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at sea.



This produced from Dr. Mas- vannah, the Spanish Gen. Renovales.kelyne sume • Remarks Had. He bad of late resided in New Orleans, ley's Quadrant, tending principally to but proceeded to the Havannah, on bearremove the difficulties which have hi- ing of the recent events in Spain. He was therto attended the use of the Back- there arrested, with several olher officers, observation, and to obviate the errors on a charge of having attempted a conthat might arise from want of parallelism spiracy to overthrow the present Goveroin the two surfaces of the Index Glass.” ment, and establish the independence of In 1779, the Astronomer Royal also

Cuba. banded to the Royal Society an Account,

May 31. Afier many years illness, aged by Mr. Peter Dollond, “of an Apparatus 67, the widow of the late William Bus. applied to the Equatorial Instrument for sard, esq. of Manchester, most justly correcting the Errors arising from the

beloved. Refraction in Altitude."

June 5. At All-Stretton, co. Salop, in In 1789 he published “Some Account bis 66th year, deeply regretted by his of the Discovery, made by the late John family, bis parishiovers, aod all who had Dollond, F. R. S. which led to the grand the pleasure of his acquaintance, the Rev. Improvement of Refracting Telescopes,

Richard Wilding, M.A. Fellow of St. John's in order to correct some misrepresenta- College, Cambridge, Rector of Easthope, tions in Foreign Publications of that

Curate of Wolstanion and Smethcott, one discovery ; with an attempt to account

of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for for a Mistake in an Experiment made

the county of Salop, Surrogate for the by Sir Isaac Newton ; on which Experi

diocese of Hereford, one of the Trustees ment the Improvement of the Refracting

of the Free Grammar School, Shrewsbury, Telescope intirely depended." This

and of Church - Stretton in the same was written to secure to his father, as

county. As a Clergyman, he had an exwell as to the country, the honour of so

tensive share of learning, and was siu. valuable a discovery. It was read to the

cerely and firmly attached to the doctrines Royal Society; but was not printed in

and discipline of the Church of England. their Transactions. In this paper the

As a Magistrate, he was possessed of a cause of the difference of the results of quick discernment, solid judgment, and the 8th experiment of the 2d part of

strict integrity. In domestic life, he was the first book of Newton's Optics, as

a most tender husband, affectionate fa. related by himself, and as it was found

ther, and sincere friend. Society bas lost

in him a valuable member, the poor when tried by John Dollond in 1757 and 1758, is fully and ingeniously ac

humane benefactor; his numerous workcounted for.

men and labourers, a kind and indulgent Mr. Peter Dollond bas left two daugh. his nunierous friends, a most pleasing and

master; his tenants, a good landlord ; and ters; one the widow of the late Rev. Dr. John Kelly, Author of tbe Triglott

instructive companion. He was a regular

reader of Mr. Urban's pages, and a conCeltic Dictionary, and a Translator of the Bible into the Manks Language

tributor to some of the earlier Volumes,

June 14. (of whom see vol. LXXX. i. pp. 84,

At Cambridge, in his 53d 128); the other, the wife of the Rev. Mr. College, B. A. 1789, M. A. 1792.

year, Henry Hodges, esq. of Emanuel Waddington, Rector of Tuxford, Notts.

June 18. In his 630 year, the Rev. The subject of this brief memoir, William Calcott, of Cainham Court, co. though ripe in years, will be most sin

Salop, and many years Rector of Great cerely lamented by a large circle of Witley in Worcestershire. His unaffectfriends, and so extensive was his benevo

ed piety, extensive charities, and zeal for lence, that numerous are the individuals

the Established Church, of which he was who will deeply feel the loss of his ge

an able advocate, will long be had in renerous patronage and assistance.

membrance by all who had the advantage of his acquaintance.

June 21. lu Lombard-street, aged 84, DE A T H S.

Capt. John Mann. IN Pebruary last, after an illness of only June 23. At Aldbury House, Cheshunt

three days (whilst on his return from aged 82, John Russell, esq. of Thruxton's the expedition in the Persian Gulf), Ed- Court, Hereford. mund, youngest brother of Sir Tyrwhitt June 25. In Argyll square, Edinburgh, Jones, Bart.

