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Herod's opinion S. MATTHEW.

of Christ. f 51 Jesus saith unto them, tist; he is risen from the dead; Have ye understood all these and therefore mighty works things? They say unto him, do show forth themselves in Yea, Lord.

him. i 52 Then said he unto 3 For Herod had laid hold them, Therefore every scribe on John, and bound him, and which is instructed unto the put him in prison for Herokingdom of heaven is like dias' sake, his brother Phiunto a man that is an house-lip's wife. holder, which bringeth forth 4 For John said unto him, out of his treasure things It is not lawful for thee tó new and old.

have her. f 53 | And it came to pass, 5 And when he would have that when Jesus had finished put him to death, he feared these parables, he departed the multitude, because they thence,

counted him as a prophet. 54 And when he wascomein-.f 6 But when Herod's birthhis own country,

he taught day was kept, the daughter them in their synagogue, of Herodias danced before insomuch that they were as- them, and pleased Herod. tonished, and said, whence p7 Whereupon he promised hath this man this wisdom, with an oath to give her and these mighty works?

whatsoever she would ask. 55 Is not this the carpen- 8 And she, being before inter's son? is not his mother structed of her mother, said, called Mary? and his breth- Give me here Jchn Baptist's ren, James, and Joses, and head in a charger Simon, and Judas?

9 And the king was sorry: 56 And his sisters, are they nevertheless for the oath's not all with us? Whence then sake,and them which sat with hath this man all these him at meat, he commanded things?

it to be given her. c 57 And they were offended f'10 And he sent, and bein him. But Jesus said unto headed John in the prison. thein, A prophet is not with- 11 And his head was brought out honour, save in his own in a charger, and given to the country, and in his own damsel: and she brought it house.

to her mother. p 58 And he did not many 12 And his disciples came, mighty works there because and took up the body, and of their unbelief.

buried it, and went and told f CHAP, XIV. Jesus. A

tetrarch heard of the it, he departed thence by fame of Jesus,

shipinto a desert place apart: 2 And said unto his ser- and when the people had vants, This is John the Bap- heard thereof, they followed

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Christ feedeth

CHAP. XIV. five thousand, him on foot out of the cities. , was come, he was there alone. h 14 And Jesus went forth, f 24 But the ship was now in and saw a great multitude, the midst of the sea, tossed and was moved with compas- with waves: for the wind was sion toward them, and he contrary: healed their sick.

m25 And in the fourth watch f15 ? And when it was even- of the night Jesus went unto ing, his disciples came to him, them, walking on the sea. saying, This is a desert place, 26 And when the disciples and the time is now past; send saw him walking on the sea, the multitude away, that they they were troubled, saying, may go into the villages, and It is a spirit; and they cried buy themselves victuals. out for fear.

16 ButJesus said unto them, 27 But straightway Jesus They need not depart; give spake unto them, saying, Be ye them to eat.

of good cheer; it is I; be not 17 And they say unto him, afraid. We have here but five loaves, .f 28 And Peter answered him and two fishes.

and said, Lord, if it be thou, 18 He said, Bring them bid me come unto thee on hither to me.

the water. d 19 And he commanded the m29 And he said, Come. And multitude to sit down on the when Peter was come down grass, and tookthe five loaves, out of the ship, he walked on and the two fishes, and look- the water, to go to Jesus. ing up to heaven, he blessed, 30 But when he saw the and brake, and gave the wind boisterous, he was loaves to his disciples, and afraid;and beginning to sink, thedisciples to the multitude, he cried, saying, Lord, save m20 And they did all eat, and me. were filled: and they took up 31 And immediately Jesus of the fragments that re- stretched forth his hand, and mained twelve baskets full., caught him, and said unto

21 And they that had eaten him, o thou of little faith, were about five thousand wherefore didst thou doubt? men, beside women and chil- 32 And when they were dren.

come into the ship, the wind f 22 And straightway Jesus ceased. constrained his disciples to 33 Then they that were in get into a ship, and to go be the ship came and worshipfore him unto the other side, ped him, saying, Of a truth while he sent the multitudes thou art the Son of God. away.

/ 34 And when they were d 23 And when he had sent gone over, they came into the the multitudes away, he went land of Gennesaret. up into a mountain apart to

35 And when the men of pray: and when the evening that place had knowledge of

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God's commandments. S.MATTHEW. Jewish traditions. him, they sent out into all trines the commandments of that country round about, men. and brought unto him all f 10 9 And he called the multhat were diseased;

titude, and said unto them, m36 And besought him that Hear, and understand: they might only touch the 11 Not that which goeth hem of his garment: and as into the mouth defileth many as touched were made man; but that which cometh perfectly whole.

out of the mouth, this de| CHAP. XV.

fileth a man.

to Jesus THE

12 Then came his disciples, scribes and Pharisees, and said unto him, Knowest which were of Jerusalem, thou that the Pharisees were saying,

offended, after they heard 2 Whydo thydisciples trans- this saying? gress the tradition of the el-t 13 But he answered and Pers? for they wash not their said, Every plant, which my hands when they eat bread. heavenly Father hath not P3 But he answered and planted, shall be rooted up. said unto them, Why do ye 14 Let them alone: they be also transgress the command- blind leaders of theblind. And ment of God by your tradi- if the blind lead the blind, tion?

both shall fall into the ditch 4 For God commanded, say- f 15 Then answered Peter ing, Honour thy father and and said unto him, Declare mother: and, He that cuuseth unto us this parable. father or mother, let him die 16 AndJesus said, Are ye also the death.

