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pour Gard [\le] Corps du Roy *." These were called the King's Watchment. At this [or rather that] day, a Yeoman took but ten shillings for his gown, and four shillings and eight pence for his hosen and shoone. They have nothing else with the Household sans carriage of their beds, two men together, by deliverance or assignment for that carriage of the Controllers, and litter for their beds of the Serjeant Usher of the Hall and Chamber, And if any of them be sick, or let blood, he taketh for all day a cast of bread, one mesa of great meat, one gallon of ale; and if it be of great sickness, he must remove out of the Court.

Also, when they make watch nightly, they should be gird with their swords, or with other weapons ready, and harness about them,

A Barber For The King's Most High


To be taking in this Court after that he standeth in degree, Gentleman, Yeoman, or Groom. It hath been much accustomed to

* Sic lego.

one or two well-known Officers of the Ewry in Household, such as been for the month, Serjeant, or other. Also we find how

this hath been used among by

a well-betrusted Yeoman of Chamber, for lack of cunning of these other men. It is accustomed that a Knight of Chamber, or else Squire for the Body, or both, be present every time when the King will be shaven.

This Barber shall have every Saturday at night, if it please the King to cleanse his head, legs, or feet, and for his shaving, two loaves, one pitcher of wine; and the Ushers of Chamber ought to testify this, if this be necessary dispended or no.

Also, this Barber taketh his shaving cloths, basons, and all his other towels *, and things necessary, by the Chamberlain's assignment, of the Jewel-house; no fees of plate or silver, but it be in his instrumental tools used by occupation, and that by allowance of the King's Chamberlain.

* Tools in No. 642, in Bib. Had.


Six infants, or more, as it shall please the King, all these eating in the Hall, and sitting at one board together; and to be served two or three to a mess, as the Sovereigns appoint; taking daily for their breakfasts, amongst them all, two loaves, a mess of great meat, a gallon of ale. Also, for their supper in fasting days, according to their age, and livery nightly for them all to their chamber, one loaf, one gallon of ale; and for winter livery, two candles wax, four candles p'is, three talsheds, for them all. Rushes and litter all the year, of the Serjeant Usher of the Hall and Chamber. And if these Gentlemen, or any of them, be Wards; then, after their births and degrees, the Steward and Treasurer, with the Chamberlain, may appoint the service more large in favour by their discretions, when as often as them needeth, till the King's Grace hath given or sold * their lands and wards. And all their competent harness to be carried, and bed-? dings. Two lodged together at the King's carriage, by oversight of the Comptroller; and every of them an honest servant to keep their chamber and harness, and to array him in this Court whilst their Masters be present in Court; or else to allow here no chamber dokyns, &c. And all other findings for their beds they take of the King's Wardrobe, by suit of the Master of Heuxmen, made to the King's Chamberlain for warrants.

* 2. e. granted them during non-age.

Master Of Henxmen.

To shew the schools of urbanity and nurr ture of England; to learn them to ride cleanly and surely; to draw them also to justs; to learn them wear their harness; to have all courtesy in words, deeds, and degrees; diligently to keep them in rules of goings and sittings after they be of honour. Moreover to teach them sundry languages, and other learnings virtuous; to harping, to pipe, sing, and dance, with other honest and temperate behaving and patience; and to keep daily and weekly with these children due [discipline], with corrections in their chambers, according to such gentlemen; and each of them to be used to that thing of virtue that he shall be most apt to learn, with remembrance daily of God's service accustomed. This Master sitteth in the Hall next unto beneath these Henxmen, at the same board; to have his respects unto their demeanings, how mannerly they eat and drink; and to their communication, and other forms curial, after the book of urbanity. He taketh daily, if he be present in Court, wages, cloathing, and other liveries, as other Esquires of Household, save he is not charged with serving of the Hall. Carriage also for harness in Court competent by the Comptroller to be with the Henxmen his harness in Court; and to have into this Court one servant, whilst he is present; and sufficient liveries for his horses, in the town or country, by the Herberger. And if he be sick in Court, or let blood, he taketh two loaves, two mess of great meat, one gallon ternoise *. And for the fees that he

* Forte Tournois.

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