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1820.) Occurrences in London and its Vicinity. 81 value of the vacant ground, should it be s'er; and whereas for divers weighty rea. thought necessary to let it upon building suns Us thereunto moving. We have lease:

thought fit to adjourn the said solemnity Saturday. July 1.

until Our royal will and pleasure shall be In the Court of Exchequer, W. G. Lewis, furiber signified thereon, We do by tbis printer, of Coventry, was fioed 1001. for Our Royal Proclamation give notice there. selling burnt pease as a substitute for of; and we do hereby further signify to coffee, contrary to the 41st Geo. Ill. all Our loring subjects whom it may conTuesday, July 4.


that all persons of what quality or A Coroner's Inquest was held on the

rank soever they be, who either upou our body of Mr. Robert Hill, a grocer of High

letters to them directed, or by reason of gate, which was found in the Serpentine

their offices, or tenures, or otherwise, are river, on Monday morning. There were

to do any service at the time of such Co. inarks of violeoce on the body, and nu

ronatiun, are discharged fruin their at." thing remained of the property which was tepdance, on Tuesday, the 1st day of on the person of the deceased when he August next. left home. The Jury returned a verdict Given at our Court at Carlton House, of—" Fuund dead, supposed to have been ibis 12th day of July, 1820, and in the robbed and murdered.”

first year of Our reign.

God Sare the King. Wednesday, July 5. This morning William Paling, Jobn

Friday, July 14. Robinson, and William Henry Stanford,

A Princess has been discovered in Mrs. for uttering forged notes; Heory Have Olivia Wilmot Serres, who claims to be kins, for a burglary under aggravated

the legitimate daughter of the late Duke circumstances; William Arnold (a soldier)

of Cumberland. She this day presented for extorting money upon the highway ;

to the House of Commous a Petition for and W. Sanders, for borse-stealing, for an enquiry into her Claims. feited their lives to the outraged laws

Saturday, July 15. of their country, at the usual place of The total anuount of Bank Notes and execution in the Old Bailey, in the pre

Bank Post Bills in circulation during sence of a comparatively small number this week amounted to 20,210,2001. lu of spectators.

the preceding week the Thursday, July 6.

22,397,2101. ; so ibat there has been an

increase in the chief circulating medium, It appears, by the statement of porter brewed by the eleven principal houses, to

in one week, of no less than 3,813,0907. this day, that the quantiiy is 125,066

Monday, July 24. barrels less than the preceding year.

The New Bank Nore. An Act of Par.

liament has received the Royal Assent Tuesday, July 11. His Royal Highness the Duke of Cam

for the further prevention of forging and

counterfeiting Bank Notes. bridge and suite arrived in London from

a:uble of the Act furnishes a general Hanover. Caplain Smith road his horse on the

description of the note, which is about to Essex road, eleven miles in 29 minutes

be issued by the Bank of England. It 46 seconds-time allowed 50 ininutes

recites, that “ As well for the prevention

thereof, as to facilitate the direction of the for a wager of 200 guineas—the animal 16 hands high, and least fatigued of the

saine, the Governor and Company of Eng

land have, after great consideration, latwo.

bour, and expense, formed a new plan Wednesday, July 12.

printing Bank notes, in which the About three o'clock this morning, a fire

ground work of each Bank note will be broke out in the extensive granary be.

black or coloured, or black and coloured longing to Mr. Scriviner, at Dockbead.

line work; and the words “Bank of EngThe fire, which is said to have originated

land,” will be placed at the top of each from some unslacked lime which was un

Bank note, in white letters upon a black shipped the preceding day on the ground

sable or dark ground, such ground confloor, destroyed the whole of the premises, taining white lines intersecting each otber, with all the stock in trade.

and ile numerical amount or sum of each By The King.

Baok pole in the body of the note will A Proclamation for adjourning the solemnity be printed in black and red register work,

of the Coronation of His Majesty. and the back of each note will distinctly G. R.- Whereas by our Royal Procla shew the whole contents thereof in a reversed mation, bearing date the 6. day of May impression.—The exclusive privilege of last, We did (amongst other things) pub- using this plan of printing notes is given lisin and declare Our Royal intention to to the Bank of England; and the Govercelebrate the solemnity of Our Royal Co. nor and Company are further authorised ronation, upon Tuesday, the 1st day of to cause the wames of the persons intrust. August next, at Our Palace, at Westmin. ed by the Company to sign Bank votes in GENT, MAG. July, 1820.


