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land, 125


JANSSEN and Spencer, their fuit in
Ardens, general directions chancery, 109.
concerning, 343.

IDOLATRY, whether punished by
GENTUS, unfavourable to friend. the patriarchs, 176, 392.
ship, 357

J'ews, their State, civil and reli-
GNOSTICs, account of their here- gious, at the time of Christ's
tical opinions, 100.

Divisions birth, 92. Voltaire's notion of
among them, 102.

them controverted, 131. Jose.
GRASSES, observations on the le.

phus's account of their antiqui-
veral forts, 255. Various Cul- ties defended, 136.
ture of, 256,

IMAGINATION, in pregnant wo-

men, the supposed force of, de-

nied, 28. Particular instances

of, contraverted, 34.
PABEAS CORPUs, act so cal. INCLOSURES, of land, observations
led, account of,

relative to, 258.
HAPPINESS, social and political INCUBUS, or night-mare, account
diftinguihed, 529

of that disorder, 122.
HARDW:CK, Lord, his adjudica- INDIANS, of Quito, live almoft in

tion in the cause between Janssen a state of nature, 41.
and Spencer, 109.

INFLAMMATION of the breast,
Hedern, Count, his defence of symptoms of, described, 52.
inoculation, 542.

INOCULATION, for the small-pox,
Hemlock, its use in disorders of

account of that practice in Scot.
the bowels, 182,
HERMAN, Professor, account of his

defence of, by
famous cypher, 544

Count Hedern, 542. Satan said
HERVEY, Mr. objections to some to be its first inventor, ib.
of his doctrines, 159.

JOHNSON, Dr. his edition of Shake-
HINDOOS, of Indoltan, fome ac- speare, characterized, 387.
count of, 267.

JOHNSON, Mrs. (Swift's Stella]
HOLWELL, Mr. his seasonable hint her life and character, 219-226.

to the East India company, 270. Josephus, not an unbeliever in
Hops, their culture and manage- miracles, 134. His Jewith an-
ment, 349

tiquities defended, 13.
Houses, ill construction of, or bad IsinGlass, its importance as a

fituation, conducive to ill health, commercial article, 427. Bri.

tish, method of proving whether
HUME, David, his defamation of

equal to foreign, 428.
Luther refuted, 432.

ITALIANS, modern, characterized,

514. Their averfion to labour,
HUSBAND, duties of a good one, and its ill consequences, 516.

Origin of their Cicisbeos, 521.
HUSBANDRY, the old and new JURIES, trial by, and privileges
fyftems of, compared, 254.

of, 561.
HUSBANDS, in several countries,
lie-in for their wives, 540.

AETSNER, Profeffor, censured,


KENRICK, Mr. reproved for his
ACULATOR, or shooting-fish, de- severe attack on Dr. Johnson's

edition of Shakespeare, 457, 467.


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Kirshah, and other pills for the M

of, 49:


His illuftration of several passages

ADNESS, in dogs, symptoms

of described, 53. Bite of,
Ven, Dif. remark on, 372. · its usual effects, ib. Pradical
KUSTER, Mr. his differtation on directions for the cure of, 54.
the idol Jodutha, 547

A case instanced, 55. Dogs how

cured, ib.

MALADIES, popular, usual causes

MALT-LIQUORS, cure for, when
ABOUR, excessive, ill effects

ropy, 355.. Method of fining,

429. Stubbornness of, how to
Ladies, of Ireland, Swift's unfa- semedy, ib.

vourable character of them, 150. Man, comparative view of his fa-
Lapis Lazuli, account of, 542.

culties with those of animals, 356.
LEARNING, state of, in the time of MANSFIELD, Lord, high enco-
: Trajan, 329. In the 5th centu- mium on, in Bp. Warburton's
ry, 336.

dedication, 127
LEHMANN, his account of a silver MARGGRAFF, Mr. his account of

ore, 542, of gum copal, ib. she regulus of antimony, 541-
LETTERS, restoration of, in the of the Lapis Lazuli, 542.

16th century) public advantages MARS, gaitbling derivation of his
from, 439

name, 228.
Liberty, religious, its unbounded M'Culla, Mr. his project for a

extent, 554. Civil, legal pro- new Irish copper-coin, 148.

visions in favour of, 555, MELANCTHON, the great reformer,
Liebnitz, his philosophy founded

his amiable character, 437.
in nature, 498. His contro- ME ICHISEDEC, ludicroudly men-
versy with Locke, 499, 501. His

tioned by Warburton, 177, 178,
notion of innate ideas, 503. Of 393

the nature of the soul, 504. MERIAN, Mr, his enquiry into the
LIEU TAUD, Mr. his account of

moral sense, 545.
the nature of fevers, 525. Miltitz, his artful endeavours
LOCKE, Mr, his controversy with to reconcile Luther with the Ch.
Liebnitz, 499, 501, 504. Both

of Rome, 435;
easily to be reconciled, 505. MONTMOLLIN, Professor, the

Logos, critical dissertation on, 413. adversary of Mr. Rousseau, 50%,
LONGITUDE, account of attempts 512. His very unfavourable cha-
for the discovery of, 64. Par.

racter, 550.

