hall of Brasennose College. Lord bridgeshire, and is now an humble agriculHill; Gen. Sir G. Murray; Sir W. Grant; tural assistant to his father in that county. Sir W. Scott; Sir T. Lawrence ; the Bp. A copper mine has lately been disof Llandaff; the Heads of several Colleges, covered near Kirkcudbright, in Scotland; and their Ladies, and many other dis. the ore is of a superior quality, and the tinguished persons, were of the party. vein is so extensive, that, although the

Two new Churches are about to be excavation does not exceed nine feet in erected at Wakefield; and the founda- deptb, about 50 tons were soon raised. tion of a new Church was on the 5th of Through the channel of a late Farmer's June laid at Harwich.

Journal, Mr. Atwood, the banker, of BirJune 22. About half-past 12 o'clock mingham, informs the public, that, acat night, a fire broke out at the house of cording to the Parliamentary papers, the


and Ayr.

foreign importations of corn, on the ave Accounts have been received at Hull. rage of the last six years, have amouoted by the Active, arrived at Peterhead, oé to only one-sixtieth part of the National the bad success of the fishery, and that consumption, or to about six days con no less than 42 ships were ascertained to sumption per annum. Now, the produce be clean (empty). The Active left the of English agriculture at the war prices, other sbips the 141h June. The merchants or even those of 1818, amounts to about seem to have had a strong presentiment of two hundred and forty millions of pounds the fate of the fishery; as so bigh as 341. sterling per annum ; thence the whole va. per ton has been given for oil on arrival. lue of the foreign imports amounted to July 3. The Scotch State Trials com. but little above four millions per annum, inenced at Stirling on Thursday last; and yet there were two bad harvests within when Hardie, one of the Bonnymuir ra. the period.

On these grounds, Mr. A. dicals, was found Guilty. The indict. concludes that, the petitioning agricultu ment on which he was tried charged him rists have made a fundamental error of with conspiring to levy war and subyert judgment, in the supposition that the im the Constitution, and publishing and postportation of foreign corn, trilling as the ing up printed Addresses to the inhabi. quantity has been, can have occasioned tants of Great Britain and Ireland, to intheir depression and distress, which he cite the soldiers of the King and other attributes entirely to the improper ma subjects to rebellion. It appears that the nagement of the vational money-market, Court has strictly forbidden any publiand the subduction of currency by the cation of the proceedings till all the trials Bank.

are concluded. The prohibition, like that As a proof of the deplorable state of issued on the trial of the Cato-street couthe farmers, it is asserted that in a parish spirators at the Old Bailey, is not conabout four miles from Devizes, when the fined merely to those now in progress at Receiver General called a few weeks since Stirling, but extends to those which will for the Taxes, not a single one of the Pay follow at Glasgow, Paisley, Dumbarton, masters could pay his full quantum; where for the twenty preceding years, it would July 15. “ About seven this morning have been looked upon as most extraordi arrived at Dover, from Boulogue, the nary if a single one had failed.

Chevalier Vassali, with two respectable A few days ago was discovered, in a witnesses in favour of the Queen. We creek near the sea, in Mr. Birket's low understand they are followed by several marsh, Fosdyke, by some gentlemeu, an Noblemen, and many superior Military extraordinary eel, measuring in length and Civil Officers of Rank, who come to 73 inches, and weighing 36 pounds. give testimony on the approaching trial, What is most remarkable is, that it is not in behalf of her Majesty." exactly of the species of the conger.

The treatment of the Italians at Dover, Sir Charles Wolseley has been waited has excited a kind of horror in the minds upon by an express messenger from the of Foreigners ou the Continent; so much Lord Chancellor, to serve bim with a s', That on the landing of some of ibe supersedeas-an instrument by which' be suite of the French Ambassador abso. is erased from the list of the Magistracy. lule fear took such possession of them,

A Canterbury paper says, “ A viper, that it was with great difficulty they measuring the exiraordinary length of could be persuaded there was not any three feet and a half, on Tuesday last was danger. The arrivals from the Continent taken alive in the vicinity of this City; at Dover are less than before, wbile those and on its being killed, a toad of an ex at Harwich have considerably increased traordinary size was taken from its body, within this fortnight. in a perfect state.”

July 22. Letters from York state, that A new market is about to be erected at the Grand Jury had found the bilis for Liverpool, which, when fiuished, will be bigh treason, which had been presented the completest thing of the kind in Eng to them, against four prisoners charged land. It is to be covered all over, and with the insurrection near Huddersfield, will be in length 500 feet, and in breadth on the pight of the 31st of March ; and 300 feet, with a handsome elevation in against 18 who were engaged in the march front. The estimated expense exceeds to Grange Moor, on the morning of the 30,0001.

