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SYSTEMATIC Divinity is confidered and treated, by many, with flight and contempt. And if a book be written in this form, and published under the title of a Syftem or Body of Divinity, this is a fufficient reason, with them, to neglect it, as not worthy their attention. But can this be supported by any good reason? Is not a Syftem of Divinity as proper and important, as a System of Jurifprudence, Phyfic, or Natural Philosophy?

If the Bible be a revelation from heaven, it contains a System of confiftent important Doctrines ; which are fo connected, and implied in each other, that one cannot be fo well understood, if detached from all the reft, and confidered by itself; and fome must be first known, before others can be feen in a proper and true light. When all these are stated, and explained, according to Scripture, and in their true order, connection and dependence, a System of Doctrines is formed. This every perfon must do, in some measure and degree, who understands the Bible. And he who would affift others in doing this, and fet the Doctrines of Chriftianity in a clear light, and to the best advantage to be understood, will, of course, form a Syftem of Truths. And fo far as he falls fhort of this, or deviates from it, he must be defective and confused.

Ir the following Syftem do indeed contain the chief and most important doctrines of chriftianity; and they be, in any good measure, explained and vindicated,

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vindicated, fhowing their confiftence and connection with each other, the reader, it is hoped, will get fome advantage by it. If it fhould be thought by any, that it contains great errors and inconfiftencies, it is to be wifhed, for their fake, and for the fake of truth, that they would not confidently reft in their conclufion, or drop the fubject, till they are able to fix on a Syftem of Truths more confiftent, and which can be better fupported by the fcripture, and are more agreeable to found reafon.

Ir is presumed, the author will not be fufpected of going through the labour of compofing the following work, with a view of rendering himself popular, and obtaining the general applaufe; or that he has fought to "please men." The most that can be reasonably expected, is, that it may ferve to confirm the friends of truth in the doctrines contained in the fcripture; and enlighten fome of those who have been in the dark refpecting fome truths, and have been inconfiftent with themselves in the doctrines they have efpoufed: And that it may affift the honeft inquirers to see what are the leading and most important doctrines of divine revelation; particularly thofe who are candidates for the evangelical ministry.

It is not pretended that every doctrine of chriftianity is exprefsly mentioned in this System, but that the most important and effential truths are brought into view: And of thefe fome are treated more concifely; and others are more particularly examined and vindicated, as was judged most convenient and


ufeful. Nor was it thought neceffary, or expedient, to mention all the objections which have been made to the doctrines here advanced, as they are sufficiently obviated, by establishing the truth, from fcripture and reafon; and as this would have enlarged the work to an undefirable length: Those only are mentioned, by an answer to which, the truth is more explained and established.

THE same sentiments are brought into view, and repeated, in a number of inftances; which could not well be avoided, in fuch a work: And it is hoped, that fuch repetitions will not be inconvenient or tedious to the reader.

To the most correct and elegant ftyle, the author makes no pretenfion; as this is not his talent. If the words and expreffions be not ambiguous, but are fuited to convey the ideas, defigned to be communicated to the mind of the reader, with ease and clearness, the chief and most important end of language is answered: And it is hoped, that they who are, with proper attention and concern, inquiring after the truth, will exercise fo much candour, as not to be offended, or flight it, though it be not expreffed in words and a style, more agreeable to their nice and critical taste; and they may obferve a number of inaccuracies.

THIS work has been undertaken and profecuted, under a conviction, that a performance of this kind is much wanted; and, if well executed, would be very useful, and greatly ferve the cause of truth and religion. It is to be wifhed there were a more able A 3


hand, difpofed to execute it: But as none appeared to do it, the author has done his beft. Yet he doubts not that there are many defects; and is not confident that he has made no mistakes in less important points; while he has not the leaft doubt that the chief and leading doctrines here advanced are contained in the Bible, and are important and everlafting truths: And that all those sentiments, and fchemes of doctrine and religion, which are wholly inconfiftent with these, and contrary to them, are not confiftent with the Bible, or with one another; and, if followed in their just consequences, will lead to universal scepticism, and, which is the fame indeed, to the horrible darkness of atheism itself.

THE truth is great, and has omnipotence to fupport it; and therefore will prevail : And all erroneous doctrines, and false religion, will be utterly abolished. And there is no reafon to doubt, that light will fo increase in the church, and men will be raifed up, who will make fuch advances in opening the fcripture, and in the knowledge of divine truth; that what is now done and written, will be fo far fuperfeded, as to appear imperfect and inconfiderable, compared with that fuperiour light, with which the church will then be bleffed. Nevertheless, if publishing that to which we have now attained, may be a mean of making fuch advances, and a proper and neceffary step to it, the labour and expense of doing it, will be abundantly compenfated.

