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Abbotsford Subscription, 730

Bath Guide, New, edited by J. Britton, 174 Canada, Letters from Persons who have emigrated

D'Abrantes, Mémoires de Madame la Duchesse, Beamish’s History of the King's German Legion,

to, 270

313, 349, 366, 382, 533, 689, 709, 759


Canadas, the, &c. by A. Picken, from Documents

Achmet's Feast, and other poems, by R. Boid, 255 Becket, an historical tragedy, 723

of J. Galt, 329

A Day in a Stage Coach, 569

Bee (the) and the Wasp, illustrated by Cruikshank, Canada, Upper, Statistical Sketches of, 362

A Night at an Inn, 587


Canals and Railways, 519

Adventures of a Dramatist, by B. Ererf, 31

Beggar's Daughter of Bednall Green, 454

Cunning, Public Statue of, 291

Adventures of a Younger Son, a novel, 139 Belgian Revolution, Scenes from, by C. F. Henn. Capital Punishments in England, by W. H. Wool-
Æschylns, On the Agamemnon of, 320-[Extracts ingsen, 352

rych, 794
quoted from Medwin's translation]
Bellegarde, a Canadian Tale, 789

Caracalla, a tragedy, 411

African Discovery, 96

Bengal Annual, edited by D. L. Richardson, 450 Caractacus, a metrical sketch, 191

Agamemnon of Eschylus, by J. S. Harford, 334 Bentham, Dr. Sinith's Lecture over the Remains Carding and Spinning Master's Assistant, 550

Agamemnon, by T. Nedwin, 363

of, 398

Carnot on Infinitesimal Analysis, 191

Album, the, Prose and Verse, 112

Berlin, Letters from, 227, 605, 761

Carr's Classical Scholar's Guide, 191

Aldine Poets: Milton, 112, 353; Dryden, 500

Society of Arts and Sciences, 749

Catherine of Cieres, by Lord Leveson Gower, 112

Alexander's (Prof.) Lectures on Hebrew Lite. Biblical Cabinet Adas, 517

Celtic Nations. Eastern Origin of the, by Dr.

rattire, 810
Bibliophobia, 2:20

Pritchard, 487
Alfred; or, the Wayward Son, a poem, by T. Bird of the Beeches, a poem, 741

Cent-et-Un. Le Livre des : Salon of Lafayette, 2

Hirst, 518

Bird's Eye View of Rome, No. IX., 192-[see pre- -Foundling Hospital at Paris, 30-Painter's

Algerines, the, a novel, by W. C. Green, 64
ceding volumes for the former papers.]

Studio, 46--Baotians of Paris, 63-Deaf and
Alirive Tales, by the Ettrick Shepherd, 235 Birds, Sketches of, by S. Roper, 812

Dumb Institution, 94-Vincennes, 217–Ger-
America, Vigne's Six Months in, 219
Black Book, the Extraordinary, 288

man Synagogue, and Public Festivals at Paris,

American Antiquities, 615

Black Hussar, the, a tale, 535

239--'The Madhouse, 302– The Executioner,

American Almanac, 824
Blue Bag, the, or Toryana, 518

378— The Compositor, 399 — Album Mania, 426
American Life. Lights and Shadows of, edited by Boissonade's Anecdota Græca, 426

- The Parisian at Sea, 529_The Catacombs,

Mary Russell Mitford, 351, 365

Book of Sports, Pierce Egan's, 487

Duke and Duchess of Medicis, 547-Idler,

American Ornithology, Illustrations of, 241

Book of the Constitution, 666

Marriageable Young Ladies, Grisette, and Les

American Stories, edited by Mary Russell Mit- Börne, Briefe aus Paris, 1830-31, 59, 77

Vices à la Mode, 584-Sketches by Benj. Con-

ford, 60

Bouchier's Archaic Glossary, 534

stant, 596–Ham, 611

An Adventure, (Leilch Ritchie,) 428
Bowring's Cheskian Anthology, 203

Chambers's (R.) Lives of Distinguished Scotsmen,

Anatomical Auas, by Dr. Weber, 95

Brand, Die Völkerfrühling, &c. 724


Anatomical Demonstrations, by Prof. Seerig, 697 Brandreth's Minstrel Melodies, 256

Changeable Charlie-a tale of the Dominie, ( A.
Ancient Fragments of the Egyptians, &c. by J. P. Brayley's Graphic and Historical Illustrator, 501 Picken,) 430
Cory, 45

Brazils, Drs. Von Spix and Martins' Travels in, 73 Change of Air, &c. by Dr. Johnson, 679
Anderson's Anglo-Saxon Grammar, 336

Britain's Historical Drama, a series of tragedies, Chantilly, a novel, 122
Angel Visits, and other poems, by J. W. Wood, 427 by J. F. Pennie, 73

