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This lady was kept so much in the back-ground by the gay, licentious, eccentric, life of her husband, that little is known of her history ; except that she was the

very reverse of him. Mildness and forbearance seemed to be the leading features of her character; and these qualities could serve as no lasting checks upon a man of his temper. Implicated, however, as she was, in the fate of her husband, she furnishes the following anecdotes:-

Dr. Nash, of Worcester, being in town one spring, not long after Foote's marriage, intended to pay his old fellow-collegian a visit, but was much surprised at hearing that he was in the Fleet prison. Thither he hastened directly; and found him in a dirty two-pair-of stairs back rooin, with furniture every way suitable to such an apartment. The Doctor shocked at this circumstance, began to condole with him ; when Foote cut him short by turning the whole into raillery : “ Why, is not this better,” said he, “ than the gout, the fever, the small

pox, and

« The thousand various ills
" That flesh is heir to ?”

This is a mere temporary confinement; without pain, and not very uncongenial (let me tell you) to this sharp biting weather : whereas the above disorders would not only give pain and confinement for a time, but perhaps ultimately prevent a man from ever going into the world again."

Laughing on in this manner, the Doctor perceived something stir behind him in the bed ; upon which he got up, and said he would call another time.-“ No, no," said the other; sit down : “ 'tis nothing but my Foot."- '-" Your foot !” said the Doctor: want no apologies, I shall call another time.”.

cool tell you again," said the other, “ tis nothing but my Foot; and to convince you of its being no more, it shall speak to you directly." Upon this his poor wife put her head from under the bed-clothes ; and, with much confusion and embarrassment, made many apologies for her distressed situation.

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Hail solitude, thou balm of all my woes,

Kind nurse of virtue ; dearest friend of trutlı;
For thee my heart, amid the tumult, glows,

Sole guide and mentor of my cheerless youth.

Far from the whirl of passion's jarring sounds,

With thee I'll seek the cot undeckd by pride;
Where nor ambition burns, nor fraud abounds;

But gentle peace and wish'd content reside.

Or, from th' envenom'd tongue of slander freed,

Beneath yon ivy'd ruin lone and wild,
Mark the foul track of some inbuman deed,

Which, story tells, its former host defild.

Or, pensive sit, and heave the unhear’d sigh,

Nor to the giddy throng my grief proclaim,
But, as the blast of evening passes by,
Mix with the sullen sound Alicia's name.


IMPROMPTU! On a popular Actress taking Places at the Theatre under the Name of


Mild as morning in May-with good humour abounding,
All the loves and the graces her person surrounding,
Wit sparkling like brisk-bottled perry;
In vain she attempts to elude admiration
To taste none can claim e'en the slighest relation,
Who take the sweet MOUNTAIN for SHERRY!

W. D.

New Inn, 14th August, 1807.




LIFE'S replete with joy and sorrow,

Time is ever on the wing,
Joy to grief may yield to-morrow,

Thus 'tis mine with truth to sing,
Life's replete with joy and sorrow.
Time is ever on the wing,

Manhood comes and checks youth's pleasures,
Age infirmity will bring ;

Thus we find, in rapid measures,
Time is ever on the wing.
Joy to grief may yield to-morrow;

Cherish joy then while 'tis thine,
Peaceful moments so you'll borrow,

But remember whilst they shine,
Joy to grief may yield to-morrow.
Thus 'tis mine with truth to sing,

Pleasure decks life's early morning,
Age will cares and sorrow bring;

To each friend a gentle warning,
Thus 'tis mine with truth to sing.

J. M. L.



AMID my fair one's locks of golden hue,

That o'er her neck and iv'ry shoulders play,
Love sporting linger'd with á fond delay,

And traced each flowing curl with wonder new,
And soon he found 'twere vain to bid adieu

To that blest prison; ev'ry tress his stay
Enforc'd, a chain by beauty's magic sway

Twin'd, and his heart in close confinement drew;
Now Venns, anxious from the wond'ring skies,

Her boy's release with presents meet demands:
But, goddess, spare thy useless gifts, for learn,

That Love, enslar'd by love, a captive sighs;
And should you free him from his glossy bands,

The wanton urchiu would again return.

G. W. C







PAOLI, al Ciel volasti, ove fra' santi
Eroi de la lor Patria bai già la sede :
Virtù, Beneficenza, e pura Fede
Scorte ti furo al Creator davanti!