Newport, Auguft 20, 1792.

Rev. Moles Bradford, Francestown
Titus T. Bargon, B. A. Granby
Rev. Eden Burroughs, Hanover
Capt. Joshua Burnham, Amherst
Ifrael Burnham,

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RUFUS ANDERSON, Candi- Rev. Noah Worcester, Thornton

date, Londonderry

Rev. Samuel Wood, Bofcawen
Jeffe Worcester, Bedford
Rev. Jofeph Woodman, Sandbornton
Nathaniel Weans, Kensington
Rev. Thomas Worcester, Salisbury
James Wheelock, Efq. Hanover


Moles Adams, Beverly
Rev. D. Avery, Wrentham, 2 sets
Capt. Iflachar Andrews, Carlile
Rev. Solomon Aiken, Dracut
Capt. Jofeph Alden, Stafford
Rev. Samuel Austin, Worcester
Rev. Jofeph Appleton, Brookfield
John Abbott, Athburnham
Rev. Thomas Andros, Berkley
Mrs. Thankful Afhley, Stockbridge
Thomas Atherton, Wendell
Samuel Atherton, Attleborough
Rev. Timothy Allen, Chesterfield
John Bacon, Efq. Stockbridge
Rev. Thomas Barnard, Salem
Rev. William Bently, do.
Nathaniel Bachelder,
Caleb Blake, Wrentham
Amos Blood, Carlile
Frederick Blood, do.
Lieut. Samuel Brown, do.
Lieut. Paul Baliey, Scituate
D. Bradstreet, Topsfield
Rev. Eben. Bradford, Rowley, z lets
Jedidiah Bushnell, Charlemont
Lieut. Jonas Barrett, Ashby
Jabez Brown, M, D. Wilmington
Jofeph Burnap, jun. Reading
Capt. Afa Brown, Beverly
Robert Barker, Beverly
Amos Blanchard, Lynnfield
William Bachelder, jun. Beverly
Caleb Bingham, A. M. Bofton
Capt. Simeon Brown, Beverly
Enos Blifs, Candidate, Longmeadow
John Bonton, Weftstockbridge
Eleazer Barrett, Alford
Jofeph Blith, Barnstable

Rev. Jofeph Barker, Middleborough
Capt. Abner Bourne, do.
Mrs. Phebe Brown, Stockbridge
Mifs Betfy Brown,
Elijah Brown, Efq. do.
Rev. Moles Baldwin, Palmer
Rev. Joseph Blodget, Greenwich
Deac. James Bradish, Upton

Bezaleel Woodward, Efq. Hanover do.

John Brooks, Hancock

Ifaac Babbit, Haverhill
David Brown, Westmoreland
David Bartlett, Campton
Col. Jonathan Cram, Hampton Falls
Rev. Jacob Cram, Hopkinton
Benjamin Colley, Sandown
Rev. Selden Church, Campton
Henry Cambell, Amberst
Deac. Samuel Clark, Keene
Jonathan Cone, Thornton
Moody Cook,
David Chandler, Amherst
Rev. Curtis Coe, Durham
Nathaniel French, Sandown
Nathan Fitts,
Moles Fish, Hanover
Jofeph Goffe, A. B. Bedford
Mofes Hook, Sandown
Jofeph Hufe, Candidate, Methuen
Rev. Ebenezer Hill, Mafon
David Hills, Newipswich
Rev. Aaron Hall, Keene
Deac. Elisha Hutchinson, Amherst
Deac. Zebedee Kendall, Dunftable
Mrs. Deborah Long, Sandown
Rev. Nath' Noyes, Southampton.
A. Oliver, Candidate, Londonderry
Thomas Odiorne, Esq. Exeter
Ebenezer Porter, Stud. Dartm. Coll.
Rev. Reed Paige, Hancock
Samuel Parker, Amherst
Rev. Isaiah Potter, Lebanon
Calvin Porter, Lyme
Rev. Jeffe Remington, Candia
Rev. William F. Rowland, Exeter
Rev. Jofeph Buckminifter, Portimouth
Eli Smith, A. B. licensed Preacher of
the Gospel

Deac. William Sterret, Francestown
Nathaniel Seavy

Ebenezer Stone, Westmoreland
Thomas Thompfon, Efq. Salisbury
Rev. John Smith, Hanover
Rev. Elihu Thayer, Kingston
John Wheelock, L. L. D. President
of Dartmouth College

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