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النشر الإلكتروني
[blocks in formation]


Abbot, the, the new novel, extracts from, 93.'

A. B. C. letter of, on orthographical innovations, 311.

Abeona transport, melancholy acount of the loss of the,
by fire at sea, 238.

Academical degrees, remarks upon, 233.

Actors, a family of, 207.

Adair, Miss Bridget (humorous lines) 140.

Adders, a great depot of, discovered near Dumfries, 367.

Advertisement, curious, from an Irish paper, 5.—For a
boarding school, SO—Of a runaway slave, 91.

Affections of the Mind, paper on, by Y. Z. 223.

Africa, Campbell's second journey to, SfiS —M. La-
land's researches in, 191,-^-On the exploration of, 5'J.

Mncan justice (a curious anecdote) 120.
Agriculture, a discovery in, 116.

Alteniacs, singularly fearless of death, 39*.

A/cander, versesbv,'*20.—Letterfroin 423.

Alfred, a ballad, by J. S. \V. 212.

Ali Pasha, biographical notices of, 1C2.

Amateur Theatricals.—See Theatrical!.

Amator Decori, letter by, on indelicate placards, 248.

Amelia, lines written by the late Princess, 5L>.

America, North, on the Indian Tribes of, 173—On the
tire of the Lakes of, 174.—A traveller undertakes to
go to, from Europe through Asia, 339.—List of the
United States of, 279—Welsh Indians at, 39.

America, South, original letter on the manners and
customs of, 101 Captain Parsons's journal, 2, 30.

American tribute to British humanity, 80.—Slave ad-
vertisement, 91.—Humour, 149—Muse, 196.—Fri-
gate a (tremendous one) " the Devil," 270.—Aerosta-
tion, 191.—Arts and sciences in* general, 191—Puf-
fing, a capital specimen of, 348.

Amethysts, a large block of, discovered, 131.

Anagrams, a collection of, 213, 221, 237.

Ancestry, a bon mot of Cicero, on the pride of, 343.

AXECDOTE3, 6, 7, 16, 23,35,48, 56,73, 102, 111,
120, 120, 124, 124, 125, 126, 126, 126, 133, 135,
142, 142,142, 171, 175, 190, 190, 191, 219, 235,
255. 267, 291, 294, 298, 307, 32«, 326, 336, 343.
343,346,351, 354,387,387,393,393,395, 395, 4!5.

Andrew*, Henry, the author of Moore's Almanack,
rotices of, 205.

Arylesea, Marquis of, lines on his leg, 188.

Angler, the, from the Sketch Book, 105.

Anglo Saxon coins, discovery of, 22.
Animal, a nondescript one discovered in a log of wood,
St"j.—Sagacity, instances of, 318, 411—Anecdotes,
S87.—Magnetism, prize question on, at Berlin, 59.
Animalcula?, wonderfully small, 310.

Animals, a new mode for killing, for food, 59—Com-
purative length of the lives of, 293.

Anne, Queen, a farthing of her reign discovered, 375.
Antarctic continent, discovery of, 50.—Other notices of,
330.—Skeleton of a whale found on a hill in, 331.

AxTiQtrrrrEs, 13, 2", 21, 22, 35, so, 120, 126, 129,
J45, 153, 159, 169, 174, 190, 190, 215, 219, 227,
2+6, 332. 340, 344, 350, 359, 865, 3C6, 374, 378,
379, 383, 383, 406, 406, 413, 418.

Antiquary, the new play of the, criticised, 55—The, a
curious' origi- »1 character, 158—Letters of an—Sec
Com, the Study of.
Ants, regular battles between armies of, 167—Curious
anecdote, 255.

Apparitions, remarks on, and a good short story, 319.

Application, the advantages of early, a singular offer of
marriage, and why refuse, 408.

Apricots, 1474 on one tree, 4.

A.Q.W. letter from, on the anomalies of the English
language, 3*6.

Architecture, prospectus of lectures on, 412.

Arctic expedition, remarks on Captain Parry's, 177,
18G, 190,234, 203, 279, 281 Extracts from the pub-
lished voyage, SSO, 381, 396.

Artists, whimsical blunders of, 343.

Ataford, epitaph on Mary, 45.

Athford, Bakewell, &c. a walk through, by Wilfred
Wender, 353.

Asparagus, early crop of, 20G.

Assassitis, or notices of the old man of the mountains,

A fthrra, tar pill recommended in, 40.

Astronomical tables, wonderful, 218.

Astronotnv of the Japanese, 102—Of comets, remarks

on. by Oibers. 373.
Atheist, an avowed one in America, 247.

"AuJd lang syne," new version of, 220—Beautiful

imitation of, 372.
Ausculation, a curious medical discovery, 72.
Author, an enraged one, attacks the editor.—The edi-
tor's reply, 332.
Authors, remarks on disappointed ones, 376.
Autumn, lines on, by John Keats, 69.
Avalanche, one in Germany, 62.—In America, 62, 109.