Alex. Christison, esq. late Professor of April 1. Edw. Pellew Wilkes, Esq. Humanity in the University of Edinburgb. Surgeon of H. M. S. Myrmidon.

June 27. At Ebony, in the Isle of OxApril 8. Beloved by all who koew her, ney, Mr. Isaac Cluke, brewer, of Tenier. Jane, wife of William Combes, esq. of den, aged 72 years : by his testamentary Henley on Thames.

directions, his remains were followed to May 22. In the Moro Castle, Ha- the grave by 72 aged men, all in white


frocks and white stockings, and each was ty's Fleet.--This gallaot Officer was the to be the father of six living children. last of three brothers, all Flag Officers io

June 27. In Pullen's-row, Islington, the Royal Navy, who have died within the 'the Rev. Lemuel Kirkman.

course of a few months. At Wykeham, Hampshire, in her 751h Huntingdonshire.—At Stonely, near Kimyear, Henrietta, relict of the late Samuel bolton, in her 89lh year, Mrs. Jane WelAtkins.

stead, formerly of Berners-street. At Holyhead (Anglesey), in his 69th Lincolnshire.-John Skioner, the sextop year, Richard Griffiths, esq. late Agent of Barton-on-Humber. While walking for Post Office Packets on the Holyhead along the street in apparent health, he and Dublin station.

suddenly dropped down, and instantly exIn Manchester-square, in his 94th year, pired. He had been sexton 35 years; Lewen Smith, esq.

during which period he had dug between At Portsmouth, aged 34, Sarab, wife of

15 and 1600 graves, Major Macdonald, of the Royal Ma- Oxford. - At his rooms in Magdalene rines.

Hall, aged 60, the Rev. Wm. West Green, At Moulton, near Spalding, aged 60, D.D. Rector of Husband's Bosworth, LeiMiss Harston, a maiden Lady, for many

cestershire (to which rectory he was preyears a schoolmistress; a very eccentric sented io 1813), one of the Lecturers of character, parsimonious to an extreme, Oxford, and for 29 years Vice Principal living ou bread and water and a few vege- of Magdalene Hall. lables for more than two years preceding Somersetshire. - At Bath, the Rev. Joho her death ; yet she has left a consider- Lyster ; Recior of the of Clonpriest able property, which comes to a near re- in the Diocese of Cloyne. It is said, lation, a poor labouring woman.

that Lord Ponsonby has served notice At Islington, near Birminghamn, in his on the Vicar General of his intentiou to 62d year, Thomas Laugher, esq.

present to the living: the rectory to At Kensington, in his '71st year, Capt.

which he was presented by his College in Thos. Riches, late of Great Yarmouth. 1796, bas also laid claim to it. The

At Rye, Sussex, aged 81, Mrs. Meryon; Diocesan was the last who presented it. and on the next day, aged 40, Mr. Tuos. Surrey.--- The Rev. Willoughby Bertie, Meryon, of the same place.

late Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford, At Fulham, aged two years and four Rector of Buckland. months, the Hon. Arthur Jones, son of Sussex.–At West Stoke, aged 62, Mr. Viscount Ranelagh (see p. 85).

Mark Cobden, gamekeeper tu bis Grace At Caher, Ireland, aged 106, tbe Rev. the Duke of Richmond; in which family Jas. Keating. Parish Priest of Kilgobinet he bad speut the whole of his life. He (Waterford), 70 years ago, and after- was at one time esteemed, according to the wards was Parish Priest of Clogheen. Cricketers' phrase, the longest arm in En

Aged 28, Mrs. John Paradise, of New. glaud. In 1792, he was matched to throw castle-street, Strand.

a five and a quarter ball, in Goodwood June 28. Septimus, seventh son of Park, for a considerable wager, with the Cecil Becke, esq. of Devonshire-street, Earl of Winchelsea, whom he beat by Queen-square, solicitor.

three yards, pitching his ball the first Of apoplexy, Mr. Thomas Glossop, of throw 119 yards.-His Lordship had never High Holbom, wine and brandy mer.

before been beaten. chant.