12th of April. There are now living within half a mile

DAMAGED Hay. of Bromsgrove in Worcestershire, on the A Correspondent says, there is a vast Worcester road, four children born at ove quantity of hay now abroad, not worth birth, all girls; they are 15 months old, 10s. per ton, which may be rendered pa. two of whom can walk alone, and the latable and wholesome food, by simply other two nearly so.

0.—'The father is a poor sprinkling salt between the layers while Jabouring man, and had three children stacking. He tried this plan on a lot of before.

flooded hay io 1818, and found his catile


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1 1820.] Occurrences in London and its Vicinity.

79 at preferred it to the best hay not salted. Peualties against her Majesty, of which * The quantity used was a peck measure

the following is a copy : full of ground rock salt to each ton of hay.

" Whereas, ia the year 1814, her Ma

jesty, Caroline Amelia Elizabeth, then 1+

Princess of Wales, and now Queen Conre OCCURRENCES IN LONDON

sort of this realm, being at Milan, in Italy, AND ITS VICINITY.

engaged in her service, in a menial situ. Her Majesty, and the proceedings go

ation, one Bartolomo Pergani, otherwise ing ou against her, continue almost the Bartolomo Bergami, a foreigner of low sole object of public attention ; and we

station, who had before served in a sibelieve we may safely say, that the minds

milar capacity : of the people of England were never more And whereas, after the said Bartolomo inteusely fixed on any one subject

Pergami, otherwise Bartolomo Bergami,

had entered the service of her Royal HighWednesday, June 28.

ness the said Princess of Wales, a most In consequence of the Queen's non

unbecoming and degrading intimacy comcompliance with the wishes of the House menced between her Royal Highness and de of Cominons, the Secret Committee of the

the said Bartolomo Pergami, otherwise od

House of Lords assembled this day; when Bartolomo Bergami. the the Green Bag was opened. The Mar

" And whereas her Royal Higbness not ? quis of Lansdowne and Lord Erskine de

only advanced the said Bartolomo Pergabe' clined acting on the Committee; and the

mi, oiherwise Bartolomo Bergami, to a lit Lords Hardwicke and Ellenborough were

high station in her Royal Highness's meet appointed in their stead. When the

household, and received into her service act Committee first met, Messrs. Brougham

many of his near relations, some of them Ogre and Denman delivered in a sealed letter ;

in inferior and others in high and confiEhich containing, it is said, material evidence

dential situations about her Royal Highupon the part of her Majesty. This letter

ness's person, but bestowed upon him the Committee refused to receive, as not

other great and extraordinary marks of within their province.

favour and distinction, obtained for him Tuesday, July 4.

Orders of Knigbihood and Titles of HoThe Lord President reported from the

nour, and conferred upon him a pretend

ed Order of Kuighthood, wbich her Royal Secret Committee, that they have exa

Highness had taken upon herself to iosti., mined, with all the attention due to so

iute without any just or lawful authority : important a subject, the documents which have been laid before them: and they

“ And whereas her said Royal Highfind, that those documents contain alle.

ness, whilst the said Bartolomo Pergami,

otherwise Bartolomno Bergami, was in her gations, supported by the concurrent testimony of a great number of persons in

said service, further unmindful of her exvarious situations of life, and residing in

alted rank and station and of her duty to different parts of Europe, which deeply your Majesty, and wholly regardless of affect the honour of the Queen; charging

her own honour and character, conducted

herself towards the said Bartolomo Perher Majesty with an adulterous conpection with a foreigner, originally in her gami, otherwise Bartolomo Bergami, and service in a menial capacity; and at

in other respects, both in public and pritributing to her Majesty a continued se

vate, in the various places and countries ries of conduct highly unbecoming her

which her Royal Highness visited, with Majesty's rank and station, and of the

indecent and offensive familiarity and most licentious character.

freedorn, and carried on a licentious, dis“ These Charges appear to the Com- graceful, and adulterous intercourse with mittee so deeply to affect not only the

the said Bartolomo Pergami, otherwise honour of the Queen, but also the dignity

Bartolomo Bergami, which continued for of the Crown, and the moral feelings and

a long period of time during her Royal honour of the Country, that, in their opis Highness's residence abroad; by which

conduct of her said Royal Highuess, great nion, it is indispensable that they should become the subject of a solemn Inquiry,

scandal and dishonour have been brought which it appears to the Committee, may

upon your Majesty's family and kingdom. be best effected in the course of a Legisla. Therefore, to manifest our deep sense of tive Proceeding, the necessity of which

such scandalous, disgraceful, and vicious they cannot but most deeply deplore.”

conduct on the part of her said Majesty,

by which she has siolated the duty she Wednesday, July 5.