Bachelor, letters of a young one, 73, 96—Letter from

a disconsolate young one, 328.
Bachelor's Fancy Ball, lines on, and notices of, 800 --,

Description of the dresses, &c 302 Other lines on;

324 Thermometer, the, 305.

*' Bagatelle, vive la," lines so tided, 20.

Bahia, letter from, descriptive of the inhabitants, &c.

Bailey, the old. state of, for the year, 195, 255.
Bakewell, Haddon, etc. a Walk through, by Wilfred

Wender, 333.
Ball, the fancy one at the Wellington Rooms, descrip-
tion of the dresses of, 302.—Verses, on, 300, 324—

One at Berlin, 315. *

Banditti of Calabria, instances of their ferocity, 195.
Bandy, letter on the game of, 160.
Banks, memoirs of the late Sir Joseph, 57.
Barbers, the Chinese ones described, 255.
Bark, Peruvian, a substitute for, 38.
Barometer, a curious one in Finland, the Mnemosyne,

270 Spiders, a good one, 126.

Bartley, Mrs. remarks on. her performances, 31.
Bat, a live one discovered in a cherry tree, 175, 270.
Bateau roulant, lc, a French invention, 132.
Rath, the Floating, letter to Bolton, describing, 48.
Bath, destruction of the Lower Assembly Rooms at, by

tire, 214.
Btar, a Polar one escapes from a caravan. 175—A tame

Malayan one, 318 Captain Scoresby's account of the

Greenland one, 198.

Beauty, poetically described, 196 Original lines on, 4.

Beeket, Thomas a, epitaph on, 343.

Bedford, the Duke of, his advice to his sons, 117.

Bees, singular attack on man and horse by,94.—Poetical

list of til e plants they extract honey from, 355.
Becsion Castle, short sketch of the history of, 359.
Bellamy, lines by, addressed to Betsy, 260.—Laughable

critique on, by I'olonius Pottingcr, 271.
Belzoni's model of the Egyptian Tombs, 342 Other

notices of, 358.
Benefactions to public charities (large ones) 199.
Berlin, a fancy ball at, 315.

Berri, II. lc Hue dc, pretended prognostics of his fate, 4.
Betsy, lues to, by Bellamy, 260—Quizzed, 271.
Bible, fimous dogprcl version of the, 79.
Biggin Dale, described by Wilfred Wender, 402.
Bilston, '.he great Iron Works at, laughably compared

to hell, 199.
Biographical Notices, 15, 26, 34, 42, 57, 104,

158, 168, 205, 205, 230, 313, 325, 329, 350, IS7.
Birch, le patlissier, lines on, 60.
Birds, astonishing power of the flight of, 231—Wild and

tame, curious facts concerning, 106 Quantities of,

in Westminster Abbey, 255.
Birkbcck's Settlement at the Illinois, letter of John

Woods from, 182.
Bishops, not always flatterers (an anecdote) 255.
Blacksmith's wife becomes a Queen, 158.
Blackstone's opinion of capital punishments, 313.
Blanc Mont, lines on, by Mr. Mulock, 208.
Blind man runs a race and wins, 56 Asylum, recom-
mended improvements in the, 176.
Blood, original essay on the circulation of the, 37,
Bloomfield, a critique on, 316-317—Other notices of,

334—Original letters from, 334, 335.
Boa Constrictor, a large one brought from India, 307.
Bobbin, Dick, a letter from (specimen of the Lancashire

dialect) 415.
Bob Trippet, letter from, on his disasters, 143.
Bold-street, complaints respecting the state of, 168,256.
Boleyn Ann, coronation of, 13. 21.
Bolton Abbey, near Skipton, lines on visiting, 816.

Bombastes Furioso, 17 On the author of, 39. 40, 46.

Bonaparte, biographical sketches of his private life, 230.
Bones, interesting Philosophical facts concerning, 193.
Bon Mora—See Jeux d EtpriU
Book Worm, the adventures of one, by the author of

Hore Otiosas, 349, 364, 394.

Botanic Garden, lines on visiting the, 396; and remarks
on the institution and the study of botany, 396.

Bradbury's Travels, extracts from, 7-

Brandenburgh House, a description of, 75.

Bride of the Hills, the, a story after the manner o'"
Ossian, 123.

Bridge, the new chain one, over the Tweed, 87.

Bridget Adair, Miss", Uses on, 140.—Letter froui
Bridgelina, 208.

Britain, Little, from the Sketch Book, 97.

Britannia, the, of the copper coins of Charles II. a like-
ness of Francis Stuart, 343.

British Antiquities, 20, 165 Humanity, American

tribute to, 86.

Bronze statue, the (a good story) 9. •

Bubbles, on the blowing of rosin ones, a curious experi-
ment, 270.

Bull-dog, the, and the tea-kettle, battle between. 279—
—Instance of the ferocity of, 75.

Buns, cross, origin of, on Good F'riday, 366.

Burkhardt, the traveller, curious anecdote of, 126.

Burns, lines by, on a kiss, 69 Said not to be original,

70, 8a—Scott, Byron, and Campbell, compared by
Mr. Gillespie, 273.