At Arundel, in her 820 year, CalbaJune 30. At Newcastle upon Tyne, in rine, widow of the late Rev. John Grifher 70th year, Anne, daughter of the late fiths, of Kingston-on-Thames, and mother Mr. Ralph Waters, painter.

of Capt. A. J. Griffiths, R. N. Lately, Mr. Alexander Bisson, Chief Westmoreland. - At Keodal, Mr. Hind, Clerk at Marlborough street Police office. auctioneer.--His death was occasioned by

Mr. Salmon, a market gardener, in a dreadful accident that occurred there on Park.place, Little Chelsea. After eating the day of celebrating the anniversary of a hearty breakfast, he walked out into Mr. Broughan's first contest for Westhis garden, and fell down and expired. moreland. In order to give additional

Devonshire.-At Tor Crossin, aged 73, eclat to the day, two cannon were placed John Henry Southcote, esq. formerly of on an eminence, on the West side of the Buckland-tout-Saints, and of Stoke Fle. town. Mr. Hind was ramming one of the ming, Devonshire.

gups, wbich had been before discharged ; Gloucestershire. -Wm. Hopton. While when the powder exploded, and blew off muwing a field for H. Eycott, esq. at

bis left hand and part of his arm, and so Stonehouse, be suddenly dropped down dreadfully lacerated his other hand, that dead; he was 52 years old, and has left a it was amputated. wife and seven children.

Yorkshire-At Thirby, Thos. Hintoff, a Hampshire.--At Horndean, Edw. Oliver weaver. He had been married six times. Osborn, esq. Vice Admiral of his Majes. His sixth wife sus viving-exactly the num


out a groan.

less corpse.

ber that Henry VIII. boasted of having formerly of the Brewery io Bermondled to the Altar.

sey. IRELAND-Lately. Mary Tyre, wife of At Lomond's Pond, Southwark, aged 58, Thomas Young Lester, esq. of the City of Mr. George Cole. He was deaf and dumb Dublin, and daughter of William Reece, from his birth, esq. of Ledbury, co. Hereford. To men- July 5

At Dawlish, Devonshire, aged tal powers of the first order, sbe added all 21, Catherine, daughter of Rey. J. H. those useful and ornamental acquisitions Hall, of Risley Hall, Derbyshire. which dignify the female character. She At Wick, in his 80th year, Wm. Macwas conversant with the French, Italian, leay, esq. late Provost, and during 40 Spanish, and German languages; but all years chief residing Magistrate of that her accomplisbments were eclipsed by her Borough; also one of his Majesty's Justices genuine piely.

of the Peace, and a Deputy Lieutenant John Anderson, esq. of Fermoy, Cork. for the county of Caithness.

July 1. Aged 42, John Alkinson, gent. At Dalston, Jane, wife of Mr. Joseph of Peterborough.-He had been holding Boord, many years resident in Watlingan Inquest at Pilsgate ; and on returning street, home, about vine in the evening, was Aged 20, Eliza Anne Frances, wife of thrown from his horse in Thorpe-lane, Edward Gibbon Waketield, esq. within half a mile of Peterborough, and July 6. At Brighton, Catherine, daugh. killed on the spot.

ter of ihe late Fred, Charles Street, esq. Mr. Wishari, a surgeon, of Baynes-row, Aged 44, Christopher Barber, esq. of Clerkenwell. He was in high spirits, when the General Post Office. he fell hack in his seat aud expired with- On Woolwich Common, Barbara, wi.

dow of Lieut. col. Baynes, of the Royal In her 35th year, Anne, wife of J. Ben- Artillery. net, esq. of Dimsdale, Laucashire. She The wife of Benjamin Hutton, esq. of was in the moruing all health, activity, Newington Green. and loveliness, and in the evening a life- lo Nottingham.place, in his 64th year,

Mr. Isaac Chamberlain, sen. late of BaIn his 74th year, Mr. Edward Death, singhall-street. merchant ; during half a century in the July 7.