His baseness and
liamentary reward for, ib. Har.

treachery, 551:
rison's invention, 65. Proceed. Moral Sense, disquisition on, 544
ings of the commissioners, rela- Mosaic history, chronological dif-
tive thereto, 169.

ficulties in, 494:
Lowth, Dr. controversy between Mosheim, Dr. his great charac.
him and Dr. Warburton, 176,

ter, 443
389. His ironical encomium on MOUNTEBANKS, great mischiefs

the Divine Legution, &c. 391. done by them, among the com.
LUTHER, Martin, his character, mon people, 6o.

431. Calumnies invented against Music, philosophically confider-
him refuted, .432.

ed, 358. Principles of taste in,
LUXURY, a cause of depopula- founded in nature, 365...
tion, 48.

MYSTERIES, ill effects of, 539.


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N. .

PastURES, directions relative to,

ABOBS, English, scheme for PATRIARCHS, Chriftian, their ori.

establishing, in the East- gin and high privileges, 377.
Indies, 271.

Detrimental to the peace of the
Naples, citizens of. their charac- church, 338.

ter, 518. Absurdity of their re- Paul, St. account of his diffe-
ligious deportment, 519. Bi. rences with Peter, 157.

gotry to St. Januarius, ib. Pears, their privileges, 17. House
NAPTHA, of the Ancients, what, of, its importance in the consti-

tion of this country, 567.
NAVIGATIONS, inland, great ad. PHILOSOPHY, its utility contro-
vantages from, to the public,

verted, 42.

State of, in the
469. Scheme for one between firft age of Chriftianity, 95.
Liverpool and Hull recommend. Glorious restoration of, in the
ed, ib.

16th century, 410.
Nervous Diseases, general ac- PHILLIPS, Mr.' author of the life

count of, 116. Farther discur- of Pole, pathetic address to,
fed, 180, for

Nerves, structure and use of, 1!3. Plague, at Constantinople, Dr.

Sympathies in the body, by Mackenzie's account of, 448,
means of, 114.

Platonics, a feet of Christian
NEWTON, Sir Isaac, his physical philosophers so called, account

elements equally imaginary with
those of Liebnitz and Des Cartes, Pole, Card. his character viewed
408. His Principia, commen- in different lights by the English
tary on some parts of, 205. A and by the Italians, 474.
compleat comment recommend. Pope, his edition of Shakespeare
ed, 206.

characterized, 385,
POPERY, exhibited in a striking

light, 475-479

PROPHECY, criticisms relating to,

O Pretum; difcorce is the core of .

nervous disorders, 181. of, to particulars, discussed, 139.
Ormond, Duke of, his character, 5. PRUSSIA, K. of, interferes with
OXFORD, Lord, his character, 6. Rousseau's persecutors, in behalf
OXFORD, university, eulogium on, of that philosopher, 508.

Psalms, specimens of, translated

by Merrick, 231.

PURGATORY, droll account of, by

a pretended Chinese, 165.

of, 330.


to the candidates, io, and of
freeholders qualifications for vot- UAkers, the only Christians
ing, ib. and of decayed bo- who have not persecuted
roughs, ib.

others, 200.
Parsley recommended for feed. Queries, remarkable ones, relat-
ing Sheep, 251.

Method of ing to Great Britain, Ireland,
culture, 252

and America, 242.



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of, 173

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of, 40.

dians, 41.


EADING-CLASS, droll story AVAGES of America, humorous

story of, 173.
Reason, remarks on the culture SCEPTICISM, cured by a noftrum,

Consequences of the 404
neglect of, exemplified in the In- Schlosser, Dr. his account of a

wonderful fith, 453.
REASON, different ideas of that SHAFTESBURY, Lord, his notion
term, 546.

of the moral sense, 545.
REFORMATION of the Christian SHAKESPEARE, his writings cha-
Church, account of, 431.

racterized. 287. His tragi-co-
Religions not all equally condu- medy defended, 289. Defects
cive to salvation, 306.

of his plays, 291. Apology for
REPORT: BOOKS, in law, their uti- his quibbles, 293. Defended
lity, 108.

against other charges, 294. His
REVIEWERS, English, their critical deviation from the dramatic uni-

office and conduct defended, 547. ties controverted, 295, 374
Their occasional acrimony ex- 381. His learning discussed, 382.

cufable, ib. And requisite, 548. His remarkable modesty, 383.
RIDLEY, Mr. his pathetic address Account of his various Editors,
to Mr. Phillips, 475.