Butchers, the law respecting, 207.

Byron, Lord, character of, by Goethe, 23.—Lines on

Ocean, 60 Anecdote of, 191—Burns, Scott, and

Campbell compared by Mr. Gillespie, 273—Curious
original anecdote and verses by, 277 —His account of
swimming across the Hellespont, 321—His remarks
on the British drama, 358. ,

Bywater, Mr. remarks on his pamphlet on Magnetism,


C. original or translated papers by, 228, 237, 241, 253,
256, 202, 268, 276.

Csesarian operation performed at Perth, 142.

Calabrian banditti, notices respecting, 195.

Caleb Quotem, a match for, 56.

Cambray, on the Nuns of, settled near Liverpool, 73.

Campbell, Burns, Byron, and Scott, compared, 273.

Campbell, Mr. his second journey to Africa, 398.

Canals of Great Britain, remarks upon, 410.

Cannibalism in New Zealand, 200.

Cannon, extraordinary Asiatic one, 127-

Capital punishments, opinions of great men on, 313.

Caracci Annibal, curious anecdote of, 255.

Carbonari, account of the, 100.

Cards, on the origin of, 171.

Carlos, the Duke San, sale of his goods, 7.

Carp, one weighing I9lb. 23.

Carriage impelled forwards by machinery, 174.

Cashmere goats, the French stock of, state of the, 379-

Cat born with four eyes. 134 One saves a favourite

bird from another cat, 120.

Catastrophe, horrible, in India, 187.

Catherine, lines to, by Coade Lambeth, 204.

Cats, on the worrying of, 208, 224, 231.—On their be.
coming rabid, 280.

Cattle, when trespassing cannot legally he abused, 123.

Caxton printing office, poetical sketch after the fire at,

Cecilia, St. a modern'one, 149-

Chain bridge over the Tweed, 87.

Character, remarks on, by the author of Horo? Otiosne,

335.—A poetical one, 204 An eccentric one, 205.—

A singular one, 247-—From the life, by D. 316.

Characters, great ones, their weights, 165.

Charade, by Charles James Fox, 244—Other Charades,
253.—See also Enigmas, Cjt.

Charing-cross, origin of the name of, 299.

Chariot made of Etrurian ware in Plutarch's time, 342.

Check-mate, origin of the term, 68.

Chemical experiment, 333—Another, 270.

Chemistry, a query whether taught in any Liverpool
schools, 399.

Chesnut-trees of an immense size, 120.

Chess, the Beauties of, 4, 12, 28, SO, 36, 45, 52,60,68,
84, 109, 125.

Chess-board and men, splendid, sold for X'7 10s. at the

San Carlos sale, 7 Improvement recommended in,


Chess, query respecting, and answer to, 256, 256, 327,
—The double game of, 294, 290—Letter of S. on,

319. New and uncommon variations in the game of,


Child, singular escape of a very young one, 388.

Children, three at a birth, 144.

Chinese dinner, description of one, 67—Mode of war-
fare, 206 Barbers, their manners described, 255

Jugglers, description of their tricks, 261—Jugglers,

letter on the feats of the, 295 Notions of retributive

justice, 387.
( nristison, biographical memoir of the late Professor, 15.
Christmas as it was two hundred years ago, 229.
( iiiiIstMas Boxes, 213,221,229,236,244, 253,264.
Circulation of the Blood, original essay on the, 37-
Circumstantial evidence, singular cases of, 119, 136—

Another, 161.
Clans, gathering of the, a custom common to Scotland

and Ceylon, 159-
Classical dispute between Walpole and Pultney, 250.—

Anecdote of Burke and Vox, 271.
Clio, letter by, on Miss Stephens, 146
Clock, a wooden one sent to Latakoo, and conceived to

be alive, 126.
Cloth of so close a texture as to resist wet like a skin,

174.—Rendered uninflammable by M. Gay l.ussac,

Coade Lambeth, short letter by, 127—Lines by, 204.
Coal, the, and the diamond (a fable) 188.
Coals, remarks on the weighing of, 208.
Cocciensis,letters from, 359 —On British coins, 383,395.
Cock-crower, the King's, a singular office, 299-
Cocks, on the custom of throwing at, on Shrove Tuesday,

Coffin, a large stone one discovered in Lincolnshire, 165.

—Another, 190 Another, near Kilburn, 844.

Coffin-boards publicly exposed, a nuisance, 400.

Coincidences, on the game of, 47, 54, 54, 54.

Coins, original papers ou the study of, 268, 267,287,

289, 307,332, 346; last letter, 383—Anglo Saxon, on

the discovery of, 22.—French, &c 80.—Others, lyo.