The pre



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their behalf, to be impressed by machinery gained to all cities and towns at above upon Bank notes, instead of baving them 200 miles from London. Double postage subscribed in the hand-writing of such voly is to be charged for this extraordipersons respectively.

nary speed. Another Act received the Royal Assent, Amount of Duty paid by the different foor "regulating the payment of Labourers Fire Insurance Compaoies of Londoo, Wages." It enacts, that wages shall not be from Christinas 1819 to Lady-day 1820. paid otherwise than in inoney-imposes a

Office. Sum losured. Duty paid. penalty of 201. on offenders, if the con.

d. viction be affirmed.


.., 22,969.914...37,454 17 5 Friday, July 28.

Phænix.........14,129,592...21,194 7 9 Her Majesty the Queen bas sent a com Royal munication to the House of Lords, inform Exchange

8,290,342... 12,435 10 ing their Lordships that it is ber intention County 7,483,583...11,225 7 6 to be present every day during the inves linperial........ 7,045,828... 10.568 14 10 tigation which is to take place in support

5,909,242... 8,863 17 3 of the Bill of Pains and Penalties relating Fagle... 3,397,514... 5,096 5 5 to her, which has been introduced into the Albion........... 3,235,775... 4,853 13 3 House by Lord Liverpool. Her Majesty Hope............ 2.953,011... 4,429 10 also desires, that their Lurdships will or Haud in Hand 2,923,817... 4,385 14 3 der a seat to be provided for her in the British. ......... 2.877,709... 4,316 II 3 House of Lords, so situated that she may Westiniaster... 2,729,664... 4,094 911 be enabled to bear distinctly all the evi, Atlas............ 2,579,128... 3,868 13 10 dence that may be produced in the course Uniou........... 2,391,967... 3,587 19 of the investigation.

London......... 1,631,747... 2,447 12 5 An official Return to an Order of the National

435,515... 653 5 House of Commons states the total Union amount of the net produce of the Reve. nue of Great Britain, for the year eading

90,984,348 136,476 10 4 the 5th of July, 1819, exclusive of Pro. perty and unappropriated War Duties,

THEATRICAL REGISTER. at 49,361,2201. and for the year ending

New Piece. the 5th of July, 1820, at 48,938,3091.

Covent GARDEN THEATRE. making a falling off, in the latter year, of 422,9711. The receipt upon Property,

July 7. When It takes place, I shall and unappropriated War Dutr, in the

keep my Seat and Get a Peep. A trifle former year was 239,3577, in the latter

brought out by Mr. Yates for his benefit, year 44,6041. Exclusive of these receipts,

to exhibit the versatility of his imitative the tolal vet amount would be, for the

talents. It was afterwards acted to year ending the 5h of July 1819,

nights, and therefore, we suppose, was 49,071,9231 for 1820, 48,993,7051.; lear.

adopted by the Manager. ing a deficiency in the latter year of only 178,2181.

Haymarket Theatre. Sir Thomas Gresham, who built the July 10. This Theatre opened for the Royal Exchange, was the son of a poor season with a new Parce, entitled, Oil and woman, who left bim in a field when aus

Vinegar; said to be a production of Mr. infant; but the chirping of a grasshopper Theodore Hooke. It was not very ill leading a boy 19 the place where he lay, received, but was acted only two nights. his life was preserved. --- From this circum.

July 20.