In Hornsey.road, aged 58, house of Todd, Henderson, and Co. suddenly, Mr. William Emmelt, formerly

At Sidmouth, Edward Thomas, son of of Hermes-street, Pentonville. Robert Hesketh, esq. of Rossall, Lan- At Bromley, Kent, Sarah Elizabeth, cashire.

daughter of the late Rev. Wm. Strong, July 2. 1. Hatton garden, in bis 75th Rector of Norton, Kent. year, Mr. Chas. Cox.

July 8. At Cheam, Amelia Catherine, Al Clifton Hot Wells, the wife of John daughter of the late Rev. Henry Peach. Myıton, esq. of Halston, Shropshire, only Ai the Moat, Kent, the only daughter surviving daughter of Lady Jones, and

of the late Thos. Selby, esq. sister of Sir Tyrwhitt Jones, bart.

At East Dereham, Norfolk, the widow lo the Grove, Kentish Town, the wife of the late Thomas Wilson, esq. of Cam. of Mr. Rubins, seu. auctioneer, Covent- berwell. garden.

In his 230 year, Mr. James BrownsAt the Manor House, Paddington, Eli- worth Morris, son of Mr. James Morris, zabeih, relict of the late Rev. Henry of New Brentford, Middlesex. Waring.

In Henrietta-street, Cavendish-square, At Lee, Kent, Henrietta Maltby, daugh- Anna Maria, daughter of the late Major. ter of the late Jos. Leacock, esq. of Mount gen. Thomas Coxe. Brevitor, Barbadoes.

At Balgonie Cottage, Fifeshire, Major From the rupture of a blood vessel, Douglas, late of the 7th Royal Veteran John Scales, esq. of Hanger's-laue, Stam- battalion. ford Hill.

In Black Rock, Cork, the relict of the In her 24th year, Frances Anne, daugh- late Walter Croker, esq. of Clonmel, bro. ter of Richard Alluult, esq. of South Park, ther of the Secretary of the Admiralty. Penshurst, Kent.

July 9. lo his 78th year, John HusAged 88, Agne, widow of the late Ed.

sey, esq. of Richmond Green. His death ward Ives, esq. of Titchfield, Hanis. was sudden and awful; he had dined

July 4. lo his 22d year, Robert, son out with a party on the preceding day, of Mr. Wm. Leonard, surveyor, Parson's and was found dead in his bed on the Green, Fulham.

following morning, to the inexpressible At Epsom, aged 23, Susan, wife of horror and grief of an affectionate John Ashley Warre, esq.

wife and an amiable daughter of most Aged 69, Elizabeth, wife of Wm. Clarke, exquisite tender feelings. Didactic les. csq. of Brunswick-place, Lewisham-road, son, that “in medio vitæ sumus in morte."


He was a man pre.eminent in suavity of July 12, At Chelsea, aged 79, the manoers, possessed of every mental re. Hon. and Right Rev. Brownlow North, quisite to command the admiration and D. C. L. Lord Bishop of Winchester ; of esteem of mankind. When some men whom an account shall be given in our die, they die all; but when such a charac

pext. ter as ibis departs, he dies not, but his In his 25th year, Mr. Chas. Phipps, of game and memory are perenvially vital! Lothbury, solicitor.

Wm. Baring, esq. of Lulworth Castle, Jas. Tysou, esq. of Berpard-street, Dorset, and the Rev. Jono Bain, Rector of Russell-square. Winfrith, and only son of Dr. Bain, of July 13. At Northampton, in his 23d Hefféton, near Wareham, in that county. year, Jobn St. Mawe, esq. only son of Mr. Having in the evening walked to the sea. Mawe, of the Strand, London.--Endowed shore at Arisk Mill, near the Castle, they with talents of the finest order, and blest were induced by the calmness of the sea to

