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Episcopal Church.

Missions and



Septuaglnt and

young Women's



Sunday School?.

Hodges, George, A.M., D.D., D.C.L., Dean of the Episcopal
Theological School, Cambridge, Mass.

Johnson, Rev. A. N., Home Secretary of the London Missionary

Kennedy, Rev. J., Librarian of New College, Edinburgh.

Wilson, E., Secretary of the Training Department, Y. W. C. A.,
Chicago, 111.

Schauffler, Rev. A. F., Secretary of the International Sunday
School Lesson Committee.

Biblical subjects. Grieve, Rev. Alexander, M.A., Ph.D., Greyfriars, Glasgow.

Articles on
Sanitation and
Public Health.


Winslow, Charles-edward A., M.S., Associate Professor of
Biology, College of the City of New York; and Curator
of Public Health, American Museum of Natural History,
New York.

Track and Field



Anderson, William G., M.Sc., M.D., Director of the Department of Physical Education, Yale University.

Camp, Walter, A.B., A.M., Author of "American Football." sporting Articles. Sawyer, C. P., Sporting Editor of the New York " Evening Post."

Hutchinson, Horatio G., ex-Golf Amateur Champion; Author
of "Hints on Golf," "The Book of Golf and Golfers,"
"Cricketing Saws and Stories," "Golf," in Badminton
Library, etc.

Barr, James ('' Angus Evan Abbot '), English Journalist, Author
of "The Great Frozen North."


Docs, Cricket.
SnlMiiiilnK. Deer
stalking. Game
Shooting, etc.


Compton, Herbert E., Novelist, Biographer and Essayist;
Author of "A Master Mariner," "A King's Hussar," "The
Twentieth Century Dog," etc.

Cook, Theodore A., M.A., F.S.A., formerly Editor of the ''St.
James' Gazette," Associate Editor of the " Daily Telegraph,"
and Author of a "History of the English Turf."

""5'BlUI Elkington, E. Way, F.R.G.S., Author and Essayist; Author of "The Lucky Shot," "The Rugged Way," "The South Seas," etc.

Angling. MAXWELL, Rt. HON. SlR HERBERT E., BART., P.C., F.R.S.,

LL.D., formerly Rhind Lecturer on Archaeology, Edinburgh;
Author of "British Fresh-Water Fishes," "Salmon and Sea
Trout," "The Story of the Tweed," etc.

Falconry. Hopkins, TiGHE, Novelist and Essayist; Author of "Nugents of

Carriconna," "An Idler in Old France," "Dungeons of Old
Paris," etc.


yng Appleyard, J. R., Lecturer, Royal Technical Institute, Salford,

c.uco Printing. England.

Flour' Chamberlain, J. S., Expert in Chemistry of Milling, U. S. De

partment of Agriculture.

i^bri'rs" (fcrpete! Barker, A. F., Lecturer in the Municipal Technical College, Bradford, England, and Author of several works on textile subjects.

GtoS8- Brookfield, H. M., President of the Brookfield Glass Company.

GM- Brown, E. C., Editor of the "Progressive Age."

HiORNS, A. H., Professor of Metallurgy, Municipal Technical iron, steel, etc. School, Birmingham; Author of "Iron and Steel Manufac

ture," "Practical Metallurgy and Assaying," etc.

, ami STRUTHERS, Joseph, Ph.D., Assistant Secretary and Editor of 8teel- "American Institute of Mining Engineers"; Lecturer in the

School of Mines, Columbia University.

sugar. Horne, William, Ph.D., Chemist of the National Sugar Refining


Horsburgh, ELLiCE M., M.A., B.Sc., Associate Professor of
Mathematics, Edinburgh University.

8omp- Vulte, H. T., Ph.D., Lecturer in Chemistry, Teachers College,

Columbia University.

printing. Little, Joseph J. , formerly President of the Board of Education,

City of New York.

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Menzees, Alan, M.A., B.Sc., F.R.S.E., F.C.S., Professor of
Chemistry, St. Mungo's College, Glasgow, Scotland.

Ries, Heinrich, Ph.D., Professor of Economic Geology, Cornell

Tolman, L. M., U. S. Bureau of Internal Revenue.

Wheelwright, H. M., of the Wheelwright Paper Co., Boston,

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Gannett, Henry, B.S., M.E., LL.D., Geographer and Statis'
tician of the U. S. Geological Survey, Geographer of the U. S.
Census, Chairman of the U. S. Board on Geographic Names.