yet without understanding? 5 But ye say, Whosoever 17 Do not ye yet understand, shall say to his father or his that whatsoever entereth in mother, It is a gift, by what- at the mouth goeth into the soever thou mightest be pro- belly, and is cast out into fited by me;

the draught? 6 And honour not his father 18 But those thi which or his mother, he shall be free. proceed out of the mouth Thus have ye made the com- come forth from the heart; mandment of God of none and they defile the man. eileet by your tradition. t 19 For out of the heart a 7 Ye hypocrites, well did Esa- proceed evil thoughts, murias prophesy of you, saying, ders, adulteries, fornications,

8 This people draweth nigh thefts, false witness, blasunto me with their mouth, phemies: and honoureth me with their 20 These are the things lips; but their heart is far which defile a man: but to from me.

eat with unwashen hands de9 But in vain they do wor- fileth not a man. , ship me

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A devil cast out. CHAP. XVI. The four thousand fed. and departed into the coasts 31 Insomuch that the mulof Tyre and Sidon.

titude wondered, when they t 22 And, behold, a woman saw the dumb to speak, thé of Canaan came out of the maimed to be whole, the lame same coasts, and cried unto to walk, and the blind to see: him, saying, Have mercy on and they glorified the God me, O Lord, thou son of of Israel. David; my daughter is griev- 1324 Then Jesus called his ously vexed with a devil. disciples unto him, and said,

f 23 But he answered her I have compassion on the not a word. And his disciples multitude, because they concame and besought him, say- tinue with me now three. ing, Send her away; for she days, and have nothing to crieth after us.

eat: and I will not send them t 24 But he answered and away fasting, lest they faint said, I am not sent but unto in the way. the lost sheep of the house of 33 And his disciples say unIsrael.

to him, Whence should we t 25 Then came she and wor- have so much bread in the shipped him, saying, Lord, wilderness, as to fill so great 1help me.

a multitude? 26 But he answered and 34 And Jesus saith unto said, It is not meet to take them, How many loaves have the children's bread, and to ye? And they said, Seven, cast it to dogs.

and a few little fishes. c 27 And she said, Truth, 35 And he commanded the Lord: yet the dogs eat of the multitude to sit down on the crumbs which fall from their ground. masters' table.

36 And he took the seven m28 Then Jesus answered loaves and the fishes, and and said unto her, woman, gave thanks, and brake them, great is thy faith: be it untó and gave to his disciples, and thee even as thou wilt. And thedisciples, to the multitude. her daughterwas made whole m37 And they did all eat, and from that very hour. were filled: and they took up f'29 AndJesus departed from of the broken meat that was thence, and came nigh unto left seven baskets full. the sea of Galilee; and went 38 And they that did eat up into a mountain, and sat were four thousand men, bedown there.

side women and children. m.30 And great multitudes $39 And he sent away the came unto him, having with multitude, and took ship,and them those that were lame, came into the coasts of Magblind, dumb, maimed, and dala. many others, and cast them CHAP. XVI. down at Jesus' feet; and he

THE Pharisees also witli healed them:

the Sadducees cane, and



b d


The Jews seek a sign. S. MATTHEW. Peter's confession. tempting desired him that he that ye should beware of the would shew them a sign from leaven of the Pharisees and heaven.

of the Sadducees? 2 Heanswered and said un- t 12 Then understood they to them, When it is evening, how that he bade them not be ye say, It will be fair weather: ware of the leaven of bread, for the sky is red.

but of the doctrine of the 3 And in the morning, It Pharisees and of the Sadwill be foul weather to day: ducees. for the sky is red and low- f 139 When Jesus came into ring. O ye hypocrites, ye can the coasts of Cesarea Philipdiscern ihe face of the sky; pi, he asked his disciples, saybut can ye not discern the ing, Whom do men say that I signs of the times?

the Son of man am? t 4 A wicked and adulterous 14 And they said, Some say generation seeketh after a that thou artjohn the Baptist: sign; and there shall no sign some, Elias; and others Jerebe given unto it, but the sign mias, or one of the prophets. of the prophet Jonas. And 15 He saith unto them, But he left them, and departed. whom say ye that I am? f 5 And when his disciples t* 16 And Simon Peter answerwere come to the other side, ed and said, Thou art the they had forgotten to take Christ, the Son of the living bread.

God. 6 | Then Jesus said unto t 17 And Jesus answered and them, Take heed and beware said unto him, Blessed art of the leaven of the Phari- thou, Simon Bar-jona: for sees and of the Sadducees. flesh and blood hath not re

7 And they reasoned among vealed it unto thee, but my themselves, saying, It is be- Father which is in heaven. causewe have taken no bread. t 18 And I say also unto thee, t 8Which when Jesus perceiv- That thou art Peter, and uped, he said unto them, o ye of on this rock I will build my little faith, why reason ye church; and the gates of hell among yourselves, because ye shall not prevail against it. have brought no bread? 19 And I will give unto thee

9 Do ye not yet understand, the keys of the kingdom of neither remember the five heaven: and whatsoever thou loaves of the five thousand, shalt bind on earth shall be and how many baskets yé bound in heaven: and what

soever thou shalt loose on 10 Neither the seven loaves earth shall be loosed in hea. of the four thousand, and how ven. many baskets ye took up? 20 Then charged he his dis

11 How is it that ye do not ciples that they should tell no understand that I spake it man that he was Jesus the not to you concerning bread, Christ,

took up?

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