owed to your Majesty, and bas rendered de

The Queen presented a Petition to the herself unworthy of the exalted rank and House, desiring that she might be beard station of Queen Consort of this realm; and by her Coopsel ; which was resolved in to evince our just regard for the dignity the negative. Afterwards the Earl of Li. of the Crown and the honour of this naverpool presented a Bill of Pains and

tion ; We, your Majesty's most dutiful and


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loyal subjects, the Lords Spiritual and whom the Society owed its origin) had pre. Temporal and Commons in Parliament sented them with a communion service of assembled, do hereby entreat your Ma- plate for the chapel in Ely-place,

The jesty that it may be enacted, and be it system had been generally introduced in! enacted by the King's most Excellent Ma. the Army, under the patronage of the jesty, by and with the advice and cousent Duke of York'; also in the Navy, under of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and the patronage of several distinguished Commons in this present Parliament as officers; in Portsmouth Dock Yard, unsembled, and by the authority of the same, der the patronage of the Commissioners, that her said Majesty Caroline Amelia Thirty-two grants of money had been Elizabeth, from and after the passing of made, amounting altogether to 3,2021. to this Act, shall be and is hereby deprived various populous parishes in and about of the title of Queen, and of all the pre the Metropolis, particularly to Newington rogatives, rights, privileges, and exemp Butts, Bethnal Green, and St. Paul's, tions appertaining to her as Queen Con. Deptford ; and, in the latter place, in sort of this realm; and that her said Ma. struction had been given to children in jesty shall, from and after the passing this evenings, whose occupations would Act, for ever be disabled and rendered in allow them to attend in the day time, and capable of usiog, exercising, and enjoy also on Sundays. The Committee had ing the same, or any of them; and more been restrained from doing more in asover, that the marriage between his Ma. sisting schools with money, from the jesty and the said Caroline Amelia Eliza scantiness of their funds; however, it acbeth be, and the same is hereby from knowledged a liberal legacy and several henceforth for ever wholly dissolved, an donations. The Report concluded with a nulled, and made void to all intents and recommendation of supporting the syspurposes whatsoever."

tem, to counteract Deists and lofides, The House of Lords are to meet on the and that it was the cause of God and Re. 17th of August, to proceed to the ligion. second reading of the Bill now before their

Thursday, June 29. Lordships' House regarding the Queen :

Dr. W. H. Wollaston was raised to the no proxies are to be allowed ; and, it is

chair of the Royal Society, till November; said, the House will enforce attendance

when, at the meeting of the Society, a by penalties and imprisonment. After the

President will be elected. evidence for the prosecution has been

Among the Bills which lately received examined, the Counsel for her Majesty

the Royal Assent, is one for pupishing will then open the case and call witnesses.

the drivers of stage coaches, and other An effort has been made in the Lords

carriages, for accidents occasioned by to obtain a list of the witnesses for the

their misconduct. prosecution ; but it was strongly opposed Mr. Parke's invention for the consumpby Ministers, and rejected.

tion of smoke from steam-engines, &c. The House of Commons have adjourned till the 21st of August.

was tried lately at Barclay and Co.'s

brewery, and found to answer most comThursday, June 1.

pletely, and that by means at once easy, The Anniversary of the National School cheap, and certain. The method may be Society was held at Baldwin's Gardens, adopted, without any additional expence, this day. The Archbishop of Cauterbury or even alteration, by those who have took the chair, attended by a number of falling doors to their furnaces. The perBishops, Noblemen, &c.

son attending the engine should, before Dr. Walmsley read the Report. There supplying it with coal, push the fire for. had been established in England 1,467 ward, then lay the coals on the place schools ; praise was given to Mr. John from whence the fire was pushed, and imson, the master of the general central mediately close the door to within about school, under whose care were about 502 an inch and an half of the bottom; the boys and 230 girls. During last year the air rushing through the part left open has children had increased 20,000, and the the effect of burning the smoke completewhole number receiving instruction in ly. A little smoke will rise while the England amounted to 270,000. The coals are laying; but the moment the schools had increased from 1467 to 1614. door is put down, and left as before-stated, The system was established in Nova Sco very litile smoke can be seen; the door tia and other foreign parts. The report may be closed in about a minute. This alluded to the munificence of J. Watson, plan, generally adopted, will relieve large esq. the treasurer of the society, who had towns, as well as the country, from a most purchased the chapel in Ely-place (valued intolerable grievance, and will be a great at between 2 and 30001.) and made a pre saving of fuel. seot of it to the society for the children of The building of the new Post Office is, the National Schools to attend divine ser. it is said, likely to be suspended; and au vice (see p. 366). The Rev. Dr. Bell (to estimate is directed to be prepared of the

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