Charrua Indians, 555
Angling Excursions in Ireland, 585
British America, by J. Macgregor, 137, 158

Chatel's New Catholicism, 778

Anglu-Eastern Empire, Condition of, in 1832, 721 British Birds, Slaney's Outline of the Smaller, 632 Cheltenham, Stranger's Guide to, 666

Animals, Tales of, by Peter Parley, 760

British Flowering Plants, 743

Chemistry, the Elements of, 47

Annuals for 1833: Amulet, 697; Aurora Borealis, British Galiery, Management of, 226

Childhood, and other poems, by J. Norval, 255
774; Book of Beauty, 776; Botanic (Mudie's), Broken Chains, a poem, 255

Cholera, its Nature, Prevention, and Treatment,
47; Classic Wreath, 760; Comic Offering, 675; Brougham (Lord). Selections and Speeches of, 384

by Dr. Copland, 31
Friendship's Offering, 674 ; Hood's Comic, 807 ; Browne's (Sir J.) Religio Medici, 256

Becker's Letters on the-Cholera Gazette
Infant, 760; Juvenile Forget-me-not, 697 ; Bryant's (W.C.) Poems, edited by Washington -Cooke (Dr.) on the Characteristics of the Con-
Keepsake, 674 ; Landscape, 674; Literary Sou- Irving, 143, 155

tinental-Cox's Translation from the German

venir, 674; Musical Gem, 716 ; New Year's Gift, Buccaneer, the, a tale, 755

of Tencken on-Examen des Conclusions, etc.

675; Picturesque, 674 ; Sacred Offering, 760 ; Burmese War, Early Operations of, by Lieutenant par Dubois d'Amiens-Hancock (J.) on Origin
Talisman, Le, 47; Turner's Annual Tour, 780 Maw, 161

and Treatment of — Pettigrew (T. J.) on-
Apocalyptic Churches, the Seven, 144
Burnett's Botanical Lecture, 582

White's Treatise on--Penneck on the Nature
Arcana of Science and Art, 112

Burney, Dr., Memoirs of, by Madame D'Arblay, and Treatment of Indian-Philip (Dr.) on the
Archæological Society at Rome, 63, 131– Founding 737, 757

Nature of Malignant — Rules for Prevention

of Rome celebrated, 387

Burns, Festival in honour of, 66, 82

of, 45

Archery-the British Archer, by J. Hastings, 331 * Butcher!!"_" Baker!" 551

Ainslie's Letters on-Ainsworth's Obser-
Arithmetical Tables (Jamieson's), 760
Butler's Etymological Spelling-Book, 65

vations on-Baird's Lecture on — - Epidemia,
Arithmetical Text-Book (R. Cunningham's), 567 Butterflies and Moths, the Book of, 533

Contagion, &c. by B. Phillips-Official Reports

Arlington, a novel, 238, 253

Byron's Narrative of the Loss of the Wager, 427 on-Parsons's Observations on- - Rapport sur

Arrowsmith's Grammar of Ancient Geography Byron's Works, 78, 240, 394, 484, 566, 631, 695

le, à Lyons— Traité du, par Dr. Prost-Turner
Ditto Praxis of, 550

on Character and Treatment of, 127
Arteries, Experiments as to obliterating, by B.

in Newcastle and Gateshead. 255

Phillips, 65

Kennedy's History of the, 585

Attila, u tragedy, and other poems, 172

Cabinet Annual Register, 175

Bell's (G. H.) Treatise on - Brown's

Cabinet Cyclopædia (Lardner's) : Italian Repub-

Letter to the Board of Health --Fergusson's

Babbage on Machinery and Manufactures, 297,

lics, by Sismondi, 155; History of Spain and Letters upon-F. Foy du Coléra de Pologne

Portugal, 235, 286, 425, 658; History of Swit- Gendrin. Documents sur le, par--Inquiry into

313, 400

Baird, Gen. Sir David, Life of, 739

zerland, 381; History of the Western World, 531; Remote Cause of-Letter on Spasmodic--Lettre

Banditti and Robbers, M.Farlane's Lives of, 742

History of England, 812

et Leçon de M. le Prof. Dupuytren, &c.--Moir's

Cabinet Library (Lardner's): Sherer's Memoirs Practical Observations on-Molison's Remarks
Barney Mahoney, Adventures of, by T.C. Croker, of the Duke of Wellington, 427

on the-Observations on, from Treatment by
Cæsar and the Britons, by H. Barry, 487

Messrs. Armstrong and Edgar– Pharmacopæia
Baron Gruff, Correspondence of, 49, n. 50
Barrington's (Sir J.) Sketches of His Own Times,
Calabria, Three Years' Residence in, 285

Anticholerica Extemporanea-Pestilential, 'Un-
Canada, Address to Persons desirous of emigrating masked, by J. F. Thompson-Robertson's Re-

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marks on the Nature, &c. 45

to, 270

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