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the Shareholders, or the several classes of Shareholders, accord- Stock, transing to their respective interests therein, and aster sucli conver- ferable in sion, such stock, as well as any stock which shall have been portions not

less than £1. created under the provisions in this Act contained for the conversion of bonds, shall be transferable and transmissible in any sums or parts not being fractional parts of a pound, in the same manner and subject to the same regulations and provisions, so far as applicable, as are or shall be contained in the Acts then in force relating to the Company in reference to shares in the capital of the Company.

XI. The Company shall, from time to time, cause the names Stock Register of the several parties interested in such stock and the amount to be kept, and

' what it shall of interest therein of such parties respectively, to be entered in

Ted contain. a book to be called “ The Stock Register ;” and the several holders of such stock shall be entitled to participate in the dividends and profits of the Company, according to their respective interests therein, and such interest shali, in proportion to the amount thereof, confer on the respective holders the Privileges of same privilege of voting, qualification, and otherwise, as Holders of would have been conferred by shares of equal amount in the capital of the Company, but so that none of such privileges, except that of participation in the dividends and profits, shall be conferred by the holding of any aliquot part of such amount of stock, unless such aliquot part, if existing in shares, would have conferred such privileges respeotively.


XII. Whenever it shall be deemed espedient by the Board of Meetings for Directors that a Special General Meeting of the Shareholders altering the

number of shall be convened, either for the purpose of increasing the Capi- Directors, or tal or increasing or reducing the number of Directors as afore- increasing the said, or for any other purpose, the Directors may convene such Capital of the

Company, meeting by advertisement and circular in manner hereinafter how to be mentioned, in which advertisement and circular the business to called and be transacted at such meeting shall be expressly stated ; and held. suc'ı meeting may be held either at Quebec or Montreal, or such other place in this Province as the Directors shall appoint.

XIII. Notice of any ordinary General Meeting of the Share- Notice of orholders shall be given once in each of three consecutive weeks dinary Gen in the Canada Gazelte, and in at least one other newspaper

eral Meetings. published in each of the Cities of Toronto, Kingston, Montreal and Quebec, on every day of the publication of such newspapers during the said periods.

XIV. The Notices of Special General Meetings of the Com- Notices of pany for any of the purposes aforesaid shall be inserted in the Special Gen

eral Meetings. same papers as are in this Act prescribed as necessary for convening ordinary General Meetings of the Company, and also in one or more of the Daily Morning Newspapers published in London in England ; and a copy of such Notice shall also be addressed by Post to each Shareholder at his last known or


usual address, not less than forty days before the holding of such


Ordinary XV. If at any Ordinary General Meeting of the Shareholders,
Meeting may it shall be resolved that Ordinary General Meetings of the Com-
be held half

pany shall be held half-yearly, such meetings shall thenceforth
be held half-yearly at such times and at such place or places
in this Province as shall from time to time be appointed by the

And in such XVI. In the event of its being determined in manner afore-
cases accounts said that the Ordinary General Meetings of the Company shall
shall be made i
up half year. De

o be held half-yearly, the accounts of the Company shall be baly, &c.

lanced and audited up to the thirtieth of June and thirty-first of
December in each year, and dividends may be declared half-
yearly, and the provisions of the Railway Clauses Consolidation
Act applicable to the making up, balancing and auditing of
accounts and the declaring and paying of dividends shall apply
to such hall-yearly meetings and to such half-yearly accounts and


Duplicates of XVII. Duplicates of all registers of Shares and Debentures to be kept in

er of the Company and of the Shareholders thereof, or of the Stock London. Register, which shall at any time be kept at the principal office

of the Company in this Province (such duplicates being au-
thenticated by the signature of the Secretary of the Company)
may be transmitted to and kept by the agent for the time being
of the Company in London aforesaid.

Transfer of XVIII. Whenever any transfer shall be made in England of
Shares or

any Share or Stock of the Company, the delivery of the transfer
Stock in

duly executed, to the agent of the Company for the time being
in London aforesaid, shall be sufficient to constitute the trans-
ferree a Shareholder or Stockholder in the Company in respect
of the Share or Stock so transferred, and such agent shall trans-
mit an accurate list of all such transfers to the Secretary of the

Company in this Province, who shall thereupon make the reRegulations quisite entries in the register; and the Directors may from time for facilitating

made to time make such regulations as they shall think fil for facilitransfers. tating the transfer and registration of Shares or Stock, as well in

this Province as elsewhere, and as to the closing of the register
of transfers for the purpose of dividend, as they may find expe-
dient; and all such regulations not being inconsistent with the
provisions of the Act first mentioned in the Preamble to this
Act and of the Railway Clauses Consolidation Act, as altered
or modified by this Act, shall be valid and binding.