Woman's Will-A Riddle! stance the future merchant took the grass. This is a Musical Drama in three Acts ; hopper as his crest; and hence the cause the story taken froin Chaucer; being of that insect being placed over the Royal founded on the adventures of a certain Exchange.

knight, condemned to die for some crime; Government has contracted for horse but saved, on the hard condition of disbarracks to be built in Mary-le-bonne covering within a given period, that which Park. The contractors are to be paid by is “women's constant will.” This secret an annuity of 54001, per annum for thirty- is revealed to him by an old beldaine, one years; being the rent yow paid for who, however, claims his hand as her rePortman-street, Barracks.

ward; which the luckless knight, bound By on Act just passed, persous offering by his honour, is about to bestow; when a fee 10 any officer, &c, of the custoin she is suddenly transformed into a young house, are liable to 500l. penally, when and beautiful woman, the identical object ther the fee be taken or not.

of his affections. The solution of the A peu experimeat is to be made of con. riddle proves to be, that it is, “to have veying letters by an extra post, at the her will." By the aid of good music, rate of 11 miles per hour, including change singing, and acting, it has bad a favourof horses; by which a x bole day will be able reception.




MEMBERS RETURNED TO PARLIAMENT. July 1. Horse Guards--Brevet Liewi.. July 15. Dundalk. G. Hartopp, 459. Col. Hill, and Brevet Major Diake, to be of Four Oaks, co. Warwick, v. Metdge. Majors.

July 18. Colchester. H. Baring, esq. v. 3d Foot-Breret Lieut.-Col. D'Aguilar, D. W. Harvey, esq. whose election has to be Major.

been determined to be void. 40th-Brevet Lieut. Col. Balfour, to be Berwick-upon Tweed. i. H. Saint Paul, Major,

esq. v. Sir D. Milne, K. C. B whose elecHospital Staff-Staff-Surgeon Taylor to tion has been also determined to be void. be Physician, and Assistant Surgeon Trumble to be Surgeon, to the Forces.


A Conge d'Elire passed the Rer. J. F. Roberts, second master of Great Seal, empowering the Dean and Felstead School, Essex, to the mastership Chapter of Bristol to elect a Bishop, v. of Walthamstow School. Mansel, dec.; and recommending the Rev.J. Kaye, D. D. Master of Christ's College, EccLESIASTICAL PREPERMENTS. Cambridge, and Regius Professor of Di Rev. W. Kiliett, B. A. Keuninghall V. vinity, to be elected Bishop of Bristol. Norfolk.

July 4. Alleyne Lord St. Helen's, one of Rev. G. Hunt, Boughton R. Norfolk. the Lords of his Majesty's Bedchamber, u. Rev. George Martin, M. A. (Chancellor Lord Charles Spencer, dec.

of Exeter), Haberton V. Devon. July 8.. Dr. c. Wordsworth, Master of Rev. E. James, M. A. of Christ Church, Trinity College, Cambridge, v. Mapsell. Oxford, Mortlake Perp. Curacy, Surrey.

21st Foot-Capt.Champion, to be Major. Rev. George Lucas, B. A. Billockby R. 47th-Major Meyrick, to be Lieut.-Col. Norfolk.

July 18. A Conge d'Elire passed the Rev. Mr. Bathurst, son of the Rt. Hom. Great Seal, empowering the Dean and Bragge Bathurst, Berwick in Elmer R. Chapter of Winchester to elect a Bishop of near Leeds, v. Bp. Mausell, dec. that See; and recommending George Tom. Rev. W. Roles, M. A. Upton Lovell R. line, now Bishop of Lincoin, to be elected Wilts, v. E. Seymour, dec. Bishop of Winchester.

Rev. G. Grantham, B. D. (fellow of The King has approved J. Colquhou Magdalen Coll. Oxford) Waith V. Linc ; esq. as Agent for the Çiiy of Hamburgh; patron, Miss Borrell, of Grainsby House. Mr. N. M. Rothschild, Consul General for Rev.R.Marks, Great Missenden V.Bucks. Austria ; and Mr. P. Aigen, Consul at Rev. J. W. Jones, A.B. Church Brough. Gibraltar for the same Power.

ton V. Derby.

BIRTHS. June 28. At Edinburgh, the Lady of of Leslie Couri (Cork), a son.-2. In Dublin, Sir James Montgomery, bari. M. P. a the Lady of Hou. A. Hely Hutchinson, a daughter.

son.-12. The Lady of Hop. Col. Lowther, July 1. Lady Frances Webster Wed. derburne, a son.-2. At Lyme, Dorset. Lately, in Hamilton-place, Countess of shire, the Lady of Sir Edward Synge, bart. Shannon, a daughter.

a son.