Ma noi quà giù versiamo amari pianti,
Che el viso tuo benigno non si vede ;
Nè s'ode il dir soave, che procede
D'un Regno dal Rettor per anni tanti !

Corsica, il tuo bon Padre, Anglia, l’Amico,
Più non vedrai, nè di lui più sereno
Uomo io avversa, od in propizia sorte !

L'alte virtuti sue, che qui t' indico,
Mortal, imita, e imprimi nel tuo seno,
Se lo brami veder dopo la morte !


AROUND me evening's deepest shades descend ;

Hush'd is the songster's warbling on my ear,

Yet still in musing mood I linger here,
Still lonely o'er the tottering wall I bend:
For busy fancy warm a charnı can lend

Amid this hour, to fixt attention dear,

Which dwells her eye on yon worn ruin near,
That with the dusky twilight seems to b'end.

She brings to view the vanish'd days of yore,
Within the banner'd hall the warriors plae'd :
And pleasure smiles the sparkling stream to pour,

As the old minstrel's kindling songs arise :-
Yet bought is heard, save now the mournful blast,
That thro' the shuddering ivy, shivering, sighi's !

G.W. C.




27. [Mr. Mathews' Benefit] Liberal Opinions ; Music Mad (1st. time.) The characters by Mr. Mathews; Mr. Farley ; Mr. Liston ; Mr. Taylor; Mr. Carles; Mrs. Mathews.---Love Laughs at Locksmiths. Captain Beldare, Mr. Palmer, Jun. Vigil, Mr. Chapinan.

28. Stranger Music Mad-Critic.

29. [Mr. and Mrs. Liston's Benetit] Surrender of Calais. Eustache, Mr. Young ; La Gloire (Ist time) Mr. Farley ; O'Carrol, Mr. Taylor ; Julia, Mrs. Litchfield Music Mad_Tom Thumb Imitations by Mrs. Wells.

31. [Mr. Young's Benefit) Wheel of Fortune. Penruddock, Mr. Young ; Sydenham, Mr. Carles ; Woodville, Mr. Chapman; Young Woodville, Mr. Palmer, Jun. Governor Tempest, Mra Liston ; Weazle, Mr. Mathews; Mrs. Woodville, Miss Taylor ; Emily Tempest, Mrs. Gibbs-Music Mad-Katharine and Pétruchio.

Sept. 1. Five Miles off-Music Mad-Critic. 2. Iron Chest-Tom Thumb.

3. Dramatist-Tale of Mystery-Francisco, Mr. Farley; Romaldi, Mr. Palmer, Jun. Stephano, Mr. Carles; Bonamo, Mr. Waddy; Malvoglio, Mr. Noble ; Montano, Mr. Wharton; The Miller, Mr. Grove. Fiametta (1st time) Mrs. Davenport; Selina, Mrs. Gibbs-Music Mad.

Hamlet-Music Mad.

Wheel of Fortune. Mrs. Woodville, Mrs. Kendall. --Music Mad-Irish Widow.

7. [Mr. Fawcett's Night] Pizarro. Rolla, Mr. Young ; Ataliba, Mr. Carles; Orozembo, Mr. Waddy; Hualpa, Mr. Grove; Higle Priest, Mr. Taylor ; Pizarro, a Gentleman; Alonzo, Mr. Palmer, jun. Las Casas, Mr. Chapman; Sentinel, Mr. Noble; Cora, Mrs. Gibbs; Elvira, Mrs. Litchfield-Critic.

2. Tale of Mystery--Review-Tom Thumb.

9. [Mrs. Gibbs's Benefit] Beggar's Opera. Macheath and Polly, (for that night only) Mr. Incledon and Miss Bolton ; Lucy, Mrs. Liston.--Lovers' Quarrels. Carlos, Mr. Palmer, jun. Sancho, Mr. Fawcett; Lopez, Mr. Liston; Leonora (1st time) Mrs. Litchfield ; Jacinta, Mrs. Gibbs Animal Magnetism.

Tron Chest-Critic. 11. Pizarro.--Pizarro, Mr. Chapmant; Las Casas, Mr. Davenport. Lock and Key.

18. Five Miles off—Tale of Mystery-Catch Him who Can !
14. 'Stranger-Critic.
15. [Last Night] Hamlet-Tom Thumb.

Music Mad, produced on Mr. Mathews's night, is an extravaganza by Mr. Theodore Hook, of which he borrowed the idea, sud the



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