with a disposition at once affectionate and row out in a small boat belonging to Mr. 'endearing, this excellent young man af. Baring ; which, unfortunately, upsetting, forded a powerful evidence of that firm. they were both drowned. This melan- ness in the awful hour of death, which choly event becomes more afflictive from faith in a Redeemer can alone confer. He the circumstance of Mrs, Baring and the died sending forth his last breath in hum. two Misses Bain accompanying them to ble prayer, and cheering with a heaveply the shore, and being eye-witnesses of the hope the afflicted authors of his being. painful sight. While attempting to change His literary attaiumeats kept pace with places in the boat it upset within a bun. the developement of a mind of extraordi. dred yards of the shore. The spring tides nary comprehension ; - and his friends setting very strong off this rocky coast, have to mourn the premature close of a probably, prevented their being able to career which was full of promise. reach the land.

July 15. William-Henry Harpage, esq. Aged 24, Mr. Charles Barrell, eldest of Belswardine, co. Salop, a gentleman son of Mr. Savage Barrell, of Billericay, long endeared to his friends by the urEssex.

banity of his manners. lo his 27th year, Thomas - Tarleton, July 18. Thos. Jacob White, esq. of eldest son of Edward Faulkner, esq. of Bewdley, Worcestershire. Fairfield, Lancashire.

July 19. Aged 70, Mr. Joseph MetJuly 10.

Aged 14, Sarah-Rachael, calfe, of East Smithfield. daughter of Joba Simpson, esq. of Fair July 20. In bis 641h year, Capt. Jonas Lawo, Kent.

Rose, R. N. Jane, wife of Mr. John Bouch, of Mo. In Mountagu-square, in his 75th year, nument-yard.

Dr. Bennet, Lord Bishop of Cloyne. Of July 11. Io Stanhope-street, Mrs. Bam. ibis elegant Scholar and exemplary Divine, ber Gascoyne.

further particulars in our next.

METEOROLOGICAL TABLE for July, 1820. By W. CARY, Strand.

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27 74
28 75

64 30 60 Juli 54 2

83 84 74 66 61 62 59 61 58 60 64 59 63 69 69

70 30,51 fair
68 40 |fair
64 22 fair
53 05 showery
53 30 cloudy
54 15 rain
55 01 showery
54 10 cloudy
50 , 20 cloudy
55 , 20 cloudy
56 , 25 fair
55 , 30 cloudy
57 , 25 fair
59 20 fair
55 15 fair


59 57 58 63 67 66 58 59 63 62 59 58 59 66 63

68 61 64 74 73 68 63 70 73 69 68 67 70 69 70

56 ,02 fair
55 29, 91 cloudy

94 cloudy
63 30, 05 fair
68 01 thund. show,
56 29, 63 rain

56 3

56 4 56 5 53 6 53 7 57 8 55 9 56 10 57 11 60

, 46 stormy 58 , 65 showery 61

84 fair 63

98 fair 61 30,01 fair 60

01 cloudy 62

02 fair 57 ,01 fair 60

10 cair


BILL OF MORTALITY, frons June 27, to July 25, 1820.

2 and 5 191 50 and 60 164
Males - 1109
Males 918

5 and 10 87 60 and 70 142 2175

1783 Females . 1066 Females 865

10 and 20 72 70 and 80 115 Whereof have died under 2 years old 473

20 and 30 126 80 and 90 53

30 and 40 174 | 90 and 100 7 Salt €1. per bushel ; 44d. per pound.

40 and 50 179



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d. s.


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AVERAGE PRICES of CORN, from the Returns ending July 15, 1820.

Wheat Rye Barly, Oats Beans

Wheat Rye Barly Oats. Beans.
ds. d. s.
d. s. d.

d. s. d. s.