—*. review of the British, recommended by Coccien-

sis, 359.
Coinage of England, silver, gold, and copper, 307.
Coke, pn the burning of, 200—Another letter, 224.
Cold, Dr. Radclifre's opinion of a, si—On the effects of,

during the Arctic Kxpedition, 279-
Columbia, Captain Parsons's journal from, 2, 30.
Columbus, biographical notices of, 10-1.
Colquhoun Dr. his opinion of capital punishments, 313.
Combustion, spontaneous, curious case of, 174.
Conict, a new one, 310, 310.—Olbsrs on the possible

proximity of one to the earth, 373.
Conjurers, Indian, described, 304.
Conscience, the new tragedy, a critique on, 283.
Conspiracy of a singular nature, 119.
Consular coins, remarks upon the, 287.
Consumption, lines to, 117.
Continent, the discovery of a new one, 80, 15a
Conundrums, 213, 2*1, 229, 230, 236, 237, 244.
Convict, the, an interesting tale, 81.
Cookery in days of yore (curious) 71.
Copernican system proscribed by the Catholics, 20.
Copperpla e piinting, ({real improvement in, 38.
Cordeliers and the soldier, a tale by Sachetti, 127.
Cornelius, lines by, to Mary, 76—Original elegy by, 308
Cornwall, Barry, extracts from his poems, 30.
Coronation of Ann Boleyn described, 13, 21—Ceremo-
nies described, 4()6 Jubilee, letter of C J" on, 424.

Corporation oratory (a whimsical anecdote) 351.
Cossacks, characteristic anecdotes of the, 222.
Cottage, poetical description of an old English one, 166.
Courtesy, the letter on, by Marmaduke Modish, 215.
Courtship, recipe for, 20—Presents given during, to be

by law returned, 307-
Cow, a remarkably prolific one, 191.
Craniological pun (a f;ood one) 267.
Craniotomy, Kant and Lavater, an anecdote, 16.
Creation, the (American poetry) 196.
Credit to youths under age reprehended, 304.
Cribbagc, a query respecting the game of, 351—An. j

swered, 360.
Cricket, lines to the, 179-
Criticism, humourous, by Paleelogus Modestus, on i

"Willy White," 183.
Cross buns, origin of, on Good Friday, 366.
Cruelty to animals, instances of and remarks on, 208,

208, 231, 280, 288, 376, 399.
Cuckoo, singular custom respecting the, 398.
Culloden, extract from the journal of one who was at

the battle of. 112.
Cumnor becomes a place of great resort, in consequence I

of Kcnilworth, 393.
Cumnor Hall, beautiful lines so entitled, 412.
Cutlery, superb specimen of, 79- |

D. lines so signed addressed to Eliza, 229.

D. a character by, from the life, 316.

Damon and Delia, lines so entitled, 156.

Dances of our ancestors, remarks upon, 223.

Dangle, Charles, letters by, 54, 62.

Dead alive, whimsical letter from D. Eccleston, 415.

Dead Sea, the, a description of, 226.

Deaf and dumb cured by a French physician, 174.

Death and the drunkards (a tale from Chaucer) 77-

Death of a friend, lines on, by K. F. 332. , .........

Death, lines on, 140.—The punishment of, opinions of I E. F. lines by, on the death of a friend, 332.
various great men respecting, 313 The Albanians | Egremond, the boy of, a poetical tale, 69.

Eclipse, the great solar one of 1820 (with a digram) 73.

—Other notices of, 73, 74, 74.
Eclipse, bon mots respecting, 135, 135.
Eddystone light-house, interesting account of, 27.
Edict, singular, by an Emperor of Morocco, 4a
Edinburgh reviewers, critique on the Sketch Book. 113.
Education, national (a list of schools in, Liverpool) 278
Eel, not of the congor species, weighing 361b. 23 A

remarkably large one, 271.

singularly fearless of, 398.

Deaths, the proportion of, at different ages, 407.

Debating societies, letter of Try Again on, 239 Of J.

S. W. on, 248, 286.

Debating Society defendedfrom an attack in the Courier,
236, 264.

Decatur, Captain, his fatal duel with Commodore Bar-
ron, 3-

Decent Fellow, a letter so signed, 46.

De Courcy, or Heroes in days of yore, 83.

Dermot O'Goster.—See Goiter, Dermot 0\

Dimshymiirf., a Pedestrian Pilgrimage through some
of the most romantic parts of, by Wilfred Wender,
338, 345, 353, 370, 385, 402, 417-

1 Kggs. query on the preservation of,327 Answered, 359.

Egypt, Belzoni on the phenomena of, 211.

V-t3X*~> further discoveries in, 397.

Egyptian mummy, minute description of one. 111.

Egyptian antiquities, the temple of Ybsambul, 227

Other notices of, 359—Mummies, 365.

Egyptian tombs, model of, by Belzoni, 342.

Elder-tree leaves, a preventative to moles, 103.

Electricity and George III. an anecdote, 102.

Eltphant goes mad, and is attempted to be poisoned, 135.

Eliza, lines addressed to, by D. 229.

Elizabeth, Queen, verses by, 12.

Ellen, lines addressed to, 156.—By Y. 372.

Elliot, Hugh, biographical notices of, 35a
I Elocution, Mr. Putnam's readings, &c 368, 372.