MARRIAGES. June 13. Josiah Howard, esq. late of Yorkshire, to Miss Spark, late. of Bury Stockport, to Janet Buchanan, daughter St. Edmund's. of James Provand, esq. merchant, of Joseph Baker, esq. of Chapel-street, Glasgow.

Grosvenor square, to the eldest daughter 16. Peter Rose, esg. of Demerara, to of Mr. Hale, of Hornsey-lane. Hunily, daughter of Wm. Gordon, esq. Rev. John B. Monk, A. M. Fellow of of Aberdour, Aberdeenshire.

Trinity College, Cambridge, to Jane, dau, 27. Vice Adm. Sir R. Goodwin Keals, of Robert Ward, esq. of Liverpool. G. C. B. of Durrant House, Devonshire, to Lately. In Caswell county, North Ca. Mary, daughter of late Francis Hurt, esq. rolina (by the Rev. Mr. Grave), Capt. Wm. of Alderwasley, Derbyshire.

Graves, to Miss Nancy Graves, daughter 29. Richard Missing, esq. of the Inner of Graves. Temple, Barrister-at-Law, to Sarah, dau. The Graves, 'tis said, will yield their dead, of late Geo. Delmont, esq. of Joho-street, When the last trumpet shakes the skies Berkeley square.

But, if God please, from Graves like these, E. J. Lockwood, esq. of Richmond, A dozen living folks may rise !


99d reg.

July 1. Heyy Warren, esq. of the son, to Caroline, daughter of late J. Lyons, Gruve, Dedham, near Colchester, 1o Élio' esq. of St. Austin's, near Lymington. zabeth Bruce, daughter of the late Jas. At Paris, at the Hotel of the British Hamilton, esq. of Bangur, North Britain, Anibassador, Philip James (Green, esq. and of Chesterfield-street.

Corisul General for the Morea, to Frances 2. The Right Hon. John Bowes, Earl of Dorothea, daughter of John Larking, esq? Strathmore (since dead, see p. 85), to Miss of Clare House, Kent. Mary Milner.

12. Lieut.-Col. Gordon, of the 5th Dra. 3. The Rev. John Pieters, of Jesus goon Guards, to Anne, daughter of the College, Cambridge, to Miss Lucas, of late Joseph Bilton, esq. of York. Upper Guildford-street, Russell-square, Capi. Robilliard, R. N. to Martha, dau.

Francis Bont, esq. to Mary, daughter of of Thomas Clarke, esq. of Antigua. Mrs. Hardcastle, of Derby.

The Rev. David Daniel, son of John Thomas Paterson, esq. Paymaster of the Daniel, esq. of Cwrimawr, Cardiganshire,

of Foot, to Margaret, danghter of to Clementina, daughter of the late Major James Miller, esq. merchant, of Glasgow. Lyons.

5. George Morgan, esq. of Biddlesdon 13. J. Sparrow Storin, esq. son of Jas, Park, Bucks. to Anna Eliza, dau. of the Stovin, esq. of Whiigift Hall, Yorkshire, late L. Oliver, esq. of Brill House, Bucks. to' Rebecca Maria, dau, of late Jos. Green,

At Antwerp, Major Stephen Cowell, of esq. of Portugal House, Birmingham. the Coldstream Guards, to Mary Anne ; Lieut.-Ger. Sir Colin Halkett, K. C. B. and the Rer, T. Mahon, Rector of Newport &c. to Letitia Sarah, widow of the late Pratt (Mayo), to Catherine, daughters of Majer Tyler, R. A. and dau. of J. Crickelt, the Hon. Robert Annesley.

esq.of Towns End House, Hemel Hemstead, 6. T. H. Fenwick, esq. Royal Engineers, Thos, Francis Kennedy, esq. M. P. of to Marianne, daughter of the Hor. Mr. Dunure, to Sophia, only daughter of the Justice Burroughs.

late Sir Samuel Romilly. Mr, Ambrose Holloway, of the City. Cap'. James Tomkinson, R.N, to Frances road, solicitor, to Elizabeth Priscilla, dau. Eliza, widow of Major Beane, R. H. A, of Mr. Thomas Masseti, of Bishopsgate. 15. B. Hepworth, esq. to Aone, daughter street.

of John Risolon, esq. of Berners-street. Mr. Henry Vallauce, Druggist, Garlick. T. Green, esq. of Old-street, to Louisa, hill, to Sarah, second daughter of Robert dan. of R. H. Sparks, esq; of Tottenhain. Fauntleroy, esq. of Wandsworth.