Middlesex 74 10 41 835 4/28 1041 7 Essex 70 1.37 0 35 2.31 339 2
Surrey 75 5 38 34 0 26 8 43 o Kent 73 000 055 6 26 541
Hertford 69 11 34 10 35 0/26 0 42 6||Sussex 65 10100 000 0.263 43 6
Bedford 65 4.00 36 4 26 041 3 Suffolk 70 900 0133 327 9/38 0
Huntingdon 63 900 032 023 442 41|Cambridge64 941 0 36 021 1/41 0
Northampt. 66 1000 37 623 5 46 8| Norfolk 68 000 0.33 0.26 9/41 8
Rutland 69' 0.00 0 34 026 044 0 Lincoln 68 10141 5 34 122 2 43 10
Leicester 68 800 0 37 0 26 4 47 6|York 68 11100 035 623 6/49 9
Nottingham 69 10 44 338 926 845 11Durham 71 200 040 0 31 500
Derby ml 1000 000 0 26 453 0 Northum, 69 1149 1/34 329 35
Stafford 71 200 0 46 027 850 1|| Cumberl. 72 3 50 8 33 231 9100
67 648 200 0 29 349 9| Westmor. 79 750 048 0 31

Hereford 65 950 030 5 28 10 47 6 Lancaster 72 1000 000 0 27 1000
Worcester 65 1000 035 029 1 47 8||Chester 66 900 000 030 300
Warwick 68 200 038 630 251 4 Flint 66 2100 0 46 027 2100
Wilts 66 000 0 30 10 26 1046 11||Denbigh 67 500 0 44 026 100
Berks 71 500 0|34 1027 044 10||Anglesea 72 000 037 019 000
Oxford 66 200 032 0 24 10 42 8|Carnarvon 75 300 0 40 827 400
Bucks 68 800 0136 6/28 241 0|| Merioneth 74 11 00 0.00 025 800
Brecon 77 000 033 722 800 0|Cardigan 71 200 042

818 800


0 Montgomery 68 600 035 232 000 0 Pembroke 57 400 0 36 1019 400 Radoor 67 2100 0136 2/29 8100 0Carmarth. 70 300 0 40 619 10.00 0

Glamorgan 73 400 034 424 000 0

Gloucester 66 800 033 625 346 0 Average of England and Wales, per quarter.Somerset 69 800 031 0 22 0 46 8 67 9143 10136 3,26 3,44 9 Monm. 70 11 00 036 928 81000

Devon 73 300 036 322 800 0 Average of Scotland, per quarter:

Cornwall 78 000 037 627 91000
0,00 0,00 0100 0,00 0,00 Dorset 67 500 033 100 0,52 0

Hants 67 3100 032 624 71437
PRICE OF FLOUR, per Sack, July 24, 65s. to 70s.
OATMEAL, per Boll of 140lbs. Avgirdupois, July 15, 26s. 6d.

AVERAGE PRICE of SUGAR, July 19, 37s. 11d. per cwt.

PRICE OF HOPS, IN THE BOROUGH MARKET, July 24. Kent Bags......... 31. 8s. to 41. 45.

Kent Pockets ...........

31. 14s. to 41. 12s. Sussex Ditto 21. 18s. to 31. 14s. Sussex Ditto


8s. to 41. 45. Essex Ditto........ 31. Os. to 41. Os. Essex Dicto.

31. 10s. to 41. 6s.
St. James's, Hay 31. 16s. Od. Straw 1l. 10s. Od. Clover Ul. Os. - Whitechapel, Hay 41. 45.
Straw 14,13s.Od. Clover 71.0s.--. Śmithfield, Hay 41. 6s. Od. Straw 11. 12s. Od. Clover 61.5s. Od.

SMITHFIELD, July 24. To siuk the Offal-per stone of 8lbs.

Lamb........ ........... .............45. 4d. to 5s. 8d.

........5s. Od. to 6s. 8d. Mutton................

..4s. 4d. to 5s, 4d. Head of Cattle at Market June 26 : Veal ......

1923 Calves 300. .........................45. 8d. to 6s. Od Pork.........................45. Od. to 5s.

8d. Sheep and Lambs 17,300 Pigs 270.
COALS, July 24: Newcastle 31s. 6.1. to 40s. 60.-Sunderland, 33s. 9d. to 49s. Od.

TALLOW, per Stone, 81b. Town Tallow 62s. Od. Yellow Russia 59s.
SOAP, Yellow 90s. Mottled 102s. Curd 1065.-CANDLES, 11s. 6d. per Doz. Moulds 13s, Od.


Beasts .......

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