Embalming, a description of the Egyptian mode of, 365.

Devil, the, a new American frigate, 27a

Devil (a fish) runs away with two parsons, 407.

Devonshire, the Duchess of, lines by, on passing the I Emigrant, a sonnet to one, 30.

mountain of St-Gothard, 108 'Emma, lines to, by Westmore, 276.
Diamond, the, and the coal, a fable, 188 A large one j England, the royal family of, descent of, 14 In 1598,

from Heintzner's travels, 163.
English on the Continent, manners of the, 102.—Lan-
guage, a list of the derivatives of, 6 Pronunciation,

queries of a foreigner respecting, 360—Language,
remarksof A. Q. W. on the anomalies of, 376 Man-
ners and superstitions before the Reformation, 246

Succession curiously and regularly broken, 278.—
Remarkson their character by the French, 411.—Style
of engTaving, remarks on, 143.

387 The, j Enigmas, Charades, &c a collection of, 213,221,229,


belonging to the East India Company, 373
Dinner, a Chinese one described, 67.—Expenses of a

public one in 1561, 35.
Disinterment, the, an affecting story, 65.—A tale from

the original German of Ochiensehlager, 108.
Dispensary, letter of Junius, recommending a new one,

215—Reply to, by " A Subscriber," 231.
Diving Machine, a new one tried at Vienna, 231.
Dog becomes intimate with an Arctic wolf, 191.—And

turkey, singular attachment between,

coat, and the players, a geod story, 142.
Doge of Venice, the, by Lord Byron, announcement cf, ■ Enjoyment, remarks on the pursuit of, 223.

150 Translation, from Sismondi, of the story drain- Engraving, historical and critical.—See Prints.

atised by Lord Byron, 253. , Engravings on wood, very ancient notices of, 342.

Dogs, law concerning, in New York, 4 Mad, curefor ( Epicurism, a paper in praise of, 389.

the bite of, 23—Letter of Julius on the stealing of, Epigrams,&c 8, 20, 30, 36, 60, 60, 69, 75, 112, 120,

310 A recommendation to have them muzzled, i 135,180,222,231,390,396.

416 Fighting, 376. Epitaphs, curicus ones, 370, 371, 424—Remarks on

Double entendre, an epistolary one. 134. I their absurdity, by Pyrus, 344.

Dove Dale, described by Wilfred Wender, 403, 417. !Escape, a singular one, of a very young child, 388.

Drama, the, or criticisms on new plays, «tc 8, 15,17, ! Etymologies, local, by Toi, and remarks on by T. 378,

24.31,39.47,55,62, 70, 79,87, 87,95, 103,119,'

199, 238, 239, 283, 358 Lord Byron's remarks on

the British, 358 Essay on the morality of tie, by

Lorenzo. 268 Of the age of Elizabeth, an essay on,

Dramatic Criticisms on Liverpool performers, &c-

8. 16, 19. 31, 32, 39, 40, 47, 55, 63, 71. 79. 79, 87,

88,88,95,103, 110,111. 111,119, 119, 128, 136,

143, 143, 143, 151, 151, 159, 199. 391, 392, 400.—

Coincidences, 47, 54, 54, 54,62, 62,71—Recreations

of the Royal Family, 1.
Dramaticus, letters by, 8, 16. 19. 39, 55, 71, 88—Re-
ply to, 88 Other letters by. 111), 143, 391.

Dreams, letter of, J. Q. upuri, 311.
Dress, its effects in the eyes of the world. 46.
Drunkards, punishment of, at Constantinople, 15S.
Drury, an epigrammatic address to, 112.
Ilrury-lane theatre, new colonnade erecting at, 135.
Dry rot, an American specific for the, 174.
Duck-egg, a live worm found in one, 331.
Duck-hunting, &c. near the Botanic Garden, 376.
Dn.l, fatal, between Captain Decatur and Commodore

Barron, 3.
Duel of the Honourable Captain Spencer, 75.
Duelling, letter of Joseph II. against, 21)5 Letter on,

by Putificus. 125.—Lh.es on, by Cowper, 149.—Re-
marks on, 159-
Dulcc Doiuuin, lines so entitled addressed to Captain H.

Dumb and deaf cured by a French physician, 174.
Dutch and Flemish schools of engraving, 'Hi.

E. letter of, respecting Quadrille and Whist, 376.
Eagle, a Horn an one discovered in Germany, 255.
Earth, the, on the internal formation of, 350.
Earthquake at Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 126.
Eating, good, a paper in praise of, 389.
Eccentric character, a curious one, 205.
Ecclesiastes, poetical paraph rase of. 148.
Eccleston. Daniel, a whimsical character, letter from,

on the announcement of his death, 415.


Eulropius, Roman history discovered in the Royal Li-
brary at Bamberg, 126 A MS. of, discovered, 37.

Evidence, singularly round about, 288.

Ewe yeans five lambs, 126.

Executioner, difficulty of obtaining a Welsh one, 398.

Experiments, two curious chemical ones, 270, 333.