Debentures to XIX. Any party entitled to any debenture of this Province
be transferable
by delivery." issued to the Company, or to any bond or debenture of ihe Com-

pany on which the whole amount shall have been paid up,
may transfer his right and interest in any such bond or deben-
ture and in the principal and interest moneys secured thereby,

to any other person, by the delivery of such bond or debenture with the coupons or interest warrants attached thereto, without the necessity of a deed or instrument in writing for the purpose of effecting such transfer.

XX. And whereas by some of the Acts hereinbefore cited Rer provision is made for the issue of debentures of the Province to provisions of certain of the Companies incorporated by such Acts respec- former Acts tively (which Companies now form part of the said Grand Trunk as to Provin. Railway Company of Canada) in the manner and at the times and on the conditions in the said Acis respectively expressed, and by the said ainalgamation such debentures became and were declared to be the property of the said Grand Trunk Railway Company of Canada, and the right to claim such debentures (subject to the conditions aforesaid) has been dealt with and disposed of by the said Company ; And whereas it would be convenient that insiead of the provisions contained in the said recited Acts respectively for the issue of such Debentures at the time and in the events therein respectively mentioned, one general provision should be made as to the issue thereof, and the terms and conditions of such issue, and also that instead of the particular charges on the several Railways or portions of Railways mentioned in such Acts respectively, created or to be created by virtue of the said Acts respectively, in respect of such issues, one general charge should be created upon the Grand Trunk Railway of Canada to the extent of the whole amount of the Debentures of the Province issued or to be issued: Be it therefore enacted, That the Crown The lien of shall on behalf of the Provincial Government, have in respect the Crown by of the Debentures issued or to be issued as aforesaid, a charge, reason of such

glarantee, on hypothec or lien upon the whole Grand Trunk Railway of Canada, in the same manner and with the same preference and works formprivilege, and to the same extent and with the same incidents ing part of the

Grand Trunk as to redemption or otherwise, as but for such amalgamation Railway, shall the Provincial Government would have had upon the separate be a general Railways or undertakings in respect of which, by the said lien upon the

whole Grand several Acts respectively, such Debentures were to be issued ; Trunk Raila and it shall not be necessary for the said Company to make way and or keep separate accounts with respect to cach undertaking

part thereof. forming part of the said Grand Trunk Railway, upon which such charge attached or might attach, anything in the said recited Acts or any of them to the contrary notwithstanding : On what con-'

* ditions the And further, that whenever it shall be ascertained by the report dus of any Engineer to be appointed for that purpose by the Gover- shall be given nor of this Province, that one hundred thousand pounds sterling hereafter. has been actually and with due regard to economy expended on the said Grand Trunk Railway of Canada, in work done, or materials delivered on the ground, or both conjointly, or rolling stock provided, since the first day of July, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-three, Debentures of the Province may be issued to the said Company to the extent of forty thousand pounds sterling, and so toties quoties until Debentures shall

the several

works ma

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Total amount have been issued to the full extent of the guarantee limited guarantee. by the said recited Acts respectively, which guarantee

amounts in the whole to one million, eight hundred and Proviso: eleven thousand, five hundred pounds sterling ; Provided report of En

that it shall be lawful for the Governor at any time before gireer may be required.' making or authorizing any issue of such Debentures, if he shall

so think fit, to require that the Engineer to be appointed as aforesaid, shall report and certify that the works of the said Company are proceeding to his saiisfaction with regard to the final completion of the several Railways and works included

therein, and to suspend such issue until such report and Proviso: certificate shall have been given ; Provided also, that the limit total amount of the entire provincial guarantee to the said Company shall of guarantee not to be ex- not exceed the sum of Two Million, Two flundred and Eleven ceeded. Thousand, Five Hundred Pounds, including the amount of

Four Hundred Thousand Pounds advanced to the St. Lawrence

and Atlantic Railway Company, now amalgamated with the Proviso: said Grand Trunk Railway Company ; Provided also, that no on what por: Provincial Bonds shall be issued in favor of the said Company tions only, then out of any ere guarantee

