Letters and Memorials, المجلد 1

الغلاف الأمامي
Kegan Paul, Trench, 1888

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الصفحة 105 - I say to thee, do thou repeat To the first man thou mayest meet, In lane, highway, or open street, — That he, and we, and all men move Under a canopy of Love, As broad as the blue sky above...
الصفحة 87 - THOU hidden love of God ! whose height, Whose depth unfathomed, no man knows : I see from far Thy beauteous light, Inly I sigh for Thy repose. My heart is pained ; nor can it be At rest, till it finds rest in Thee.
الصفحة 333 - Do not for this give way to discontent ; Nor let the time thou owest to God be spent In idly dreaming how thou mightest be, In what concerns thy spiritual life, more free From outward hindrance or impediment. For presently this...
الصفحة 123 - Let knowledge grow from more to more, But more of reverence in us dwell; That mind and soul, according well, May make one music as before, But vaster.
الصفحة 285 - The Fitness of Holy Scripture for Unfolding the Spiritual Life of Man : Christ the Desire of all Nations ; or, the Unconscious Prophecies of Heathendom. Hulsean Lectures.
الصفحة 262 - Or listening to their fairy chime ; His slender sail Ne'er felt the gale ; He did but float a little way, And, putting to the shore While yet 't was early day, Went calmly on his way, To dwell with us no more...
الصفحة 113 - I am now at Sowerby, not only as the friend of Alfred Tennyson, but as the lover of his sister. An attachment on my part of near two years' standing, and a mutual engagement of one year, are, I fervently hope, only the commencement of an union which circumstances may not impair and the grave itself not conclude.

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