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NOVEL design, intended to be composed chiefly of unbarked wood, which is commonly the refuse of trees felled and sawn into square timbers for the carpenter. To receive these native pieces, a frame

work is to be erected, to which they are to be fixed; and here the ingenuity of the selecter of the materials would be fully einployed, for much of the design consists in the choice and disposal of the planks and pieces, so that by its color it may claim attention, independent of its outline and general proportions.

The various sizes of the material, the color and texture of the bark when contrasted with the dark browns and yellow hues of the sawn surfaces of the timber, afford ample means for an effective display of taste, particularly as they may be disposed in infinite variety. The upper roof is intended to be covered with reed thatching.

The house should be placed on the border of an elevated wood or coppice, at a short distance from the residence. Here, it would add relief and force to its sombre or secluded character, become a resting-place and a shelter from heat or rain, and induce the visitor more satisfactorily to contemplate the prospects its situation might command.

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HIS design is intended as an embellishment to plantations, and to form an open and spacious retreat, fancifully intersecting a long and straight pathway of an elevated terrace. Several buildings thus placed,

and at proper distances, produce an agrecable vista, and are particularly useful and ornamental in newly made plantations.

The trunks and arms of trees that retain their bark are the simple materials of which the building is erected, and the roof is covered with reed thatching; the ceiling and walls are covered with kiln-dried furze, which is of a warm drab color, and which, from its nature, is little subject to become a harbor for noxious insects or vermin; indeed, the abundance of these troublesome creatures is so injurious to the use of garden buildings which are not inclosed, that it is desirable to ascertain a remedy efficient to prevent their approach. The furze so dried is adverse to small animals and birds, and has a reputation for being offensive to insects; but it is doubted if experience warrants full dependence on its efficacy. If, however, seats were detached from the walls, and supported on glazed porcelain feet of a mushroom shape, and used as castors are applied to furniture, it would prevent the annoyance, in a great degree, which some persons find from these intruders.

If straw be used instead of reeds for thatching, a few seasons will show the propriety of employing the sharper material; for mice and sparrows have 3 great facility of assailing such roofs, and speedily destroy them.

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