Thos. Vowe, esq. of Hallaton, Leicester. Jobn Harcourt Powell, e:q. to Mary shire, to Sarah, daughter of the late Jas. Agnes, only daughter of the late Rev. Dr. Howes, esq. of Stratford, Essex. Waddington, Prebendary of Ely.

17. John Farquhar, esq. of Pitscandly, Isaac Eeles, esq. of Fulham. to Eliza; by Forfar, to Mary Anne, daughter of Mr. and William, eldest son of Wm. Merry, George Shillito, of Upper Thames-street. esq. Deputy Secretary at War, to Apne, 18. Chas. John Kemeys Tynte, esq. to daughters of the late Kender Masoo, esq. Eliz. dau. of Thos, Swionerton, esq. of Beel House, Bucks.

Sir Bagenal Win. Burdelt, bart. of Capt. Jas. Siiriing, R. N., of Glenlyan, Clontari (Dublin), to Esther, dau. of late son of the late Jas. Sterling, esq. of Kip. Thos. Smith, esq. of Castleton Hall, Lanc. pendavie, to Mary, daughter of the late 19. At Compton, Sussex, Le Chevalier Day Hort Macdowall, esq.of Castle Semple. François Malie Lefer, de la Saudre, eldest

Thos. Monkhouse, esq, of Queen Anne's son of Baron Lefer, Commissary Judge street, to Jane, daughter of Samuel Hor. froin the Court of Spain to Sierra Leone, rocks, esq. M. P. of Laik Hill, Lancashire. to Harriett, eldest daughter of the Rer.

John Norris, esq. Captain in 1st Somer. William Tyner, Vicar of Compton, and set Militia, to Mary, daughter of Wm. Rector of Upmarden, Sussex. Grant, esg. of Manchester-square.

20. The Rev. Charles Fred. Parker, 9. Col. Arıbur Disney, of Ballysax (Kil. Rector of Ringshall, Suffolk, to Elizabeth, dare), to Ellen, daughter of Giles Eyre, daughter of ibe late Rev. Joseph Eyre, esq. of Eyre Couri (Galway).

Rector of St. Giles, Reading. Lieut.. Col. Hoy. James Hamilton Stan Johu Haggard, LL.D. of Doctors' Com. hope, to Lady Frederica Louisa Murray. mons, and of Trinity Hall, Cambridge, in 11. Rev. H. B. Tristram, vicar of Bram. Caroline, daughter of the late Alaik Hodgham, Yorkshire, and nephey to the Lord son, esq. of Bromley. Bishop of Durham, t« Charlotte Jocelyn, Capt. R. Melville Grindlay, of the East daughter of the late Thos. Smith, esq. of India Company's service, 1o Maria sue the inner Temple, and niece to Lords Do sanna, daughter of Job Williain Com-. noughmore and Hutchinson.

merell, esq. of Lower Bje: Krley street, and Major.-Gen. Sir Jas. Lyon, K. C. B. to Strood, near Horsham, Sussex. Anna, daughter of the late Edward Coxe, 29. The Rev. Henry Jos. Taylor, of esg. of Hampstead.

Brighton, 10 Jemima, daughier of the Henry, sou of the late Sir Richard Pear late Sir Wm. Fraser, wast.