Austin, Oscar P., Chief of Bureau of Statistics, U. S. Treasury

Gannett, M. C., U. S. Forest Service.

Heilprin, Louis, Editor of Lippincott's "Gazetteer."

Hyde, A. E., formerly Secretary of the San Francisco Relief

ecology or u.s. Merrill, George P., Ph.D., U. S. National Museum.


Statistic* In
V. s. Article.

New York City.

New Orleans.

St. Louis.
State Articles.

17. S. Bureau of Mines.

Newland, D. H., Assistant State Geologist, New York State

Berkey, C. P., Ph.D., Instructor in Geology, Columbia Uni-

Hubert, P. G., Jr., formerly of the Editorial Staff of the New
York "Evening Post."

Stirling, Edmund, Editorial Staff, Philadelphia " Public Ledger."

Walker, Norman, Editorial Staff, New Orleans "Times-Demo-

Byars, William Vincent, Journalist and Author, St. Louis.
Hankins, F. H., Clark University, Worcester, Mass.
Holmes, Joseph A., Chief of the Bureau of Mines.


maTOnnltlandFree~ Stevens, Albert C., Author of an "Encyclopaedia of Praterother Fraternal nities." • • Organizations.

lerrtcef0"* Wilkie, John ELBERT, Chief U. S. Secret Service.

Genealogy. Youngs, Mrs. F. E., Librarian, New York Genealogical and

Biographical Society.

Fire Department. Ackley, Rev. C. B., formerly Chaplain, New York Fire Department.

Daveen, John, Captain in the New York Fire Department.

Discovery Peary, Commander Robert E., Arctic Explorer; Author of

North pole. "Northward Over the Great Ice," etc.


ac., acres.

&ffriO*9 npricnitaral.

Ala., Alabama.

kit., altitnde.

Alta., Alberta.

Amor., America or American.

anc., ancient.

ann., annual.

Ar., Arabic.

Aram., Aramaic.

Ariz., Arizona.

Ark., Arkansas.

arr., arrondisscment

A. 8., Anglo-Saxon.

A. V., Authorized Version, aver., average.

b. p., boiling point bar., borough.

Brit., Britain or British.

B. C., British Colombia. bur., burgh.

c. (circa), about C., centigrade. Cal., California. Cap., capital. cf., compare. CO., county. Colo., Colorado. Com., Commission. comm., commune. Conn., Connecticut, cnb. ft., cubic feet Dan., Danish.

D. C., District of Columbia.

Del., Delaware.

dep., department

diftt., district

div., division.

Da., Dutch.

E., east

eccles., ecclesiastical.

ed., edition; edited.

6. g., for example.

Eng., England or English.

episc., episcopal.

et. seq., and the following.

P., Fahrenheit.

Fla., Florida.

fort, t n., foruned town.

Ft., French.

ft., feet.

Ga., Georgia.

Oer., German.

KOV., government

Or., Greek.

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parl., parliamentary.

Pa., Pennsylvania.

P. E., Protestant Episcopal.

P. E. I., Prince Edward Island.

Per., Persian.

P. I., Philippine Islands.

pop., population.

Port., Portuguese.

P. B., Puerto Rico.

Presb., Presbyterian.

prom., promontory.

prov., province.

pueh., pueblo.

Que., Quebec.

q. v., which see.

B.. riv., river.

r. bk., right bank.

B. C., Roman Catholic.

B. B., or ry., railroad or railway.

B. I., Rhode Island.

B. V., Revised Version.

B. B. jn., railroad junction.

S., south.

Sans., Sanskrit

Sask,, Saskatchewan.

8. C., South Carolina.

Scot., Scotland or Scottish.

8. Dak., South Dakota,

seapt., seaport.

Ep., Spanish.

Sp. gr., specific gravity.

iq. m., square miles.

8tn., station.

B. T., under the word.

SyT., Syriac.

temp., temperature.

Tenn., Tennessee, terr., territory.

Tex., Texas.

tn., town.

trans., translated.

trib., tributary.

IT. S., United States of American

Va., Virginia.

Til., village.

vol., volume.

Vt., Vermont

W., west

Wash.. Washington.

wat.-pl., watering-place.

W. Va., West Virginia.

Wis., Wisconsin.

Wyo., Wyoming.

yds., yards.

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