Exeter Cathedral, discovery of sarcophagi in, 174.

Eyam, the scenery of, described by Wilfred Wender,
370, 385.

Eye institutions in Liverpool, letters on, 47, 61.

Facia! angle of various nations (with a wood cut) 333.

Fair, a hint to the, 53.

Fairplay accuses the editor of plagiarism, 320.—Editor's
defence, 3i!8—Editor defended by X. L. D. 33a

Falconer, lines by his sister on his supposed shipwreck,

Falieri, the Doge of Venice, translation from Sismondi
of his history dramatised by Lord Byron, 253.

Fanaticism, curious instance of, 127.

Fancy Ball at the Wellington Rooms, lines on, 308

Dresses, &C at, described, 302—One at the Castle
Royal, Berlin, 315—Othir lines on, 324.

Fancy, tit-bits for the, 207.

1 anny, lines on, by Poyntnn, 124.

Farthing, one of Queen Anne's discovered, 375.

Fashion, on the vicissitudes of, 102.

Fashions for the months.—See Utc first number iH
each mouth.

Fashionable hours, breakfast at three P. M. 125.

Female presence of mind, a German story, 135.—Sym-
pathy, original fragment on, 286.

Females of Ormskirk, a caution to, by a correspondent
352 The statements of. denied, 375.

Festival, an extraordinary Russian one, 35.

Filbert, the Kentish one (a tale in verse) 101.

Fine Arts, a series of papers on. 201, 2119, 218, ass
233, 243, 263, 267, 287, 2S9. 307. 332, 343, 346, 3h:l,'
3S8, 395, 423.—Extraordinary! 120—Of St. Gilts'^
2U7.—Boxing, 315.

Fat alarm, a new and ingenious one, 142.

fire at the Caxton Office, lines afier the, 253—A per-
peuial one, 196.—Occasioned by a globe of water,
containing gold fish, 3+2.—At sea, and loss of the
Abeona transport, 238.

Firman, literal translation of a Turkish travelling one,

l'JU. , ,

Fish, general observations upon, 86.—A monopoly or,
in rhe Liverpool market, 386.—The hom of one
f .and in a ship's bottom, 231.
Fishes, some rare English ones, 327.
FIseeQaDon, immense, by Orbilius, 56.—Reply to, 72.
Flagging the streets, complaint of Thomas Pincher

igiinst, 224.—Complained of, 398.
Flemish and Dutch schools of engraving, 225.
Flics, recipe for destroying, 136.
FWriog Bath, a Boltoner's letter describing, 48.
Flogging,» machine for, to be used in schools, 343.
Viewer, a luminous one, 202.
Flower, a angular one, of a changeable colour, 203.
Yood, on the preservation of, 103.
Food of man. paper on, by Y. Z. 217,
Fortune, feu reverse of, 315, 221.—Singular advance-
ment ot, Js?.
Fowls, wild and tame, curious facts concerning, 166.
Fos, Charles James, a charade by, 244. i

France sod the French nation attacked by Mr. Mulock |
in rm lectures, 318 Challenged by three French of-
ficers. 518. ,'
France, a grand map of. 142.—Original papers on the!

aaie ot'society in, 237,256.
Franklin, Dr. his opinion of capital punishments, 313. i
Freedom, its effects animating the breast of a Negro,

335. . ■

Freemasons in Germany, particulars respecting, 279. J
Vrcenng, evolution of neat by, 80.
Freochcoi)kt7yverydeceptive,27B.—Schoolofengraving, |
remarks upon, 233.—Grammar (me* tret chert fire
,.'we;') criticism on, 152, 150, 156, 165, 165, 165,
\7i, 194, 200.—Institute, dictionary of the, 192—
l.niaries in ancient and modern times, 254.—Voyage
ofdiscovery, L'Urauia. 172.
Friday, Good, origin of cross buns on, 360.—at Bahia,

!<*■ ,?

Friend, lines to an absent one, by Raymond, 268.
Fright, dreadful effects of, 298.
Frogs eaten by weasels, 310.
Funeral, an Irish one described, 227.
Funerals, on improprieties at, 279. ,

Fry, Mrs iheljuaker philanthropist, notices of, 141.
Fad, a cheap one, 255.

G.rus account of the passage of the Jura mountains,

ST!. _ I

G«nc etymologies by Toi, and remarks on by T. 378,

Galraoism applied to tooth drawing. 72.

Games of ctilren, on the different seasons for, 144.