whereof came from France into England June 29. At his seat, Hyde-ball, with William the Conqueror in 1066, Herts, in his 6416 year, the Right Hon. and from thence, in 1098, into Scotland, Robert Jocelyn, Earl of Roden, Viscount with Kmg Edgar, the fourth son of Jocelyn, Baron Newport, a Baronet, Malcolm J. From that period the faKnight of St. Patrick, a Privy Counsel. mily bas flourished in the annals of Scorlor in Ireland, Custos Rotuloruin of the land. county of Louth, Joint Auditor-General July 18, 1815, the Earl of Stratbmore of tbe Excbequer. The Earl was born was created Baron Bowes, of tbe united (Jet. 26, 1756; married first, Feb. 5, kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. 1742, Frances Theodosia, eldest daugh His Lordship was married only the day ter of Robert Bligh, Dean of Elphin, before his death to Miss Mary Milner. brother of Jobn first Earl of Darnley, by He has left a son by this lady, who wbom be bail issue, Ist. Robert, Visc. claims the Earldom of Strathmore. Jocelyn, Knight of the Shire for Louth; The title of Baron Bowes is extinct. 4. James Bligh, Lieut. R. N. deceased; His Lordsbip's estates were not entailed, 3. Thomas, Capt. 23d Foot, deceased; and he made a full settlement of his 4 George; 5. Frances Tbeodosia, mar. property. A curious question will arise ried Feb. 7, 1813, Richard Wingfield, as to the legitimacy of the son; as it ffb Viscount Powersrourt ; 6. Anne. must depend whether a marriage in EngThe Earl married Secondly, Juliana land, subsequent to the birth of a child, Anne, daughter of John Orde, Esq. of would legitimatize that child in Scotland. Westwood, co. Northumberland, by wbom he has also lest issue. The Earl

VISCOUNT RANELAGI. is succeeded in bis titles and estates by July 4. At his seat at Fulham, Midhis eldest son Robert, now Earl of dlesex, the Right Hon. Thomas Jones, Roden, a Privy Counsellor in England, Viscount Ranelagb, in the county of Joint Auditor-General of the Exchequer Wicklow, and Baron of Navan, in the in Ireland, Vice-Chamberlain to the county of Meath ; late a lieutenant, king, &c. married Jan. 9, 1813, Maria colonel, and major in the 66tb regiment Frances, second daughter of Thomas of infantry. He was born Feb. 2, 1763 ; stapleton, Lord Le Despenser, and has succeeded his brother Charles, Dec. 24, ssue. Tbe first Peerage conferred on 1800 ; married Aug. 21, 1804, the only be ancient family of Jocelyn, of Hyde daughter of the late Sir Philip Stepbens, hall, Herts, whose male ancestry is be of St. Faith, in Norfolk, bart. and Se. fond the Norman Conquest, was the cretary of the Adiniralty. She died Barony of Newport, granted in 1743, tu without issue June 17, 1805. His lordRubert Jocelyn, Lord Chancellor of Ire. ship married, secondly, Sept. 15, 1811, 13d, furiber created in 1755 to the dig. Caroline, sole daughier of the late Col. sity of Viscount Jocelyn. He was father Lee, co. York ; by whom he had issue a fi be first Earl of Roden. The Chan. son, born Jan. 1818 (wby died a week eller was grandson of Sir Robert Joce before his father, see p. 92), and a daughyn of Hyde-ball, co. Herts, created a ter, born Nov. 14, 1819. The ancestor of Baronet in 1665, wbicb English Baronet. Lord Ranelagh was Sir Roger Jones, knt. ge and ancient estate devolved to tbe aud alderman of London, whose son), Dr. Earl of Roden on the extinction of the Thomas Jones, was Abr. of Dublin, alsu Ider branch.

Lord Chancellor, and Lord Justice of

Ireland, and died 1619. His son Roger SARL OP STRATUMORE AND KINGHORN. was the first Viscount Ranelagh, so

July 3. In Conduit-street, in bis 52d created 1628. ear, the Right Hon. John Bowes, 10th Earl of Strathmore and Kingborn, in

Hon. BARON NORTON, cotland. He was born April 12, 1768; June 19. At Abbey bill, in Scotland, ucceeded his father John, the late Earl, the Hon. Fletcher Norton, Senior Baron n 1776 ; and be afterwards re-assumed of the Court of Exchequer in Scotland. be name of Lyon.

He was second son of Fletcher, first Lord Tbe origin of this noble family is said Grantley, and was born in 1744. Be o be the same as that of Lyon, in married the daughter of James Balmain, France, which derives itself from tbe esq. Commissioner of Excise, by whom pobie bouse of Leoni at Rome, a branch be has left four suns and four daughters.


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