384. Illustrations of several beau.
Roman charity, common mistake tiful passages in his writings, 460.

relating to that story, corrected, SHASTAH of the Gentoos, fome.

account of, 266, 269.
Rome, present citizens of charac- SHERIDAN, Dr. his character, 155,
terized, 515. Beggars and pil-

156. Mrs. her

very unfavorable
grims the pells of that capital, character, ib.
ib. Courtezans not tolerated SHIP-BUILDING, improvements in,
there, 516. Frequency of mur-
ders cheie, 5172

Simon, Magus, account of him,
Rousse Ali, Mr. his scheme of edu.

cation attacked, 38. Anecdotes SOCIETY,Royal, reprehended, 444.
relative to his persecution in Socratic love, Voltaire's account
Swifferland, 506. Pleasant mil- of, controverted, 278.
take of the town-clerk, in read. Soul, remarks on the dispute about
ing the prohibition of Rousseau's · its intermediate state, 141. Con-
works, 507. His declarations troversy relating to, 417;
to the pattor of his church, ib. STAMP-ACT, for N. America, ac.
and 512. Remonftrance in his

count of, 398. Strong reasons
favour, 508. Interrogated, as for repealing, 485.
to his creed, 509. His letter to Sreffe, Mr, his controversy with
the Attorney-general, 510. To Dr. Dawson, 417.
his persecutors, 511. Resolves STELLA. See JOHNSON.-Her re-
to quit, for ever, his native coun- markable reproof to a dealer in
try, 513. His account of the

double entendres, 225.
artful treachery of his paftor, SPENCER and Jansen, their law.
550. How deceived in his fa-
yuvrable opinion of his proteftant Sulzf, Mr, his analysis of reason, in
brethren, 552.

Rowe's edit. of Shakespeare cha- SUPERSTITION not naturally inhe-
radter:fed, 385

rent in man, 310.


suit, 109.

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fic, 522

ris, 23.

Italians, 523•


Swift, Dean, his party spirit, 2.

V. His defence of Queen Ann's TENEREAL disease, obfervations ministry, 4. His character of

on, 371.

Method of treatOrmond, 5, of Bolingbroke, ib.

ing, 373
of Harley, 6. His high-flown VENETIANS, their character, 520.
sermon on the 30th of Jan. 9.

Courtezans protected by the go-
His account of absurdities in vernment there, 521. Great
England, ib. His character of perfection of the Venetian mu-
Bp. Burnet, 11. His melancholy
view of the state of Ireland, 149. Venus, her poetical address to Pa-
His unfavourable character of the

Her encomium on
Irish ladies, 150. His project

pleasure, 25. for abolishing the Irish language, VIEDAM, of the Gentoos, fome acib. His remarkable thoughts on count of, 269. religion, 151. His curious re- . VIRGIL, strange superstitious nosolutions for old age, 153. His tions of him, held by the vulgar character of Dr. Sheridan, 155. His account of Mrs. Johnson, UNITIES, dramatic, controverted, 219. His directions in the choice 295. of a wife, 226. His antiquity VOLTAIRE, Mr. his contemptuous of the Englith tongue, 227. His notion of the Jews controverted, character of Bp. Berkeley, 312. 131. An enemy to Rousseau, His account of his quarrel with Bettesworth, 314. His poetical detail of talents fit for converfation, 316. His character of Daphne, 317


ALLS, not friendly to peas T.

and beans sown under them,

344. Espaliers preferred to them SETZEL, Lother's opponent,

for fruit-trees, 345 his bad character, 434. His WARBURTON, Bishop, his notion miserable end, 435.

of the firft literary and first hieroTHEOBALD's edition of Shake. glyphic writing, 129. Contro.

speare, applauded and censured, verts Volaire's account of the 385.

Jews, 131. Defends Josephus, Tide, a remarkable one at Bristol, 135. His remarks on the con453.

troversy about the sleep of the TRIGONOMETRY, method of solv. soul, 141. His severe attack of

ing cases in, by arithmetic only, Dr. Lowth, 176. In what sense 261.

a perfecutor, 179. His edition of TRINITY, new explication of, 410. Shakespeare characterised, 368. TRUTH, the happiness of mankind Attacked by Dr. Lowth, 390.

how far dependent on the pro- By Dr. B. Dawson, 418.
pagation of, 305

WATER, cold, ill effects of driok.
TRUTHS, the question whether all ing, when people are over-heat-

depend on experience discussed,

Wife, Swift's advice in the choice
TYTHES, lift of things sythable, of one, 226.




ed, 49.


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