Garden, the Liverpool Botanic, lines on visiting, 396;

and remarks on botany, &c 396.
Gardeners, useful hints to, 298.
Gas company, inquiries respecting their tardy progress,

170,176,-200.—Bumed in the day time, person fined

for, M—G.is from oil preferable to that from coal,


Genealogy, social and literary, G3.
Geneves: meeting of the waters, by Mr. Mulock, 260.
ferjus, whims ot, 7.—Letter on, by Inscius, 160.
Geographical discoveries, 80, 80, 80, 150—See Arctic

George II. an anecdote of, 214.
George III. and electricity, an anecdote, 102—An-

other, 3S7.
Guru's Church, letter of I. S. on the architecture of,

G-rman school of engraving, remarks on, 218.
Ghost, a drunken one in Wales, 214.
Ghosts and apparitions, remarks on, and a good ghost

story, 319.
r.ioraiur ruck, as described by " Peregrine, 337.
'e>'s St. the line arts of, 207.
UUspie, the Rev. Mr. his remarks on the poetry of

Bums, Byron, Scott, and Campbell, 273.
G^pone del Castel Chinso, laughable poetry by, 12.
G K. rerses on an interesting little one, 104.—Lines ad-

iraosd to any pretty one, 253.
('ktittof the Weisshorn. on the fall of, 109.
Gladiatorial combals of Rome described, 357.
Gl&st tabes, curious experiments with, 213.
GI.LMKM, the, 1. 9. 20, 33, 51, 77, 81. 97, 105, 121,

137, Hi 17*. l'Ki. 1H«. 2"4, 209, 222. 2?!",, 240, 254,
262, 266, 281, 289, 297, 305, 311, 330, 356, 380, 389.

Gleaner, a, a collection of maxims by, 127. Housewifery, good, the miseries of, letter of Simon

Globe, the, on the internal formation of, 350,—With Sensitive, describing, 307.

the mountains in relief, 191. Humanitas, letter from, on cruelty to animals, 376.

Gluttony, singular fable in verse, ridiculing, 340. Husbandry by the spade, economical, 174.

Goethe, his remarks on Lord Byron, 23. i Hydrophobia,reported cures, 23,351.—Remarkson,4l6.

G. N. letters so signed, 32, 47. 03, 79, 79. 95, 103, 104, Hymen on crutches, 159.

111,151 Remarks on the new corps dramatique,400. I I.

Goodman, the widow, her difficulties respecting two j Illinois, letter of John Woods from Birkbeck's settle-
early offers of marriage, 408. ment at the, 182.
Goster, Dermot 0\ letter from, detailing the death of | Imperial coins of Rome, remarks on the, 289*
his friend O'Shaughnasey, 240.—Remarks on, 218.— | Importance of the first or last, a query respecting the,

Another letter from, 271 letter disclaiming the I 207.

third canto. 295—Another letter, 351. Indelicate placards.—Sec Placard*, indelicate.

Gothartl, St. lines on passing the mountain of, by the , India, treatment of the native women in, 254.—Plea-
Duchess of Devonshire, 108. sures of a voyage to (satirical poetry) 252.—Oration,
Granaries, Sicilian, used for prisons, 158. in reply to a North American Missionary, 167—
Grant, Mrs. asserted to be the author of Waverly, &c j Tribes of North America described, 173—Newspa-
per, extract from a North American one, 126.
Indian or Hindoo conjurers, wonderful accounts of, 304.
Indifference and abstraction, curious instance of, 343.
Infirmary, the Liverpool, annual report of. for 1821, 257.
Inhumanity, letter respecting,208.—Sec Cruelty.
Inkle, a modern one, 103.
Insanity, curious instance of, near Brighton, 02.
Insanity and murder, horrid case of, 02.
Insects, on the metamorphosis of, 182.
Insects, method of destroying, 310.
Insurance company at Cadiz take the Virgin Mary into

partnership, 346.
Italian banditti, notices concerning, 195.
Intoxication, how counteracted, 270.
Iron bridge, an elegant one in Essex, 235—Works,
the great ones at llilston laughably compared to hell,
Irving, Washington.—See Sketch Book:
Italy, original letter from, 297—Sketch and map of,
with the latitudes and longitudes of the principal
places, 309.
Ivanhoe, criticisms on the new play of, 71, 79, 79.—As
got up at Covent Garden, 87.


Grasshopper on the Royal Exchange, cause of the, 35.

Gratitude, lines to the tear of, 380.

Gravity and levity, a jeu d'esprit, 69.

Gregory, brief memoirs of Dr. James, 329.

Gresham. Sir Thomas, anecdote of the early life of, 35.

Gretna Green and the blacksmith, notices of, 350.

Grayhound, properties of a good one described, 220.

Grinding-stones from France, 176.

Guacharo, description of the Grotto of, in South Ame-
rica, 175.

Gulielmus, letter of, on affairs of the heart, 104.

Gymnastic diary, 144.


Haddon, Bakewell, etc a walk through, 353.

Hail, M. Dclcro.s on the nature of, 59.

Halo, curious, round the sun, 38.

Hamlet, Kean's performance of, lines on, by Mr. Al-
ston, 340.

Hands, a laughable paper on the shaking of, 149-

Hang or marry, an historical anecdote, 284.

Hare, the, and the eager sportsman, an anecdote, 124.

Flat in hand, a school custom, 71.

Hats, on the stealing of, 248.