" on account of any expenditure on the line of Railway between shall be given. Point Levi and Richmond, or between Montreal and Portland,

beyond the amounts already issued on account of those Roads, that is to say, Seven liundred and Seventeen Thousand, Fire Hundred Pounds, nor shall any Provincial Bonds be issued on account of expenditure on any branch Railway to be hereafter constructed, or on account of expenditure on any line of Railway now amalgamated or which may hereafter be amalgamated with the Grand Trunk Railway of Canada, excepting those forming the direct line from Trois-Pistoles to Sarnia, neither shall any larger amount than One Hundred Thousand Pounds sterling of Provincial Bonds be issued on account of expenditure on the Victoria Bridge.

Recital. XXI. And whereas by an Indenture bearing date the fifth Lease of

w of August, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-three, between Ailantic and St. Lawrence the Atlantic and St. Lawrence Railroad Company, of the first Railway, in part, and the Honorable Jolin Ross, Benjamin Holmes and trust for ihe

William Jackson, of the second part, that portion of the

William Company.

Atlantic and St. Lawrence Railway which extends from the City of Portland in the State of Maine to the border line of this Province, together with certain other property therein described, was demised to the said parties of the second part, for the term of nine hundred and ninety-nine years, subject to the payment of the reni, and upon the terms and conditions, in such inden. tue of Lease contained ; And whereas such Lease was granted to and taken by the said parties of the second part, as Trustees for the said Grand Trunk Railway Company of Canada, or for the purpose of transferring the same to the said Company when they should be duly authorized to accept such transfer, and it is expedient that the said Company should be authorized to accept a transfer or assignment of such Lease from the said Lessees, and to become the Proprietors of the said portion of


Railway and other property on the terms in such Lease mentioned : Be it therefore enacted, that it shall be lawful for the Trustee mar said Honorable John Ross, Benjamin Holmes and William transfer the Jackson, or the survivors or survivor of them, to transfer and lease to the

Company. assign to the said Company, and for the said Company to accept and take the said Lease and the interest and property of the said Lessees therein, on the terms and conditions in the said Lease mentioned, with such modifications and alterations as shall be agreed to by the Directors of the said Company, and to indemnity the said Lessees from and against the covenants and conditions therein contained on the part of the said Lessees, and to hold the said portion of Railway and other property, subject to the rent and on the terms and conditions in the said Lease specified with such modifications as aforesaid ; and that in case the said Lease shall be surrendered to the said Atlantic and St. Lawrence Railroad Company, it shall be ma lawful for the said Grand Trunk Railway Company of Canada vew lease. to accept a new Lease from the said other Company, on such other terms and conditions as may be agreed between the said Companies.

e Or Company

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XXII. It shall be lawful for the said Grand Trunk Railway Company w Company of Canada, to construct, make and work any Branch make Branch Railway or Railways which they may deem it advisable to Railwa make, from any point or points on their main Railway to the River St. Lawrence or any of the Lakes thereon : Provided Proviso. however, that no such Branch Railway shall be constructed beyond or west of the City of Toronto; And provided also that Proviso. between Longueuil and Point Levi the only points of connexion between the said Railway and the St. Lawrence, by a Branch Railway, shall be some point ou the Quebec and Richmond Railway, now part of the Grand Trunk Railway of Canada, and some point on the St. Lawrence opposite the Town or Parish of Three Rivers ; and to any such Branch Railway and Acts to apply all matters relating thereto or to the working thereof, the pro- to such Branvisions and enactments of this Act and of the Act first cited in “be the Preamble to this Act, (including those of the Railway Clauses Consolidation Act incorporated therewith, and the Act in addition to the said last mentioned Act,) subject to the exceptions mentioned in the twentieth section of this Act, in regard to the provincial guarantee, which shall in no case be No guarantee granted to any such branch Railway, shall apply as fully to be given for to all intents and purposes as to the main Railway in the said any Braneh. first cited Act mentioned, except that the survey and plan of any such Branch may be made and deposited at any time Commencebefore such Branch shall be commenced, and that such Branch ment and shall be completed within such time as shall be appointed for so

of any Branch, the purpose by order of the Governor in Council, made and &c. published in the manner hereinbefore mentioned, as regards orders in Council for extending the time for completing any part of the main Line of Railway of the said Company.

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