Hay-market, an obelisk recommended in the, 134,176. | Jackson's Dam, danger of bathing in, 39.
Head and heels, poets and knights, a jeu d'esprit, 120. ' James II. queries respecting the coins of, 256.
Heart, A Hauls or Tire, 38,73, 80,85,85, 96, 104, I.I. C. letter of, on orthographical innovations, 360.
117, 320, 328, 375, 383,384, 384, 390,390,392, 399, | Jeffrey, Mr. of the Edinburgh Review, biographical

notices of, 230.

J. H. letter by, on the Liverpool Theatre, 143.

Jerusalem, picture of the Queen's entry into, 75—De-
scribed in 1H20, 226.

Jessamy, letter from, stating the cruelty of his mistress

Sophia, 375 Answered by two Sophias! 383, 384.

—Letter of advice to, from Valerio, 390 Letter

from, disclaiming the second Sophia, 390; and htr
announcement of her marriage with a present of
bridecake, 392.

Jeux D'esprit, Bon Molt, lee. 8, 20, 30, 36, 36,
45,48,60,00,02,69, 75, 84, 102, 111, 12", 124,
124, 185, 135, 150, 180, 182, 188, 214,214, 219,251,
267, 207. 276, 276, 276, 343, 343, 395, 396, 390.

Jews, a colony of, in America, 134.

Johnson, Dr. his opinion of the punishment of death,

Joseph II. of Germany, letter against duelling, 2«.?.

J. '1. letter by, on the Liverpool theatricals, 151.

Jugglers, the Chinese, their tricks described, 2b'l A

letter on, 295—Account of Indian, 304.

Julia, advice to, {a uitire in rhyme,) 28—Extracts
from, 84.—Lines addressed to, 140.


Heart, original article on the structure of the, 49-
Heartly, Tom, letter from, 168.

Fleaton, Ralph, an ingenious mechanic, notices of, 325.
Hebrides, mode of living of the cattle there, 200.
Heinuner's travels in England, extracts from, 163.
Hellespont, Lord Byron's account of swimming across

the, 321.
Hen and rat, a battle between, 54.
Henriade of Voltaire, anecdote of the, 295.
Henry, a despairing young bachelor, letter from, 328.
"Henry and Helen, an original tale, 52.
Henry IV. of France, an anecdote of, 142.
Henri Quatre, critiques on, 39, 47, 47.
Hcrculaneum, the last days of, 330.
Heroes in days of yore, 83.
Heroism, youthful, 60.
Highlands of Scotland, Mr. Philip's appeal concerning

the, 193.—Corrections, 215.
Highways, remarks upon the improvement of, 397-
Highwayman shot under singular circumstances, 135.
Hindoo superstitions respecting sclf-sacratice, 23, 150,
76, 254, 42a

Hindoo widows, on the immolation of, 173—Debate in | Junius, letter from, recommending a new Dispensaiy,
Parliament on the burning of, 420—See W'uUmt, 215.

and Immolutum,

Historical curiosity, 206—Queries, 215.

Holdsworth, Mr. iris remarks on the steam-bout, 130.

Holy Land, the, in 1820, 220.

Honest man, poetically described, 204.

Honesty, Turkish ideas of, 255—An extraordinary in-
stance of, 15'J.

Honour, the point of, a query proposed, to the editor

Jura Mountains, original description of the passage of
the, 377-

Juvenis, a sonnet by, 30 Letter by, on giving credit to

youths under age, 304.

Kaleidoscope, address on the commencement of the new
series, 1—Address of the editor on the co.illusion ot
the volume, 417-
respccting.SH.l.—TMe case stated by M.390—Another! Kant, Lavater, and Craniology, 16.
letter, 390—Editor's opinion, 392.—Conclusion of the! Kcan and Macrcady compared in Richard III. 119

affair, 399 And remarks on. 400.

| Hookah, joys of the (poetry) 350—Pains of the, 3KO.
J Hope, lines addressee! to, 104.

Horace, original translation fiom, by A. E. 09, 70—
i Parody on, 92 —Original translation of book 4, ode

13, 268 Book 3, ode 9, 276.

'IIoniG Otiohje (written for the Kaleidoscope) 200,

200, 223, 245, 201. 270, 293. 316, 335,349, 304, 394.

1 Horn, Cape, land discovered to the southward of, 80, 150.

Horse, a, visits the kitchen of a veterinary surgeon, 199.

Hospitable institution on the Alps, 158.

Houickti Poor, remarks on, -00, 210, 232, 204,288.

On his farewell address, 128 11 is rcccpinn 111

America, 23H—His speech at a dinner given him 111
New York, 255—And the critics (a capit.-.l American

puff) 348.—And Hoc, epigram on, 112 Hit Hamlet*

lines on, by Mr. Alstons, 340.

Keats, the poet, a sdunet to the memory of, :i4s.

Kelly, the composer and wine merchant, (-pi^ram on, I Sf-.

Kenilworth, announcement of, 159 Original critique

on, by ('. 241.—A critique on, frov.i the 611 Ixhiiiii

219 Castle, description of, 204.—N'.'vel. on the

quadrilles mentioned in the, 242.—Makes Cuninor
place of great resort, 398.

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